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Welcome to UNCLE JOEY’S JOINT.....

It’s Wednesday, June 8th....

Today we caught up with LEE SYATT & talk about the Amazon AMP App!!!

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it's happened. You bed by the fuck does it's wednesday, the eight of june wapoota joint. It's been a grey. Fuck em weeks off farm feeling good at long last, a fucking diarrhoea, nine, the middle and night.
it was a nightmare, went to fight and came out the juice at a run on a bed sorry to open up the podcast with this. But sometimes you just gotta be fucking on it's a beautiful day to be alive. Man alive, what is going on, but then again nothing's going on. I could lie to you ain't shit, going on I'm just getting ready for the fucking some us he will want to do with the birth tour. they get on stage one night this week. The keep work in this but today talk about. I want to talk to you guys about something I didn't know where I was gonna go with that his boneyard when I moved here as these boneyard at me too? couple as he's devil sets or whatever the fuck. They call him and it was great, may still talk demean stuff like that. But what catholic serious was they took their money and they gave it to guys like morello and guys, like you know based blair duff from guns and roses, and you know I mean
for me I could do sessions on there and they send you a check a little check, nothing to get rich on. You know nothing like that just to check tonight. I love doing it, but it didn't seem like it was going to go anywhere, like I said, I'm still friendly with those guys. They still send me stuff, invite me to stuff. I just it's the way things go mad if serious, I'm not mad at the heavy metal. Any of that shit. I just I support. I love em, but you know you: I've. Never, since you ve been watching a church and all this shit, I never told you to stop given up we don't give up beyond the church fabius actually my head on the patriot. I'd go at the albert a week and it's it's. It is what it is, but. Lee sent me an email a few weeks ago about this call amp and if you guys could do me the biggest favor and download the app it won't cost you a fucking dime, It's a little yellow with sir
I think it's part they their own by amazon and what that does is. I could be, my little fuck in beijing at night use set up a set list of how many songs you want to play. You don't land just go live on the fucking computer on the internet. All you need is is the amp, and so please download your amp app and send it in a few days or send you an email? It's not gonna cost at the time I wouldn't ask you to do some of which cost question money. I'm not one of those fucking clowns and let's expand with this in mind in the music. You know, I'm in the music Lee as he's the guest today I'll tell you that he wants to do a comedy one because they have comedy on there it's a great fuck it up. And if we get it gone like. Maybe I don't know. his days at nine o clock at night. That me away at three, you know like a late night. The away at six, I'm sorry
like to do some light that so download the app? What I'm gonna do is find a night. Then I'm home tat, I could just sit back. Here with your mother factors and just play falcon music, not the same music. Reuben plain these guys He's got everything I thought that would have like a limited amount like span doesn't want to do it, but I guess everybody's on amazon pays the fuckin whatever and you are do your own? Some radio show unnatural about guys. We create our things. I mean now these, Apps are making it that you need less and less no excuses or needs computer, you computer, hasn't mike I'm right did the default in pads, but I have the mic on them. Just like your fucking phone, you talk into the mic and I listen I take my fuckin page messages on my phone. We tape with the fuck it
with the fucking phone I mean you know, there's so many things you could do with the phone: let's, let's not going to be studio, fucking quality, but then again, when has any you're saying that what you signed up, what, because its pirate fuckin radio, yes or no so just download the amp app do uncle joey a big favor download the app? Please not going to cost you nothing! You know him on twitter on pay drown. Let me know you got it and fuckin ma. I start doing up put together a little radio show at night. For us, you know just on Joy! Playlist! I don't give a fuck. How do a spotlight lit spotify play? I do don't fuck! You guys want to talk about You know there I'll take suggestions and shit will do some different things. I don't think I could take calls and stuff like that and then go around playing at a trunk, but will in the fucking time. So do me a favor download the app app now to uncle Joey a favor Lee a favour mike a favorite war going to get on this fucking thing and that's it no more.
Cancel the string and between we ve come a long fuckin. Wake up is feeling good do go. Do some comic thursday night this week to work alfredo gonna saw bought one in the sad I saw, but I think if you, when you play sunday its, fuckin all weekend type thing, but I that's what it that's. What I signed up for besides that man I got Leon today. We I gotta, get Leon once a month just to Get down for you motherfuckers to see today we talk about stand up you know the father stand up and mainly I love you motherfuckers, enjoy the pad cas and I'll see you guys next week, there's no I'll drop, I'm just gonna outdoor rife in the zone. Video. Why fuck around with you concept as I love you stay black and don't forget
Dna comes out on June eighteenth at the ice cream shop. I just gave MIKE a chunk of it to try to struggle in the thanksgiving turkey, it's scary to look at it's brown and grey, and it's got orange hairs and we got tremendous coming out july. Twenty sixth at the ice cream shop, all products of Ziggy let's narrowed down a mother fuck about laughing gas, the visual uncle Joe. We we gave a ton away away last week in atlantic city. Hopefully you fuckin like if and when we come to josie you'll, be back the store. That's all I can tell you right now, stay black. I love you have a great. We can enjoy Lee siam, the joint zoom today
Ones can you see them our dance? No, hell. No, I see that you are in the tender. Sixty forger second play golden. I did you see that they might be released on xbox, I did not see that that's pretty cool there's like some kind of like leader, boards, are like things in the xbox thing that have like you know like when people like, achievements and shit ocean The iraq since the first one Really I was only I was always you am. I was gonna have a video games to play online. I don't think they have literally era known as a true me I played
a fortnight online, a little bit my brother, my brother came right now: do you won't get off? It is still going on. Well, my nephew daily down with it again. Star wars, an inch, school levy, brother irregular, to hear the nintendo sixty four I love it might be There were nine. These were wearing nerdy shirts nurtured. Oh shit party have been given he's getting something ready here. I don't know what's going on, I'm assuming it has something to do with Jesus the bible what's happening brother, hey buddy, it's a beauty fuckin wednesday the joe as show who gives a fuck. What sometimes then you'll get more and more like the dude from fuck. It was sad duty name
the guy from my name is Earl that lost all the weight with the boat and he is yeah. It's gonna. Look like him all. He needs are two big fucking muscles over here and it's all over, but the shop. Even simply, I I look more like him before he lost the weight than now, but he got he's so ripped know how he does it. He just one balls and studied lifting weights in cologne houses around just get talking ripped after a while ago, how people do it anymore? What's happened and brother, I'm doing great man, I'm I'm very! I'm just happy it's, but it's been a good couple weeks. Feeling I was just out to see you now is a blast. That's good life is happening. What's happening with you would just then finished up that fucking. atlantic city yeah and in only it was fun Wasn't me on stage like it was just rough getting into myself. I just got a phone. What our neighbor stone! I worry that.
I figured out what's wrong, when you have having fun like I like, going out the media just get in the car and go do calmly for ten minutes gets my decline for right. Now. That's what gets my debit card for right now, but At the same time, when I go to these places like I try to go, these bad only will announce it norman. You know I try I go to like a new brunswick distress, Oh, I got my man vinos oil Veni brands great to over a new brunswick great club. Great fool around their fuckin bennet vinnie denounces great visa uncle he's calmly club. I, like a lobster shack next door to it, Not a chinese joint! Next to it, they got to the whole block. Is point pleasant, got great food plus you gotta can the bodies down attack. I think our bodies down but anyway so. In all these clubs and that the calmly store and ok, I don't care so
you go to them? It's like during the week. It's not like you get them, massaging the backs and giving a massage back and fuckin that given out free we'd. It's a regular show like I start that at westminster, at which said the calmly, reilly, guys. Because all nobly hangs at the bar, you know it's just a calmly club in our soap. I've been trying to go down there and get on stage, but the problem is that I might have one now it's time flung open. I again for me right now want to go through the whole open my process, I went from ninety three and ninety five, which is just show up right. Up right show up? I can't do it every night, like canada, gonna, sell ballgame tomorrow night got some mouse. What friday she's got a softball game. Saturday. She's got a softball game. You know I'll try to get out thursday night this week, but I haven't been.
having fun, let it's hard. It's a big part of it. I have. I went through a very small version of that. but I had such good friends that I did open mike's with in l a. I came back to buy or came the boston. It was just a very different experience. It was an hour away, I didn't know anybody, it was. instead of four hours of waiting and just the last open like I did hear I hosted, four hours and not a single person got a laugh, the entire for hours. I met including myself, I'm including myself, I had to go up and down steps every three minutes and my legs hurt at the end of the night. And I just I was sitting there. I was like what am I doing: The sad worries I do miss it. But it's just I didn't I'm a very anti social per and I've been anti social and a shy I like
how much good guy way to a group of people that I don't really know and Are you takes me a few times of seeing you? Ok, I can talk with this person and adjust it. Hard for me. to get into the groove, but I I feel sim. I miss it a lot and I didn't do it for as long as you did it or successfully. So I can't imagine how you feel for you. Comics. It's very hard to say this, but I'll tell you a story to follow. It And it doesn't concern, it doesn't. Involve me was ari. When are you As we start, you know call me five. If she is, not making any money while hanging out at the store. He wasn't really a regular. He says that one night ralphie said to long. Have you been doing comedy and whatever Are you replied to very suddenly got all my god. That's the best best time of doom common in rafik in articles. What being broke
Hey guys you don't it's not that the fun you have at those open. The recently you're broke his because you're having fun right and you dont really give a fuck you're part of a click that makes broke. I'm broke your broke, everybody. We brought the guy like. I said nobody drives and open my lamborghini serbia brok. So, after a couple months We get the realize that we're a fearsome threesome. I have one for all and one for whatever that fucking offer one and one for all. So now it's like me, Josh, wolff, gabon and brody. You know how much you got. I got four, I got ten. I got eleven. Ok, we get nachos. We could do this or we could all too often and just get a thing, a match, ozma split in three ways, and then we got em economic instruments for the happy hours I don't know if I can make megan schmidt. I need a hamburger right now, but the hamburger is going to be two bucks right
and you know so it am. But now let's live. Let's get away from that. You look at that and you're like joey. What's so fun about that, when you look back at that, you go. Oh my god. What would you rather do? Do us three, just disgust with doing split a cheeseburger nachos or We gotta get I'm a fucking conference called because they want me lee and fuck. You might want to work together, and mice it won't allow it, because the mike wants to do is already told his age. He wants to do it, but we have to have a conference call because MIKE feels that flap and since he just came on the movie should get forty per merely should get thirty percent the committee at and we That's my fun. It is not flocking fun when your agent colleges is what you want to charge
five dollars or fifty five dollars. If you charge fifteen- and you like- I just want to have fun Well, that's his gimme and the could pay my rent, cocaine, the hookah you know, that's what you want just give me a budget. What's it cost, it took to be able to hook up for two days and stab her at the end, once the pimp want and clean up the room dispose the body I want to do koga and it's going to cost you eight dollars. Just give me what I'm saying like I do what I need. I don't want nothing above. I don't need to drive a nice car. I could lived that way for evilly, because you're doin, what the fuck you want right, so. You taken twenty hours less, but you don't have to deal with anybody. right, I'm going out on a shared and addressed you don't gonna finance was sales meeting, so this is. These are things that are fun sometimes being broke? Is lot more fun than just haven't money. I'll take your word for it.
yeah. Potentially guys, ok right now. What do you not think in chains is playing with fucking. I give an example in the pit, but I understand this might understand this little, but by the newly alison change playing with bush october. Seventh, at the fuckin at the appearance it ok, if we have money, we just call each other might, but he won't do This tickets on third ralph profit, the exit, twenty five, it's one. Eighty, who gives a fuck just by the ticket joey aren't we bought it. If one eighty, a piece briefer continue to go see to bans. One Haiti is way overpriced, but that's what the deal is today. An eye then I call whenever the dry we'll get for that were taken out.
I gotta to get a limo. When I take an uber x, go fuck yourself, then pimp jack. So you know and bus before that we're going to get a nice denim, History has always been a couple of stakes we're, gonna go in there and guess what guys, at the end of the night, we're just gonna walk into account of what I was gonna, be right on the guitar Alice in chains would be great bush. Can we go home? Let me rewrite that story for you right now. My calls me doug bush is playing tonight. Did you know? No, I didn't Do you wanna go how much of the tickets MIKE twenty eight? Ok, I got like twenty two. Let me something about one holly: We ve come tell me about out and change even join a borrowed money, I'll give you the twenty What does that twenty gonna do for we're? Gonna get three joint get now we're gonna go down! at dinner that we talked about the restaurant. Forget it. He had a peanut butter jelly from his kid. I took fuckin mercy sandwich a new item. You took your
mothers, bingo sandwich. We flock and eight, and then we go this category we get. This cannot happen the back, Well, son might seizes friend from the open might any waves is over and without an well when all of a sudden jointly to pass him around this chick who keeps smokin pot dream, the the more more she falls asleep by the third song, she's fucking past. That thing in twenty minutes. You check on and go that bitch is dead and you keep that in a row and all of a sudden somebody gives you had asked if he knows what I'm talking about that chick that's happened at the beginning. I love it and she's bouncing the ball and shit, and once the concert starts that bitches done she's passed out everybody's watching some guys are looking at the finger, but some who'd. You say what should we do this chick you just now about that? That's it. You get a drink and doing the avenue, and then we laugh at that dumb that fucking mind. France has come what our stomach walk down. Philadelphia street. We go get ahead, but we do have any money, but the guy my friend said, give Joey.
It's an awesome. We went to a concert for eighteen dollars, a piece we ate three hot dogs with we did acid. We did all these things on the last minute right. comedy, is sometimes anyone. Even with that concert. Could I just through this You listen, you put all their money into it. There's a lot more at stake. Your expecting a lot more from the concert you could have Both of you could have been down in front of one in the bleachers, but because, Do you always spent twenty bucks? You don't care the billion play this song or that the sound wasn't great when you're spending a grand like to go to see this. You like this better, be fucking good, its there's a lot more at stake and that's why even with me, you're saying with the comedy, just need what I what I like to live, paying to do open monks. I was happy when I did. I said that I got twenty bucks and drank too. That was a good night for me, but that's got to stop
when we learned a few years in the early days an ally in new york was not mine, bring an end people. You know what my places guitar. Does love monkeys, gotta bring for people, so we Well, go support him. He comes to us. He brings his brother. Whatever that I don't mind, I never got pissed off at that. I got pissed off at taking money from camps that something that is always bothered me. You know any artist musician, painter whatever comic I dont like when they get abused those first five years, cause leaves a taste in your mama. I hope you don't get abuse, but because people are scumbags, they do try to get them energy can do this gig him off the maple five thousand and two drink tickets and you're like fuck, I drove an hour and a half that's
you gotta pay it does in the beginning in up, but that I didn't want comics to pay five bucks to get on stage. You know why I never did was raised. I was, I don't even know if anybody chides them, I'm trying to think it was because I was cheap at the time or whatever, but only remember having to bring people in new york. I gonna came to you're. Gonna need rather bring people a comic strip. People that stand up work and all that shit, and then you go to colorado and there's no such just complete. The booker said just come, it's a bar show, you know, don't expect nothing. You know what I'm saying so I don't know I don't like that. I didn't like that in no way, but in a way I didn't, like I dont like open like another I was very against it because it made you put more pressure on you. It took the fun away. It took the fun away because there's always that one kid that comes in yeah, I think I'm an assignment garish this mighty this anna
type it now in seattle when I was an open mic and nobody talked right. I'm agent you just at a club in a basement on a monday and tuesday. What are you fucking talking about CBS, right. I got that I just got very lucky with a few people. In a way I definitely saw a lot of that and a lot of people would come in that had delusions of grandeur what shores everywhere now but I am it's just different. It's you. Following a dream. Even though- and it's not gonna happen for ninety nine point, five percent of the people doing it- and it's just.
I like this is this working. This job, which I actually really like for the past six months, has shown me. I have a. I have a lot more respect for a lot of my friends that were doing the open, mics cause. A lot of my days were afraid there were days that we had to do stuff, but I laugh at a lot more time than they did and, seamen, difference between job and then following a dream. There's a big deal. There's a big difference ended sam and sail up is fun like that. I loved. I I watch stand up almost every I love going to shows. I have more fun doing stand up than I had when I do watching stand up, making those people laugh like that. At my level was some of the most fun I've ever had. It just exchanges me especially me. You know me I'm a shy. I like being the center of attention, but something about being on stage, it's working.
It's just an it might even be better than sex. At some points, I think, even when it not working. Just fuckin being listen, it's comfortable freely. Its If you get, but god what else, makes you that block and uncomfortable coming in two minutes I checked and going I'm fuck your brains and and taken her upstairs and given a thirty second squeeze and what happened This does so many Can things like for me, you know I was drunk attic that the time my dick got hard when I opened up a fuckin box, and I saw kilos a bundle of twenties. You know that was what got me before stand up was stealing the one on that stupidity.
walking on the eye does a lot of things in my life. I don't remember like I remember, but you can't really. I remember that day, but I don't remember the feeling I can't remember the feeling I had when I saw them throw dirt on my mother's casket for the first time, and you turn around it's a horrible feeling. I remember the feeling of getting off that stayed that night. I will never forget that feeling. You know why, because I will never get if the drug that strong to make me feel that way, there isn't a drug in the earth to describe to you how a person feels when they got on stage for the first time in a just but listen the feeling of of euphoria that you at any time. You don't think you're going to do something and you do the time you looked at. That girl says I'll, never get her girl nor sudden you're within you, suddenly teddies and you coming on the stomach and yell.
I, I gotta go back and think about what just happened. You know all these things when MIKE first gotten the band they play the song up on stage and they're walking off. What's the feeling like you can't get a blow job ain't, coming close to that feeling when people are clapping, Nothing comes close to the high from making people feel good, and then it goes back her making somebody's day every day you stand up, is branches that you have to want to make somebody's their read that you're not gonna. Fuckin kill that audience when you do is show whether it's a thousand people or forty people does one person than audience
you're going to really get to and as you expand the numbers, it's more when guns and roses does a twenty thousand seat arena they're entertaining twenty thousand people, but they're getting to a percentage of that thirteen people who Got that you fourth day haven't seen him before they, whatever the the bill to alive concept before you know, meeting alive will always rocky fucking baseball games a play. You know anything life were I'm in still, don't really understand what what I what we did with the church. I really don't I I do, but I don't really get it, but I was driving the other day and I wasn't having a good day. I was listening to a podcast, and for a second was laughing. I didn't expect to last, and I was just it took me away from having a a, I wasn't a shitty, but you know I was. I wasn't in the right space mine and I I was driving, as I thought,
I finally understood some, those emails are bought things when people say. Oh, I've been listening to you for ten years. appreciate about it. Doesnt really make sense to me by the when they say I think the same thing with podcasting is that. for some, some, for even like a second people. Forget, oh shit, I'm late on the winter. My boss is a dick or or whatever. I think all this stuff is aid for that it does it does it. fuckers like someone I was on, I was taking. I took a walk yesterday and, and one of the guys were saying his face What part of the church what was the was, the openings with the music any eu screaming and thrown shoot me and dancing like one of the best openings tomorrow and on friday, there. The actor rapporteur report-
you guys are all four was dancing opening hours? Those opening his men were just fine even for those thirty seconds was more fun than I've had in two years ago was just fun. He now man goes to some fuckin again. now been listen. I knew what I was doing when I was don't stand up. I want people on this this. I knew what I was going. from the minute I got an stage. I knew what I was doing. Then you get more hip to it. Then you learn the process and but you know what you don't at least you know where you're going. You know when you join a band, we're going to play fucking pearl, sounds. I know where I'm fucking going there, a thousand million bands before me, there's been. a thousand comics before me. We podcasting I did not know what we were going. stanley. So
didn't matter to me what I want to throw spaghetti on the wall with like your nut sack on fire, then the package game is changed dramatically in ten years now you get flags of Jesus. Christ flouted the catches, look for it was a man came. Why me So now it's a different game with the podcast. Now people have a getting a middle of ending and you can't music, get em up up up up up bob, you care, You sit near going. Okay, you know you can't If you take an album and put it on the background in flocked in shoulder you get flag by copy right, if you say the wrong thing, you come up in your fuckin videos, no under eighteen. Can why it's a different the fucking world today. So you know again, but we can still push the envelope from. I'm the time you could still pushing. I mean you know, gives the listen. I just found a clip. A couple days ago, summit made like a little clip and I was saying,
whilst I would say some wild shit on my why's that hasn't gotten flag that hasn't got me, cancel the eta anything that's an old in all, but not in the way we ve done here and who gave us we made and broke the rules while we were doing it. and we set the bar. We wanted to. You know people don't mushroom I want to do, is set people passing out people change and lives. In also my neighbour, this nice lady. She sells real estate in town, her husband, been our real estate team sweethearts dental kirsty got two kids and love their daughter place. My thought so we saw them the an eye and she kept talking for husband about on end. She goes. You know what my brother used to work for somebody in the entities that are produced
and she goes, and I told him I was gonna, go see you. He said that you will do that. Fuckin kill bone benjamin. What does that mean tat. I had to tell this nice look at lady about imaginable. I called he had to be up by the fucking cheese re cake factory up upon supporter That's what he was that night for people want to know and leading the way there He was at my house and he made it tough fuckin stopover and that's that's fucking, ike walking that edible that, but that edible gave the energy for redbook because mother flock a walk, fissa power, but I've had my leg cloth, a mat, night visas and he answered the phone. This now like to look back at that story and tell you exactly what, when you have a small can join, go for a walk guys to joint and Really I go for a walk. It's a beautiful fuckin thing, the first
Ten minutes are a little uncomfortable and then you become a slave to your mind and you just walk and think of all these things and referred fuckin and you get law and also you bump into hot dog man. If I don't listen before people start against yet aware masking shit new york, you want, the eu really gonna psychiatry, so you could smoke a joy in the valley. Just don't walk. I used to smother giant semi street and start work starts work and I would put on in really gay, I'm telling you the time period. This was my favorite arms the time what rat invasion your privacy, nineteen, eighty five I'll get off what authority small in I was going to how at that time, I was still fuckin wanting. My mother was doing a thousand fuckin things, and I am, I would just fuckin smoked a best weed
Biden longman walk from one. Seventy eight talk, sometimes I make it to one twenty five Jesus feel on a twenty fifth street just to go to harlem and take the express train. The train down cause after that you gotta, take this frame with every stop. Just dumb things like that, you could just walk and break down your life. What's your next move, what's your next alexa it's a former meditation that work to me for years, just go for war when he finds out, that's it and you whatever problem, you got when you again that what, when you get back network that besides you like a fucking detective, you crack and shit. that's why I like driving. I can't I can't drive that habitats by, like those cross country drives too that's what I do I'm just not high, but it's I'm sorry, I related issues in its there's something about doing anything where you literally can't
If you focus on something else like even now, you can do that now in new york. I don't know about smoking. You can take an edible but You can't look at your phone. Can you walk into something If I give you two hundred milligrams c b, o a bee x, I data walking the city you'll get stably, because you you walk around like a fucking dance. Anybody I give that shit to. I would not recommend them to go into the city because they give them two hundred milligrams. He can then watch the m saying you can't walk the city streets of new york with ten milligrams. Little, don't you just think a little to waukesha, I'm so sorry the date, I was last week now, I'm home, it's raining mercies got cold was stuck last week. My we got turned around on thursday. I ran upstairs got in the shower. I was going to go meet at one atlantic city, but the sky was black.
it's one hundred and thirty miles to atlanta. Now it's an hour and a half to atlantic city. So I didn't want to drive one and a half one and a half back then friday morning have to get back up and drive another one and a half. So I said fuck that I'm going to save my back I'm going to go down uncle vinnie's that drive. That night was like a fucking psych. It's like an obsession was like a therapy session because I was a little high. I stopped and I bought a vape pen, a fucking broke already two vapor pens. I bought a boat button Can I take the charge? Rapid got come out what what the fact Jesus. So I took my lobby pen, I got super, some rainbow ruts. My paper pen, I am what I drove them. In santa monica santa Monica point Maybe I know you're dead, just plain gray, falcon music from one song to another I got her from the seven seven and seventies to nineties to fuck and lithium to ask
he's boneyard the studio. Fifty four I just kept flock and their wits and when he got to the point, got the point pleasant. I didn't want to get out of the car. That's how good the music was. I mean everything they will play now came they were playing led, zepplin, blacks, abbot. I list the jimmy on fuckin. Serious, boneyard? That was enough of me that ride was what I need and have always told my wife. I was built on the right one. I have all those stories. I tell those one good nights when we went out and bought a coke, but there was a lot of bad nights to him. What he'd do on those nights meet mike comes to pick me up. I got rolling papers, we pick you up Mike puts two dollars and I put files and you put three dollars and we buy it and dollar bag. We. Roll, a joint and then eat but a half a joint, and we got so you smell the giant. We stop
but the ice cream man was a bodega, get a fucking cover, ice cream or a cop ice cream. We get in the car. We talk of me in those days pick me up and a fifteen I'll, be back in my house, my mind: fifteen monica, love for me that really ride smoking. A joint going to carve out a home, I'm good the fresh air. We do not allow you sometimes shobo, my house I'd say, a car will you can go anywhere, It was when we talked to him and he give me that give me usually add some food for me too, and we go upstairs and leave. What else is there to say? There's nowhere to go, there's I want to go. You were saying something before that I want to talk about before you get audi. I know you gotta go back to work or whatever the fuck he gone. What are we going to do with this ant? Fucking, That I believe this amphilochian app.
It's a good school added, it seems knew it seems like they're they're starting out, but it's just talking about you about the openings of the church, there's something that you have with music. That is special and it's just The am seems like the new evolution, sort of like what podcasting did for radio, but now they allow you to play music so and you can you can take calls. I think you can. I think you can talk on it too. I played around with a little bit but age my saw, I saw an article about it and it just seemed perfect for you, I, like it I set up a shower already one night and I got so have we got to do it? I sell job like three weeks now on a monday. but I didn't do it right, because everybody needs to get the amp right
yeah you have to have the amp amp. I haven't opened it in a little bit, but the last time I opened it. I like your ear, have to like follow joey and or whoever and then you'll get a notification but yeah it's all within the amp app. You have access to a lot of different music. I was thinking. I was looking at a day of comedy. I was thinking about doing a show for comedy cause play tracks on there, I just I just another like and the best thing for you as you can do it from right there. You can do it from in bed. Khazar. Think there's any video among those positive there's, not as you we'll be there you'll have you will play lest you can I didn't you. Speak, dealing in do in between songs and it's This gets his show, people that song and and who exactly what you doing on the drive to point pleasant. You can do for people and switch between songs in and you know how to do. Commercials don't have to worry about You know the boss
I can't play this one anymore, because I play this whenever you could play the same song, a loop, if you wanted to you, can do whatever you want it now the amber. doesn't cost anything. I don't believe so now when I did it it didn't. When I did it, you to sign up and they would email. You owe a log in code. I think you might have a special link now, if I'm not mistaken, if not I'm sure we can get you one that wall, maybe let you bypass it buddy, it's called amp. It's like a yellow me put up. It's like a yellowish logo. Looks like this. It's all a a yellow anime. School man, s son. I think that the very beginning, but it seems that it has a lot of cool options dog, I got everything on there, yeah I was really in shock. Nevada, together
Alice in they got black sabbath, they got. Leonard skin it they had. I just looked up like random, p, bull like the gambler got it sang the song began with Kenny rogers. They got him on banning I'd, valued partner. They got. randy. I'm on CNN biggie I mean they have. U. I sat on for like forty five minutes, one night just trying to trample to seek as you now Gentlemen gone. I tunes for a long time. Right is allowed abandoned woman. I figured you, don't they want, sign up for this right, yeah. I think I think this might be somehow linked to. I think amazon might own it or something not yeah cause, I'm not exactly sure who owns it. but yeah they have.
It's not just a couple of we know no name orders. They ve never heard of its its people going on here and I did not even think to check the calmly John. I didn't, I even think check because they have they have stuff. They have a lot of stars. It's cool it. It feels like it feels like the beginning of podcasting. It's just it's it's new! It's like it's like moving around. Stick sticking and like the apples ill. It was a brand new. People were figuring out how to use it? What's that Who is what we did them? First, like hundred episodes of the judgment is nobody of the church is one day sticking with a guy. Their wages were there any more and the ways in which they usually so it's here, which is its it it just cool it's allowing people. Different way to connect and I mean you know more than anyone help me we feel about music and and
I mean I've been on. I've been with you on that ride, a thousand times where you switch in between the stations and he loves something you turn it up. It's people ask for your playlist all the time you have a great playlist. And then you end up in the thing with you. It is you get excited about it. You know just sitting there, like with your hand on your chest, a glistening, you get excited, you start you start taking the nicotine gummy tool for to be any sort out the window like I would love to figure out a way for it to be able to like set it up in your car, and you can do it like gases and eight bucks, a gallon, so maybe not, but when gas goes down, I forgot to drive around and do it from the car cause. That would be bad ass. What do you plan to money coming down whenever you I I was thinking about, I want to come down
maybe in july, or even even this month. Whenever you I love coming down, I wide allow why get a place enjoy your friends by the way or some cool fuckin people When I came down enabling people are they still talk by isolating sitting in his eye? They both could tell him boy he was high. The additive baggily shit but tallies motherfuckers. What those that my lumbago look like a wolf. First of all, we we, I was two hundred h milligrams and I think you just didn't want me to drive home, They were sitting in your in your bazin and want to do that. Labelling will go into someone tells like all right. I don't know why. I'm goin we get there. Beautiful houses, so many people there is. food which I forget, I devoured a slice of pizza, but then they had these brown and it would be, I think, their daughter was guns or there children going through community. So they had. They bought, bother, bagel store. It look like this
and it didn't come in and plastic bag. They have like two grocery store bags full of bangles they gave You have you ass formerly offer any one, but I was so shy and end high I got too nervous to ask for one, but I was, I must have just been staring at your bagel just like salivating cause like what do you want one, and I think I ate that bagel and three bites it was ah at nice hosted bagel creamed, remember who is totally both cream cheese. The hour That was amazing. I can't stop thinking about the shrimp. Parmesan though he had at your daughter's party, just a shrimp with the cheese on the way was brand. Never I loved. I love you know, ah what they all are going. It about a stake. and they were gave us the re wrong fork and then there will be. He's balls and
A fine shrimp is probably one of my favorite favorite things in the world. And I'm off That is the one thing I like others, too many nice people here we should take inedibles for this cause. You mean you would have had any left overs if I had had my god, everything was good and then my mom we got pissed. Thank you. You got pastrami from my mom on the way. Back. All that pickled herring, they don't fuck a dog, they will make a fucking cheeseburger that sit down. Go out of Jews makes such a fucking good cheeseburger. They take their tremendous over the mingled airing beer, I don't fuck around. I want to know. What's, in fact, rich vast is coming on thursday, the to the pickled fuckin herring, oh yeah, now just that it's an ear, would we women jersey? They got great jewish food everywhere, but this sum about the pickled airing. Rather they know They do right that fucking crinkled cut price. They got stakes Eyes and that motherfucker, you know what I am for them. The food around here is ok, it's
bad but afraid You know, there's nothing my happy place? Is great food on a comfortable seat. can t you that's all I want maybe I'm high level, but that really need much life. That's what I mean Why that's my happiness and there's something about new jersey that I would be eight hundred panel is like is just everything is good thing is near by dr and our eye. We want, pick up the food reared and we went to a places in tourist six minutes. It was it's just If you like to eat. New jersey placed in vienna. That should be others. Commercials appear for. I don't know. I want to say it, but at whatever county urine they have commercial appear on the law on the six o clock news because apparently good for businesses, they should play commercials that say view of europe, a fat folk likely
Who wants a jolly moved in new jersey, cosette idle by the way mike they were doughnuts, then he brought one steve, and I were there that are filled with some sort of amish and can be honest com. I don't know what it is if so, god those donuts are the best. If you haven't tried it amish donut turn off podcasting go, get an army stone it there I got em, I wouldn't sarasota. I went to an homage to say and I had seven alone. Ah they got automation sarasota. They got They have so many irish people they live to homage. Restaurants dared spain and the odors. That's all I know everything about and they have phase and it's like eight dollars and the woman walk around all things on ahead and their very sweet and that Then they never seen. Anyone like me either because it might have lost way, but I still kenny die molly, I again Are you really you do?
in taking so many edibles union of monkeys. Anyone know what happened. Everyone shall I get twelve monkeys of those Ebby axis I mean when we ice, sixteen hundred milligrams the other day and I'll meet the moonlight three or four days. Five days I ate a baloney. Sandwich nice mustard and cheese, mustering cheese. I ate two italian ices, the other night. I had guys. so many sunflower seed, I had splinters in my asshole because I hate him with the shell on emotional and I'm still good guys, guys, I'm still good. I still I mean I'm hooked on cherries now, so my wife gets me these great new jersey, cherries and comes in a bag, and before I go to by either flappings many jerry's. I can she'd been get me peaches lately I have ruled, but the falcon ebby access denied this.
Why me and I ate so much fruit. In fact, if you go on my little refrigerators route, I eat so much fruit, John and I'm like. I still need something. So I just saw bag those, but I will see that used for baseball. Yeah some viruses. Yet you spend a mountain shit. Don't I was, I was eat michelle. my god when I woke up the next day, the shells around my teeth and they were like gooey. It felt like a cavity and it was disgusting. I had to wash my teeth eight times, but Worse was when I went to shit and I opened up there wolden, almost the first night came out with splinters was there and then I had to wipe my ass, but I cause I had all those bits breaking in my ass. Forget it never again I'll go to bed. She do those two hundreds ordained. I I took it. And they were ahead will eat lunch and I got so high and aid so much. I was sick, but This is only happened a few times in my life I ate so much that there is literally just not enough room. I got out of my girlfriends bed water, daphne dispute, but like didn,
Maybe I wasn't. Secondly, there's nothing left came on. I told her to their old will, make you toast I'll get you ginger ale. There was a he's a keg of of the end means loaf cake. yellow whatever that he and I had If, in the five minutes she was gone, she came back, I dispute I'd just cute and I was finishing though Those Amy axis will turn something on me. What am I couldn't stop I just why won't stop, I don't know my remaining marcus. you? U wages to sixty nine! Sixteen hundred is one reason why I was a boy with atlantic city, and I haven't because that I brought a big bag days, and I gave some away to some of the savages, but I didn't take any. I couldn't take a chance and eat going up on stage. There was no way. I couldn't remember the material I had the ten minutes. I forgot. material friday night, I smoke the joint you know with the tommy. We smoke the
a rainbow rights and sadly only smoked a half a blunt. The Joe had before I wanna stay, I was not going to be school, I wanted a fail everything I wanted to make sure. This is what I want to do so yet that's what we get home when you're more comfortable. back in this way of things. That's what I'm that's all I know is when you taking two hundred before you go on stage god I can't I prefer yeah, just all those nights you take and all that shit. You have nothing to say you go up there for an hour and people are falling out of their chairs with their fate grabbing their faces. Does their cheeks hurt that's right near noon, I do need a little bit more marijuana live and come on stage. Will leave it at that? do need a little bit more marijuana before I gone state I just wanna come I don't want to be the same or similar joey. I just wanna try something different, but listen. You can't peach an old dog neutral.
It's so much easier, but you can do it. I gotta go just get high and get on stage with three guys yeah, just call me and I'll. Tell you all my new ideas, I'm just piss you off my god. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! No! I can't go through that cocksucking. I love you, you fuck levied you buddy YA, gotta weekend for you to come down. Get mice I animal mike's got a couple things going on so carried my works on saturday? Sometimes, so I make sure now that I work I work remotely. I could I'll come down on I'll drive thursday night it'll, be I get off early on fridays, I'll be there you'll you'll, give me edibles and beyond zoom meetings, just not making sense to them ideas. How great would that be to just do a zoom at them and look at somebody that is just fucking fall over. Like bible, like hello, hello. So what do you want me to tell the podcast host tat. They are available. You fuck, that I love you
lady. I would talk later, of course, but Having made that give? Thank you for being on today. My friend anytime? You want showed that the app tell me about this. Are you download the amber alert? guy, I think I'm an email with it from somewhere. I think you do have a code if you dont we'll get you one, but just get back up and get ready for the jody a show, and what about the lisa, Emily siad, comedy, shaggy, andalusian and shit? There's no black cox up is. And now for a word from our mother fucking spots, is jack headed MIKE? Let me buddy Are you bad mother thought this movement? I tried differently as we, so we were right and fuckin zoom, lifelike twice anyway. The joint is, brought to you this week by factor. Listen! If you can't stand the heat
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and every week I got a new bump and a new bruise and whatever, and whether I wrapped the cream on it like going to bath with the kinesiology tape. Afterward, I got a bad backboard list of cbd line. Is deaf mute from a to z, so do yourself a favor, go to cbd line, dot com right now read the third party lab results at this sum. You want just press, in cold joey and what their tip top mug do. I love if I wanted bagley I want to thank mike. I want to thank all you motherfuckers. I want to take draftkings. I want a tank factor and I also want to thank liquid, I v for having our back It's been a great week. I will see you mother, fuckers next monday, tip top
Fatima go.
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