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he started. It's Wednesday morning. Cuts Douglas
You bad motherfuckers. Thank you. ok, not click on Youtube and watching Uncle Joey's.
On Wednesday February, the mother fucking sixteenth a beautiful fucking day to be alive, it's been cold as fuck here in Jersey lately, when design Jack and on the type mother fucking. I come home at six but I usually leave my fucking key in the car if I'm going fuck now this call word I come home. I clicked have thought in car quickly. You ain't going to see me till the next goddamn morning called that man. I love cold weather, Don't get me wrong? I don't disintegrate it's not that bad, but man gotta get four can use to it gray weekend. Great week. So far you know I got a couple of things going on, a our surprise for you at the end of the week, you're going to be all fucking excited before I now I want to talk about the Superbowl, so ball was great, had a great Second time I went over to Jimmy's and it's because. I'm having a little fucking. I never really had a mid life crisis even unit
you may get a mid life crisis, you dump your wife, Fox Ahmad Asian shake you gotta Corvette place, my midlife crisis, midlife crisis right now is what I'm, having like I want the Jimmy's fucking great food, you know, sausage pepperoni pizzas, I mean it was tremendous and I bet the winning side. You know Uncle Joey, I love Cincinnati. Oh, we get the fucking four and a half for that's a field they gave it the you got a red, the fucking line. It was funny because copper couple, got was at my daughter's Kickboxing School FAT Jos Great back in place, and I was talking to that's, fucking, solid dude, this dude built like a fucking. door. I went to his house one time they eat he's fucking, huge, canadian dude, I love him and his wife and their kids, but he says Mother flock like he's off the rails, not like
List Econ Flock in Vienna. You could tell when you talk to me very Hetty, like is very heavy and his thought and we, top negotiator, you like you like. I knows I love the Da Da Da Da Da. Let me talk to you about something: do you think just going to march in there. the rams going to win by twenty at home and the Lord's day, and that's it the book are going. beat this the number one gambling day of the fucking year plain and simple everybody better, grandma's chinese people, fucking, We bets on the Superbowl. Okay, it's just it's just that big of a fucking day, there's nothing to counterbalance it. So if that like a big! You have see Macgregor racist somebody, the super bowl. Say: okay, cable will lose the game, we'll get our money back on Mcgregor, but that's not the fucking case. There was nothing The balance is an there's just so much flock and though gettin launched time that you have taken the bookies cleaned up
We can you never seen a book you with a part time job. That's my all time, fuck it favorite saying because I love people, they going to gamble and beat the system you going to win, if you thinking I mean people make a living off gambling. It's a small percentage should be to get stuff to pluck and be a comic try being a fucking professional gamble, because that this option downs- and when you're up you up, you know how to load up and it down when you're picking you gotta know how to fucking pull back watch from the sidelines and get some fucking momentum. It's it's tough gambling, it's very tough! I love it now. The degree of you know better. Linda denied, entertainment and payment is a big difference. Being a fucking I've on all across the board. So anyway, back the Fuckin, Tarzan, FAT Jos, we're talking rambling. What's going to be that easy trust me, you know and I said in fact they going to shock people and
now. Listen: the rams on paper way better than Falcon Cincinnati, but again I didn't get to the Superbowl because they're going to fucking suck Dick, so like Cincinnati, I like the fuckin under. I bet the under all the that things I lost the props. I lost every fucking problem because of that, but had the right side in the right order and that's all that matters, but it's so weird how I looked at the football season this year, just to learn, do an experiment. You know I had be honest with you. I did really well pick wise for football I could see early on the season. I made some mistakes with some totals and whatnot, but I did really well with football my sports to gamble on a fucking football, you have see everything else I suck dick on I'll. Ever take a chance, I don't like cod games
basketball once in a fucking while, but it's so you know the Borg. was out of bounds. They hit a freak girl. You lost your ass so and basketballs every day, so it's you're going to go down a hole eventually, and I don't want to see you go down. I hope I, like the occasional football bet, maybe a college football bet on a Saturday. I don't bet college football, but it's funny after the game came in. I was telling my wife and I you know I'm really good at this shit, it's so weird. I just don't have the balls to bet the farm and I have a daughter. I have a wife when you have a child, you just can't golf, that's their money and I'm saying so, but my wife and I were talking and she's like like last week, you over it. The murders around the corner, and you were talking about football, and you were one that night night. She goes. Why did you learn this from lose it That's how you learn when you don't learn to win from fucking. You know
you learn to win by losing by paying a book make up my pain drafting I don't need to pay this motherfucker twenty five dollars. Draftkings got fifty of my fucking dollars this week. What the fuck is going on yeah, I'm saying so. over the years. Like I gambled straight to the time I left North Bergen and eighty three I fucking gambled. And after that, I really never did it again till I just moved back here every once in a while, and I went to Vegas Road, me and I will put a better on the of UFC, but as far as it'd be nice to have a bookie back there. I didn't know anybody in that way so gamble it's been out of my life. You know I, my wife, that you, I learned by having the fuck Sixers when they, when their day against the nets, the Meadowlands in the six, forgive me for I didn't see it. I lost my had to go fourteen mug somebody to come up with money for the bookmaker,
I robbed the Jew restore. You know I had the fuckin lose inside because I it didn't know how to read lines. It's not dog! If you look at Sentences when you gamble of you lookin at all their defences. Listen, you do I think his moms grandma's batten Falcon throw Boy meanwhile, you're sitting there like Johnny Fucking Pneumonic, going through this shit. So that's all I'm saying he was too Eddie. It's a joke. Rogan. I loved your regular debt but he's very high fat. the pick a winner in the EU have said because he saw Hetty. He saw intelligent me. I'm just look at the fuckin lie at all. I'm look at it so it was really weird. I learned this at a young age. You know not with my mother sports. None of that. She had no idea what was going on. I learned that a gamble navy, fuck and three- and I learned the benefits, a gambling and the decline and I made my decision fucking. we're very three admitted decision, never
gamble again. It was between gambling and snorting coke I'll take What's goin on the two, because I I realized that when I download I got nothing for my money, you sit there look and sweat bullets curse, you say racial slurs. You know whatever the fuck, what you yelling at the bar. when next you know you go home and you got rabbit. Is you got your fucking pockets like empty You know one at that point in eighty three, when I was twenty, I made decision have bucket I look out a window and crawl on the floor. Looking for a coat rack, at least I'm doing something burning calories than fucking sit and watching somebody else walk scored I control gambling and, in my mind I felt like I need fifty thousand or fifty thousand on somebody. That's what I used to do. That's not fifty thousand exaggerating, but I'd bet five grand two grand how much money. At my back when I made those bet two dollars animal
Clark and if I lose out, come up with the money on Friday, Jesus Christ at a horrible way to live, but maybe three after I rob the jewelry store in eighty two, the forty anniversary coming up in September. I out for a while and Sarah Soda Flora, and then I came the jury, is out of the dude name fairly wide been thinking about a lot lately. I miss him in I said the other day. It's forty years since high school, moved here. In the back of my mind on my someday may, county candy and fucking Pollio get together, ended up dying for anyone, turn my facebook messages and I talked to land. In fact, I thought the Glenn this morning so. But I learned a lot from his demise. on a rock bottom and eighty three and I for him, and I saw the whole thing go down. It was no Bueno.
and we start again. Like when I came back from Sarasota solar little bit of fuckin gold chain money left So I got a job right away his father got me a job at this warehouse that These fuckin cabinets, phantom and donuts when you were into a store, a supermarket and you see those shells that say went on it. We would make it displays with. It was a place in Edgewater New Jersey. It was in job. You work seventy three and fuckin. I think I did it for like a month and we tried, but it was tremendous because I I was hustling I was doing whatever the fuck. I was doin and then I got the job it was, but for any swathes. Restaurant with age and be Dinah on Edgewater Road down there and fucking. This was around the corner, fact. If you ever watch land that liquor store,
I used to go there for one of the guys. Every day was little skinny black dude. He used to give dollars to go, get them blackberry, brandy, everyday, for a tremendous. When you twenty two sheets, I can assure members right so Every morning we wake up, freeze, fucking ass, so I still remember being in his car. Shivering. You know October ready to and fuckin like vanity was on you know to live, in the same to me, do you the girl that jam I store I haven't been call me: stinky any freezing I'll fuckin ass is often for forty five in the morning. and listen a valley at South Park. In crystal clear, like I told you, mother, But as I don't know what happened two days ago, Thirty years ago, I'm on and I'll tell you sentences speeches the whole fucking think so we go there every fucking day, five days a week, and then we had a tab for any swallows restaurant. We just go in there and get pork sandwiches at three
the piece there was like twenty bucks from all the food. Apparently this file was a tremendous cook, but we would get to this place. And we already like we, the guy, Oh God, as priorities, father gathers the job to this dude, and we want to do. Doing the listen, we're alone I drank. If you I think, we're going to lift shit. He goes listen. I might just go up to the attic and hide what I'm saying we were goddamn fucking to hide all It means his cats think he would go up there and fucking. You know play football with lined the boxes up cause they had big refrigerator bought boxes. And we line the fucking boxes up like lineman and shit, and I get a football while the and I'd run around the and he tackled me. That's what we did for fucking seven. was went the launch of parties. We got high, we brought a bottle back for the skinny black dude and that was it we reported to the skinny black dude. I'm sorry, I don't know what his name was. If we were to He was maybe fifty this fucking. Do they and drank
ready. What gloves with little fucking zip of his fingers is shit. Good guy. You know, I love the guy. We were there with him and he in fact in report is only thing one day, the reason why we got fired everything was going great, and the only job did make us do. Men and stinky was when the air was to take the best Since for the refrigerators and handsome daddy's huge boxes, I gotta turn around up and down. It was from the second floor to like two floors down. It was a big piece of say the piece of cod. It was a feet, long kind of heavy, so we'll fucking. Doing all this and with one of them I started working really fast and it's a glen back and I would just whip to, we did this every day we go up their fuckin play. Some food or eat a point: zero, it didn't come back and whipped
things either whipping to me and then I put them on a pilot or I'd whip them to him. With this particular day were up, there will fucking whipping them. and the little skinny dude, the black dude our boss comes over and like hey, you got a double up on these guys? We got somebody Pegana mob. I don't know what the story was. I wouldn't let blow smoke up your ass off because in fact I hope you know he was a skinny dude. He was always drunk. Had three or four shots on the smoke dope and you know, I freedom dope everyday I'd, give him the best Dope and Tom the smoke. Half a giant he'd go what the fuck is, that shit dog You mother, Falcon, almost killed me. This went on so this one day he goes you and Glenn go up on top shoot us the boards down and me and I'll get another dude like a chubby white dude and Woolfolk fucking lower Glen or shoot to him and you shoot me up came so I'm fuckin up there
you in young kid, I'm fuckin zipper real value. He's like a man slowly, You have the same. What's the matter with you brother? Does it in job. Take your mother fucking time cause you to union job. Are you know Russia? we are going to pay you the same shit, so he starts move them back right cause. We will load them so fast and sunlight through one, and I saw the wind kind of We have used a man so round with those things. One. I didn't mean to do anything from the bottom up and I like this. Do I took the boy He was little farther away and the thing quite some air and it was like a flying car and you can see his face like he lost it and shit like We had it, but he lost in the sunlight and shit and all the sudden that thing just went curve. I seen the Motherfuker from the top. I saw the thing curved like a magic carpet. Zoom right and hit it right. The bridge and the fucking nose boom like dream
it is a fucking Clyde, Boyd moving forty miles an hour. This dude down like a bad habit. He goes. ouch Jack he's bleeding from the bridge. his nose is got conclusion on the back of his head from foreign backwards issued tremendous have you got me that we got a mob. We clean them up The boss is like. Listen you guys just coming to fuck around every day. I can have yet done so you fires, I went and got a job at fucking this. Fairview hardware store right, great place, nice family. but in the meantime, I'm living with Fernie and I'm going out at night. Maybe three nights a week: Fernie had to be at work at six in the morning, so he wouldn't go out during the day. So I would just tell him the next night. When I see him, we did the night before. So one night does come out like on a Tuesday night and he's list. And the men and stinky talk and Pelion Macneil
please listen to us talk about gambling and he pulls me aside and he goes what the fuck. Are you guys talking about all the time I may go gambling. You know a basketball is now all of this will lose trust This losers, with a big l, tat we don't avoid. We couldn't pick a winner and he's like man. I think I want to gamble. You don't want to gamble. You do someone like okay, you know we'll find you a good game. You know we'll find something for you and I'll now at the time he was a cook, but he also was a waiter at his dad's restaurant. So he would take his tips and put them in a box under his bed. He wouldn't even count me just draw a box now, so it's a Sunday and it's like December we had done some quaaludes and shit went to see Pat Benatar, the guy at the Meadowlands store. Handicap person handicaps
I had tremendous so the next day we wake up fuckin. He goes I want to put in the back. Who should I bet I dunno front of you. You know football as much as I he better thousand dollar parlay. He goes under his bed, takes out the cash cow It puts all the singles and tans and five together me the cat. Sixteen hundred of pocket and better thousand dollar up and parlay Oh, my god who you likes. We called it a friend's dad Polly's dad God rest his soul and the next thing you know it was like Seattle versus Pittsburgh and some other team. Will it be better to team Paulette. The first game was like the one game he won. The second game was like Seattle B. You can look it up. I don't know who what it was. It was December of eighty two Pittsburgh opened up a twenty eight. Twenty seven, nothing lead, and I
we put because I wanted to support him. I actually put like them at ten time Pauline witches Seventy to lose and one sixty two win. If I'm correct who the fuck knows it's been years since I did all that shit, so fucking that I put in like anti Muslim, wants to one game one and the team we bet for the four o'clock game was losing. I guess we were both hung over and we fucked and fell asleep. This motherfucker wakes me up and he goes dog that this is what it was. They were, losing twenty eight, nothing, Whatever came back twenty nine twenty eight he had a dream that they came back and one he woke up and they came back when he woke me up. those we want, we want. I It was only when not much I one and we put the better moved my friends dad, so he called my friends dad my friends don't like Jesus Christ Jabez. The first bet you have put in
you put one thousand time parlay in a motherfuking. Comes in how lucky are you? We actually go on a Sunday night pick up the cash. I dunno what it was guys ten thousand, but I would too fucking stupid kids. He to go eat a lobster tail. We never ate lobster at Tacoma. Typically, he drinks the finger bowl, I mean tremendous. We had a great night. I was the opening night of his gambling career. If that was the opening night, he couldn't in his mind, think of what it would be like three months. Like I saw him already like Guys. I was a novice, also a gambling only person. I saw a loser as a gaming with my mother. So I wasn't too you I didn't know I didn't know the fucking whatever for any kept button for fucking baton, big big! and guess what guys, winning I, how fuck he was doing it. He was betting totals and a game. He would
three moves in and they three and out this one on about four or five fucking weeks. He kicked that in the end a foul flock and play off. I mean it was just amazing how much one night with. Can the suit balls coming up, it's Miami against mother Fuckin, the Redskins. with John Reagan's in Miami dolphins with a killer bees to great fucking themes. I think Washington was favoured. I loved Washington, I fucking loved Washington brigands was to the offensive line was the hogs was a great fucking team at this time. I wasn't doing bad. I was working. I was also a little bit I knew I was leaving. So I was planning things to leave.
I had my eye and his bookmaker in West New York that I wanted to rob. That was my big fucking. You know I hear you like. I hope that job calls me back. My big thing was. I can't wait to rob this book. I embarrassing, I think about it, so that book makes was going to be my cash at something I was going to happen. I would have to leave town, I robbed the bookmaker boom and I got so So both on their comes for anything listen man I want to know my bed. I got sixty thousand dollars in cash in the bookie I go to in a bigger than my bed at all Miami. What I guess, I'm a battle on Miami and put Miami and over and all this shit and then the phone started ringing and this motherfucker studied sit on that and so lie. I sit down. That's too For some reason they couldn't but Batson.
So I sat in a couple of small bets. I'm not a fucking moron Bernie, sound big bet. One thing leads to another guess what the fuck and dolphins get killed. I'll, never forget sitting there in the room with him we lived in a basement apartment. We had to open up beds, the I do not like a sore. That's why the fuck him that's. When I that's place where I lived when we mugged the jab and I gave him up, The you shit that it was just a nightmare. it was a cute little apartment. It was great I still remember sitting there with Fernie and in the back of my mind, I won like eight hundred bucks for any loss. Sixty plus he sat on twenty thousand dollars worth of bets eighteen years old guys. I didn't know what to do. I felt fucking terrible. I really
did you know I felt guilty in a way I didn't make him pull the trigger? You know what I'm saying he asked me about Gam and he asked my friend about gambling. We told them He started betting, the fucking big. I mean never really recovered from that after the super. He must have slept for a fucking week and. the next morning I wake up and running. Get out of bed. I feel terrible for him. I go pick up. The eight hundred I fucking won, plus I had about four. hundred and my get from sitting on bats. I got what Charlie's like a big shot, it's flock and freezing it's like a day like today, Falcon Free
isn't the sun's out beautiful fucking day and I go eat. My breakfast, like a big shot that I am even saying. I one fucking some money and I go fuck it I'm going to go into the city, so I take a bus into the city. I take a train, that's what I did. I took a I took the bridge and I took I a train down to down to about one hundred and sixty. I forgot how fucking cold it was. I walked down to Amsterdam down there walking the fuck around and I we're going to a particular place, a health food store. It was a skinny black dude. He walked in a bullet proof glass. That was a you who to use, and maybe Tiger milk protein buys like maybe two tiger milk protein bars. That was a health food store. I done the fucking in the fucking 80s so I wanted listen, you know. What are you gonna go? It's the border.
Since I got everything that in those days, the Buddha was big Buddha, Chocolate Thai Buddha, a with Buddha, regular Buddha. There was a town in Buddha's going around all. They were all fucking good and bad Sickly was a. We call lambs bread with Lahti, guys it's gone now. You might have to go to Miami to get it. Maybe Jamaica, I'm not sure people duplicate it that way, We got lands but that ain't Lamb's, bread, bitch, that's fucking, quack, that's not lambs! So I fuck. We go over there, it's freezing out I would forget that I told the do it. What drives me? I bought like eight hours worth of wheat and those if that was a lot for Uncle Joe. I only had money by twenty, but I had just one I bought like fucking eighty ninety dollars. I forget what the fuck it was good, weed, and I look at them and I go look. Do you mind if I roll a fucking number in hand? He goes nah, God you're, a good customer. I go it's too cold out there. I may add a tv on and at my role,
fucking. Now I walked outside the wind off of Amsterdam, blonde. The wind come off the fucking Hudson that and you'd die, It's cold as it is, is like fucking eighteen degrees, I'm like okay. I couldn't even like the fucking joint. I was trying to light the joint I'm in corners, I'm an I couldn't like the joints. walked Dylan like a little you know those New York City apartment buildings is like those little alleys like a superintendent walk through that. Never take the garbage out. I shit I wanted of those things, but I had my back face on the street and when I went in a corner like and cut the fucking thing, I'm trying to roll it. I feel a fucking gun to my head guys and I'm like what the flap and Ngos but the way down put the lighter down, put your hands up behind your neck and he goes
look silly, please I've done a fine himself, but my head, my my neck, you fuckin handcuff me I go what's going on. Goes you use more competently ere. It's right down. The fucking floor He goes listen man. This is school down the block going to go in your pocket. If you got more than I can ten singles on you. I'm break your fucking head Like oh know, what are you talking about? I live in Jersey because he wanted my pocket he reached out. There was none. Ben Franklin's in that. Thank God because where'd you get this money. I don't night the Redskins yesterday he goes listen get on your hands and knees acknowledge my ass. Get on your knees and keep your head behind your head and told bank comes and I go to my arrested. Sunday goes. Let me see you have a license on you in right away on
I know now, usually when somebody's a cop in those days asked me if I had a license on me or id, I would say no and then asked me a name. I tell him a fucked up, name just go to whatever. God turns me around, he goes, your name. I have no idea what your name Joey Diaz, Jose Diaz date of birth. I give it to him. He goes. I sit tight until the Fucking Van comes on Michael. What fucking man I'm going to get arrested the day after the fucking Super bowl God damn it. I just got arrested, arrest couple we weeks earlier for fuckin travel. put some checks and shit. Oh my god. Damn item like a fuckin pence on the day after football plus I got money. The band pulls up here me to Van. He takes the fucking cops off. He sits me in the van it's like afford: dude Patty Van with a with a whole fucking control center. In that I'd, never ever seen a thing like this. I thought
in sit set, goes what's your name again write it down. I wrote my name down my address and for some reason I wrote the fucking truth, I had just gotten busted and on the Jersey side. This is New York city. He goes. Let me get your fingers and it's It was just like a fingerprint thing. I put my fingers if the mechanical my whole hand down the fucking ten minutes. My idea came up and he goes oh hi Jose did Blah Blah by Ngos. Are you told me the truth cause he? Did you tell me the truth? Why would I goes I'm going to run you? I thought it was going to run me on the fucking phone order, the walkie talkie, Jose D when they run Jose Diaz. It's always a crapshoot, because I don't know: what's going to fucking come back so it comes back as I got arrested ensured as your views quicker yet As I there's the story, the guy selling weed the kids and again.
I'm playing some. We shook it down. It was for the falcon faster Obviously you're not selling weed the consumer. You came over here to cop a bag of absolutely ok. I do as I'm gonna write you a ticket, he took my fucking bag of weed and he took like half an hour and threw it on the floor. then he rolled the rest up and put in my pocket. That's pretty fucking cool man. He goes. I gotta do that because I am told the truth for the way he only charged me like to grab. I just don't fucking remember he gave me a ticket and I want I would ask you know: I went to the weeds torn down another fact, an eight that gas jack. I fuckin thing ass an I fuckin went home. The reason you like joy, but you Tell me. Why you learn how to read lines. What's that got to do with you reading lines, if you fuck, got arrested, for if I was getting that suckers,
so now I got that ticket. They gave me a so I went home a couple days. Lay that call a number and they gave me a quite dick. Ok now its college. Mother, fucking basketball sees us of the simple ended this July, thirty first nineteen, eighty two, the Superbowl on a dirty at. I remember I don't fucking know so now you know, February New York City you're not going to go to court. Finally, we get one like eight weeks and show When do you think my fuckin quite day worth much madness? The fuckin finals, the knight of the fund, it to go to court Monday night at six o'clock. The game starts at seven. it was Houston. Caroline a flock and state ok now this is the second time I had done. This will align the lion, it started. I don't know
I don't remember the line on this game, but it was very hot thirteen points something the day game. It went down to eleven which made a guy like me: go bananas, When a line goes down two points or point. That means I pushing you to bet on that team. Go against that think. They know something. You don't know me I'm an ass all and all my buddies bet big on, ok, fine slam JAMA used and when I came the dream, Clyde rex. The whole fucking thing a team was, in our view, vandals. Fuckin thing in don't give up the halting the cancer coach would have a good fuckin guy. Great gouge. I can't believe makes just ask each retirement after this year, but I was I got it. but what a jolly majority I'll fuckin coaches now is that now I just like basketball so far good now sure enough. I bet big on this stupid, fuck, em com basketball game as soon as the line went down at eleven I'll order it up by three
the bugs guys I'd have three hundred have fucking three hundred dollars. I'll, never forget being in court and waiting to go up in front of the fucking judge, the judge You ever go to Nyc White guys in New York City going to be there for a few laughs. Alright, it's a large representation there at night, so I kept without the costs borne by every time the fuckin judge I a break. I went out to call sportsman and they were losing out right, never mind giving eleven point, think they will win by eight and they stay. cover they will lose by fuck and fifty. So I know I was again the more with stories when the wind shifts the other way. Don't bet that team, but the falcon under them Friday, nights, okay, any Friday night. When I was a kid, the Celtics with Larry alright in the Sixers, with Julia serving if they were home, they would
give a big line. Twelve thirteen fourteen, but I've game time, the Lima go up two or three points. That's that means The far, if you give him fourteen and the line goes up to sixteen, that means they wanted it, but the underdog. That's when you that's when your dick gets hard and you better well, going to see if you do at ten, eight out of ten you going to fuckin went and those align movements the biggest line. Advil loss was San, Diego against the raiders on the Monday night game. The game ended up in eighty one. The game ended up on a fifty six to two If the fucking school I had the over, it was to fuck me It was a coral Coryell against fucking the raiders, whatever the fuck. It was, but was the thing on that game. The line went from seven one slash two to seven, me and my buddies were ashtrays all day, counting the money. We
Fuckin San Diego, the rate is fucking club at them. So it's not about the totals. It's not a balmy rushing yards, it's not about the fucking quarterback, it's not about it. I could take one probably less with this this weekend, Odell Beckham right whatever our db than about our back on journeys to be a giant. Everybody bet him too score right to three fucking touchdowns and he got her I think he scored one. I'm not sure I don't remember who gives a french What another spanish statistician! all this shit? I love these type of I could just wrap wrapped you motherfuckers about life yeah. We gotta get good giggle and then you go smoke some reef and go on to your bed self, but those fucking things. Not I lost those games. Listen, you remember some people remember that wins. Like my biggest pay day. When I was a kid, was german
Can I guess a Dallas Cowboys San Francisco lit the throat the White Clark, I still remember arguing that night with people how Dallas has gone in the San Francisco. Given them a point in San Francisco. women by Fuckin One. So all these things every time you lose money like. I always tell people You want to learn the lesson lose money. Anybody can learn a stupid lesson. But if you really want to learn a lesson, lose money that less we'll go with you for the rest of the fuckin life, that's how that works out and that's it now for the rest of Don't even think that we have draft kings as it goes into March. it's amazing how much gambling papers off at the football it tapers off close to forty five percent, the forty eight percent people just go. Fucking black people just put didn't. Wanna bet not announced it. Unlike basketball, baseball's to fuck and hide, you gonna give IRAN
it's a weird world guys, but if you're looking at special jam first off at Leah we'll see how that shit works out, and always remember the house, the the southern sides are against you all the time. so again just going to be the hardest you got the chance of making it a comedian than being a fucking professional game. that's why when I went kings came to me and I went on there and fucked around that age I wasn't too, into a gambling sponsor. But after I saw how you had them like. I, like, I thought, like I thought, You gave like a card like an American Express and you'll live you don't have a limit with American Express, would give like a limit and that every month they were deducted every bet. You then get snapped off your fuckin car. They won't do of cod. They won't do a pay pal. It's all I can use. My atm card
but I have only made too far from the paths of St Falcon the paths to too so I really outside you've lived off, like I said, I enjoyed doing the twenty five dollars, but I'm not when I said in the beginning. I was again with no I'm not like most be When the stories I wasn't no Marcie WAR Burke, I was enough up James James COD, the Gambler Great movie. I I never never turned those things and after what I saw, my mother do a fucking gambling fuck that Gambling is an entertainment vehicle, that's it if planning on getting limos and bitches and cocaine. you're in no danger. When I work for the sports betting service, they wanted you to portray live like that. Like my alias, was PETE Patella. When people tell a coy, he just got back from Vegas he was hanging out with the fucking. Why Ritchie brothers eating steaks? He just dropped off
Antonio Brown, over at years House get yours and it was that character, because you want to sell people can notion that they could become you. They will want to be. You if you're not selling them the games. You're not selling them gambling you're selling the meal I did last night mother what you do last night, you stayed in your mother's basement. You know I did I meant the choice, I didn't know what I wanted to drive my Lamborghini on my corvette on my helicopter. one of over my little asian girls house, I snorted some coke off a cliff. some one tonnes and then I went the Vegas eight one, eighty dollars came home. When you talk to somebody like really I'll be like you, it's fucking scary hits Harry Soviet gambling is thinking of beta big, show not gonna happen, but if you like that it. For me,
I gotta know like gold estates. Gotta play now golden stay long last night, I'm certain bluebottle nights ago that a club is that's how you know things of welcome back the clippers is that's Alonzo, both the standby? I'm sorry, I'm talking about fucking and sports. I just I didn't talk about the suit ball on Monday, and I felt bad a couple of people hit me up said Joey didn't talk to us, the super guys when it comes to sports the podcast here. I've been through fucking hell. With this shit. I don't want you guys to stop betting three hundred a fucking game, but if you bet ten, I thought people up. People hit me up all the time. Joey we signed up, draftkings. How much do you recommend ten bucks? Ten bucks you're going to pick up eighteen, nineteen, fifty twenty dollars that's better than not them, that's lunch, that's gas and guess what you lose ten bucks. You still eat it's a simple gambling something ten thousand dollars a day. What that's a difference!
fucking world. I don't even have. I don't even have the patience to sit down like but twenty five hours ago, Lou hanging from time to time that all the time, but I look at it. I got out of her, they lose like gonna be, but the Knicks Brooklyn Nets forget it. I don't bet home games or bent against home What contains very way Let's change it up a little bit wrap this up in a different fucking perspective. Here been a great week, doing better every day. I'm looking better. You know, I'm sleeping not a hedge shitty fucked in sleep. I can t I was form off the bed at fucking, crazy, and I didn't get a aside. I met a ball and nothing a little fucking reefer my little pill and I had fucking now I take these fucking I switch them around every night to sleep. I have the Cbd Lion gummies.
melatonin fucking tremendous. But after two knights. I got a switch em up for a week. some of those last night I take this fucking VIC's, whatever like Nyquil without the quilt, If you know what I'm saying just whenever you want to fuck and absolutely want to sleep, Nyquil will fuck you up. Trust me. You mean you, don't do nothing to me, no more like I could just drink it if I'm sick and stuff, but the nyquil without the quill but the little cherry flavored geared get two shots of that shit smoke. bang it after get those blackberry, black berry, your mouth, you get nice and fucked up you giggle a little bit. You go to combat bed. I watched Bobby Flay and get hungry sit down you Bobby what the fuck women that's a thing when you watch Bobby Flay. Yet when you Bobby Flay, you get so hungry, but
like man. I could go for that, but all I got is a peanut butter and jelly upstairs. I ain't got no fucking na flower last night, he made result all seats, result risotto with fucking, yellow pine Iraq, he was last night Bobby Flay, like Bobby Flay. That much, I think, he's a fucking. Dick always shit. I always cheer for the people that go up because Bobby Flay as some, but the game is fucking it's cuz. They always give the judges. The second Bobby Flay is cute little skinny cuban girl on that she made a beautiful pick, a deal with White Fuckin rice Simuka, which is a mistake, never throw him with the yuca like people like to fry, then, as you say, that was the most take out of jail. Added to the tea Through osmosis switch that you that you cuz like a potato but the smells like fuckin. Oh my god. Listen! I'm askin! As can be an island, he fucking you can make put guy regarding garlic sauce it
Delicious, but not for Uncle Joey. Not not this fucking time around and his body flay made a yellow arise with Pat would pick a deal number one. pick a yellow rice: don't fucking go together That's rule number one! If you're fucking cuban That's why you'll never see Joey at that! Fuck, like this he's restaurant in LA with: well, they just shot the dude in Beverly Hills. a couple months ago they had two shootings out there Bella rose or whatever they had, that Yellow rice, that great black beans, but that yellow rice and I can't go in there- no more I'm a fucking Cuban. You know what I'm saying I can't put yellow he's on foot of yellow rise like rice eroding. The fuck is wrong with these people. So it's the truth So what I fucking do is: watching this and she's got the perfect play. She's cuban Hazel. What piss me the fuck off! the judges. Didn't do was a Cuban on the restaurant, the other chick was,
a committee of spanish restaurants in New York City. But she was Cuban, as can be, was a chinese dude guess what the two cube It's true shade ANA, but the Chinese. You do tat. It was the best me I ever fuck and had I was furious, unlike this mother fucker, these too far The Cubans, though, like top shelf Cubans GM saying, like you, want to smack in the fucking and they just came over like thirty years ago and Gloria Stefan and shit fuck them. What time is Andy Garcia? You see them at the super bowl sitting there like. Oh, let me tell you some l a is getting more more fucking disgusting. I don't what's going on with people anymore. That was not for me, though, that hole I don't know, I don't want to say nothing but, like I don't like any, In that people! Gotta act! assholes. They should Antonio Brown sitting next to Kanye West with a fucking mask his face like a fucking Idiot, Jennifer Lopez,
would focus big glasses dancing. Meanwhile, she fought every other guy in that locker room at the black do their pussy puffy. While I was lucky name was they're all there. She fought the dudes in the room she's over at block and dance and like the idea of Matt Damon would afford him little fag mustache, walking around shape. The fuck am I kept. Shooting the movie shape that fucking much that you're, not the guy from fucking community. You know what I'm saying like that. They all want I have that little fact. You must ask guys and then you have like Mark WAR Burg on the phone. That's all is a beauty and then got my man, the rock that in fact, in at the football He went to double Debbie and eat more steroids and fucking Attila the HUN and he's out there. been up and down yelling and screaming it just wasn't for fucking me: I got to pay some. I always like the rock I'm starting to hate that mother, can you such a fucking, Disney and fuck? I can't
dog. These people are just sad now anymore. That's it! You saw you saw and for what the Super bowl and then post I Full circle hit the fuck out of Iraq. Rock go talk to Rogan wake up with a new cock sucker anyway, I love you, mother, fuckers, all my heart. Thank you for watching and abuse. Wednesday, it's fucking cold, but always appreciate doing you motherfuckers. I love doing I guess I like just talking shit and smoking Again, I'm not ready for fuck fucking zoom. Yet maybe next week what do those on? get some new blood in here. You guys want to look at me all the fucking time Have some guys, I'm looking at myself and, I'm being honest, I'm not can go lately. I don't care what people Tommy Look young to know, y'all, don't look ugly! I look ugly it's been old, losing my hair. I got more What an laws hem get my face is turning grey. Can you leadership, but I am going to be
Fifty nine I'm going have a great weekend. and I'll touch base with you mother, Thursday yeah the fuck in nine years old. Do I hate that number? Would all my fuckin, I hate that number with all my fucking art man, been. I really want of my bread tat. Each year I'm gonna go to judge it. Yeah I want to do something that the biggest mistake, I made in my life was on my birthday: it was quitting karate in nineteen. Seventy nine that was close to forty fucking years ago, down forty two years ago, forty three years old. tayshia I want to go out. I want to go to karate, I'm going to go to Jiu Jitsu on my birthday and just I don't know, come full circle like the Fucking Rock I dunno. Why yeah? What the fuck are? These people talking about anymore anyway?
I love you motherfuckers at with all my heart. Thank you for always supporting me, I'm over here just to shit having a good time what Cox up is back means it's going, get fucking interesting. I love you mother, fuckers, all my heart. Thank you for supporting and I'll see you Monday morning. The twenty first tip top fuck him. I love you mother and now, forward from mother. in spots. All I want to take You guys listen. Today, we talked about some football. We talked about the Fucking Rock, but hey now, it's time to talk about my sponsors. Bad! Listen! I've told you that in times of a magazine, talk abolish on the show that's why, when I say relief band helps with my anxiety, you know it's. The real deal. Relief ban has been clarity, improvement weekly relieve and prevent anxiety, induced nausea and vomiting
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I've done for our sea be de bottles that I haven't done dick compared this be the align. The good thing is, it comes The tincture capsules Queen tone in both gummies go to Cbd, line, dot com right now read Third party lab results and you'll, be as impressed as I am. When you want to order some go to the box. Pressing called Joey, join a church and get twenty pairs turn off the living to your house. It's that simple. the Bp Lion that time on. I want to thank. I want to thank relief, Ban thanks and also want to thank Betterhelp dot com, all services that can help you out and help me out so you're. So far use Joey and I love Cocksuckers have a great weekend stay black. I'll, be back Monday morning, the twenty, with some fucking great news and some plucking
Tremendous analogies have a great weekend shoot. A poison. Arrow concept is.
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