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He was evil personified. In the Spring of 1997, a serial killer held Nashville, Tennessee in an icy grip of terror. In February, he murdered two employees at a Captain D's restaurant. In March, he struck a McDonalds just miles away, killing three people and maiming one. In April, he kidnapped and slaughtered two Baskin-Robbins employees.They called him "The Fast Food Killer" but his real name is Paul Dennis Reid, Jr. When he was caught and sentenced to seven death sentences, yet a new chapter began in the saga of one of the most heinous serial killers in our time, and the people whose lives he cut short. The victims were reduced to being called "the victims of Paul Reid." Until now. Here, for the first time, and with the approval of the family and friends, are the stories of those innocent, young people whose lives were ended far too soon. It is also the story of how a crime ripped a city apart. WHEN NASHVILLE BLED: The Untold Stories of Serial KIller Paul Dennis Reid-Judith A. Yates
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who is evil personified in the spring. One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven assume real killer held Nashville TN in an icy grip of terror. In February he murdered employees at a captain, D's restaurant. In March, he struck a Mcdonald's just miles away, killing three people and maiming one. In April he kidnapped and slaughtered to Baskin Robbins employees. They called him the fast food killer, but his real name is Paul, Dennis Reid Junior when he was caught and sent things to seven death sentence is yet a new chapter began in the sag of one of the most heinous serial killers in our time and the people whose lives he cut short. The Vict so reduced to being called the victims of Paul Reed until now, here for the first time in the approval of the family and friends by the stories of those innocent young people whose lives were ended far too soon
is also the story of how a crime rip the city apart. The book tour featuring the seating is when Nashville bled the untold stories of serial killer, Paul Dennis Reid, with my special guest journalist and author Judith, a Yates, welcome back to program, and thank you very much for agreeing this interview Judith A again, hey and hi. Thank you so much for inviting me back. Thank you. This is last time. It was amazing. This is, and far more twisted story if that's even possible when national bled- let's get right into this, because this is such an insult involve case, and I know I always say that. But as you do in the book, you talk about Paul, Dennis, read Junior here and his very, very eventful life and his mother Josephine Marie, and they called her Joni
and she had an abusive mother and she moved out at sixteen, and she left him for Fort Worth TX and met Paul Reed Senior. And uh. He was working security as a security officer tell us a little bit about some of his life. He was born in November, one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven so tell us a little bit about some of the things in this eventful life that he had well His father was a security officer, and then he worked as a repo man and at that time, in for Paul Senior, that meant taking a bus to go where he needed to pick up the vehicle and then driving the vehicle back to wherever he needed to drop it off and senior had a taste for alcohol. So he was also a raging, alcoholic and
when they divorced, they decided that they needed to children up, Paul Senior, took Paul Junior and basically dumped him off on a pool, juniors paternal grandmother and, along with a sister Ann. And Paul Junior was just a terror from day one. He was a just a mean little kid. He was stealing mail out of mailboxes when he was tall enough to stand on his tiptoes then reach into the mail. He was stealing the laundry off the line with and he was not even old enough to go into school. He,
his grandmother was sleeping in her bed woke up to the smell of smoke. He had set the bed on fire with her sleeping in it and he would do things like clothes off her bedroom door and push things in front of the doors for she couldn't escape. She would threaten to beat him give him a spanking. You know correct him for things that he was doing and he would crawl up in the tree or up on top of the garage and and just yell at her and you're horrible things at her for not being able to catch him. She was a very old, frail woman right and you know in this last desperation. She would tie him to a chair just to keep him from hurting himself and hurting others and finally, in just one of her last step to desperation when he
grown a toy at her and cut her forehead open, and he was also mean the other kids in the neighborhood same thing. Throwing things this damn hurting them not sharing toys. Finally, she is called the priest she's, very a hiest woman and the priest that get him out of the towns hold before he kills you, and this is when he was a child, and so that's what she did is she could him in a children's home. Can you talk about this Burnet dealers, boy, home boys, home in Houston, home for basically incorrigible children, or, as they put it or you put it up, potential menace to society so, and that was when he was eight so, but you talk about. There are incidents and again not to make reasons why he became the way was, but at least documented some of the things that might have contributed to some kind of organic brain damage.
You talk about thrown brick. Tell us a little bit about couple of the events that were reported that occurred to young Paul Right now later, on in in life and later on in this trial was, he was, of course an adult. They would contribute. I'm sorry a tribute, the the things that he did to incident when he was a kid he was hit over the head with a brick he was showing off on a motorbike in front of the kids at the children's home fell off the bike blended on his head. And he was struck and killed. I'm sorry struck and hit by her vehicle very tongue tide tonight for some reason, but he was I can hit by a vehicle of all nights right when he was small. So so again, you know they were contributing to organic damage, to brain
with the attorney we're calling it a broken brain when he was being ride for these murders. Now it did affect his hearing in one ear and uh. Supposedly it affected his thought process to along the way so that he did have some. Some damage is to his head when he was small. You talk about some of the things that he he had, this obvious somewhat of a learning disability, so he was slow in school, and so you talk about how he compensated in school. He was even in special Ed classes, which he did not enjoy having to go on a special bus. So how did he compensate in school for this? What you say, illiterate and starting school late at seven years old right- and you know, according to every talk to it- was the father's fault that he
but it's cool late. You just you know, forgot to enroll him or was the grandmothers fault. You know, she's elderly, frail sickly woman. She relied on the father to enroll, who knows nonetheless, he started school late. He I had some learning issues which put him in what then was called special education or did the best special ed will. He was picked on. He was made fun of so he compensated by sports and found that he was good in sports and that's what he did to make up for being a quote. Unquote, slow learner quote Unquote Special ed. You also talk about that. He was inspired by a well known figure at the time and probably to some people today, Jack Lane, and so he right Turkey, the star-
taking up working out Bodybuilding and also, at that time at least decided not to smoke smoker and you say he always. This is the guy that always always had a gym membership Oh yeah, I mean Paul is Paul, is pretty much in love with himself. So ever since he was a young man, he would belong to a gym gout. He was obsessive about. And always working out later on. When he worked in a restaurant they would always call on Paul to lift the heavy things to pick up the stuff nobody else could could handle and even his restaurant manager told me he said it was amazing what Paul could lived up in what he could do without breaking a sweat and one of the things he bought with
money that he stole and killed some of the kids for what a weight set. So he can work out at home when he was in at the gym, but that's what he would do. You know he watched Jacquelyn Lane and he followed in the lane roles in right away start. You know his smoking and is drinking and supposedly never smoke or drink or do drugs in his life You also talk with very interesting. He was on medication, very early on drugs that were called anti anxiety, tranquilizers and you say a psychoactive medison, so names like equ equanil pardon me in Milltown and the omeprazole meprobamate, so maybe it's in there, but anxiety disorders at that time diagnosed, at least at that time you talking about, then he went to middle school junior high. He had gone to a difficult
in schools and now that stigma of special ed was gone. At least people didn't know about it, and at that time he met somebody. That's will play a bigger role in his life later, a boy named Stewart Cook and they both live near school and hung out, tell us a little bit about what happens with his mother and the divorce and who was his stepfather. That and Danny Morez tell us what Joni does and want Paul becomes as a result. Well, Jonah get a a good job in one of the high rise apartments in Houston. At a restaurant and she, let's Paul, work there at the restaurant as a busboy, an she. Let's him work behind the scenes at the bar, where he's running
glasses and cleaning, and such and Becaus she's working at the restaurant she has an at discount for, according to him, a free apartment at this very, very nice posh apartment, complex, and so what he does is he's giving discounts under the table and such too older young adult an according to Paul, now see it's all according to Paul, because Paul is a habitual liar. They are engineering ended after hour parties where people are smoking, weed and they're hanging outside the patio smoking pot in there. Drinking and there having this great time and Paul, gets to join them and, of course, he's a hit with the ladies, because, no matter what pool are doing in life, he is always at it with the lady and he meets Stewart
in junior high. They hit it ouf and Stewart becomes Paul's partner in crime and they really match up. In this respect. Bic, one kind of pulls the other went along and they get this great idea about. You know petty criminal activity. They both like to race cars. They both like to cruise the Blvd and look for girls and impress the girls and or try to, and they basically just like to drive around and have a good time and talk to girls, and you know just the typical
being that young men like to do and at the same time cook up these petty criminal acts. You talk about that. He lived with his mother until he was sixteen years old, but you talk about. You have court records that he attempted to sexually assault his sisters and his mother, and they come out right
charges. Out of that, you don't seem to elaborate on that, but suffice to say that was enough to get him basically disowned from the family. At that time. Wasn't it right? You know Qual sisters and, and they really they were very afraid of him, and they didn't want him around them, but yet when he was it of of these crimes, they stepped in fighting for him to not be executed and they testified for him during the trial. So that was very interesting, but I couldn't find anything as far as charges. That
They did testify that he had uh try to assault them, sexually assault them and one of the times was when the sister and he were using drugs and he tried to sexually assault her. She never went into detail and she had to kick him out of the house. The mother is a well and kicked him out of the house, but I couldn't you know as much research as I did there. Just wasn't really anything in this thing, except for you know the record set. There were just there's. There's no details could be another aspect of his strange behavior.
Is that he was working in Houston as a security guard and he met a woman. Another employee named Jessica Neal. He had just met her. He proposed December, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine Ninety in nineteen eighty was the announced he was getting married to Jessica. Tell us what Paul sister told her about the marriage to her brother. His sisters pulled her aside and we're like woman to woman. Girlfriend girlfriend get out, get the hell away from him before he ruined your life, and this is from someone who grew up with him just get out and don't do it. And that was kind of your foot on sisters. Well, yeah he Utah.
He really wasn't love with himself, and you said in the book you write that he cared about his looks as close as Mylan, really, no one else and he's gay thing is, as it was getting older. His crimes were getting more serious things like forgery. He had charges for robbing a grocery store, but those charges were dismissed, but there was some assessment at psych hospitals around that time. What they say was there any kind of serious evaluation tell us a little bit about that there were evaluations and they found him today is seriously dangerous. Individual state must be something in the air they designated him to be a dangerously individual. They found him to be a danger to himself and others all right, um
when he was he and his friend, where you know they graduated to aggravated robbery, and they they robbed the Houston Steakhouse and when he was caught and arrested and went to prison for that and the tech this prison system and was evaluated, they wrote a letter stating that Paul Reed was a danger to himself endangered
others, and he should never be released from prison. Every evaluation that I uncovered stated that it's interesting to tell us that you talk about that that he acted like a kid and made a paper hat to put on his attorneys had not even writing the actual seriousness of the case, and he got a stiff sentence. Twenty years in Texas, state and and and with the prison that had a mean mean reputation, nevermind notorious chain gangs. But- and you say he was a real serious author of very serious strain- letters to even wrote the prosecutor. What did he say to the prosecutor after he was gay in twenty years in Texas State he hey um! Well, I put the paper hat on his attorneys head and he fell over backwards in his chair. Basically, he was playing the crazy card.
Right and you know whenever Paul was caught, he would play this. Is this is crazy card? Oh, I don't know what I'm doing. Because I got hit in the head with you know, with a brick when I was a kid I fell. Motor by uh? There's something seriously wrong with me and. Having lived there a long time and you know I've toured the prison system- I know about it. Texas doesn't play and Paul knew that and He also knew that this was going to be really serious time and he was scared. It's just like he went to brushy mountain in Tennessee for a very short time, and push it further on down that the interview that he was scared and so that's when he really started playing with crazy card, so he's writing letters to his attorneys and he staying listen. If you get me outta here I'll snitch, Al Smith, on everybody in his prison and tell you what they're doing and they're like nope sorry
so then he started writing crazy letters. You know he's writing crazy letters to legal representation, he's writing into the governor he's riding into all these political figureheads and he's just writing crazy things about mind, control in the prison, and you know getting messages from outer space and he's clever. He's no fool. So he knows that how you know, here's what I have to write to work the system, but nobody is falling for it. You say despites. The Jack Lalanne fascination. He was when in prison that three hundred pounds, and not one of none of it muscle whatsoever, but in there he did get a license. You say to be an electrician and he was paroled But he's eventually paroled in nineteen, ninety due to overcrowding and try, say some professionals opposed and why
where the opposed to him getting out. We already know that yeah. Definitely he served seven years with a twenty year sentence. And it was a new program to reduce overcrowding and he was paroled, but in that, despite again, these letters from for mental health professionals from legal professionals from prison staff themselves do not release. Individual. Do not allow him out into the public. You know it's bad enough. You only twenty years. He doesn't need to be outside he's kind of somebody and he you know possibly going to hurt himself and yet he was still and of course, as we know, the system is not always perfect. The system you know makes mistakes has pause and he walked out of there a man on parole and what's interesting, is he only had to report? You know every x number of days and.
Then after somebody month he only had report x number of months and then down to so many times a year because he knew how to play A good boy see no more mental health quote unquote. Issues anymore mean you had to play the good boy get a job. Yes, sir. No Sir report in do what you're supposed to do now you talk about that. He was working as a truck driver from one thousand nine hundred and ninety, but he got in a car accident rolled and he was on workers compensation until one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. So we got a twenty five thousand dollars settlement settlement. He got braces on his teeth and plastic. Sir around his nose. So it altered the way he looked forever, but they did what they could even put a chemical peel
on his face to get rid of the acne in the acne scars and paid for other things at that time. But you said that his face it gave his face and unnatural smeared look. Maybe you could describe that right. If you look at pictures of Paul Reed, he doesn't look natural. He has almost a very strange. I don't know how to explain it except to say kind of a mirror. Cartoonish look to his face and see he did all of these things, because he was convinced that he was going to be as famous country and western star, and he would tell
still in Texas that he's going to go to Nashville and he's going to be the next George Strait he's going to be the next George Joe he's going to play the grand Ole Opry in just mowing down, because he was just so fantastic and he had black and white. You know glossies made of himself. He bought some very expensive guitars. Who knows how with that. He had expensive boots western hat and he did added. Okay, it's time to go to Nashville and in the famous ten meet my destiny and that's exactly what he did and he was just the he was ready to be famous rich and famous is. Is he thought I when he was in Texas? He helped jobs like you know, he cut the gap to the gas station drove the truck, but he would introduce himself as Dr Paul Reed right and they like to have this picture taken with real extent
cars now here he is pumping gas at a gas station and when someone would roll up in a Mercedes A rolls Royce at Jaguar, he run out there and eat shake hands with that person. He'd introduced himself as an doctor, call Reed and he pumped Org ask for them, and then he made sure he had his picture mate with them yeah. What do you make of as you write in nine thousand four hundred and ninety five, with the help of. His friend and an older woman named Dorothy Medlin he'd cook
for her, and they ate together 'cause. He learned at that restaurant. The chef taught him basically how to cook, and he gave her a signed photo himself with his new Garth Brooks type transformation. Justin parks would be a stage name. What do you make of the thirteen page letter that apparently she helped him distribute about mind? Control and monitoring is Modelle movements. He addressed about four hundred envelopes placed a letter in each around the streets of fourth worth handing them out? Who is near the courthouse he isn't in prison, he isn't playing. So why would you do this? Maybe what's your take on that? You know that that was very strange and I really I have no idea why he did that because one of the things that she had said was he was such a quote, normal person and he was such a nice guy and he was
like her stun. You know, but all the sudden he just switched and he's writing this very strange letter. And he's ending it out on the street corners, and I don't know I mean I never got an answer for that. I just you know he's weird uh he's not crazy. That he's weird, if that makes sense,. Now you talk about his singing career now, a lot of people believe they have what it takes, I'm form musician. So I know how You know there's levels of being deluded. How deluded was he how off the mark was he about a potential singing? song, writing or anything career in music. Oh, my god off the chart bad well, he was
He was. He was deaf in one ear and it was tone deaf in the other and he couldn't play guitar. I spoke to people who actually saw him perform and they explained that you know here comes this guy that he looked the part nice starch changed expensive boots at night, start shirt, expensive guitar. He gets up on stage. He starts singing and everybody's. Just like there's not enough cotton in the world to plug my ears. It was that he was very twangy. He sang with exaggerated, like almost like a yodeling sound and it it was bad, but he was convinced you know he. He told people, you know next Hank Williams, next George Strait or he he was
ready to be famous, and then he would tell people. I just don't understand why my music careers not taking off yeah. Now. You write about a Karoline mast who lived with Paul. Briefly, they made plan to marry one day. She found his parole documents and he said he was wrongly convicted and he told her of government surveillance and, of course, that he was going to be a huge singer. She saw his temper. He threw a kitten at the wall. She broke off being gagement in in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. He met Cindy Wheeler, who has a role in this as well? Very the odd odd story with Cindy Wheeler
and in the met Cindy Wheeler, and you say a week later, he left telling her he had to go. Where was he going, of course, and what we're going to do right? They they made it a gym, they start talking and she feels for pool boy. If somebody would just give Paul a break. You know if you he's such a good guy he's such a nice guide, and you know he couldn't manage his money. So she starts helping him with bad and he just needed help. Well, they hook up and they seem like a really nice good couple, and he says you know I really like you, and this is a great relationship, but I've gotta meet. My destiny is a famous singer. It's out there and just gotta.
Rabbit. So I'm going to Nashville Home of country music, but we're going to keep in touch packs his bags in this guitar and hat and his boots and often Asheville. He goes but we're going to keep in touch And they do they do, and I will then for you to come, see me and he does, but he uses the money for an ill gotten very sad game. Yes, you talk about a NASH, little restaurant captain D, restaurant and it's related to the Shoney's restaurant chain. I guess it's a the corporation, this captain D's Tell
What kind of restaurant this is before and tell us who Steve Jones is Ondina Hampton. Ok, you mean Steve in Hampton yes, Steven developed and okay, that's okay will show needs, is a and captain DE is a fast food seafood. Restaurant also owned by Jimmy and his country. Western singing career. Just didn't jump off the ground right away. Paul got a job, at Shoney's as a cook and his manager's name was Mitchell and and one of the things Paul would talk about is when he becomes a famous singer now this is Nashville and every other person you meet is either a famous potential singer or famous.
Control, songwriter are famous potential producer, so everybody's, like yeah yeah, yeah. Well, Paul is one of those guys that you just love boy, he's so helpful and he will do x, work and boy if you meet somebody overtime. Paul is your man and again, if you need all the heavy stuff lifted, Paul is your man. You know he. This can't do enough good around the restaurant now near Shoney's is a captain d's and it is in a little town called Donaldson, which is the kind of a subdivision at the time of Nashville Steve Hampton is the new manager at the captain D's.
And he and his wife worked together at cat. Indeed, now Steve has worked at the ds since he was young in high school and his dream was to eventually be working in the corporate sector at Captain Deed and his wife Deanna, and he. Had several children Steve with a family man, he loved his wife, he loved his kids and what little time off that he had. It was all about his kids and he had something special. He did with his kids. It should be like with one child, they would go bike riding and he and his wife had just had a baby Steven. Junior Steve loves football. His favorite team, with the Dallas Cowboys but right away Steven had a little Dallas, cowboy onesie and socks in a little cap. I mean he was just an all around good guy and he had no qualms about
working literally five, eight am to close and afterwards in the one in the morning to make sure that restaurant can't compete with your branch right way and it was impeccably clean right now you talk about a couple. Other people introduce Jenna and Car Jackson from Donaldson Tennessee six miles away. You say in their daughters named Sarah Marie has a couple brothers. She likes awful tell us a little bit about Sarah Marie Sweetheart, and she was the kind of girl that she was just He was very involved in her church and she was such a good kid, but she also had that little devil ish twinkle in her eyes and Sarah was just the kind of girl that would make a good buddy. She had this excellent sense of humor,
but if you need a good shoulder to cry on, Sarah was there and she was good friends with Deanna, please wife and she Indiana did a lot of giggling and talking, and she can. She Indiana, which you know, share secrets, and they just had such a good time together, they were Steve. Indiana was like her second family. Sarah was very close to her mother and father, especially her mother, and sometimes she would just you know, she's a sixteen year old teenage girl, but yet sometimes she would just go to her mom and she would just hug her. Just a big bear hug because she needed a big hug from her mom and she was just a sweetheart of a girl. Now that was, these are the kind of parents too, that are protective and their very caring people. She wanted to that car. They weren't really so keen on her
working. Sundays working at nights tell us a little bit about just sort of so there are apprehensions and then how it came to be that Sarah was going to stay over at Deanna's and Steve's one night. What was the reason for that then tell us dis to demonstrate, as you do in the book, their protectiveness of the parents right. Sarah had worked very hard at Captain D's saved every little penny that she made scraped it together and bought herself a car. She named her Emily and she wanted a cd player for Emily. So once again, she's saving all her money to buy a cd player well on Sundays, her mom and daddy. Of course that is, and there instead can. I work Sunday morning because we're short staffed in Steve asked me and her mom
like now. You know we do not work on Sundays. We go to church, please mom, just one time. And her mother is like Sarah. It's one day we had a talk one thousand times, please mom, just once I pay promise you it'll be the last Sunday. I just want to buy a cd player for Emily. Her mother thinks about it much to her chagrin, and she said ok, one time one time only, but do not tell your father. Ok thanks, mom Well Steve and his wife Deanna are having a birthday party for one of their kids. That Saturday night. Answer approach is your mother and she says: can I spend the night with the Hamptons and then that warning I'll just get up and go to work that Sunday Morning and her mother
like? How are you sure they want? You are yes, ma'am. Well, Deanna comes in to pick up Sarah, and for the first time she talked to Sarah's mom and Sarah is getting her. Things put him in her bag. They talk a lot longer and Sarah pops out Ok, ready to go and she gives her mom a big squeeze and says thanks mom, I love you. I love you too, and they leave, and that is the last time that Jenna saw her daughter and the next time she saw her there with in her coffin yeah. Now talk about the movie and and the Hamptons and Sarah settling in at the movie, but meanwhile at Captain D's restaurant. These guys they're going through the shift the next day. But meanwhile, on the night shift. There is Donald Carter, he's cleaning, Michael Butterworth and
Cassidy and they're all trying to get out of there. They're closing up the restaurant, the front exit door open in a large man with dark hair appeared later described as white six foot slide. Maybe two hundred and thirty pounds looking like a bodybuilder with a slick back hair ponytail, he was smiling and he wore a Shoney's apron over his clothes like he had just left or he was heading to work and they told him were closed. So what does he do when he is told that they're closed? What does he want? and what do the right ways? Our right well dear, as you said, closing up the Chinese that Saturday night at the same time the Hamptons and Sarah are settling down to watch a movie and this guy
who showed up he says? Well, he just wants to put in an application and the guy said: oh ok, you need to talk to her manager. His name is Steve. He's not here he'll be back tomorrow morning and you'll need to talk to him and the guy says: oh ok, and he turns he leaves the store and the guys at the time didn't really think any thing of it. I mean people come in, they asked to fill out an application and they go now at the time. Donaldson was really, you know it wasn't as metropolitans.
It is now to lot of stores it's a lot of fast food restaurant. So it really wasn't that big of a deal for somebody to come in and ask to put in an application right now. You we're talking February 16th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Sarah gets ready for work in the morning at Captain D's Steven, her says goodbye, Deanna David would be finished. Her shift at two pm now. Another interesting character in this is that there is a metro police officer named Jeff Wells and
he's always up early and goes to this waffle house. For breakfast he's a thirteen year veteran and his son, Jeff Junior works at Captain D's. Tell us about what this officer Jeff Wells does on this same more tell us about this. This morning, what happens we find out these details later, but what happens with the love ones? Deanna an other people, Sarah's family, when they believe that they've gone to work. Tell us what transpires that morning. Lobster Wales he's he's making his rounds and he drives through the parking lot of Captain D's and he sees these car and he said
doing ok he's opening up he drives through. He doesn't see anybody yet and he's got his thermas and he's thinking, ok. Well, I could get a refill from the kid you know as their opening. Well, just is he thinking about getting his refill, he gets a call and he has to leave the park. Meanwhile, it is Sunday morning so people are on their way to church or they're going on Sunday morning, and these cars are asking the store and it's on a pretty busy thorough way. So cars are passing by the captain. D's, the officer is driving through the parking area. You know thinking, ok, I need to get my Thermas field, then he gets called away and at the same time,
Dara's parents for getting ready for church. At the same time, Deanna at her house is getting up getting the two kids it's ready in the baby ready for the morning. You know life is, as usual, Steve arise, terrorize ride together and there is getting the prep out getting ready in the coleslaw by Hand Steve. Is there they're getting the the morning prep ready now one thing about Steven is he ran a perfectly clean kitchen? One of the officers would later today I have never seen a fast food restaurant with such an immaculate kitchen. Every.
Thing in its place, and so they begin their day. So basically, you've got up area where everybody sort of beginning their day, but yet all of these things sort of fall into place where everybody just sort of misses it by so many seconds. Now you described the horror of the true, for that was that they encountered was Stephen countered and Serra encountered. That mandate wanted. The application came back. Steve, of course, was trying to speak to him through the locked door. Serra was reviewing the situation button. Does that was not what she was concentrating on, then she sees something, that's truly alarming. What did
we see? What happens? What does the man do right witnesses would later say they saw Steve standing at the door with a much larger man holding what they would later believed to be. The application in hand. And we believe that he either pushed his way in or talked his way in with Steven and Sarah is meanwhile in the back still mixing post law when she must have looked up and saw Steve being held at gunpoint. So here's you know this this young sixteen year old girl going about her day turns around and there's this large muscular man holding a gun on her friend and her store manager. Now, from all the evidence, and you put this together, people can decide and to do so,
you know to react differently to this kind of threat, us even as an a and manager of one of the stores. What did he do that he followed his training and what and what was that training to do? What do both of these people do? As a reaction manage your fast food, restaurants are taught to don't fight, give them what they want, and let them go between his work. Your life leave open the register, I'm sorry to see the open, the safe and gave him the money. We believe that read walked into the back of the freezer at the back of the freezer area. Had them, he had them, lay down on the floor of the cooler and then he shot him point blank in the back of the head. Now they did have a surveillance video,
for whatever reason it wasn't working and I did have someone who worked there. That told me in confidence. I don't know if that thing ever, even And again you have these things that could've should've would've, if I would have been there a second sooner a second later he went back to the video player. We believe he might have taken the tape out and he heard a noise in the cooler he returned to the cooler Sarah who had lived through so shot. Where sorry, this always to me, Sarah was helping her. So up to try and stand or try to get up, and he calmly reloaded the gun and shot her again.
Then he you talk about that. Nobody knows: what's happened inside that cooler nobody's likely even heard. Well, no ones heard these shots, but there are a couple people that drive by, like you say, church or are in the area and later come forward, but they do spot a little red car parked. Quite strangely in front of the restaurant later you say that Michael Butterworth, the employees that worked the night before he was coming in, to work. I guess for another shift. He thought something was suspicious. What does he do? What does he believe may have happened and what was his response right? Michael comes to work, he's looking, you know in the door any thinking. Ok, this is very strange. None of the tables are prepped. Nothing is ready from what he can see. The chairs are still up on the tables.
You know no lights are on. Ok, this is just really where he's knocking on the door is banging on. The door sees little truck is still parked there, but no steep nobody's coming to the door. Ok, maybe here in the back in there playing the radio loud Steve loves classic rock music and he just jamming up the mic walks around to the back that cooler door. Bango net, nothing! Ok! This is really weird fast food, restaurant, that's literally right next door and he called and nobody is answering the phone. This is ok. This is really weird and he starts to. Series of calls, and that inevitably leads to calling law enforcement to go to the restaurant, to see exactly what is going on and
One of the officer respond: they had to call the manager to bring a set of keys and when the officer responded in walked back to the cooler that would be fine Serra in Steve's body yeah. Let's use this as an opportunity to to to talk for a second about our sponsor blue apron. Blue apron is teeming with best selling cookbook author Chrissy Teagan, to bring you some of her favorite recipes to make at home, get ready for six weeks of wildly fun: flavorful, cooking, featuring recipes like garlic and soy glaze, shrimp with charred broccoli and hot green pepper, sauce and
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they need to do. Of course the families are devastated. There are the memorials. There are the funerals, and I hate to rush ahead by there are as with serial killers, of course, and in this one particular there's many more victims and many more murders, so suffice to say that the police are looking hard following up leads, but Paul Reed does not seriously come to their attention. Does e? No? No- and it got to the point where they had officers working undercover in fast food restaurants around the area, amazing, hoping to catch this guy. They had officers sitting out in parked cars around the area. You know watching these restaurants for hours and hours and hours no officer. Was you know they even call officers out from vacation? You know there, no officer not working on this case under
and you know, making rounds are doing extra. I mean they were constantly on this case and they worked diligently and Patrick is a rare breed an he. Is he's an amazing man sort of the hero. He is a hero and he quantity kind of guys here in the Nashville area. You talk about that. One of the managers, though again very, Very eerily and, interestingly, that one of them managers of these restaurants said that when they did have a Komposit, drawing done that employee, Paul Reed matched the description slightly. Several reinstall and dark headed but didn't have long hair, which was reported, and they ran his name through the national crime, information Center or Ncic FBI supervise database for suspects, missing persons, weapons and crime
the name didn't show up, why did his name show up? What had he done? As you know, not so swift as he was, what did he do to confuse these people and was crucial at this time? He changed his birthday. He change this data birth and you know, of course, and all the restaurants in all the areas they had put a poster up of the composite, drawing and at the Shoney's, where were Paul worked, this poster was up in the break area and and people were saying wow that looks like Paul and one of the girls said. Oh, I know right that caused a nice. He would never do something like that and that's what happened they put you know they brush it off and whatever you talk about, but you introduce a little while later you mentioned before.
A manager at Shoney's, Mitch Roberts and he managed to Donnellson Shoney's right. Tell us how He found out about Paul Reed as an employee, you mean. As far as I'm sorry, I don't understand as far we are hiring well hot, all right. How does it come to Miss Roberts, hires well read, and what does he think of him, as well as a worker, an optional okay, again with what Paul had to apply this occurred? And, of course he had a history of of working in in restaurants and such Mitch. Hired him in again. College is one of the great employee that you know never says no, never called in sick. You know, and one of the things that Mitch was telling me he said,
we had one of these buckets that at the at the end of one of the cutting table, you could all the extra food in Oregon. Inedible food in that way, so many pounds Paul, wouldn't lift it over his head and lifted higher to put in the dumpster without any sweat without any problems. He said the guy was huge and he had the muscle. He could lift he please, you could cook anything. You ask him, he said if I had somebody call in. If I had you know two people call in he could do the work for two people, and he said you know the guy was one of the dream employees. You always wish you had and he was. He was one of Shoney's for four years. He would loan him out to other stores one of the times it got one of the other stores in trouble, and that was one of the crime
It was never solved, but they know in their hearts. What happened now? Has it come everybody reports here you have this throughout the book that everybody says how nice this guy is what a sweet guy that that's use so many times these he's nice he's kind he's generous, but you also have that he's he's talking about his best friend, Danny Tackett, and so he he starts talking about weapons and robbery, some things that people might not to suspect him of what is his best friend, Danny Tackett, think of Paul Reed. And then what does he think of this talk of robbery right Danny with his friend they met at the Sony. And Paul was always a big talker with Danny, and he say you know Danny one way we could make money 'cause. It was talking about
where, where, where pours me, So we could make money. It start robbing places Danny's like oh yeah right any you have said it well a little later on. He brings it up again boy: wouldn't we make money? If we were bank robbers, are we rob stores or yeah right drops? It brings it up again think about how much this place makes in tonight's. Tea set
tonight me and you, with with my strength and with your brains, just think of what we could make it hall started, robbing fast food places and then he's like dude whatever and he's like. Oh yeah, sure we're going to start just knocking places off left and right, you know, make a hole. Tom was testing him. He was testing on Friday because their best friend and Paul is friends with her at his you know his wife and kid he's like their family. You know his babysit, their kids. You know he's good friends with Andy's wife he's he's so smart and he did such a good guy and sweet and kind all of the good things.
Eventually, though, asked other people to get him a gun and they say no and then he finally does find it Robert Snyder, a truck driver to get him a gun. He has some why, but he eventually gets in what gun actually sells them a couple guns. So, but it's not so unusual I guess not. Everybody alarm bells don't go often specially with a stranger. This Snyder was a stranger uh, so he has a gun in. So what does seed he do next? What does Paul do next?. Right now, you have to understand: Tennessee is a little bit like texting about gun, Paul, also lived in EAST Nashville. Which is the time, was pretty routing what changed with the gentrification and all of this. But at the time it is
be rowdy. So when they say what do you want with a gun? Well, protection server is always. Yeah. You probably need it where you live so well. He takes the gun and The next thing you know on March 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven right down the street from the captain, D's Mcdonald's, gets robbed and three people lose their lives to gunshot wound and one man barely is alive: Becaus, Establisher, Becaus, the robber ran out of bullets. Now you talk about another situation with the manager, and so you bring the reader right into the lives of these people, and I apologize to the listeners for rushing through this, because really you do focus on and it's heartbreaking the focus on the
the admirable lives of these people were leading and the the level ones that were around them and and yet Paul Reed took their lives. You talk about Ronald Santiago, not from America. Originally came to this country. Hard worker. Tell us about the staff at this Mcdonald's, they've included Ronald Santiago, no ok, run old, came from South America and he had a wife and a daughter that he called his little princess and he spoiled her, and he would tell her one day I'll. Take you today, Disneyland and I'll. Take you ice skating and I'll. Do this and will do that and they would say Ronald. She is only a little baby. I don't care we're going to do those things
together and then there was Andrea at seventeen. Andrea was the drama queen man is goofy as she was you. You know that Andrea was one of those students that if there could be a five GPA, Andrea would have had it and she went to an art magnet high school highly highly telogen girl and then there was Robert to all. Who is it twenty? Three Nick name is Bart Robert, let star wars, he loves science fiction and then there was Jose Jose was from Mexico and Jose. It was his first night on the job there and Robert was going to call in sick that night because he just didn't feel like going to work. But then he remember that he was supposed to be training. A new employee equals a, and he thought you know they're counting on me. I shouldn't call in and why
I wasn't even supposed to be working that night, but the manager was sick and he told her he said. Look, you don't feel good and I can tell go home. Take care of yourself and I'll cover your shift. And Ronald was only twenty seven. He was the oldest person that was murdered by Paul Reed. So all of these people we're very young. Now their similarities from the first murders. In that he we forgot to say that the reason why he likes these kinds of robberies, 'cause, he knows he's familiar with the layout. Of these restaurants is familiar, how they work because he worked in them. So uh you talk about what he does with these people in this restaurant and how does it come to be that hose.
Gonzalez survives tell us about this horrifying situation. As you do in the book, he took them into the cooler And he had Ronald open the safe and give him the money and Jose didn't, speak English at the time Jose wasn't in the country legally at the time in Spanish. Ronald told Jose, don't worry, Jose he'll, take the money and he will be, and any Adam lay face down on it on the floor and he shot him each execution, style and Jose was thinking in his head, I'm going to die this. Is it and he started praying well? Here's click, click, click and
thanks. This is it this is it so he jumps up and starts to fight. Now Jose is a little man he's fifty six he's very he's very spin and of course, Paul Reed is a huge guy and read grabs a kitchen butcher knife off the shelf and he stabs Jose seventeen times, including through and through through the body and several times in this goal, until Jose finally crumbled to the ground and plays dead and even Then he stabbed him again several times and then Jose drug himself to the phone to call that he called nine one one and the only where he could manage. He said please, please
at the time. Nine hundred and eleven didn't have bilingual uh people to to answer calls and eventually got got law enforcement there and Jose. Somehow somehow survived and would later identify read in court. Now you talk about a the police do their work. There's no failure in their attempt. This is turning, as you say, hey. This is turning into Nashville's biggest manhunt ever in history again to distraught people like Doyle Brownies worried, Andrea should've called he went to go, get in a car. He saw the yellow crime scene tape. The horror of the father approaching the cop wanting to know, answers and the police have
to tell you got to get back and then and then, when the police. Again, how can you tell people this kind of news? It's incredible and there's no easy way in their told, but yet Paul Reed still is not capture dizzy and what do they do with. Jose Gonzales in terms of his ability to call anything about the perpetrator is or composite drawing done. On their heads with interesting is there was a video. There was a camera system. Video system across the street that could have caught read an his feet. If it's perfectly because the way it was angle, but it was broken and the management
saying oh well, we will get it fixed. We need to get it fixed, yeah, we'll get it fixed someday, but Jose was rushed to the hospital, as was Andrea, because Andrea was still alive. She had to be taken off life support that next day and they were checked in under fake names for their security and safety. Jose was uh, of course, had to had to be okayed by the medical personnel to talk to the officers had to have a translator, and he gave a description and they did a a composite. Drawing now later, when he was captured, they showed Jose different pictures in a in a paper lineup, and we
Jose hello, the picture of read. He was sweating so profusely and shaking so hard. He left a thumb print on the photo of read and they knew that when they had their man he didn't even have. To same thing: yeah amazing. Now you introduce so a woman. It was born in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine Michelle MACE and her is Connie Black. Tell us with her step. Dad is Garrett and and uh you're very, very sad story. Her biological dad is named Dewey and she has a sister named catchy. I maybe I miss pronounce that
a little bit about Michelle MACE uh still, she is so silly, but she's such a good heart. Michelle love to write and she loved to write poems and she just kept her friends laughing, and you know she could be soft money and yet, at the same time she was such a good hearted soul and she loves to take pictures. If you saw Miss Chelsea had a camera, her hands and her friends would always joke with her. When you grow up, you are going to be a photographer and she would say, or maybe a writer, because she was always pinning something and when she was with her group of friends, all the sense you say hey give me that piece of paper if the receipt you want it, for it should say a poem in my head and I gotta write it down before. I forget it and she
she lives with her mom and she lives with her step. Dad and. You know I really hate the word stepfather step parent, because her step dad loved her as much as he would love her as if he you know is if you were true Dat and Michelle had issues with that being a hard headed sixteen year old girl. But then she also was very sad at times be cause. You know why can't my real dad wanna be with me, the you know the same issues we all have. If we have the divorce, parents with a quote stepparent and the other father isn't in our lives for whatever reason, so she was going through that sixteen year old thanks you know what about my real dad and why did he want to be with me? And why did you know try to be my dad? So she had a little rebellious streak. You know she she,
told her mother wants it she's staying at a friends, and she ends up driving to Nashville with a bunch of folks to go, see an Ozzy Osbourne concert, but she got busted because somebody that worked with her mom goes hey. I saw Michelle last night. Where do you see her at the Ozzy Osbourne concert what you know so she gets busted on that one, but she she had a street dinner, but she still was such a sweetheart. You know she. She was a good friend. She was a loyal friend, You also talk of another character: Angela people call their Angie and she's married to a man named Tiberis and they were transferred to Tennessee and Angie, transferred to Clarksville Baskin Robbins Hazenite manage
it was a little bit about this. This is, she is just got news that she is accepted into the surgical nurse program and she's. A hard worker tell us a little bit about her life and the homes with a spitfire. She was twenty one years old. She in her husband to bars to Barrus was the class clown and he fell so in love with Angie in high school, and they start talking. They start off. I think the more they start dating to Barrus went into military. He
and answer your you know they just can't be kept apart. So to borrow skits Transferd Angie goes with him, they have a baby, they get married and he gets accepted at Austin, Peay, very prestigious school there in Clarksville and, yes, she gets accepted into that program which only x number of students are accepted in. She was a lot like Andrea is There's a five point know Angie would have had it and she kept a four GPA literally from great ones. Up school came so easy to her. It was like breathing, she didn't. Even have to crack a textbook, and so if she was working a full time job managing Baskin Robbins. She was keeping that four at a very prestigious, very difficult education program. She was raising a newborn and she was and new and
really wet so yet doing it all with such grace, and she was very close to her family right- tell us about the Baskin Robbins that night and what came to be in terms of again people, love ones. Everybody is in contact with cell phone now and everybody's ready for someone to come and pick them up or if, if there is an hour or anything amiss people tend to notice this. So what happens at the Baskin Robbins out of the ordinary and what are people's responses? Okay, well, is April 23rd, it was evening the Baskin Robbins in Clarksville. There is located on a very busy road called Wilma Rudolph. Now at that
time Wilma. Rudolph Blvd was almost a ghost him now you would never recognize it so matter fact, when I go to when I go there to Clarksville, I have to hunt for the Baskin Robbins there, because I would go and I'll put flowers at the memorial or I'll stop by just to pay my respects, but now, but it did, it was dark and desolate and they had just closed the store and we believe what happened is read talked his way in. And uh they had, of course, just lock the door. We think he somehow talked his way in an, and we believe that Michelle had said. Well, you better get outta here, because my brother is going to pick me up any minute now. That was true, because only so many minutes prior two closing down Michelle and her mom had talked on the phone and she had asked
Mom, hey, will you make me some potato soup, I'm so hungry and her mom was like ok and they're. Both confirmed that Michelle's brother was going to pick her up from work that night right, so she hangs up. She helps him, closing duties and then not so many minutes after hanging up with her mom already so giving Michelle's personality. Because Michelle kind of fearless in a lot of ways, we think that what happened is she challenged him. And he tide them up with their apron strings.
Took the head. Angie take the money out of the safe. The safe in this case was one that was down into the ground and walked into his vehicle, and then he drove them to a place called Dunbar Cave State Park. And walked him down the path along a little late there. Now, what really sorry? One of the things that always struck me about that was, we think at either way he's one of the ways he had to take what he drove past Michelle, I'm sorry
pass. Angie's apartment complex where to borrow was waiting for her to come home with their baby Angie an to Barrus had married at Dunbar Cave State Park, yeah yeah, you talk about a man named Devon, Finnegan took a stroller down Swan Lake at Dunbar Park he's walking his dog, and he saw first body in the water face down hands tide behind her back. And then the police arrived, they found the other body, Michelle and Angie's bodies and Patrick, possibly own heard the news
always he he knew immediately what it meant. He heard the news uh now again, this is the biggest manhunt in Nashville's history. Do the media you talk about now I mean there's so much. We don't cover in this book how the media hounded each of the families after the murders relentlessly asking inane questions and questions. Nobody could should have ever have to answer. What is the real action now when they find these bodies? What do the please do an again get us back flashes back to Jose Gonzalas, so tell us what happens next? Well, they believe that since there was so much
Coverage in Nashville and the hunt was on in Nashville that the killer had moved to Clarksville Parkville is not far away from Nashville and there had to be some kind of a tie which they later found out. There was for the killer Clarksville to Nashville, so because of the heat come on the Nashville, the killer had had moved now there had been a similar crime at the Taco Bell, but that person had had been apprehended. If I'm not mistaken,
eventually- and there was also two suspects that had been suspect- they had, it is going to call them that will be an out and the media also counted Michelle family and the family. Her parents had divorced and they live out of state and. Angie's mother and sister we're watching the news frantically turned to find something out when it came now on National news and her sister said: oh, my god, that's Andy's picture, so it it caught on in in almost a fireball frenzy in the national views. Now we go back, they were handed. You go back to Mitchell Roberts, the manager.
And Paul Reed contacts him. In fact, he goes to tell us about this contact. What does Paul Reed? How does he contact him? What does he do? What does he say? What is Mitchell Roberts reaction? This is fascinating, won the most not part of the book. Paul had been fired because he threw something at a co worker and she's, a very tiny lady whatever he threw at her. It could have killed her and he was fired well. He shows up at Mitches HAL and there's a video tape of him actually because his Mitchell ' and was had the video recorder out and he videos Paul, knocking at the door and Paul is all goofy and he's wiggling his fingers, hello and he tells Mitchell 'cause, I just I want to talk to you about hiring me back and it's just well. You know what we need to talk about that some other time and pause like will just you know, I really need
that job. I really need the money, and this is like you know we'll talk about it later. Will pole tricks Mitch into going outside to Pauls Physical, and he says I need to tell you about people stealing from you and which is like Paula. Don't have time, for this will have said. Mitchell start thinking a red car because one of the things they advertised about this killer was they believed he was driving a red car and Mitchell start pulling it all together. The killer was his big muscular dye black hair. He drove a red,
or and it just kind of fell into place in Mitchell's head and he says, follow don't have time for this. He starts leaving in the next thing. You know now: Paul's got a gun in his hand, and he says Mitchell you're, coming with me and MRS, like Paul, put that away now he's got a pair of handcuffs. On the other hand, he says, put these on and it'll thinking. Oh my god he's going to haircut me he's going to take me to the Shoney's he's going to make me open the safe and then he's going to kill me and I'll come back here and he'll kill my wife and kids. Right and he starts praying and now has a knife. The handcuffs and one and a gun in the other and miss there's a little prayer and he says Paul your going to shoot me or anybody else, and he shoved him and jumps inside the house, slam the door on Paul who's, trying to open it and yell
his wife Amy began handy the gun. Well, it scares Paul and he run jump in the car in late an incredibly. He tells the cops because he tells them what he thinks he thinks this is the serial killer that you guys are looking for. I don't know the easy to it's not clear how who's listening, but that's what he's saying and the incredibly. This is what I call reading him crazy. This is where park of Mitchell and and see this is where his ego gets him Becaus missions. This man is running so sorry. I should not have done that. I you know. I hope you can forgive me 'cause. I really need my job back it then the cops are standing there. Looking at me, Mitchell like this is insane. Is that him give me a back here
and the next thing you know you know he's like uh yeah Polly want to come back here. Let's talk about it which he does. He has ascended his drive him back to Mitchell's house, and that's when I met him. All right, you know you you thank, did the strangers bang and the most difficult to read the book. Amazingly court cases, sometimes their soft by the simple words thank yeah and that's the case. Yeah yes, soon after Everything crumbles, heat, claims to be innocent and then very, very interestingly, just like the behavior of acting like a buffoon at that first wow, where he got twenty years. He again has odd, behavior and again
fence does a vigorous defense for him. He has the three trials and then you again it's incredible the victims. Families have to come, see, blown up. Crime scene photos on screens here the details that everyone put together more horrifying than reading this book in terms of the graphic detail that these people have
to hear about their loved ones, Jose Gonzalas testifies again still afraid of Paul Reed tell us a little bit about Paul Reed's behavior in prison and at trial. Ok! Well, I'm glad you I'm glad you got that out, because the reason I wrote this book was not to write about Paul Reed, because when Paul Reed was captured, he was the darling of the media. Well, and the families were forgotten, they became the families of the woman who was killed at Baskin Robbins by Paul Reed. They became associated with him and, for example, during the trial that he had to sit on Tarde inches and, as you said, see and hear these horrifying things
already got to sit in a big cushy chair with the swivel that sat back and step forward. They weren't allowed to even look at him during the trial. During your testimony and while Bart sister was giving her her victims testimony, he blew her kisses that nobody could see him doing it. While she is sitting up there trying to hold back her tears, because you can't cry when you, given that impact statement- and nobody could see Paul he's sitting there, blowing kisses to her and after Jenna gave her impact statement about Sarah, she leaves the stand. She just glanced over it. It was less than a second and they tried to call a mistrial because she looked at him and he
that their stone cold at everything he could have been watching a very dull movie, but when they showed the crime scene and the body he would lean forward in his chair in beaches, analyzing them. An interest areas are interesting to watch him. What was odd and again so interesting was yet when Jose Gonzales testified. What was his reaction? Oh my god. He said he felt for Jose and if he could, he would give him a kiss and a hug and tell him it's. Ok. Poor Jose was so confused and you know he just wish he could give him a big o. Tell him you're going to be ok Jose. I know you're confused and you don't have the right man, but.
Gosh, you know you're a really great guy, and I just love you and he just oh. I just love Jose, like you say he, Is the media gave him a lot of attention Ann? He had admirers? Yes, please, though he had no admirers in prison did he was the pretty well the opposite of that. Wasn't it. He didn't have admirers that, were, you know, invaded there's, but yo yeah. He had plenty of letters, he had people that were riding in letters and then turning around and selling them yeah people that uh we're offering and but he was in jail. He had a a media person need to know if they could send him a flower basket or a fruit basket in exchange for an int. Nobody offered the victims, families of flower basket or a fruit basket, just Becaus, nobody in the media off of that, but no the
most of the inmates on death, road weren't, big fans. He made one or two friends, and that was it now, despite all of this psyche, Patrick Analysis and evaluation brought by the defense in the three trials, and especially when you're talking about death sentence cases, death penalty cases, despite that, despite their testimony, what did he receive in all three trials in terms of sentence altogether across three trials? He received seven death sentences, which was the most given any person in the state of Tennessee, and do police like Paas Billy on think that there is a good possibility that he's responsible for other murders and and if so, what are they doing anything in that regard? Yes, definitely he was
suspect in another murder. It Shoney's, which was never solved. Uh Shoney's the that Mitch had loaned him out too. There was a uh, a manager that was found slashed to death and then there was a case in Houston TX in one thousand nine hundred and eighty, where three young peep, pull in a bowling alley, were found, shot execution style where they laid on their stomach. And a man named MAX so far. Has been twice convicted for that murder. Mister, so far died on death row in Texas But it's strongly believed that read actually committed that murder he had been kicked out of the bowling alley. I think it would be not an
I'm sure there are more he had left prior to leaving for Nashville he let Texas to go. Chicago for some unknown reason and then came back to Texas and he had also gone to Oklahoma. Owain came back when he was still in Texas, so it had honestly it's no telling I'm sure there are also unsolved robbery uh besides You talk about in March 24th, two thousand and three Paul sent a handwritten note asking to drop his appeals and captain in the captain D's case, and it cleared way for his execution apparently was apparent preparing to die April. Twenty eight two thousand and three, however, after families had traveled there for this, what did he do the families packed up and that was ok, he finally did it did. It was finally gonna we're probably going to have it ended. You know what can be ended
and they all go. There they're all prepared there ready for it and at the very last minute He even had his last meal. He said, God has spoken to me: don't need to die, I'm not ready to die, I'm calling it off. So the families got back on the bus and were sent back home. Now here's an interesting note as they are going in on the. But there's a candlelight vigil for Paul Reed. An all of these people are yelling and screaming and calling the families made. Well, he cause rate is going to die and they are against the death penalty and air calling these families of the slain kids name yeah.
Incredible you also talk about that. He said he received a sign from God. This is again we don't have much time. So this is about Sarah Jackson, Steve Hampton Andrea Brown, Ronald Santiago, Robert Sewell, Angela HOMES, Misha. CALL Mase and Jose Gonzales. You say a portion of this book proceeds go to an organization parents of murdered. Children pomc tell us a little bit about the
this organization and does a little bit about this organization. The p m p o in C in Clarksville. That was started by to the parents to the people's slang and they support and advocate for whose children have been murdered and they help people who are in this situation. They do work toward law and rules. Four people found themselves in this is because nobody ever says GOSH one day, my kid will be killed, nobody ever says the hell and these people are thrown into the situation. You know who knows what what's going on in the courtroom? Who knows what an appeal is or does does a life sentence mean life's in it? You know Well, what is it you know evidentiary? What does that mean? So they help these people and then
do fundraisers and it's a mess. Amazing organization and the funds go to this organization and they are donated in the names of these victims and that's what this book is about is how crime, survivors and crime victims are treated in the justice system and that's real. What this book is about and in the back of the book is more information on on that four people, and also on my website yeah, I got to say to the audience to that. Your book really does a truly honors these people's memories. Again, I don't want to call him victims, but these people and and they're fascinating, an honorable lives, you've done true justice to at least their stories B,
'cause. It is a balanced everybody, so interest in the serial killer in and how he got to where he got, but these people's lives were, of course, irrevocably changed and the people around them and you capture every horrifying and heartbreaking moment in this book. I want to thank you very much due to three ' coming on and talking about when Nashville bled it's been fascinating, but thank you for caring about these people, because I mean I'm I do then I still do and I still get choked up talking about him and I just you know Paul Reed wasn't special. He wasn't scary, he was a punk. He was a thug. He was nothing compared to these guys, yeah yeah. Well, their memories will, I say, will be honored and I urge people to
yet this book. It's incredible when national glad the untold stories of serial killer Paul Dennis Reid. Thank you very much dude. If a Yates is their website that people might go to Facebook page tell us about that sure. True crime book dot, I'm on Twitter, I'm on social media. Almost that you can think of an. I will go ahead and go on your facebook page. Also, an type in my facebook page and your facebook page can talk to my facebook page go sounds great also for those wanting to look into parents of murdered children triple w dot, p, o m c dot com. Thank you very much to this have a great night. Thank you. Dinner need to be careful out there. Yes, you too, thank you. Connect.
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