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Dead just one week into her Australian honeymoon, Tina Watson's body lay a hundred feet below the ocean's surface at the foot of the Great Barrier Reef. Across the globe, three days into a secret Aruban getaway with an older gentleman she met online, Robyn Gardner vanished from the same Aruban town as Natalee Holloway just five years earlier.Why did Robyn Gardner's travel companion purchase a $1.5 million insurance policy and make himself the beneficiary? Did Tina Watson's husband really insist she increase her life insurance coverage to $1 million before the wedding? When both suspects' stories are deemed suspicious, what does the evidence ultimately reveal?Motive and opportunity gave the media full opportunity to cast these suspects as murderers. But what actually happened? And what is it about this pair of bizarre cases that remains brutally chilling to this day? FATAL SUNSE6T: VANISHED BEAUTY-Mark Yoshimoto Nemkoff
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progressive casualty, insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law law, talk radio. You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about them: Gacy, Bundy, Dahmer, the night stalker Btk every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers in true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan Zanki.
Good evening. This is your host Dan Zamansky for the program, true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime, history and the authors have written about them dead just one week into her Australia, honeymoon, Tina Watson, night, it's Jamie progresses, employee of the month to month in a row, leave a message at the Hi Jeannie hit me Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song with the name, your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay Hey hearing from bone was Bob Wine, you say will be found coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all the finger snaps will acquire goes. He was coming after they've come at Jeff. Yes, no, maybe anyway, see a practice. Tonight I got a new there, so the referee cancel the insurance company. Affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. Body lay a hundred feet below the ocean's surface at the foot of the great barrier reef across the globe. Three days into a secret, a ruby and get away with an older gentleman, she met online Robyn Gardner, vanished from.
The same Ruben town is Natalie Holloway, who had had just five years earlier. Why did Robin gardeners, travel companion purchase a one point? five million dollar insurance policy and make himself the beneficiary the Tina Watson's. Husband really insist: she increased her life insurance coverage to one million before the wedding, when both suspect stories are deemed suspicious. What does the evidence ultimately reveal? Motive and opportunity gave the media full opportunity to cast these suspects as murderers, but what actually happened in? What is it about this pair of bizarre cases that remains brutally chilling to this day? The book that we're featuring this evening is vanished beauty, fatal sunset, with my special guest journalist and author Mark Yoshimoto,
Then cough welcome to the program and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Mark Yoshimoto, Shamardal, Nemseh Dan. Thank you so much for having me on it. It's my pleasure I love your show by the way, oh well, thank you very much and you fit right in there with all the other denizens of the program here. I think we're gonna have a great program here. If it is it's, a wild wild story question that I often ask it without giving too much away at all. How is it that you came to write this story? What was it about these two stories about these two cases that compelled you are drove you to decide to write this book beauty fatal sunset. Well, last year I had written a book called fatal sunset deadly vacations, which is really a compilation of a number of different stories of people who
that their demise during their vacation. Obviously, you know it's kind of a kind of a bizarre topic, but I I was on the island of Maui and this guy, who just happen, be there at the same time, another tourist, nine up the road he fell into a natural. It's it's thing. It's called The knocker lately blowhole, which would centrally but it's really just like it's like a geyser that comes up native lavish up. I saw it vanished, and this happened. While I was on the island- and I was terrified by- the idea that he fell into this thing vanished and they never found it and- and I, started to write this book and I started right about these reason I wrote about Natalee Holloway and I was just
I fight at the Natalee Holloway story, how this was a case that probably could have been solved and it wasn't and as I was working on a sequel this year for fatal sunset vacation this one that became vanish beauty. I look back at the Natalee Holloway case and I noticed there was this Robin Gardner case that was incredibly similar. To the Natalee Holloway case Natalee Holloway was eighteen, she just graduated high school Robyn Gardner was thirty six, but they were approximately the same height the same build the same? Look blonde hair blue eyes, and I thought it was very good That they had both disappeared under very mysterious circumstances from the same exact Aruba resort. So I started to look into this case and I realized there were a lot of aspects to not just how she disappeared, the strangeness of just another,
blonde american woman vanishing from the from a Reuben beach. But there were these elements to her story about the people who are involved just her traveling companion, and she had met this guy. It was an older man. She met on line and she took it. This trip with him that we tell anybody about. She didn't tell her family about. You didn't tell her boyfriend about, and she vanishes and, as I dug in this story more and more, and I looked into this kind of shady character that she went to Aruba with. I first felt like this. This is again another obviously open and shut case. Why? Why couldn't they bring in this case to trial? Why couldn't they saw as cases they dug more into the the evidence and really the public perception of what was going on
on because again, with the shadow of Natalie Holloway's disappearance, how that was a worldwide news sensation. There was this paint on this Robyn gardener disappearance, Because everything that happened in the Robin Gardner case was being held up to the incompetence of the Natalie Holloway investigation. So I felt that there was really more to this story than just a chapter another book that was a compilation of several different deadly vacation stories, as I looked into it more and more in deeper and deeper and the characters started to get weirder and this guy that she went with who seemed like such a an obvious villain. There were elements to this. That pulled me in because every time I looked up something about Robin Gardner or her traveling
in this guy Gary Giordano or her boyfriend. I started to find things in the story that just made my jaw drop. This thing had so many twists and turns. And I was I wondered to myself. How have you wait this thing? How do you publicly indict someone who was never really brought to trial for this crime because they never arrested Gary Gary, but they out, but they released later four months later, because they couldn't build a case against him.
I- don't know the case against this guy- let me do it mark, let's, let's go back to like let's go back like you were able to do that, and now you do that in the book very very effectively. Let's, let's go back a little bit here before we. We talk about it's scary, your data, because Richard Forster's, the boyfriend of Robyn Gardner, and that's not her maiden name. So, let's go back just a little bit with Robin and just just tell who Robin is in terms of it her what will say her history in terms of being married, let's go back with a little bit into Robbins life. Before we introduce Richard Forster and well before we get into Gary Jura Data. So we can paint a picture and introduce these characters broke. It won't. Robin gardener was kind of our hometown girl, go about side of Washington D C,
and she had been married before she married a guy who was a real estate. Ah, he p was a senior executives at one of these companies that goes and build a big housing developments right and, of course, the recession, hidden costs the construction industry, and this guy loses his job in their marriage falls apart and what they were doing, they were doing. They were living a pretty lavish lifestyle, Mercedes, Benz and and in the driveway, and so that we wouldn't, let's not leave that out. She did get a a taste for the hive, and the good life right. That's right! She was definitely living in a very upper middle class. Almost like. A dream life a young lady who who wants these types of things? And so here she was, and she was divorced,
from her husband and facing a very, very contentious, alimony battle, with her husband who is unemployed, who couldn't find a job afterwards tried to start his own business building houses and that didn't take off and then she was working as a dental assistant and also trying, at the same time, she very very attractive woman, thirty six she's trying to kickstarter modeling a modeling career. Thirty six is not the age at which one starts a modeling career. No, it's about twenty two. Years, late for starting modeling, career right, and so here. She was in, and there was this almost you you don't feel like. There was a sense of desperation in her life because she was with this guy,
your Forrester, who she also met online, and they were together, but things weren't exactly Rosie between them. So here she was in, and there are aspects of Robin's life that just that makes her seem like she's. She could be anyone, but then there were secrets that she capped that were really that really kind of painted a much different picture about her. As this to We developed right, so she was definitely someone who who who liked to how should I say she like to have fun and you like to keep secrets which is one of the reasons why, when she had this friend Gary Giordano, who she met online as well through a Swinger website,. That she didn't tell her boyfriend about it. All all her boyfriend knew about this
you're done it was. He was a a friend just a platonic friend. That's all she told him, but it wasn't the truth. Not at all now read they do have a relationship me say it's it's rocky, but it's the. What is the basis of the problem? It's what what seems to be. They just don't click with what is the deal here and- and this is important because on the last few days of her life for at least before she disappears from the face of the earth, there are some messages for Richard Forster. So just before we get into that eventful day. Let's talk about a little bit about the relationship. What exactly you say was the problem in the relationship. What did what did you think or what? What were witnesses?
at that time or what was Richards View point on what was the problem with the relationship? Well, Richard Forrester had also been married before and he had a very expensive divorce. He had divorced his first wife and she she was dragging him through the calls for everything, and rightly so, because he refused to pay alimony. He refused to pay child support, so he was hit with a massive judgment, a massive massive judgment, and here he was Richard and they had been together with Robin and he had his baggage and she had her baggage and at some point after she had lost her job as a dental assistant. Maybe it was the financial aspect of her trying to battle her
husband for alimony and Richard trying to come up with all this cash in order to fulfill this. This massive judgment that he had to pay so money is. Is money. Issues are never a good thing for a relationship, but it seems, like their relationship had maybe run its course and even though they they they didn't live together. They had separate apartments. He claims she. She would spend six nights a week at his place, but she's maintained, her own apartment and her roommate at the time claims, You know not everything was really Rosie, because she she she was kind of. I think she she liked Richard but she always had her eye open for other opportunities.
And when Gary Giordano showed up and offered her a trip to Aruba, he was a guy who had a history of larceny a history of lying, a history of thing his previous girlfriends of being a being a boy and of lying two women that he was a a modeling agent, that he was a manager that booked modeling gigs. So here she is probably not the best time during her life and this friend who she obviously knows is interested in her has propositioned her before says: hey I'll, take you to Aruba
come with me and let's get away from it all, and so she did and she never came back now, let's get to the school backwards just a little bit and talk about Richard Forrester. We already set the stage that this relationship is not so good.
So they are not together one day and set the stage for that day that he gets I'm. I wasn't clear whether he had he got the phone call or he was listening to a message from a phone call that she made and then talk about that day and the phone call or the message of the phone call that he listen to and his deduction from there they had. They had been in a fight they if things hadn't been so good and according to Robbins roommate. She was about to break up with him and he claims that he got a phone call from her a couple days after the last time he had seen her and the phone call it sounded strange. There was noise on the line. There was being on the line. It was that
an internationally placed phone call, and he didn't know that because she told him that she was in Orlando with her family. They re taking. They took a last minute trip to Orlando and she was like look. I can't talk but we'll talk when I get back I'll call you soon and he didn't even realize that she was out of the country. He tried to message her on Facebook and He replied. They never had any other direct conversation after that, but they had Facebook messages back and forth, and they were all look like look. I care about you you Richard and we'll talk when
I get back, and so here was this boyfriend? She didn't even realize that maybe he was being broken up with I mean he had been blindsided by this whole thing, apparently so he's trying to get in touch with her desperately and she's responding very cryptically on Facebook, and so it it wasn't until I the end here, because she found that he found out tat. She admitted was you'd like look, I went to a robot, it's it's up, I'll, be back. Soon? Don't worry about I'll, be back at the end of the week and he didn't
find out until the day after she was supposed to return, that's something that happened to her three days earlier or two days earlier. As a matter of fact, so he has limited contact with her. He gets this phone call and again she says I can't talk but we'll talk soon. Then she gets the email. I love you, I care about you. It does sound like kind of like, but we're going to have to break up kind of deal, but we'll discuss it. When I get back what is the last message that he does receive and what day is that The last message was a facebook message, and this was the day before that she advantage. She vanished on a Wednesday was Tuesday, and he had been true to call her trying to message her trying to email her, and it was, it was obvious I think,
maybe to him that there there were bigger problems in this relationship than he had first thought, and so he was you know he didn't like the idea of not being able to get in touch with her, so he kept trying to get in touch with her and the last. The last facebook message was is it was. It was really like. You know Thinking about you, you we'll talk soon and after that, what was bizarre was he had seen her on Gmail on his gmail account, he had seen her indicator come on and get familiar with Gmail chat when one who is one of your czech friends. Comes on line and they want to be seen. At their little indicator goes green. Well, he says. Well, you know, I saw her indicator go green and I tried to message her and she didn't respond to me and he
found out later on after he discovered that she had been missing that her into Peter had gone green after she had disappeared. So here again he wasn't sure what was going on. He wasn't sure who was on her account or what was how is she? Being manipulated and the only and the only person who knew what Robyn Gardner was up to was this guy? She was with Gary Yordano now what happens with who calls police and when do they call police she's supposed to be
back on Thursday and of course, there's no show so and then Friday, Andrew Coulson, which is Robin's brother, called to say that Robin's mother had said that Robin was missing at sea. Tell us about this phone call and what was said and foresters reaction. Well, what happened was that Robin's mother gotten a phone call from authorities and informing her that you know we daughter is missing and she went going with her travel companion and she didn't come back to shore. She vanished and- of course this is, this is all news to the Colton family, and I know you.
Sorry, I not known for snorkeling or scuba diving in England all this work. That was the thing that that most of the people who knew her found to be suspicious because Robyn Gardner was someone who like to wear a lot of makeup and like their hair, done nice and she wore hair extensions and she wasn't no is the kind of adventurous girl to strap on a pair of physics go snorkeling. You know she was there kind of girl who would have a few cocktails by the pool yeah, and so it seemed very suspicious to everyone all of a sudden robin went snorkeling. How did this happen? She doesn't snorkel and the only person again the authorities were right away. The authorities had started to look at this guy. Gary Gordon, they start
The two you know the initiated a search, an island, white search of Robin Coastguard boats, helicopters- and this is this all the Sudden- you Know- becomes a a frantic. Search for a missing person and her family is informed of this. You know almost almost twelve to eighteen hours after the fact. What is your dental claim when he tells police or or what is your date dentals reaction, because this is the thing: that's amazing. What is dear Donald, do and say, and how long you know give us that that that the time time line here of what he he does and then what does he say, happened and who is-
You say that too well, according to Gary, your Donna when, according to eyewitness accounts Gary and Robin, had been drinking at the hotel, they wedding stayed at the Marriott. They were in the same room together and they drinking and then went out, for you know lunch at a little bar and so they were seen at the bar. There was actually pictures taken of them. The pictures where you can see them so there's evidence that they were there at this bar at about two o'clock or so and that she was drinking and he was drinking and she didn't really touch her food and so he claims that they later on just a few hours later. They they were just hanging out and he said, let's go snorkeling, they went in the water there kicking around off the shore and all of a sudden
Gary claims that the the current got stronger and start to pull him out. And he motioned to her. He said to her tapped on the foot. Emotion, look: let's go when hurry up, we know I'm. I think we might be in trouble here, though he claimed he started to swim for his life towards the shore and by time he got close enough. He turned around and while I was gone, and so at approximately five clock late afternoon early evening, he emerges from the water by himself and he goes back to the bar because they were snorkeling very close to this bar and he goes back to the and he knocks on the window on the door and there's no answer and he goes around to the kitchen and finally is able to have somebody call the police and the police come, and all the sudden there like. Well what how did this happen?
How did how did you guys go snorkeling and she didn't come back and why the blood here on the beach, and you know why why you still wearing your to pay, and it's really I mean there was. There was a lot of suspicion placed Gary or done very, very quickly, but there was no evidence. There was no evidence to be found There was no evidence that he had done anything wrong. Well, you know the the thing is, though, is that a part of a few of us use me yeah? They did find almost immediately a bloody palm and and then you don't say whether that was ever identified, but there's a bloody palm print in an unused condom. That's right behind the run, reef bar and grill. That's what happens early on right if they do right and according to our eye witnesses who came forth later, why Ben had
apparently cut her foot on the rocky Beach and a lot of people. A lot of people are suspicious of the fact that they had gone snorkeling off of this little beach behind this bar, because he was this You know not very sandy, not very pleasurable beach. It was kind of rocky she cut her foot, so she was seen having cut her foot. People saw her on the beach so, but they did, they were never able to match whether or not that was her. Blood They were never able to match whether or not it was that condom had any sort of dna that would link them to get to either Gary or robin- and this was many people blame the fan here is a Aruba. This is a very, very small island community, where the closest a crime lad isn't
other island away out. So so this is a very sleepy town. And all of a sudden they have to perform CSI. Here, it's not going to happen and Robbins Robin's mother actually travels to Aruba to try to minor, her missing daughter. Doesn't she right away? Robin's mother goes and she confronts this guy Gary or Dono and she described him as being very calm and not very concerned with the fact here here- somebody that he was was you he yelled. He he introduced. To to the waiter at the restaurant, as his wife know, maybe half jokingly jokingly, but all the same. You know, here's somebody he was with and he told Robin know how much he care.
About her and all that, but he just seemed very blase about it. It was almost as if he had lost you know a frisbee or help pair of a pair of sneakers, and so that bad again seems very suspicious, and What, as Gary, is stuck here on Aruba watching watching search search, go down, one of the things that was revealed later the police he was unable to be questioned by police immediately afterwards, because he was intoxicated, so he he excused himself as soon as the police arrive excused himself to go lay down. He couldn't answer their questions and then, when he could answer their question, he didn't seem like he was he
don't seem too freaked out about the fact that his traveling companion had vanished. The other did that did you put in the book is that is included is that it took twenty, has difficulty getting difficulty twenty minutes for him to get someone get call police after emerging. You know, apparently so not much of a panic if you think twenty minutes it takes for him to get a message to someone to call police after emerges from that from that water. No, and there is surveillance, video from the bar. That shows him immediately afterwards and you see him in his bathing suit, actually wearing a pair of sneakers and still wearing his really bad toupee and, and he doesn't seem in a huge rush and he's knocking on the door, and it does seem that, if I I mean I know personally, I feel that if I was in
situation. Where someone I cared about or someone I was traveling with, or someone who I saw across the beach was in some kind of trouble. I don't know how much lingering I would do in order to try to find somebody to to help me, no, no evidence, no evidence of the proper, usual behaviour. After though- and this is all part and parcel of here each year- personality because as it became, became revealed throughout the investigation there, he was a guy who he was, he was arrested. For shoplifting from target stores. He would go into target stores in the around the DC area and he would fill his car up with electronics and he'd walk out. He just wield this thing out. Phillip, his car and this guy had the
all. He would go back and do it again, but because the I guess they have some sort of security, compliance thing where they don't really confront people, they would never call the police in time and get this guy was. Finally, he was arrested and he just didn't seem that concerned about the fact that he was stolen from from the store from these stores. Well, he was a very bizarre individual someone who had a history of extreme really bizarre, behavior, very, very suspicious behavior in almost every aspect of his life, well he's a brazen thief, and that would make sense to what he attempts to do here and then how out of touch he is with. You know reality here you know he's not certainly not insane and he's not he's, not a stupid man, but he acts is quite foolishly
So he will say very, very overly confident the most interesting aspect and we alluded to it, so we might as well address this is that police, of course, are going to look into motive for anybody being killed at any time by anyone. So what evidence that they find about the insurance policy, and where do they get some of this evidence from in terms of who they speak to in terms of this insurance policy? Well, not very long after Robin disappears. Gary calls his insurance company. Now he he claims that he was instructed to do that by he had paint a lawyer on the island of Aruba claims it. Lawyer told him you need to call your insurance company, so he
all this insurance company. What turns out that Gary Giordano before they had left the United States Gary had taken out a travelers insurance policy on Robyn Gardner that covered you know, accidental death, but it was a policy for a million five a million and a half dollar policy on someone didn't really know, and he named himself the beneficiary and had her sign, it. So here. He was in contact with his insurance company, asking them all sorts of questions like what do I do What happens if they don't find her? What about all any sort of bills that I get for the search So he seemed much more concerned with this insurance policy, then, with rob, well being and as as he tried to leave Aruba, he was detained at the airport covered.
Sweat, sweating, profusely, didn't and very acting very suspicious, and so they stopped him feet from getting on the plane and they, you know they slap the cuffs on him and as he started to talk about what was good under the insurance policy was revealed and all of a sudden not Only does he have opportunity to kill Gardner, but he has motive to kill Robin Gardner and when you have opportunity and motive together and someone is sketchy- is Gerita Yordano? Well to a hammer. Everything looks like a nail, so the police feel like we have an open and shut case, we're going to lock this guy up and we're finally going to prosecute. Somebody
for you know, someone going missing well turns out. It was much more difficult than that. Yes, certainly, certainly, yes, so now, what you do in in vanish beauty is that you switch to the other story that you want to drop her a levels to and and and draw the reader into for attention to the story about a woman named Tina Watson Christina made Tina Thomas born in nineteen. Seventy seven tell us a little bit about Tina Watson and, and her marriage in two thousand three, but tell us about Tina Watson who who she Tina Watson, was another small town girl from Alabama who was turning and watching all of her friends get married, and so she married a guy
who her family didn't feel was right for her. She, they thought that she was settling for this. Guy gave gave Watson Gabe was kind of another odd duck. He wasn't really the most personable guy it the most ambitious This guy, not necessarily the case, a person, let that be the Inn really, you know, looked at said and said wow to have you in our family. They were very, very cold to in turn, just kind of alienated her family and insisted that you know Tina He told her like. If you want to spend time with me, you have to do. What I'm interested in, which is scuba diving. You have to be involved in in my scuba. Diving hobby now gave it and often he got himself certified as a scuba diver,
certified as a rescue diver as a matter of fact, and so he gets Tina to also go the same place the same quarry in Alabama to get her certification and he was thrilled to be part of his life that she could spend weekends. Him and they could enjoy this together, which is why, for their dream honeymoon they were going to spend half of it sightseeing, which is what He wanted to do in Australia and the other half they were going to spend scuba diving on an excursion that would take them around the great barrier reef. Well, as it turns out, I guess learning how to scuba dive in a quarry in Alabama. Really isn't good practice First, scuba diving in the open waters in a red flag, dive area like the great barrier reef. Now the thing is, though, too got. You do a great job of explaining this and I'm ignorant about this. I've never scoop.
Dive, so you know I put my head under water and that's about it. So the thing is: is that we're talking about he's been involved? He's a fanatic David since ninety six and he's at fifty five he's an experienced diver- and you say, like I say, is dead as rescue diving certificate and he's certified, but he's been doing it for a long time. By the time we're talking two thousand and three. She said yes, I want to do this, but we're talking she's doing it just a couple months. She just get certified a couple months, like you say in this in this pool in the backyard or or pool somewhere, and it's only a couple of months before this dream honeymoon. So I just wanted to say that as well compared to his experience, she is a real novice, argued she's, a complete noob and as it's turns out, gave didn't realize the situation they were enter. He didn't he didn't realize that maybe weren't prepared for dive like
because, even though he had been diving for quite awhile and was certified as a rescue diver, he had never Only open water dives he had gone were too much shallower. Depths in much calmer water in the Gulf of Mexico. Now the great barrier reef is that's. Definitely much more of an advanced scuba. Diving you don't say a quarry in Alabama or that calm waters around the Gulf of Mexico and so they enter the water on their first dive after had declined, taking any sort of instruction all died from the dive master of the boat. I think that's important, because she she declines twice. He he's this master diver unease in he's a board this this luxury boat and part of this expedition, is that it has taken responsibility in and despite she says, no non with them with my best body might
partner. My my my guy here, he says twice, so I think it's you know ironic, that that he singles around and says listen. I think you should suggest I'm suggesting a training dive with a pro and she declined Twice, I'm no, I'm here with my husband, my dive buddy here and Tina seemed like the kind of she was a kind of a submissive type. You know she, he really kind. She wanted to make Gabe Happy, which was really what you wanted, and so there's no evidence that gave gave her a glance and said: oh no you're not getting a training dive. She just flat turned it down. Does she thought that she was ready for something like this and it turned out to be a very fatal mistake because, as they entered the water the situation gave had with his equipment. They had to hang back a little bit and as they fixed gates,
dive computer, so it worked properly. So they could join the rest of the excursion group in the water right away. She had difficulty, and so we, in minutes of this dive, she was struggling, and she turned she was she started to panic and she started to sink, and Gabe, turned around, and here she was trying to desperately right this situation and she was she was she was. She was over breathing she was panicked. She flailed her arm and knocked his mask away and as he, tried to write his regulator, his air peace in his mouth and put his mask back in place. While his wife is panicking. He'll finally looks down at in the second set it took in order
for him to be able to see and breathe again he looked down and she was thinking she was thinking in this Ninety foot, water. She was ten feet below him and he turned and he tried to kick down to her and claims that he couldn't reach her, that she was sinking too fast. She was plummeting towards the bottom, and this was in minutes of them entering the water right six minutes. So Gabe then makes a snap decision. Instead of trying to go down and get her. He went for help. And they were already added depth at which he couldn't just shoot up to the surface. If you know he would he would have to ascend at a pace that would prevent him from from getting
no bubbles in his in his blood, the ban, the bands right he could you can. You can die from the beds, and so he goes and he decides to get help wall sinks to the bottom. Now, where the story becomes interesting and how it intersects with the Robin Gardner story. What I found very compelling was the fact that gave was accused a murdering his life, and it turned out that there was. The accusation came because there was those insurance he was a million dollar life insurance policy that Penis Father claims Gabe wanted switched so that he would be the benefit This is shortly before their marriage. This is, before their marriage increase and increase the amount to a million dollars right max out the policy. She goes to a father and says
He wants me to increase the life insurance policy to the four million dollars and make him the beneficiary. So when so Tina thanks to the bottom and she dies and they rescue her body, but it's too late. And initially the whole thing is ruled as an accident, but it's not until her father gets a phone call from. A couple of people who were on the boat. He said. Well, you know this gave afterwards. He didn't really seem that concerned seemed. He seemed YO he's playing cards in I don't know he just it. Doesn't all
ad out and he was gave this rescue diver and experienced diver and he couldn't rescue his wife. You, you added two things to as well that you added the history of Gabe Watson. Despite having him him claiming having hearing problems had billed seventy five feet to help his partner out is diving is, is diving partner, so there was at least that history of an attempt to dive down she was down ninety to a hundred feet, and but he had dove in in the past seventy five feet to help his partner out his buddy.
So. The other thing was that you said that that was the single tended master. Diver was the actual person that got her off the bottom because he was already under water, for you said seven minutes, and it was a doctor spots that claims maybe I'll. Let you explain to the audience what he said he witnessed under water regarding gate and Tina. What, as as the authorities were questioning the other people who were on the excursion this doctor you know you go and you ask a doctor. What did you see? I mean a doctor the very credible witness sure the Bible? the fact that a doctor and the doctor says well, I saw them struggling and I saw I
I gave hold her in a bear hug moments before she sank to the bottom, and the suspicion became that gave had withholding Tina turned off her air until she suffocated and then once she was Until she she died and then once she was dead, turned her air back on in order to make it seem like her, her gear was working. That's not it. Somebody turnoff attack in MID dive with, because that would be suspicious, and so he claims that he saw them in
bear hug that she was struggling, and then she sank to the bottom, and this is something that he claims he saw, and you know as as the as the investigation went on. It really became this very questionable piece of evidence, even though it was the most damning piece of evidence against game. It was something that doctor starts at only seen very fleetingly, Anne from from thirty yards away, which is a considerable distance in the water and from above so he was. He was somebody who saw something but wasn't really show what they saw. But again it was enough evidence in order for the australian authorities. To eventually years later, we open the case at the behest of Tina's parents and charge gave with murder, but.
They weren't able to prove that he murdered her right. Well, I mean his his cases, we're going to use to jump back to the the Gerry G Redondo case for for our audience to see that the reader to see the progress in that case. So let's go back to Gary Giordano and the mounting evidence against him or that the case against him or the attempt no well right
What I was trying to allude to was that if people are listening kind of carefully just Gerry Gerry G r Danno seems to have much more of a motive, a very clear motive. Even though it's circumstantial evidence, there seems to be more of a case against him. It seemed for your average, Joe, as opposed to the Gabe Watson case, but just tell our audience before we get back to you, your Donal, which case the police when prosecutors think they had a solid case. Did they think Watson was compatible, will say to the dear that'll case in terms of enough circumstantial evidence to be able to prosecute the case. Well, I think the game watching
happened years earlier years, two thousand three and eight resurfaced again years later, when the case it opens. This happened before what this happened with what happened, and it was it. It was one of the similarities in this case it just felt like I was looking at what happened with with with Tina Watson and Gabe Watson, and I thought to myself wait is this. Is this what happened to Robin? Is this the same situation and as I as they? As I looked at the evidence that was against Gary G Yordano? There was there were elements of his case of Case that were so open to interpretation, they didn't have any any physical evidence against this guy. The only evidence that they actually found was that
he and Robin were involved in a cell. Sure relationship because he had a lot of let's say very dirty pictures of them. Doing the nasty in their hotel room on his camera, so he this was not something he disclosed to be for and as these little pieces of information about Gerry G R, Donald that he had taken these pictures them having sex these dirty pictures of her posing on the bed and and just them in the act and and it just it just made, seem fly mayor and the fact that he had tried to heed com acted the insurance company. But this was the only evidence they had. They couldn't link him to any sort of his gloves and they didn't have a body and without a body it was even more, possible for them to try and and and pin point a a cause of death
how he could have done anything to her, so he spent months in jail while they tried to they open the case up. They tried to find What I this is anyone who would come forth and there were people who claimed that base Gary and Robin talking to some strange man, some strange tattooed man that afternoon before she vanished and this man also vanished from the island. They couldn't find him and- and of course there were there were accusations of well This whole Natalee Holloway case became the suspect. Urine Vander became a. He became a sensation when started to talk about all I sold madly Holloway into white slavery, his Wayland man. So all of a sudden people started well what they carried year. Diagnosis,
Robyn Gardner into some. You know, prostitution ring some south, american prostitution, prostitution ring. Did she end up like your and Vander Sloot's story where he claims that some man that he met at a casino in ten grand for a blonde woman, and so all of the this is our stories and twists. Madly Holloway case became points of interest in the Robin Gardner case because of the similarity of the disappearances. So people were looking for this strange man who is a pimp for the South American, you know underground and, and they were looking for ways Gary you're very dear donno, could have been somehow interested in. The Natalie Holloway disappearance, or was he somehow tied into organized crime
I mean here's a guy with a vowel at the end of his name. He must be tired into some sort of mafia somewhere and, let's so now that lets. The thing I wanted to ask was the: when the police get to speak, to actually to sharing, who had three kids with him. And she said he can't control his anger and then they found a very, very interesting person named Jeanette Farrago, and so she talked about stocking and and then there's the offer. Then there's the offer with the mother and the daughter and the modeling which
you know just shows his character, but also the very, very ironic and maybe we'll say cryptic. He says something referring to Natalie Holloway. So tell us a little bit about that. That's a fascinating aspect of this to what he says and his past behavior and when he's talking to the mother, trying to procure her daughter, very interesting story, very interesting. So as story opens up and as the news are digging around for information about this guy Gary Giordano. They find his first wife and they find that there are, you know you can look up police record, so they're very easy to find space in the state of Maryland. So they d his police records and there he is. You know domestic abuse against his wife and he was they look into the The records in the police showed up and they had a fight and she claimed he was abusive. And then there was this girl.
And that was shortly after his divorce and she claims that he was stalking her and he threatened. He was very controlling and made her text him. She went somewhere to prove that she wasn't with somebody very jealous man, and so this this thread of this jealousy controlling behavior and somewhat psychotic personality, was definitely something this history of Gary G Yordano wasn't painting a very nice picture of him as manufacturers JANET Ferrajo. She claims that Gary once showed up outside of her window wearing a deal mask like a flashlight to say that the freak her out or something that he had taken pictures of her when they were having sex and he had
made copies of them and after they broke up, he put them in her neighbors mailboxes to harass her, and she was so scared as the guy she wouldn't go through with the restraining order right. So as people are coming out of the woodwork as as the press as people are, locating these people, who had any sort of you, know legal conflict with Gary Giordano and these people, these women, who claimed that he was. He was not a very nice person of all the sudden. This woman comes out, and she says well not that long go Gary done posed as a modeling talent manager and he he found my under daughters sure online on one of these modeling websites, amateur modeling websites, and he called us up. He offered her a get this a trip to Aruba for
a modeling shoot. That, of course, did not exist and Gary said well, you know she I will. I will be with her the whole time I'll be her chaperone and no need for you to come. Mom I'll, be taking care of it will be, you know, will be staying in the same room. Don't work! Your underage daughter will be fine in Aruba on her modeling gig that doesn't really exist and then, when she started to question him all of a sudden, in what would seem like a very unprofessional way? Gary started, proposition her as well. Well! Well, I could probably do a mother daughter, shoot and you know I've never been with a mother and daughter together. It got really kind of you know very, very greasy at that point. What did he say about Natalie Holloway, though he said because the mother was like well, you know you're going to take my daughter out of the country, You know, don't worry, this isn't going to be another Natalie Holloway. This is the he's he's invoking
the memory of Natalie Holloway, to try and reassure this mother mother he's going to take care of her daughter on this trip to Aruba that he wants to take her to an underage girl and so it What does she wasn't under? Really? She was. She was really kind of of age, but young and- and so when this comes out in the wake of his arrest, all of a sudden you know there is even more suspicion he Don Gary Giordano here someone who has a history. Of lying to women to get them to try to go to a with them with him so that he can have sex with them is a sexual, predator, he'd also purchased, which is even more interesting. He had also purchased an insurance policy a month before or six months before, for Kerry Emerson, yes
So here here was here. Was this all of a sudden. There was series brewing that this was his plan, Take a woman to Aruba make her vanish without any eye, and- and claim this big insurance prize and it became even more suspicious. It was revealed later on that not long before this Gary tried to sue a company. Gary you're done owns this very small h. Tech H, HR firm, you want out of this house is merely dollar mansion. He has in outside of DC, and so he tried to sue one of his clients. Four five million dollars. Well, it turns out that Gary the case ended up being dropped, because
Gary ended up dropping the case because it was he had. He had forged documents. He he committed fraud. So, in order to clean the walk away and not be arrested for fraud- or you know anything like that- he was he walked away from this case, but he was a guy who's willing to commit for in court to try to do five million dollars against a company that he claims did him wrong which didn't you know this again. All of these things come out: you're, the guy, a scam, millions of dollars from this company. Of course, this all fits into his profile. Now, what we've only got we're going to go a little bit late
because we have to detail stories here, but I know you don't want to give too much information here in terms of some of the surprises here in terms of is their conviction? Are these what's the successor trial? What's the defense, how do they try to defend against this? Who would have time to go into all that? But let's first go into Ji Gary jeered at now that police have all this information is, can they lay charges and how does that work in in Aruba? How does hello? How does that work? Yeah, the justice system, a robot, is different from the justice system. We have here in Amerika the Ruby that that's protectorate, so it may the that laws are are far different in terms of rights that you have when you are arrested, for instance like when you
arrested in Aruba like he was not able to have counsel when he was being questioned? They could they were able to hold him for extended periods of time, and they would get extensions on on this detainment. So originally he was, he was only going to be detained for You know sixty days and then they extended another thirty days, another thirty days, while they tried to build a case against him and at during this time, without any physical evidence that they, find. All they had was opportunity and motive with no body. Thing with Natalie Holloway with nobody they weren't able to it's, not that they didn't want to the General, their attorney general type figure not that they didn't want to bring charges against him. They were unable to file charges,
because the the country we shall system demanded that he be like go because there was no evidence against him that they could. They could prove that he had done anything wrong. But what really? What really happened there? It goes so much further than just that and just the lack of evidence, because what really happened there is really what I feel I discovered. What truly
happened a robin and and even even more shocking. What what you may think we done to Robyn Gardner. Well, what was his leave it at that we leave will leave the audience wanting more on the other side of the coin. Here with gave Watson in terms of evidence against him again out, please proceed and in what was the success in terms of people about charges against him. Well, what game Watson, when they, when they filed charges against, gave Watson for the murder of his wife Watson he, he volunteered to come back to Australia, to face the music and he went off his own volition, not knowing
would ever come all, because if he was convicted of murder, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars in a foreign country. But as I went out with it, no was sorry what a defense lawyer advise like, because you know this is like the Amanda Knox, the V refile charges, but any defense lawyer worth a nickel is gonna say: don't bother, don't go, it could have gotten defense advice like that is, you know, was it did it really should represent that he was doing the honorable honest. You know the something in in in it, for innocent person might do well. What happened was the case got we opened because Tina what's, family went to. Their congressmen went to you. They they were going trying to get anyone who would listen, especially in government too compelled the Australians to open this case. So there was enough, though there is definitely
very strong feeling that it gave Watson said you're going to have to drag me back, kicking and screaming that they would have done so, and he felt that there was enough evidence to prove that he didn't murder. Her. That that he was willing to go back and the fact that he was willing to go back with a very, very big factor in what it happened, because in the end they couldn't charge him with murder. The best that they could do was accept a plea bargain for manslaughter and and a specific type of manslaughter in Australia. That dean the gave the wants and was he was negligent negligent. Homicide won't know he that he was a bad dive body. What do what it comes down to and so the they expected the family still expected that
that that they were going to throw the book at him, and I think Gabe accepted his fate that that he bore some responsibility as to what happened, because, ultimately he mistook his certification for experience and when it came down to it, he was a bad dive buddy and he was not the right to be there and he had the responsibility, especially in Australian, under australian law. When you undertake some sort of extreme sports or or you know anything like that with someone, you have responsibility for their well being, and since she didn't come back, he was convicted of of being a bad dive buddy and he went to jail but what I told them, what I found very interesting about this case was not so much really what happens to gave one,
because I feel like I could talk about what happens to keep watching the reveal. What happens to him. That is how it actually informs what'd happened, and the investigation and really the the nuances in the circumstances, behind the Robin Gardner case, because at first I thought that this was what happened: Robyn Gardner, but it turns out that that's just the the the very the very tip of the iceberg, the very edge of the story well and it with with Gabe Watson. What? What is your conclusion from that? They gave the wants of the teen a
since died, because she married in eighty because here was Here- she was. She was a motion, Lee physically and and mentally unprepared for this dive that she undertook in in it. She took in advance dive with little or no skills with someone who was not able to identify the danger, the dangerous situation that they were about to enter right and really the title of the book vanished. Beauty is not just a reference to here are two beautiful women who vanished, but it has more to do with society's, viewpoint of what happens. It's really. The book is not just about these cases, but it's about how we react and how we perceive these cases how we treat the whole concept of the accused and so
it it's and then there is another aspect to the title which goes which speaks towards what really happened to these women, but that our Ali far further year for the reader.
Oh great yeah, it's a very, very interesting and then I'm. I was interested to hear your conclusion on Gabe Watson too, because again you know throughout the story. You don't know if it's a lot more, the the various than that in terms of his motive again, he he has the insurance policy you do allude to that. He did do this rescue before of seventy five feet it and leave, leave the reader to decide this guy guilty or not, and so you leave it up and up in the air I'm going to applaud you for that and I'm you know. I think the audience's been titillated here in terms of what exactly Robyn Gardner. What was she up to and and more about Gary G, because because, obviously we couldn't cover everything of this guys, wacky character, so something for the audience to look forward to in reading vanished.
So I want to thank you for very engaging interview and keeping the mystery alive to this book for sure, certainly yeah. It was my absolute pleasure. Well, I want to thank you very much and I hope to have you back on again talking about another one, either find books and again. Thank you very much for this interview and good night.
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