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Brené with Gabby Rivera on Superheroes, Storytelling and Joy as Resistance


In this episode, I talk with writer, storyteller, and joy advocate Gabby Rivera, the first Latina to write for Marvel Comics. Gabby penned the solo series America about America Chavez, a portal-punching queer Latina powerhouse. We also talk about her debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath, how important it is to see ourselves in stories about the hero’s journey, and how joy is a form of resistance.

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hi everyone i'm bernay brown and this is unlocking us today's episode i am talking with writer stuff retailer enjoy advocate gabby rivera she is the very first latina to write for marble comics so we are going to completely geek out about superheroes i don't know if you're this but i'm a marble fan guy we panned the solo series america about a mare good job as a portal pun jeanne queer latina powerhouse superhero and she is like now just a superhero she's a shame resilient superhero who does vulnerability it's incredible we also talk gabby's debut novel juliet takes a brass which will actually take your breath away we discuss how and why it is so important for us to see ourselves as the hero
in the heroes journey so many books films about the heroes journey centre just boy or men as the heroes but not julie takes a brass and certainly not our marble superhero america job as we also talk a lot about food and we explore how joy is an important form of resistance i'm so glad here for this conversation i cannot wait to energy she d gabby if you don't already know our and if you do you get a chance to visit with her again this episode is brought to you by honey not cheerio turn your good morning into a good day with honey not cheerios had your local grocery store and pick up a box of your favorite curios today this up so it is brought to you by enemies me it's important to take a moment to honour yourself
inside and out empower yourself with intimacy a luxury collection that is pure beauty infused with expert italian craftsmanship because your beautiful in your own way to learn more is it continues to me that come to shop now that's i see i am i asked ass am i so gabby rivera describes yourself as a bronx born queer porter weaken author on a mission to create the wildest most fun stories ever and having read her work i can just say mission accomplished again the first latina to write for marvel comics and shirt critically acclaim debut novel juliet takes a breath was called ethics outstanding by roxane gay and was in september in september twenty nineteen penguin random house her podcast roy revolution is available now
when she's not writing gabby speaks on her experiences as a queer puerto rican from the bronx and algae beat q youth advocate any import sir prioritizing joy in cutie p see communities at events across the country she makes magic on both coasts currently residing in california and i think she is incredible gabby rivero as japan ok i'll she's here i'm wealth gabby rivera in her pink bedroom it is awesome and she keeps tidying up which is like now maybe my one thousand favorite thing about her welcome to the unlocking s podcast thank you so much renee actually it's called each member state the collar it's so good we're getting
screenshot of us together in a minute and then people will say oh peach mimosa is that like a sherwin williams benjamin moore do you know who makes that color b what is that b e h r e bear it's a bear okay peach mimosa it's a good color so you describe yourself as a writer speaker storyteller joy advocate and in battle windsor yes and no shame her yes without say without shame i love it i start from the beginning tell me a bow growing up in the bronx my gas i grew up the grounds the north brass right the border of yunkers amount burning in the bronx search and forty first and white wings role both sets of my grandparents lived within like why king distance to my parents home so am i appearance lived with i saw a lot of family around me a lot of work and family
around me and like also be energy of a very diverse neighbour a lot of what are you in the light of italians allotted to me again like all of us just kind of those living in urban environment writing was a catholic school i grew up taking the sun way i grew up pentecostal evangelical select love very sticks parents but lake hardworking affectionate carrying parents my mom was a teacher new york city public schools for like thirty five years my father there was a salesman very like i don't know very boomer is a kind of you know very sweet yeah that was kind of my upbringing like one minute being in church one minute being in catholic school and the rest of the time like running around my grandparents houses listed
to them tell stories i'm trying to be a good student i always had to be a good student is there a lot of value put on that by your parents oh yes oh yeah especially because my mom like i said was a teacher so my homework had to be perfect i had straight a's i had to hey you lead yeah just almost stereotypical well like model manner duration like because your pottery and they can come down harder on you so you have to be like the best student you have to be you have to behave that it was tough to with high expectations for me and my brother bear to say tough parents high expectations a ton of love yes definitely a ton of love my mom she was a kindergarten teacher the life for our birthdays she would make the decorous
herself to hear that my brother wanted ninja turtles she handcrafted ninja turtles right before pinterest i love you before all of those resources you just had your mom and like some scotch tape and construction paper you know nerdy stuff right like on a saturday afternoon is near my brother got good grades he would go to the barnes and noble rage and light we gets a pit like two books in london after new owner wholesome yeah i love it were you a creative imaginative kid i think i was a wacky little kid i think i was always making up stories and like giggling you myself ass i do now re like writing ends reading books i think i read a lot of books
there were moments where i was like shy and i also got like a lot in school right for being shelby and for being a nerd and being you know having one eyebrow and take glasses raise the leg there is the point are you that silly and goofy with your family and your singing karaoke and you're doing your little a nerd gains in the car ray and then there the party you this is like you know right in your journal that you have any friends yes yeah very leg shakespeare ledge so let me ask you this question what ro did retelling play in your face emily growing up storytelling was like this like sensual way of its glory and explaining the world around us you know a lot of folks like what are puerto ricans in general are big story tellers let you know
depending on your ethnicity you could say that about so many groups for us it was the bigger story the better the funnier the story the better and juliet takes a breath there's set wepo she's like the cop character the like tough love and i love her right one of her big moments is just this random story about chasing a perp down yankee stadium and the i was kind of the energy in my family was always just some big story like in u s you dreams and you take elements of your life and might be terrifying like being a cop just trying to navigate the bronx on your own you take those elements and turn them into something funny larger them something that you can share and i just in ireland
we're telling a good story you got all the attention you got all the laughs you know what i mean really yeah if you were funny everyone couldn't wait to hear a story my dad was a big storyteller i think it was turning everyday moments ensue to things that were more fun and more entertaining and ways to like share family stories and tell us housing we were a remit our ancestors and all of those things who was story teller that when they started talking the whole place was wrapped like the whole place was like oh my god this is the best you know i really have to say that the way it was my soul she just had their bags
story energy the ability to sneak in all the like inappropriate jokes right and still you like given the table you know like get away with the clarity and the like silliness or whatever she was going through her i would say my dad as well my father could turn any meeting with a group of strangers and you a big story and those my my favorite things about my my father and that his sister they can tell a good story and be tough you know you don't want to think you're dad's cool but there were moments when he would tell these stories that i was looking up to him all that confidence in that charisma he's not just my strict dad he's also this guy lights up in a room when he's talking about growing up in the air in their like fifty seeing this the other side of my dad through here
storytelling i think those are my favorite favorite things still is he's still guided him god i love a good story this i have to say this about your writing first of all and that with my team before you the pot ask as we all read the book together and just everyone is so floored by your writing them it is so poetic and so lyrical the that socked about your writing especially and juliet takes a breath i was so hungry i was so hungry the whole time i was reading it tell me about the role food played in your family you always interesting i think about this alive when it comes to you know still trying to figure out what it means to be a porter again from the bronze living in the united states my fate we didn't use the word displacement but i explore the relationship between the united states and to recall that migration
to me is like a big displacement people can no longer survive on the island and so you get pushed into the bronx and that story itself wasn't often really shared with us like i never was old enough to ask why do we come here because coming here was hard accessing the american dream right so i got stories but the american dream and what i got about me reckon was definitely through food is no fear in talking about like the andas right like at christmastime going around and like singing songs while everyone's cooking making astellas making veneer making out open gandules those were stories that were shared that's where the price was will make my grandma in the bronx had this issue with a huge bay when
and we would set up stations to make baseless which are like the puerto rican equivalent of a a from essentially so you start with the light banana lease right and then you have the state then you got somebody who's mashed stuff all the plantain to make the mona you have the chicken nor the poor or whatever you that the my mother his job was to light rapid all up in a special way is higher and so through food experience so much of the culture of being fiery can re through food i got to learn about my grandmother's grandmothers names like donya lose maria that was like a died like forty years ago but she still here with us so food was a big part of understanding who i was
who i am and feeling that like connection to people in my room and enjoy take a breath users food everywhere i like these her off with a big dinner because that's what you do horse my family thankfully could often affords to go at a restaurant rate for the like every day celebrations right that's when you got the banquet at home that's when you could tell the big stories with abandon right leg because you're gas with everybody around you eating your own food in like having a space when you are describing meals in the book at home i could feel the connection to ancestry it was like a thing place and are now it was so powerful and god i was so hungry does it wasn't just the pleasure of eating it and you describing it but it was like the love which it was made in what it meant to folks yes
mother my father's mother amelia had a c i mean it's a common framework she'd always say like done a yes currency source like if you can feed and fit ten you can feed and fit eleven and twelve and thirteen and so on there is always room for more is always an actual play like no one was ever turned away in our family we would always have extra folks over for thanksgiving to too so there allow room as well writing julia i'd definitely wanted to make sure that everyone felt that there was room for them to sit with julia and her family man i that is so good to with japan two juliet takes a brass personal cover so incredible but i love the top where it's a endorsement by roxy and gay they just says fucking outstanding
is that right like this dope yeah that would qualify i can't pull off the word dope but if i were to it would be describing roxane gay blurb on top of your book thank you first of all that cover with the girl in the shades head that is cure of christy road who is an incredible latini here are multi disciplinary artists they have an incredible secretarial cards the next world so creasy way to keep that on the original purple cover when i envy published and when i was working with penguin editor mccalo was like oh we definitely gonna keep that girl on keep that girl on the cover christie's work they plopped rock hands endorsement at the top i was like oh yeah i know that feeling that's out of body experience right yes
are you a little story about rising gave you we go my god yes sir and when maybe it was hunger i think hunger came out roxanne was doing a whole speaking and we were at the oh my god that book nor in new york city a housing works there's a housewares lorry says she did a performance there i was those far still there was no jew it takes a breath out soon in her waiting to talk to her me and my girlfriend at the time and of course i'm like right here in my news tat you were a level ma am waiting you know like that person and rock band like cool as a cucumber she let in writing the eyes and was like you published a book you let me now here's my aim now and she knew me
email and i was just like i just couldn't believe it right and right i right her and was endlessly thank you so much you know and we like gently kept in touch and we're not others juliet i mean you know her an arm for her like the blog i hear taking ray is essentially me doing more marketing promotion when it was many others i was buying my own books and shipping lines like everybody's little gay cousin everywhere you know and so she wrote back in his leg hey i'm doing that right now with thank you i'm so proud of you i mean i was enough later in june my phone starts blowing up roxane gay has finally read the book and it's tweeted like six tweets about julia takes
and then that was like the a train to washington heights to the magic wow then from her either italy and her good rees alarm yeah does fourthly what a great story and i tell you someone who self publish my first book unlike sold shit out of the town my car that is a trained how autobiographical is juliet takes a breath i mean it is pretty autobiographical when i was nineteen i fell in love with a book about feminism and i made it my business so create an internship would be author in portland oregon all of that book nerve energy the legs frizzy excitable goofy energy that's like a lot of me in there with juliet the the ship with her mom is alive my trying to figure out my relationship my mom and honour her at the same time you
actually me writing about myself but then also me try to make an offering alarm a little like queer let the next folks we are allowed to be this as well we are allowed to be here and and excited enjoy far and lake we do not have fallen do any stereotypes or anything well you know we are allowed to be free essentially i suddenly super autobiographical his leg documentation and offering them was here now renee like even now and twenty twenty leg whose me who's writing about one bush dice right like who out here who's really like oh you know what we could use this type of person in our show you know so like i still feel very much like a half the document for the folks were like not gender for me not like conform
sandy sandals who are like just now advocating this world literally in their own way like forging their own path so yes there's a biographical but it also legs feels like my purpose you know you got a manifesto and for sure definitely has an auto biographical vibe but it also has a man faster feel too yes i like it it's got some revolution in it thank you yes tell folks what the book is about the premise for us the premise juliet takes a brass centre is i'm julia me labourers volante she is nineteen years old he loves herself she is charlie she's brown also she is lesbian like she has come out to herself and is x and she's also reading this book about
vaginas and feminism and it things that she has never experienced before when it comes to like feeling empowered in her body in this one book and so she's got a couple of things do she's better come out that's got gotta go on this internship with a hippie way lady who wrote the book and so yeah right away you jump in and she is navigating her family in the bronx she has to pay in war against those that he shouted waters here and there she does some serious reckoning and soul searching it's like one of those rights perfect summer movies you know where the king like cigarettes who they are and that is the that is the whole point that is the matter you know what i loved about it so much is i'm a huge student of steadier of joseph camp oh and the amano math and the heroes journey
damn there are a lot of white guys making that journey very few women very few women of color very few queer women very you disable me like no trans women like white guys are not the only people making this journey right yes and then you ve got juliet as a protagonist in this absolutely riveting rose journey i love that yes here now women in the book is also really intentional as well begin i feel like a lot of things when there is a story about a girl she must be surround by at least five boys at the very best to give to get to give our contacts like we need context to give an answer or there has to be some guy probably her up to give her stability and encourage men like even earlier there are multiple white guys in her life on that show in the american version now first of all
is very like rarely the case especially for me the most people boosting me up in my life were women we're women my mother my grandmother's when i started moving in my journey as a writer it was the you know writer group it was open mics for queer folks was like black and brown limit creating writings he said you know what i mean and i think that was important that's true important for julia and for that perspective you're allowed to breathe you're allowed to night constantly exist in this world of men and patriarchy and so where right cooerdinating julia that's like attention ass she is writing her always she is talking about her all delicious croatia's body she is exploring relationships with other women in four times
ways and romantic ways and there's none of that push for a man to do any sort of thing or a go any which way the male characters that are in the book are very likely pension or re like her brother little melvin ah i love him and a twig sparse yeah he loves her he's compassionate he is just a creator of late i'm going to write male characters they are going to against the stereotypes they are going to be compassionate and vulnerable and caring and do their work this episode of unlocking ass with renewed round his breath you by proper herbal ts it said that humans only animals we willingly delays leak but whether or not that's true for you must have as good
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the collection at msn com that's i i miss i com let me ask you in juliet takes a breath juliet mom gives her a set of purple composition notebooks when she turns thirteen with a card that says reading will make you brilliant in writing would make you infinite is this been true for i mean how did you start writing oh my gosh i have been writing like i think since like my mom taught me how to read and write right like there's even this picture of me at my first place school ask like writing some stuff down there was just always my safe place while we didn't have the internet like with you now so people just in general read more and road warsaw for anyone really i'm listening we did have that age right but i got
the latter school i got bullied by boys and girls alike for all the things i mentioned before and so writing my journal was my release it was me we do not feel alone it was very active my sad thoughts in all my questions for the most part it was a place that was also see from like my parents yeah just all of these things and then you know i became a teenager then it became like poetry in high school i was part of the writers and poets society there and then at seventeen you know once the near again poets cafe in new york city the lower east side the first afro require what are again like spoken word place them echo array and that just blew my world right open i did not know you could perform poetry like that i didn't know that words could be like humans and so
fully is from people and then i was performing razor then i was always just open makes holding my skills guys apologies lands hosting where she slams like always before me i had a lot inside of me especially you know my parents were super strict so there wasn't a lot of like talking back i never yelled back at teachers because i was so scared all the time of getting in trouble of getting punished and poetry was a way to just be so loud and and like row lease so much and me ever stories allows a kid but i do so much more poetry growing up and i had left the writer of stories for a little bit that when i was older performing a lot of my friends you're on lesser you shall rise from stories
let's get you in this anthology write something for this other was reintroduced storm tearing through poetry through poetry and through making friends with communities of writers i and feel your poetry in your pros do you know when i was writing this book julie takes a breath in my mom's basement no writing training i would finish each chapter and then i would read it out loud to myself like it was upon and if you do have that rhythm that i'll go back and write more and less china leg how i navigated the flow of the book as if was spoken word on the lyricism is so powerful i mean and you are really the reigning queen of emotional one line drop the mic kind of moments do you know what i mean like it's so good okay so this is the
easiest part to me and i have to say to everyone listening taxiing was right it is often outstanding this book it's incredible the folks on my team that i read it with have already bought it for nieces and friends so it is just it's just an income probably powerful poetic story of a young woman on her he rose journey that is just it's so good to thank you i don't know what maybe it's like an emotional week but like i remember like writing juliet and being unemployed and being scared that i wouldn't ever be able to like make my way in the world you know and like i remember just being like this book could give me just one opportunity i will stay here
i will stay if i can just get a break and lying sources wild everything the whole journey is so incredible to me still in the just like hear you saying that it is not so much it really does he's so much now i really really mean it i'm a better person having read it so what talk about one of these weird crazy opportunities that comes from this book i have to cut this by saying i may hugh marble fan so i am because i have a son whose fifteen now and then how i connected with him during those really hard middle school years upper elementary where he didn't talk to me about much but we sit down and talk about you know the marvel universe and whose connected with whom so tell me about him joe casey enact regatta and how they find you they could the americans have as right
creation manifest in her to be let the uniting we're there really good work developing her character for the marvel universe and then who found me is just the sweetest smartest editor guy named will moss he worked on they expire and urges all sorts of lake howard all sorts of random comics from my role he was put in charge of pulling to the team for america the solo series and what i love to share about next door is that he's a white guy right a softy feminist into a white guy who wants to do its best for his kids and in the world and so instead of we're going do america travers with now harry and joe same team same crew he did his work right and he read books by
in in by queer people and like we out of his way and did good research right and through that research he found juliet takes a breath and so he passed around at the marvel headquarters and they reached out to me just offer leg then reading that like i was at my algae busy you now we re and i get this email from mars that was late so surreal just riding the book was this blessing and i it was like this is grey and then you get this other upwards leaving your leg over this is none of this is that the magic and so yeah the email me and i was like falling out of my chair calling my mom whose they love mario mauro com still there again
and seemed ass these leg grew up at once you know the fantastic for and all of us i can't think that quote from juliet takes a breath it will make you brilliant writing will make you infinite and then here you are you get this email are you like now d are you like oh my god what the hell that food is something that legs there's a piece of offering re legs there's a lot of times where ethnic mamas are seen as folks who don't encourage artistic creativity and so like that quote is specifically a note to all the young kids to be like yo your mom can and will say this to you you are and you will get this type of support and i think i'd miss your lapierre question thereby there is now a call really is like our point
now i guess i do think there is a mythology that especially immigrant moms first generation you know moms are like we have no time for art we have no time for creativity and i just like that reconcile with all the creative people that are where they are today because they had moms who started this is what you want then turn your full force to it do you know so i love that we're double clicking on this little bit because it is definitely right leg so you know a little piece of that concept is like i really was i really was experiencing also some familial trauma right and my mom was there for me and like always holding space always having my back i had no job right i had no prospects like my gender presentation was changing like it was just such a low point and my parents could have been like get a job and
said they're like initial book finished his book you always been a writer it's ok we love you your work it out and ass vs sir you know and i showed up to the table to i did job i be re every single day and so that trust between us was leg fortified you know but both of us giving my father my mother me giving and so so out there without their space in that room like i probably wouldn't even be here talking i wouldn't be able to finish juliet the honour those parents those guardians those caregivers who allow their kids that room to alike dig into their creativity and share the world's i think may be the reason why it so highlighted in so kind of tattooed on my heart is that you know when i finished my page
program i had a hundred and ten or fifteen thousand dollars in student loans because i had kind of worked my way all the way through my bachelor's and i wanted to write a book on shame and no one would even get close to it from the publishing world and so i didn't know what to do and i turned to my parents and i said let lend you the money to solve publish it you know i was like ah shit i don't if i can do that because i already have a hundred fifty thousand dollars and student loan dat my husband has more work as he was in residency at the time two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in student loans combined and then borrow more money from my parents and their alike in a right the and i remember i all i needed was the change belt at some point because i was selling that out of my trunk you know and i do i think that boy if your parent listening to us and you ve got a kid who won to be a creator make this space right
right let's go back our superhero america job as what it you do when you read the email you know it came with all these warnings i was like is this pam what is this what is it the red stop sign that's like contents of this email blah blah blah little freak out run down the stairs and call my mom outside and mine email from normal comics cheaters yelling and screaming my dad is like most of you know it was almost a breed whatever blessings are coming your way will come your way quantity is ok and you know then the point i also have an agent not because i made my against the walls felicity but again somebody named john wall they read my book when it was those queer and be less that one of my friends have rightly know big name was recording julie at the time and so the like oh my god
we worked together and she was soon cool she was the only asian type person that hit me up that didn't make me seem i had to woo them or something right right don't chase listen bring up in the bronx one of the things my mother always told me was you don't run for the bus there's always another bus coming so i don't chase i follow my i don't chase people i don't money money so i the sweet agent joe hope she's still like my number one person and she's like gabby ever you wanna do we can just talk to them have to sign anything you remember holes in it i really want to make sure that you are protected not not exploited saw again good supportive teammates disappointed family and then there were in touch with marvel end let me tell you in the eyes of my whole life hating superheroes hating baby er movies because my parents love them and so of course would you love
something i hate that small lily known yes sir who is the hull mental ship and because it's like you might not like superheroes but you can't ignore marvel movies right now how big spiderman was an iron man and so you know the weight of what it could be to work with marvel and it was just so shell right from the beginning with mass the other actors on the team were super opening kind and they were ledges pitch a story nothing is in stone just give us your best twelve episodes i'd never written a comic before
and i was momentarily overwhelms but also is like chomp had just been elected so in my mind i was i will if i take any inspiration from him is that you'll have to have any experience to do the thing that you wanna do he was never elected office before he became president so i've never written a comic for i might as well go for it you know i mean that's right and a lot of people have the qualifications right there just somebody's nephew so they get the job so why should i hold myself back this opportunity eyes lapse passengers so quick smacked it right down didn't you just yeah so i also ass well martha was late what are your best what are some templates then i can you not just comics themselves but what are like real scripts that people submit i was
literally like learning on the girl that was the most intense professional development oh god yes awesome and there i was writing comics and reading comics and leg trying to navigate this whole new world tell me about inhabit in amerika what did you want to make true for her your normal superhero like i mean i study vulnerability for living i would say she does vulnerability she's reluctant but she does vulnerability with them once i finally of got in the zone with her right kind of a about issue seven seven is one of my favorite issues is her origin issue i just had this idea of her being someone who's been displaced who did get to grow up with her mom who didn't get to grow up with the culture and the history of her people i wanted to give her family i wanted to give her on tainted history
our histories are always seen said you're either colonise colonizers this language and slaver and so dont worry get it i'm gonna go my history so much pain has come from the united states so much pain came from the spanish occupation re lights so much pain is from colonizers and there was a part of me with believe that was lake in america just have her own planet that is like free i can see at some point be able to witness the history of her people with out ratio from stronger military power whenever it is without but he's lies without anybody's violence right leg he she just have the beautiful history of her people and south america like i wanted to give her that i wanted to give her mentorship
that's why we brought storm from the x men in on issues three because without men sailors from other women especially other women of color black women folk taking you under their wing like how do you evolve i wanted to give that and i was like i've never seen that in a superhero comic so here we go you know there was so much backlash about my run of america there was so much venom and hay and like people we're losing their minds in the slightest no why i'm here you want the semi inside later with joy and wiggly ness who loves women is probably approach and there we are false binary probe lets you radical clear this is what it looks like it comes vulnerability it comes women in charge it comes with compassion seen em like historical exploration it with fantasy
care and tenderness a lot of straight had a railway stories do as well re like star wars is so full of compassion full of love and sometimes i get confused because like why is that version okay but my version isn't when essentially the core components a both types of stories are compassion community joy love does it come down to who wrote the story and what they look like that and who they choose to centre right life even our patients like a skinny white girl re she can't even casts a break in the star were movies now here is anyway i'm going to go for it so we had america traves being entered by storm and at first they're sitting there trying to meditate and america like i can't do i'm a fighter i can't do this so they get
when they start like practice fighting in the air and storm is like blowing america away with the wind and like trying to guide her as well so it's like you can have all corny games like mentorship and compassion is still kick black still it is visible and still is super you know it is super and eat out i think this in your ted talk which i have to say is one of the best ted talks is just so incredible one the things you sad is growing in the bronx was tough and people were tough and you had be tough there's a sentence in there that just reverberated for me soft did not leave home so i want to ask you something this is my researcher in me the themes cross your life across juliet life in the book juliet takes a brass with them a job as are superhero yeah
to leave to find yourself is that a theme for you it is to explore array it is something that has been kind of thing it to us you know especially if you live in like urban environment rural environment there's this push you to leave you got go the big city you got to this you have to get up i heard you have to get out of the trailer park you know like all these places that are full of real life and and these places that are considered like perfect places we are being pushed down ray and we could even talk about displacement right in julia and america i definitely am exploring that with america she's kind of castor out from her homeland not of her own volition but just she passed out because her mother's
sacrifice themselves and she fell out of the wormhole or whatever the heck it is and then with juliet she has to leave the bronx in her mind to find queerness to find feminism and juliet especially but she realizes that queerness cry being poor again and these things are searching for are always in her family ass and it is in white savior that saves her yes this why ladies book was part of the powder keg right like a just kind of bloated everything wide open for her and that's great that happens a lot but you don't need to like completely let go of yourself and your upbringing and with america chava it's the same thing she is generic latinex her original creators did not give her a country or island of origin origin and
also did not choose to give her light porter again the men again colombian heritage one is a leg do outer space latinx so i she calls from planes off with donna which is basically playing for like bad bitch planet and she guessed see all her history unadulterated uninhibited i'm her grandmother's sharing right the grandmother doesn't tell a story but the grandma leads her to the ancestral plane and then there is there is our history there is everything she needs to know about this power of who she is we were richness we're going to work on this year's journey so what i saw from both juliet takes a breath in america chavez is and jump juliet has this white feminist mentor that she goes to intern with over the summer in portland acta has storm but in
and just like it every he rose journey them tour becomes imperfect and fallible our heroes learn that they had what it look all along in their hearts and in their souls and has actually fuelled by their ancestry and their origin true yes that is one hundred percent true like that is why juliet ends with a letter to herself there's like a poem that is like a rallying pry it is the embodiment of her last name by lana which is literally a puerto rican rallying cry made especially it is by the young lord violent this year but it balance that we always move forward we are always together yes and she found herself and in her family with julia in her family in her understanding
what did you see what we can do learning about lolita leubronn exploring queer women in the research component of what she's doing in portland it's not not asked about make queerness it is about later on standing wiser women have been raised and how you stay present and how are you continued hunt and search away you need for you history of america travis her journey for me right like when you go through the whole book at the very end she is position where she can inflict pain people on certain alien race that has taken over her home planet or she can find an alternative and american i have finds that alternative and finds that compassion in a way to keep that peace and make an offering to both her people that other group of false landed where they live
you know me that is like also part of finding your power and your identity and your that doesn't mean that like you become the dominant force like again like my grandmother said where we feel we can all fit were there's ten we can fit eleven you know what's really funny about america is that there are moments when i was writing america where my editors were like gaby at some point she has to fight people be like what is invested in restorative justice you guys
what if she just wants to talk to arcade and figure out where his pain comes from you know a no so she you know she can punch in portholes i mean that's like that's her thing yeah oh my god portals into other dimensions so you know what i only i could have been fly on the wall where you're like okay so superhero that i'm writing for marvel it's like this is not a small thing is it a restorative justice that there will be no pal boom there's it's be talking and understanding talking ok this is why we love you ok speaking of how joyful this part as has been for me to do with you you have a podcast call joy revolution and tell me about
why joy is important to you you know you don't come with the easy questions no ma am was doing revolution for the longest time i allowed a lot of other things to get in the way of me being connected to my joy i wanted to be like other people believe it or not i wanted to be cool i wanted other people like me i was insecure who i was in your ted talk right if we're going to do this in your talk you talk about like how someone has to believe that they're worthy of compassion and care in order for them to like
to give it and i see that you know there was definitely a big point of my life where i did not think i was worthy of any of that stuff and a lot of people in my world were using that to me with different forms of neglect and like abuse and when you run with destruction in your heart you find yourself in like mine all the time again this is what you study right i'm going to tell tell you my sadness get a leave it yeah you asked me about doing do i comes from having been crushed you know and having been like practically stopped when i was twenty nine of my best friend died in a very public way and it was something that was in the news for so many months and it just absolutely like obliterated everything i ever knew
and everything i knew of myself when you intentionally burn down of forests and then you're just the ash that's what i was for so long and through much healing and much like love and folks reminding me that i deserve to here and in much hearing i realise that like i must honour my joy i must survive i must try i have overcome certain things but also like this friend of mine my best friend she lived her lies with so much and so much joy and so much giggly giddiness you know passing in her passing i was to honor her and just like live for her but live with her right and live energy and that speed first i didn't even know that it was joy that i was looking for
and when i found that and when i found that it was a word that a lot of people weren't connected to maybe talk about joy in church but then that is a joy that comes after you dead right yeah this is what i'm going to have to hold on to this no one has ever told me my joy is important so it must be the most important thing and must be something that people are after you trying to keep us from it must be something that i honor and cherish and protect and show of war it is the thing that healed me right is a thing that got me out of bed one i had no hope left the simple small joys combined with the intention of hearing
the joy in that healing that has kept me alive and kept me together and it allowed me to be so full that i can offer and share and with joy revolution that was the give back because i had been so heels and because i had been so loud and clear during the worst times in my life i was like i want offers some of that back and also revolution to me was a push against a violent white media trump was just selected and all of these intelligent media folks like wolf blitzer blitzer anderson all the people who can comment on the state of things are distaff enough to stop everything and change so we get suggest play along and why
station wants as refrain one station wants us to hate our neighbours one station wants to talk about them riches and the wealth of the trump family so this white the premise of media is pummeling us on a daily basis and i am tired of it and why not just talk to queer trans people of color and allies about how we are preserving joy have a space where i'm not trying to tweak your flatter fire responds where i am not trying to pay you against your neighbor where actually we're doing this to help each other be vibrant gorgeous human who love each other and who are fighting every day to make this world the better place we know it can be i don't time to have my spirit impacted by fox news keep it
want there in your life you just go for it is right there before me i need soft language i need gentle language any compassionate spaces and i need the type of joy that reckons with the world around it the type of joy that is marching for reparations is marching for black trans women need joy that is holding the world a channel without change like como everyone down when i hear you describe it the first thing that comes to my mind is real true joy as a form of resistance ass the hope that is the girl that's all i got but you know like we desperately need it because joyousness its own pandemic right now and
pain and then we discharge pain on each other and that's all i see when i look around i think this is the most i've ever talked about trump and i normally try not to ever say his name but let me tell you something like people look at that man and his family as like despite me of wealth and that is and i just see like a boy some really hurt pete like words you are what uttered pain and abuse did your experience as little kids they have you into these people who just don't care about anybody and that doesn't mean that i'm like putting sympathy for them above my compassion for everyone else no not even a little bit we did it is everyone's an adult and everyone can go to therapy as people of color we learn that is not our job to educate why people re on recycling asset and that i am here to but i do have a lot of room for the little one
the little queer white kids little five year old six year old white kids the in the classrooms because they got spirit good want to love each other they want to be loved they want fairness it's grown ups that come in and like violate take away the take away the compassion and the new early love and action even from a liar you know joe revolutionary relate now we come in with love we're gonna love on you we're gonna talk about this joy we're going to show you that it is necessary and ends idle to terrie and two manifest it all together you know and that is resistance i mean that's love
not unicorn rainbow love but gritty real get shit done love you literally yeah yeah all right are you ready for a rapid fire yes i love this stuff i play that game taboo i can give you the cruise the hints my guy we would crush it because i am so good at that we need to go on like a road tour we just like play people for money ok ready fill in the blank vulnerability is a blessing number to europe all to be brave but your fear that your experiencing is real you can feel it in your throat what's the very first thing you do throw up three something people often get wrong about you though my outward appearance makes people really on costs the boy and unjust like a big softly but people get wrong as they think your soft or they think you're not soft i think they look at me and you know people think back to scary you know what i mean they're like oh they said
do you know got it and you know the next to me on the birth people always used in their kids like that you know which is man we are the softest bad out in the whole land in the whole planet system okay the last thing that you benjamin loved on television it has to be the great british speaking so i just love their souls oh my so damn good ok gimme what are your favorite movies poltergeists answer that you'll never forget my god mariah carry in mainly for her first ever consider at madison square garden i was led twelve years old living my best life favorite meal oh my gosh my cousin lawyers are broken down do less and near with blood none okay translate for us like it makes me hungry right now
tell us what that is tell us what that plate would look like we can flavor my cousin blue is an incredible cook so it's her race with and which are like pigeon fees benner is roasted pork with i just saw chris and juicy and then latinos are plant you can fry them soft like maduro the style or you can make them crispy tostones quarter against i mean you're either way their delicious ok what's on your nightstand right now oh my gosh oh my gosh this is perfect on my nightstand right now is maria inohosa book once i was maria love so much what it sees also want a moment's wars got it ok i snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that brings
real joy for the first time in like five years i am dating someone who is kind and lovely and generous so during the pandemic we just had no information we were even scared to look out the window at each other she brought me a care package with soup and oranges and a little like i have ms okay that's good tell me one thing you're deeply grateful for right now my mother is unconditional love right on okay we she for five songs you can't live without you gave us ain't nobody by chaka khan just a girl by no doubt sitting on the dock of the bed by otis redding taxes by a system of a down unity by queen the tita
in one sentence what is this minute mix tape say about you i'm a bad this i think we do to leave it there because gabby rivera you are indeed amazing and i am so grateful for this conversation and the really important joy for thought provoking in work that you are putting in the world thank you so much i really appreciate it what a pleasure to be here with you thank you is that just the biggest breath of fresh air ever i just this conversation i hadn't read a comic book in so long i loved reading america chavez i loved juliet takes a breath a bunch of people my team rutted it's incredible i'm so glad
i got to know gabby cause she's incredible you can follow on instagram at corky rican she's cute u i r k why are i see a n same twitter podcast podcasts are lives wherever podcast listen found wherever you listen to yours her website is gabby rivera to com say that joy as a revolutionary act is something that we are seeing every day right now in real life real time right now taking the the taking taking joy the streets joy is a radical act and i love this i love how she says no one told me my joy is important so it must be the most important thing and i have to say that after talking to her about the joy of family gatherings and the food i'm so hungry just hearing about her cousin is cooking oh my god starving
so love this thing has we think about thanksgiving coming up her grandmother saying if we can feed and fit ten we can feed and fit alive and twelve and thirteen and so on there is always room for more there's always an extra plate we all make enough space at our tables we were very i'll just so good aright how keeping do i call this housekeeping but the start calling it that housekeeping he called organizing and buying extra office supplies whether we need them or not will call that section we gonna deroulede podcast i'm talking with echo bethia about diverse the inclusive anti equity having hard conversations we do this amazing role play around empathy that is so real and so hard but i think you'll love it so there on dare to lead which is on spotify and is free i think that's all i've got four yeah right now
it is a weird and hard and important time so i will end where i always end which the best advice for a tough time is they awkward braving kind and i'll see next week thank you sir much for listening you maybe been treated to the pitter patter of my dog coming in lucy weird lucy says hello unlocking spotify original from park ass detested by by me brown brown it's by by max cutler ass a veto curly aden by weird lucy productions and by a thirteen sound design is by christian us oviedo and music is by carry rodriguez engineer each others
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