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He started
what's happened. You bad mother flock is walking to the joint. Monday june, the fuckin sixth holy fuck. I want it
back. Everybody who came out that shows that land exceeding this weekend- and I saw you motherfuckers walkin around and whatnot. I've got beyond She had been don't calmly, for you a along fuckin time, and this was just insane. It was insane it really as the amount of people. The amount of love you know People are really happy in all things: There was no incidents. Lay the light tat a meal across the fuckin way they shot six people in philly last night or something I mean you know the shit dollars not, but what I had a fuckin talk about that I have not been around more than two thousand people since the pandemic. I went to the Sopranos premiered at the beacon, which was twenty two hundred people, something like that yeah that's the most. I've been involved with tat place. Supposedly sat five thousand forty, eight hundred I gotta be analysed.
Guys it felt like fuckin, twenty thousand people. I mean there were people when I was gonna go down thursday night and do a warm up at the tropicana does for an eleanor. Was there kerrigan she bonaparte gas on one that she told me that therefore work out, but the fuckin skies return and black on thursday friendly uncle benny's and just doing a little fucking fifteen minute spot a little warm up. There was maybe twenty people in the room, but it was fucking. Superb, in times when you want to work out a little cry I like that's. Why eleanor was making me go down to fucking ac because she goes? These are just people men in all, they don't wanna, they don't even know the comics they're, probably waiting for the bus back up north. Probably lost all that money in know when you you either take a bus from anywhere atlantic say packages boy and nobody is out of philly in jersey used to be when the kid. It was fifteen bucks, but
When you got to atlantic city, they gave you ten dollars and corners and they gave you a coupon for restaurants, cigarettes seen all that shit and they give you a cop out for a comedy clip so when you lose all your money, because when you gonna marry city, they want you out for a walk, vegas I'll, take you, but when you're broke down get the fuck out at lily city. Don't have you hang out for a few hours just to see if you can think of a cause of the sub, you can borrow delay. Two hundred from our western union, I swear to god about twenty years ago I went to and so you will my dear friend Jimmy burchell we I used to meet him on tuesdays and come to point pleasant. It had to be out. I'm fuckin, though I was gambling I I went to atlantic city with him to eat east autonomy. The place that all you can eat crab legs and that they were really good that you wouldn't shit blood sicel, let's go down at will
madonna, and while I was sitting there, somebody said to me joy: do you wanna do a set now at this time the guy came up to me. Those aren't you a comic and I go yeah. I was like a feature. Article yeah and he goes at the communist right legal. Yet because I saw you won my you: have twenty minutes: yeah he goes. Can you come over to the tropicana Do ten minutes set, will shorten com of such again. When I walked in there That's when I remembered that these people are performed before, like now Why do people when I got a stage and I started bombing with material that you I've been on the road at that time. I was in the road every function that you know so this material that was given was twenty good minutes from the store. I brought it in front of these people dog. It was light. Don't call me in front of deaf people. They david just fucking, the press. Looking at the floor, I saw a lot of people looking at their cards is shit and I'm ah member coupon that they gave the people away for the bus d.
Those people, because what happens is they give you you should. Let's say you take the nine a dot am bus to. annex city Dana. You back till seven. They don't care. What you say you could be dine about, attacked dame bring you back. You fucking came at nine, you agreed to seven, that's it. You can't get an earlier bus back, so every hour that you came at nine o clock people live a certain time. Ten o clock people leave; certain time twice just goes on. There goes later, saw these p gonna sit around for a fuckin bombs that take you lose money. Listen, it takes me. sectors to lose twenty bucks in a fuck enough. I want machine. How do I know because I just lost that. Sadly morning I went for a walk in the casino and I drew a tool that takes me eight seconds to lose a more exact take me eight minutes the loop it's twenty dollars. You know you win a couple of fucking things. You know you get the two fucking cousins, whatever you went a little bit, but then at the end you just you get bored and you just go
either hit me what a jackpot but take my fuckin money, that's what they do it like back and what I'm up a hundred at some down, sixty credits on back up the two under credit and finally just go fuck. This shit I'm just gonna lose I loose in ages. That's what you therefore gotta pay me to perform. I might as well throw a twenty or forty or lose I'm not going to fucking. If there's a sports betting- and I could spend the night I wouldn't mind, but I was spend the night says it's not gonna get drafting. Why? Why? If I can use them the right, my fuckin phone, so that's what atlantic city was about. That's the last time I went to atlantic say and then before that had been turbo got a cup. times, I did the boy got on my own a couple times, but again, when you sign into the buggy late. I had only the fuckin building, so is your sight, seeing all over atlantic city on the side saddle morning when I woke up, I had a window that was facing one weapon. The ocean like this is fucking beautiful.
my wife was, I call my wife when I woke up before breakfast. You think it's fuckin had up. I got bored out there. however, a walk brought it just wasn't right, like the sands felt kind of cheap, like everything yeah. I was like that storm shit. It just didn't, feel right ocean smelt rate, I didn't really walk all where the beach gets a lot of people allowing shit, I'm terribly was walking around. It seem like everybody I was walking around was I went to that show all shapes and colors all sizes yeah. I was just crazy. You know there were some chinese people waving at me like what I went to the shower and I'm like holy fuck. You know, but there were really like asian, but you know when you see like eight white guys and an asian guy, but when you see a fuckin asians that, like I, was like holy shit everywhere estralla we want enter. There would be no people that would going into the shallots and allow the two
eyes from flock is fairly showed up. My brothers. We could not connect, sat at one went down a walk around. That's. Why plates slot machines? I was trying to meet those two fuckin savages. I don't know what nothing is so they sent me. By the front desk this twenty two fuckin front desk. my dad. I walked around, I signed the slot machine. I fucking played played a couple, one arms and then I just said what am I going to do? I went up. I couldn't fucking sleep friday night, Oh, I stayed up to like five. Just listen. The music with the above I was is tremendous. No, I know not how to drink a factor- shadow michael to finally fuckin falsely and then friday. My shall guys you're walking assuming you're, not sure yet work until I got a new job not sure and deep down inside your loss, you try really hard to keep together. That was me friday from them. I got in the car and I drove down there. You know I had a bunch
might come down with you as I want to drive by myself just to clear my head. It was an hour and a half drive over the finger jokes. You know was one listen. Fucking great music was on. When you go for a nice car right. That's all I break what I'm gonna flat and great music, on the fucking right at my baby pen. I got nice and flock and let you know, but the whole week and like as soon as I walked in there friday, I brought a bag of edibles. the guy's and fairly I brought bags edibles to give away. I think I gave a whiff twenty animals a couple of, shall we say in just a couple: gave away laughing gas down ass. Our people. Can we go on those lou. Gave away. I say guys and say you know sample one gram whatever, but we gave away tons of white travel ponds around. Amber rudd's times so she me
gave away my hat mindless my hat off to laughing gas people this week, they really I am. It was just a great we forfoughten laughing ass him, yet I'm trying to really hard. I'm try really hard to get laughing gas in new jersey and all these locking dispensaries swedish fucking great guys and I'm really proud of what they did with it, and it get you fucking stone few, don't twenty three! it's your rock and roll, and then it take a sleep a week. Sometime, sometimes you do it. You don't really like the other night, when I told you guys I smoke with tommy, I rolled the tremendous join the rainbow rats and me and tom smoke I gotta be ass. I got mechanism, will not happen. Restaurant on my wall. He did. I told a way to bring that bring that lacks the best doubled point jack Syria. They might get caught mild do shit. So it's one of those weeds creep up on you, and I gave some my my boy, John out from my submit laughing at him with Jim down in baltimore, and he hit me
the next day goes man. I smoke two joints amphilochian, like yours. I smoked the joint before breakfast and then me and my brother smoked a because I really like it. I like how it taste guys, I don't know much about re for what goes. I can lie lady tippins, I got the I don't know anything. These guys are geniuses, my man, Scott man job, perhaps the genius geniuses and my heart let's go after them for coming down? I mean we were. There was a metal detected and we were right by mel detected just given out grand sam and that when I woke up, I went down with may be: and grand samples. I came up right at the thing in the world. The hotel guys came up to me goes man. I would love to smoke that, but you can't give it to me on camera, but if you threw it in the garbage, I said done I gotta go by the us security guide. I walked over, I thought and a garbage you come get left. I go upstairs when the camera and I in a book and that's exactly
We gave a lot away, man and I'm really these guys, I'm proud to be apart with them. We've gotten everything, worked out and I will going straight fucking ads. So that was great. That was great, but I didn't do any edibles. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to see first off I'm going to lie that I was scared of anxiety. You have been my first, big big shot up and I I thought I was on the crumble but I walked in there. I kept it together one into the green room. My heart started be a little bit the first man among a wider. But then member that if you dont, if you're, not scared it and don't don't be their cause, you don't wanna, be there. you should be a little bit in a little bit of fear, one, he called my name and I walked up to the stage the first night guys control my ass. I thought I was what blow foreign diarrhoea was gonna come on. That's, but I just fate the funk I walked up there I tried to keep it. Can
All this. I could somebody jokes, I said, didn't work, you know I couldn't here. It was such a big fuckin, rome, you don't really know. What's going on, ok, listen! If you knew where I was that I felt ok just because I drove down there made it just because of that. I tat my On the back, because friday morning I was looking for an excuse, I was praying that my daughter would gave me that Kobe Jr last week, I'm like let me the test, you sure, don't feel my mom like Joey. What the fuck is wrong with you, but that's what happened to all my trips before I even before the pan. damn it when I was on the road every week soon as that, Fuckin overcame I'm fine, whose I get newborn. I slammed the door and I checked my wife Ali am. I got my fucking weed and everything I'm on. That's it I'm going to do a job I'll, see you mother, fuckers sunday, but leading not that I get nerves. So what I did friday when I woke up guys. I was a mess and I was
libra, I'm going. I go to jujitsu, I went to fucking jujitsu and I have the whoop watch. Usually when I press jujitsu, it's the art comes up and it tells you what the are you know what I was beaten, usually on a regular basis by no one? I tapped the package of brandy that thing like a hundred and some fuckin beats amid on my arm and have on attack. I see to run, and I did some lapse in that light. The third lap. I am like this: it's not gonna work. I can't even catch my breath and I just talk to it. I didn't give up. I just Do it by the time we get to the squire and fuck among climb, isn't everything I got up. I was hot, I was on this. Bobby laid down with them We're doing some drills is shit and also I'm, like my anxiety, went away. I forgot over my anxiety for twenty five bucks, it's gone. I was breathing norm. I came home, I wash my pussy at a fuckin she's margo mama made? I pointed that car south
that fuckin wave on that's an empty at waves, whatever the fuck and I share I doubt it set an hour and a half on the dot. I beat it by fuckin threem, It was tremendous. I, like listen, even the drive didn't bother me like the. Why didn't? get closer to last night on the way, fuckin home, just twenty minutes before I got on the eighteen, I think I had eight miles left. darling. I start to feel weird had opened up one fuckin windows, the goddamn kind yeah, I was blast them in their fuckin. Dizzy got out of the water. I came home Sadly night I walked in my daughter was up. My wife were up. We watched some that was on the me. My daughter was the honeymooners, and that was my mother fucker weekend guys and last night I slept fuckin phantom. Stick Saturday night. I slept fantastic but friday. I went back to my room at those
said and done and need I do my little fucking stretching I jump in the shower. I get that cigarette smoking that moluccas carbon air off your neck and I realize I can fall asleep because my mind was racing, a million miles a minute from what I just saw. You know what I just been a pot of. I realize the last two years guys. I don't know why my head was- and I realise that I was bought- something you know. I realize that no matter how bad I want to pull out of it. I always be a part of something When I went to the philly game last monday, I was walking around with people and talk to the guys and my daughter and Jimmy and the guy came over to me with the sun, and this is why They want to say this, but the sun took a picture of some was really nice guy and his father came only goes. I appreciate you taken a picture of my son. He was, I got two sides he em and another fucking club
those disguise. Ok, my other guy is a bit moody egos, except when europe was accepted in europe. so he was excellent day. I owe you dinner or whatever you want, because you bring a lot of happiness to my one kid. This guy is alright, but my other one he's a little fucking slow. You know that's out. Philly people talk to you not autistic. Not getting you know, he's got levels now he's a little slow when people say that did you like this guys override what I'm, but it just all clicked for me at that time, because you know my son is down you make him happy know. I really don't know what the fuck I do to make any by came like myself happy. So you know what man wanna take it away. I was, but I really I gotta get out his house guys summit. I'm definitely taking the falcon developmental show at the sun.
Data in manhattan start in september on deafening, I take that deal just one. Sadly, a month you now and I'm excited about the bird tour. this week? I'm the guy rich boss, couple times With Jimmy, I need to get out two nights a week. That's it I just need to get out tonight. We not falcon. There is the friday. Sadly sunday, I'm busy here, but I had to find a happy medium. sure that we all go all that to that swear. Look too is to find a happy medium, dewey subtle! You know, if you think you look, perhaps to figure out how to juggle three things at once. Your career, your family, your list, and I don't have that career no more. I don't want that. I don't I don't either a theatrical agent if one brains and wants to put me in a tv show a movie. Sulphur can be better forget now like,
I'd be caught up. This tremendous I needed I took one yesterday morning was, I thought, my mom sorry when I splashed my nose. The link I believe now got concord grape on my nose. I love it, but people always trying to figure out how to juggle things, some people more intelligent, some fucker retired like me and Me too, used to realise that a start, Whether or not I wanna do calmly, etc some in my life and is not lost, and while I have already done coke. I've already! Mug people have already done time. I've listened all these fuckin arms. Fifty five thousand times, which enjoy. I wish I could find somebody to pay me to music and can criticise musics of wireless lit Alice the music for myself, but I think tat was the best part of the whole weekend, You know, I realized a lot of things this last week. I realise that my wife I have to get out more at night,
one night a week. I realise that I have to get out more. It's just the boy, I'm not a tv guys, I'm a movie guy. I love watch a movie on tv on the television whatever, but I'm not a guy. That. You know I followed the sopranos. I was home on sundays to watch it, but I'm not one of those guys. A lot of shows that you got it's a twentieth anniversary of the fucking wire, though today today? It add on hbo what was it? Second, was what fuckin twenty year. So is twenty years the sopranos two years ago and then right in the. Why dick? While that's how much in the commie. I was guys I didn't know what was going on in two thousand and one and two thousand and two I was just I didn t know I was just a process, a bite of it. But even my wife. This week we made a decision. She's going get a job and It's like you know what I don't want to go back to accounting
doesn't want some white. I gotta get a fucking job losses. Therapy, massage envy. You know. and followed the she's like I want men. She went to a couple places in this way, its tricky guys you sit dr everywhere you gotta stores, I mean fuck, help. How blonde decides easy go everywhere, I think this to show us that can open in Jos because they got no lifeguards begun, no fuckin lifeguard, because while we'll crass pace twenty now and the other ones pay. Thirteen, so fuckin that it's it's terrific, set at the point. The point is my wife went to like four places last week, one a day just that she just saw there's a place by target, She went to coal, some like that. You know one. Only town check back with us after joy check back with us here check back with us there. You know if you're this fuck em busy what why
You know I used to go to jobs in the fuckin nine. These are winking. You start right now. Let's do this wife, it's, let me go home. Think about not show up with do it, you can you strike tonight. You start tomorrow you come for training in two. She went like. what places and they I will check back with us in July. You know what awaits is no one to knowledge it. She wants. a mindless job. She got a fact that fuckin palm gas- I would do it when I get mugged some so she decided a fucking great ideas coming over and to what, where they don't kill cats a motor free shelter like one those nope, no killed yeah no kill, shelters or something like that. I think it's a fucking great idea. I got a friend of mine, has his rich every wednesday she fatten volunteers, you watch the dog sheep at some shit. to be ass. You I think I gotta do some bounty to for four hours like I can't listen if the guy,
One of my friends is an empty and he always asked me if you wanna Dr Al, you driver's license fucking great you want to drive yet I'll do something to help some people. You know I love I do like meals on wheels or something like that. You know something metal transport. You take people from their house to the doctor. that's fun to get them. I get out of the pick up the fucking, a chick fillet get them a ticket, a non gay chicken, sandwiches shit, chick fil a's in the news again, I dunno for what but fuck you mother, fuckers all right leave chick fillet alone; they they even close on sundays. tell you these motherfuckers got class linked, The lay along Google, it's a man. Will you areas on sunday to come in yet a deal cheerful, I don't say dick their home countries. In twenty somebody with their souls I don't even know what they did now I'll even But they did every fuckin there. Boy, though
say what you don't bother, no body and a quick you all fuckin carrasco, but does a fucking, chiefly by carrasco, tat. Peace is fuckin mob constantly, but If you go there to in an island too fucking much, I dunno how the fuck they do it in hobby lobby. They don't pay for women's medicine. For for for birth control, That's what it was its birth control and they don't cover a boy since under insurance, the I'm catholic do better but but that's true to fighting fuck you. Why am I pay a sample bodies, but you why my baby so elena, all this abortion that this old boy shit, I don't pay attention to it. I don't know Why people decide on what a woman's fuckin menstrual cycle when she's gonna have a baby or one point, I'm sorry, disgusted by the old. You guys. You've never heard me doing a bush job. You never had me break it down
it's the catholic me or the fuckin. I don't know I just never. Click with that shit. I don't like periods, This is only one thing about pussy allegation. Pussy all the other matters of pussy? I have no idea, but Madame a man I don't have read Wings- were you nasty motherfuckers that he period pussy? would read wings. I got another that shit. You know how many other stuff I am, I must say the period pussy wants by mistake, but when I discussed it because I might fought them faint a location here but You know they every road, verses wade. I just avoid the whole fuckin thing. Somebody guy don't conversation me that is illegal to keep internet twenty weeks? Listen, I don't know it's got another. Do me move the fucker. All I know is it. Monday accept as it should in the fucking six. There are some interesting day, maybe nineteen eighty one
nazareth on june. Sixth, and they billed as a six hundred and sixty six, but there was like twenty six, but no, there was no fucking. Thirty six because it was a nineteen. Eighty six, it was eighty once I couldn't figure out that night. It was too for the money. I don't love you guys like nazareth, though I am not a big fan of Nazareth. I like that. Don't even talking about love her I don't wanna hear love hurts joy. We rose as its doin. I don't want wanna, hear those two fuckin songs, but are we call him? and as we know, the nasa concert was the palladium. I want to do louis cast lido and went through this fucking show and, like I said, I'm not a big fan I just love gonna see like music back, then they had that's all Now, I'm here the dog and another one. You know and we went there and hair. The dog was great
but I will tell you what song till this day, I can't believe that they blew out of a fuckin water cocaine. Till this day it was the best version I've ever heard of cocaine and it was like One of those combination acoustic would get like they all got off their instruments like the first unplugged and they did like two songs, but the first one was cocaine. and it was fuckin sensational, fuckin sensation. There well listen. That's two ways to cover a shared destiny. Way to cover it the way they did it ok- and I respect that you respect or interpretation of that song, which really funny last night. I was. Driving home and I heard sympathy for the devil live and I'm thinking to myself.
This doesn't sound anything like the studio song, it's very all over the place I mean that the dynamic annex I'll there. In the issue. In all that shit toss, always really good, but it was a different light. There would bongos and bob and slowed it up a little bit and believe in that when I was younger at him like seeing that but think about a guys, it's like a good job. It's locker if you want a joke to evolve, you gonna add all those layers to it. I'd I love I would love to write a forty five minute bet on one topic: just run with that? One topic you know because think about, if you wrote laudanum hold out alive in nineteen, sixty nine. You're, the phone writer you arranged it. You played the instrument. Whatever way
Do you want whole, I loved to sound like a nineteen? Ninety, if you wrote a mighty sixty nine, so when amuse when you go see alive band like one of these old cats, these old bans I come still looking for somebody's gonna. Do that, because a lot of people don't have the courage to do that, because people paid money and some might like. I want to see every clapton. Ninety two people are born because he did a blue said that it was a blues is poor. People want a year later. You follow me but back to interpretation, think about it If I had a whole lot of love, what have you heard prince if the whole lotta love. does a video on youtube right now could to pull up with the polar right here we live. That capability know more about the need to get that. Certainly, upon this fuckin. There's a thing about prince prince has a video on youtube polar lubs frame from vegas its laws
I from las vegas I love you want to sound like he'd and that's a prince did print. Then interpretations when prince did those I was in vegas where you would throw up the idea, Tell him what you want to hear it was phenomenal but he did his interpretation. I heard he played, I think joshua want the same. Joshua said, somebody told him to play nobody's fault from Aerosmith one of my favorite fuckin era. Miss saunders on rocks. He said it was. can fantastic and then, when I saw hold, I love I stay. I was that video for a year output on every day, east trip, the soul of. Oh, my god. It's a funky whole lot allow dat It's a very funky. All I love! That's. Iter is interpretation I am a terrorism if there wasn't a thing called joke. Stealing it would be very.
To see what other comics could do with other comics. jokes. That would be something I would fuckin want to explore, how it in our mike who was a nice guy, doesn't curse much? How would make do with a bridge pry a bit. You don't sound like somebody against the core that would be interesting, because I want to see what you would do with that joke. So what Somebody clean would do it a dirty joke with words. the dirty due to clean job. I've always thought about that, I've always thought about that. Because listen. There was but one joke thief. That said that he didn't steal was Josie just made him better by what he is saying. Is you got a fifteen year comic twenty, a comic it's a battering young open. Mica, that's been done. call me for three years. It doesn't even know what to do with that job. He really doesn't,
these embodies a brilliant kid coming up with it, but scumbag comics that would steal those jokes from those open, makers and build them. into themselves. What is a fucking kidding. Missouri going to tell you no. I'm just use the name it I don't wanna go bankers in your sandwich using a joke. Stealing joe schmo, what if Joe all. The biggest comic in the world went to fuckin montana work to do ken, which some young comic that was fuckin tremendous yell you, the thousand somebody's gonna, be good. They just don't I the tools, but he had to agree jokes that we're right, fuck evaluate those jokes overcome pretty good those. the jokes profession comics would steal from those young eyes and then take it and. Interpret it in their own way. You do I twenty your comic. That's been writing jokes. I do way better than atomic has been doing
for three years, and they do it It's very sad to guide me I'll. I wouldn't do that to a young comic with that that deflate everything. Because early on its good that Experiences it you becomes saying it's pretty good that you experience it. So you know it's out there, so you trust no one but scottish kind dude and a lot bro. It happened to a lot of comics years you got a lot of comments were complaining that these big time com is it. I'm through their town main you don't pittsburgh lobbies these guys. Nobody knows who they are. You could steal their job Take it away, develop it one day you use it. We, friends go. Let's go watch uncle Joe. We we, I work. In the helium? He was great and I'll. Send you a senior fucking jokes on this fascinating, like that kills comics. I saw comics that they couldn't recover from that they just it took a while to recover from that. But I'll tell you the biggest interpretation. I I they're one of my favorite bands. There
The top three favoured bans. I've always known about this. You know you try to avoid it. You try not to think about it because you love them so much. You know, it's like somebody telling you your favorite movie star did something I don't believe it because he would We do that shit like that lead to I love led zeppelin wanna call him a thief. I dont want to combat thief. I will call on music interpreters, you know, couple years ago they had their case and in los angeles and lead, what I love legs problem, but they lost their case, if you listen to what those people Are you listen to a Jimmy Ben? I love lads apple. I gotta be honest. I myself am a big fan of this If the lingus says me twenty books by them, I got plenty books by them. I've read fifty books by them know it hurts my feelings. When I looked at, Thank you. Explain. Music to people
stand up what a joke. I like lead, zepplin, that's why I'm a fucking savage there in my psyche. I love everything about him, but the truth of the matter is there is there something case doggie I know I love on law and order, even without the fuckin degree, I could be a judge and partial in favour of all fair with people on fair. What my own fuckin things I'd, be a great. Judge whether judge that and listen, if was the judge. The only reason I would favour lads apple is. One reason is what I thought of leaving it. I don't even know if you guys want to hear this and that I think it's interest. The only reason why I favour led zeppelins this, because if I gave the fuckin money to the people actually wrote the song if Can these people were to showed up? a year after the hour came out. We can with some money it but you showed up fifty fucking is actually out and came out guys. I don't know That's exactly look it up tonight. I'm just course not tat, my area
showed up fifty years after the fact. Unless, when you listen to the fuckin. People wrote it. He was to Jimmy ages version Look me in the eye and tell me that that's not the same. problem is on the table. I led Zeppelin one How many people will act on very embarrassing the fuckin grave? How many every time. I zeppelin the fucking car, I think of four people, my mother anthony balzan on Dominic parish in this girl. Why? Because they play that song that their welcome funerals, ok, that song in the seventies, if you're kidding I a car accident or you kid fell off a fucking swing and he died. You don't We were younger like a snake ten year old kid die now. Eighteen year old, prom kids when they got go. Problem is shit like that. Got the I'm talking about this, but is the truth How many times we put focused day whether heaven on
The more that personal, whatever now would like a major think that a person is something so there's been. Fifty four billion the dead bodies and people fuckin thinkin about people The only reason I can see why leds up one got the origin. On so many flock and things at this point. Do you follow me like how many hours a day to go back into like anything they released after that point would have to have them on it. It would be Fifty years of fucking work, reprinting. As you know, a whole lot of love was stolen. You know shit, By that I mean what how much with jabbed undue emotionally I wish they would gave something tat. People like I was The page with solicitious shut your fuckin map and company, on the side. I would have long you ten Jesus, I'm a million dollars. I mean I wish this happening somewhere. They find the way. Maybe someone
closely they made them, maybe throng fuckin, a million dollars. I mean how much money is zepplin, make off that fuckin song cards you know the whole thing included, so daring interpretation ban, if you got, I go on you too, and that top Madame ass though I had to do this at night There was nobody around because I was so ashamed. I knew to is. Maybe six videos of people who have sat down and put led zeppelin put the original I'll. Have you seen it? In fact, an interesting is shit and a break you're fuckin heart one night, I started writing saunas than I could, because I know I can listen to the same, but then you smoking johnny, like what do I give a fuck? You know I just always the to music. I gotta get until it fucking bowels this shit, but it does other a guy. Like me, you know bothers a musician that people could do this debt mike. Is open mic on a monday night.
but one of his original songs. I am his body route and some fuckin guitar attack is in there and puts his phone out this goes lit. Now then he goes home, puts his guitar on it whatever, and then he goes I'm not talking obligatory, take, maybe guitarist, maybe a rhythm guitar is that you know it. Is it bad that he's struggling? You know people bans they always say, everybody has to bring material in. You know you wanna get from outbreak Elaboration, that's the band's about, so I don't fucking though, but they're the best interpreters of all and this time the guy's a mega lady, I've heard a joke that I say, maybe Add that to it that to adapt to it.
and I just mind my business. I don't want to go up to a comic ever and go hey. You should add this tack, that's none of my business. You know, while I'm with them, I could say the tag out loud and if they hear it, they like it, they can take it. That's their decision, I would never go up to a can, but that's just me guys. You know I don't like a lot of these comics that come up to you and want a fuckin. You know I'm a peer killed, your appear sit and watch you going to talk to me and you and I understand it's a lot of guys. Look great right. When they see you they could fuckin. there's some guys I aren't. I hadn't somebody told me that one might they want a club and they were taken this this thing and a comical go on and go don't use that joke they who go home at night. play the recording and on the record, and you will hear the audience and then the comic would say: don't use that joke, don't you and then he you know he wanted the comic when they said. Stop saying that shit man, but there's
I think they had just come up there. I would never got to comic and give my tat yeah. Maybe gimme tags, one One person gave me a tag. I said it. I got accused of being a fucking joke thief and I never the car, the joke again. So that's. Why don't? I would never got d with something. I don't expect you to trust me. especially if I don't know you like Josh woke me up me or lee or mike. Or somebody. I know that I'm friends with the long time and they're a and I respect them a lot fuck. You fuck, you I'll think about it LISA, listen to it, but just a And comic, I can't do it because I don't know where the fuck they got it from and then I'm the fucking bad guy. So How do you know how I got two interpretations? We got the mute this week, I came here to talk to your mother. is about atlantic city, and how happy I was that I made it down. There was shit and pickles guys. I'm not going lie to you. I really
as I was shit and pickles, and our inner guys, I'm just I am ashamed. Sometimes I took off in time, but I'm not. This is why people make what called come back this, what called now. So it's whatever I want to do. I know where I'm taking this come back to and you always People say this morning: I do couple nights a week in shit, but I getting old guys. You know I get tired. I don't know how I'm gonna feel every day, I really miss writing, I really miss sitting down and I journal. You know general lad. I write about. What's going on, I am really written com. In my mind. I can't lady my innocence, you're out of it so long now you gotta get back in it. You know, you're a comic. I've learned how to become a by ganem, roger roger. As two years ago, when I moved here.
roger holloway in like indirectly without him knowing it or I nodded, we do I love the comedians mind media in mind, is when you doin when you're walking around when you doin normal things. It's not that you say something. It's that you think it it pops into your head and you actually got holy fuck, that's funny debts. the comedians mine so for years,. From hanging with him to make your high school We could have been taken in our. Forty years ago this month we graduated high school. All of us. We were that tight, but I was learn. It was just amazing experience. I missed those guys a lot. I miss what we were, but time goes on. He passed You know my other bodies when this is busy
I'm gonna hit him up this week, the other guy he's off the fucking rails, but the best thing about roger was that whenever you're wisdom, he always had a low voice. You I'm saying so no matter what was going on. He could always hit you with a joke in your ear and he would fucking die and it was the funniest fucking thing in the world or he would just turn his face and say something together, this fucking guy, you know somethin like that ratifying and you will lose it, and I remember, lady, five being bolder and being without roger for life. I haven't seen ragists inside january. a blue years of eighty five, and then I saw briefly before I left. I remember walking down the street to boulder and just gave me having a fucking. I d gone one out of my little skyscraper sneakers, Hamid dicks. Does she suck last night this one obvious how fat is a just and even ethics right, I know you know how much shame any, but I'm just in my mind your work.
That machine gun. That's how it starts. I really haven't had that in a yeah I said to myself. Sometimes I make myself laugh in the car with a bad song or something, but it's not strong as it was. You know When I was in it now, I got a bill that up. I think that jokes and shit. What rapid rapping, when I'm talking like a son, may make me laugh, and I go that's a good juggler among all right that right now I have time for that. So I just gotta get that back on and Paul. How do you get back that? How do you get that going again is not by sitting on your fuckin ass, it's my fucking getting on state so I'll announce whatever dates. I could get once I start making dates like real dates, but for now I'm just gonna do poppins at different clubs and hopefully I'll bump into you. Why the fuck does this week, rich bar, this entire next two weeks on to pegana with him into the study. I mean armies tape, an especial I think, its next friday and saturday
so I'm thinking of going up there and give it a hurry. Support is tape and jew at one of the theaters. I'm sure if you go to our reason, web page or is twitter, he's got that address or whatever I don't know what it is. We spoke with him in a few days, but always we doing that next week, Jim Norton's at uncle vinnie's. So I was thinking to go on down. There may be friday a sad and catch. My friend Jimmy's a funny mother fucker. I dunno who's at the other clubs or what not yeah. I Let's go down there and see duncan do, but with him don't even list I dunno they got shot by south street yesterday. Boogers are fun, like I said on stage, and that dog philly will never be woke day, How can one meal the last week, I'm still fuckin laugh about? Does mother, but is how do you I love you caught suck? Is it on Monday. I won't let you go fuck quickly, He came to the shows. I love you feel comfortable shows you didn't miss, not them will be
This link and dick till the fuckin ended time. Take care have a great fuckin day have a grey weak and that's it doctors at your world, now for a world. My the fuck sponsors jack. You bad mother focus I'm sorry I give you any beaten today about fuck me shit. You will need to know about, but added time in atlantic city of you guys that one and all maybe I'm back the joint is bright. Do you buy liquid ivy guises, get out of our day. You do you workin out you're right, you bite, you don't think I can listen keeper dread. It will look what I ve it's easy to use one. Take a look what I ve in sixteen out of the water war hydrate you two times faster and more efficient weight water alone it can, Five essential vitamins be three five, six twelve vitamin c non gmo and free from gluten. Listen to me don't be high, don't get those headaches don't passed out on me, liquid
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