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Tucker: Who is really in charge of the US?

2021-10-07 | 🔗
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host sounds off on Biden's 'dazed and confused' conflict with France
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700 Tucker Carlson is up next good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight we are glad you are here. We had a diplomatic incident last month that a lot of Americans didnt even know what happened the government of France, something they havent done it hundreds of years they were called their ambassador to the United States. They also accuse the United States of behaving in a manner which is unacceptable between allies and partners. It wasnt a cheese embargo that made the french mad. They were angry that Biden Administration agreed to provide nuclear powered submarines to Australia. France wanted to sell its own submarines in the Biden administration effectively killed that deal, it hurt France and they were mad about it. We havent had a problem with France, this profound since to be specific one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight John Adams was president of Dan and the interesting thing is he had no idea. We had a problem with France. It took months for word to reach him in Washington
that american and french diplomats were fighting with one another. By the time Adams learnt about this diplomatic dispute, which became known as the Xyz affair, became known as the Xyz affair, it was too late to stop it. With that in mind, John Kerry was asked what happened here in his response was simple. Like John Adams, Joe Biden had no idea, the French were upset. Unlike John Adams, our current president had the benefit of cell phones and the internet Jill Biden. Didnt know because hes a mental decline. There are a lot of things he doesnt know, including when our allies are
furious with us, starting with withdrawing their ambassadors him. He was asked to explain all this. Why did that Biden? Administration, cut France out of the nuclear submarine deal? His response was amazing. He said Joe Biden did this because he was completely unaware. There was a problem in the first place. President Biden asked me about it and I told him you told Joe Biden, he asked me he said whats the situation and I explained exactly he had not been aware of that. He had not been aware of what had transpired once less time. You heard someone from the: U Dot S government admits the president was completely clueless. He had not been aware of what had transpired, youre, probably not shocked by that Joe Biden was visibly confused throughout the entire presidential campaign. Heres presidential campaign Heres one example.
No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self defense and that rarely ever it occurs. We have to change the culture period and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at its plays the radio make sure the television excuse me make sure you have the record player on at night. We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts. We arent trying to be mean. As we said many times, we feel sorry for Joe Biden, all of us hope to live to the age where we face those kinds of problems and the truth is, voters knew what they were getting when they voted for Joe Biden. Whats interesting is now he is in office. His handlers are doing everything they can to prevent us from noticing hes not really in charge. Take a look at the latest example. These are pictures of a fake White House set. The Biden administration has for some
reason constructed across the street from the actual White House in the Eisenhower Executive Office building why growth of the trouble they already have? The White House Stephen Miller, spent the last four years in the White House as an advisor, and here is his explanation for it. Two. The reason Biden uses this bizarre virtual set for televised meetings, not an actual room like the EAST room for the cabinet. The reason he does this is because it allows him to read a script directly from a face on monitor and without teleprompters that can be seen on camera. We cant verify. That is true, but it certainly sounds right. Joe Biden cant speak from the oval office because hes not sure what to say so. We have to read it all. We are not going to gloat over it, but the much more important question to the rest of us is: if hes not running the government, then who is
thats the real question. Clearly, the FBI, the Doj and the military are already acting independently of the elected president of the United States. They dont even keep him and informed of international incidents. Instead, they are, in some cases, freelancing to crush anyone who opposes their power MIKE Flynn, for example. He was briefly the National Security advisor in the Trump administration. What we learned from the destruction of MIKE Flynn really was that sure you can elect Donald Trump President, but does he really run the executive branch of government? It turned out. Barack Obama was still in charge, even though he was no longer. President Obama had his cronies charge Michael Flynn, with a crime talking to Russia as the National Security Advisor, which is not a crime by any stretch, and they wrecked his life for doing that took years for us to figure out what happened there, but now its obvious, we sat down with a long interview with MIKE Flynn coming up Monday.
He told us what is really obvious to everyone watching it unelected group within Washington effectively runs the country without reference to voters. Here is his assessment. We have two separate governments. We have the one that gets elected and goes into office, and you have the government inside of Washington D dot c that operates under no rules, no authorities other than their own or who was ever in charge, sounds like that government was still controlled by Barack Obama. I would say that to a degree is what we are operating with today. By the way, MIKE Flynn is not some internet celebrity or conservative activist he was a three star general, the head of an intelligence agency, the number two guy he spent his entire life working on a federal government and succeeding at that. He knows what hes talking about. He is a reliable guide to how the government actually works. Our whole conversation with MIKE Flynn is on Tucker Carlson and
comes out Monday on Fox nation. Its not just MIKE Flynn being destroyed. Every ideological opponent of the regime is under attack. Parents in school board meetings, saying unapproved things Yesterdays Joe Bidens Slack using the Patriot ACT to hunt down american parents who are upset about what their kids are. Learning watch this with the administration, be okay with the FBI using the Patriot ACT to surveilled these parents. I dont speak on behalf of the National School Board Association. I speak on behalf of this government. The attorney general has put out a letter. They will take actions they take and I would point you to them for more information. This is the spokesman for the President of the United States, saying they are going to take actions they are going to take like we dont have any control over this. She may be onto something there. It does increasingly seem like the national security state runs everything remember the Doj recently dispatched its antiterrorism
national security division to investigate ordinary parents, calling them domestic terrorists. The Doj is also developing training sessions to tell school board members. That free speech is actually violence.
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