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As the self-appointed president of the TLFC (Ted Lasso Fan Club), it was a blast to talk to Jason Sudeikis, the co-creator, writer, and executive producer who plays Ted Lasso, and Brendan Hunt, the co-creator and writer who plays Coach Beard on the Apple TV+ hit series. The show follows the adventures of a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer. We talk about the show's interesting origin story, writers' room inspirations, and why intention is critical to the creative process. It's a fun conversation about a show that is unapologetically awkward, brave, and kind.

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hi everyone i'm brene brown and this is unlocking us in case you don't know this in addition to being the podcast host for unlocking us i am also these self appointed president of the ted lasso fan club ted lasso is a show on apple plus and it's one of my favorite for it joys right now it's just so fine and hard id and funny etc because this is not the first time we met coached head lasso we first met ted lasso when he starred in a couple of nbc promos after nbc acquired the television rights to the english premier soccer league so jason sedateness played this kind of wide eyed amira in college football coach who was hired to be the new manager for a big premier soccer league club
and of course he knew nothing about soccer these promos were so funny especially if you just a little bit about soccer but you still don't like understand offsides they're just funny and both promos were really successful they went viral they help nbc build its audience for the premier league games games and introduce us to this guy that we really loved so now fast forward you know years later and glasses a new show the first season is is now completely out i had to them painfully drip slowly one at a time like old school but now episode one through ten season one or out again just funny and smart and kind and thoughtful and just an apology clean goofy in the best way
and in this episode today on unlocking us i'm gonna talk to jason's headache us who plays the leader he placed head lasso he's also the co creator writer and executive producer and i get to talk to brendan hunt who also a co creator rider and he's the actor who plays coach beard it's just a joy the thing for me to get to talk to these funny our guys about a show i love every time i watch it i just i'll say i'll quote to lose right here for you i feel i fell out of the lucky tree hit branch on the way down and ended up in a pool of cash and sour patch kids this episode is brought to you by honey not cheering how's turn your good morning into a good day with honey not cheerios had your local grocery store and pick up a box of your favorite curios today on the road to success you have to start somewhere it doesn't matter where you began and while it
sure that associates build their own road to success walmart is committed to strengthening their pants by investing in there futures like offering the to earn a college degree while paying just one dollar a day learn or at walmart com spark so for those of you who do not know jason sudeikis he's an actor comedian comedian screenwriter a producer in the nineteen nineties he he began his career in improv and to with comedy sports and the second city into three sides was hired as a writer for saturday night live and start as a cast member from two and five to two thousand thirteen he has been in a lot of movies that we all know including horrible bosses we are the miller's and now he plays my man beloved tat lasso and again he's also executive producer and co creator and writer burning
and is also an actor and a writer known for rules in the films were the miller's and horrible bosses to as well waiting to characters in the video game fall out for after getting theater degree hunt sided with the second city in chicago before heading to amsterdam and joining the boom chicago comedy he again is creator writer and he plays my very just a heart throb in the weirdest way my coach beard on to so very excited to jump into this conversation with jason britain let me just start by saying that this morning i was so excited i've had five hundred techs for my friends and my family members and see my husband grabbed me by the shoulders and said i want you to hear me renee and i was like call me my name what and he said there are not real people
and you know they're bringing real and jason's real but you know beer third and tad like their desert characters and i said i guess i'm a grown ass woman like i get that unease as like what is your concern and he's like well you're wearing a roy can't jersey and am fearful because you to our kids like their real like you tell them i need you to had lasso up here like pull a beard right now just stay quiet into the right next thing you know so i have to start i can decide whether i was going to start by saying think congratulations but i'm in a start with gratitude god this show means so much to so many people do you all know that i don't run into you i know it means a lot of the people that made it
i mean certainly twitter suggests that we don't know how many people are actually watching it but it doesn't seen that people are watching it do you like it but you mean meaning to the next the holiday levelled i'm having here more really are you like in humble are you bullshitting me or do you really not now it's all anecdotal you know like i can i can only towards some of you know the previous work struggling with people who are critical of you or singing the praises i know for me personally having been in the current code spotlight for many years he kind of light if a matter react to the negative
how do i react gas to the positive so so there's a little bit of me they will always make the excuses of like oh we're talking about a thousand people on twitter below there really fired up and doesn't take anything away but still you dont came quite quantify because also the dirty little secret is that you know streaming sites like nielsen ratings where we don't know how map or really watching you know they don't they don't give even us that information much less trades or or what have you were agents managers and it's more ignorance so it's more ignorant than humility inline inline for sure but at because i have a special on netflix like i'll just tell people who are watching this you'll never see that data from the streaming services so but i want to more qualitatively as a qualitative researcher when i go into when i did just for preparation that's a thematic analysis of the comment
i have about ten million people across all my social media platforms when i look the comments for ted lazo cause i i really shouted out in a podcast i've written about it there was one comment that sad your ted talk and your books saved my marriage lasso in my life there are giving their example so i'm making a hundred and fifty top senior leaders through a lead shep training their most of them are now watching ted lasso as leadership instructive does this surprise you yes because yes because you write a song maybe to get something out of you and i'm not a songwriter by any means and brennan please chime in here on your perspective but you don't anticipate anybody dance
do it at a party or at their wedding ring like that you don't know what you just heard of it have to get it out of you or you want to put it in you want to like lay it down and you hope someone walked by and maybe that's nice so when i read things like on the comments like it really has changed my life or i talked to a group therapist before this all and said they're all tat so fans what do you going on with this response they said three things joy possibility and goodness and so i'm so curious which i'll think about this response yeah i became fascinated me that yet you up with these ideas and myself brendan and joe in like two to fifteen talked about this show and then bill came into the fold in two thousand and eighteen i want to say but some of those are exactly things we talked about in regards and it's all rooted from the character but you don't i just at this point
well i don't expect anybody to when you said something down and you make something for them to respond to it in the exact where you had hoped he would certainly but there's a lot there was a lot of intentionality there and it's rooted in a lot of things that i think people have always turn to for those type someone's specifically john wooden and his teachings is very much a a model for the ted lasso ethos philosophy a point of view now do you think it's been interesting that there's been some talk i've seen people be like wow while we've sort of constructed this character of ted specifically to be this good person in this in this dark world and this interested at but there's also in terms like was surprising reaction is we can it made you think is a pretty normal guy like just in in normal midwestern terms like he's certainly to some to be the best what's but he's not he was never thought of as a superhero these are
some pos adjacent and kansas are like this and thought that i met in normal illinois are like this and it's just interesting that nowadays yet that person seems like more unique and out there than that man no you don't think i think this really interesting i can just can't turn the researcher in me off because that's just my jam but go do it maybe you i think it's the fact that he is vulnerable an imperfect and he's not superhuman annex us that kindness is possible in very difficult situation i mean as a shame researcher i can tell you there's a moment and i and i've never done an interview like this around a tv show so i dont want to give it away i think i need everybody to watch it so we can talk about it in its entirety later but there is a scene where someone who is dealing with a ton of shame and pain has done
we all do a shaman paying pain for the most part has has discharge it on some what else just you know and then you've got ted lassa who's like a freight train who just stops this shame and blame thing and leans into forgiveness and have we forgotten do you think that that's not super human that that possibility exists in all of us i think we have forgotten that i think that's a big part of why it was thrilled for us to conceive and then and then you know execute because it did feel a modern day aberration and yet is rooted in a dna like sociologically like a can seem so try but there is such a good a bright shine example on such the highest peak in this country and arguably in the world of ignorance and arrogance and ted is ignorant and curious and i think curiosity comes from a power of being able to ask questions and truth
empathize legs see what someone else's deal with an end there's people much work rather than than myself again with all those great kind of quota you never know what battles someone else's is is dealing with you know everybody's life is it how many attracting a drama things worked wing and everything tat him on tangible britain when body those things but to do it in a sincere and genuine way but you i i think we have forgotten it a little bit than it did it breaks down the discourse and opportunities dialogue and loving someone for who they are versus hating them for what they're not god yeah i have to ask so ya'll spent a big old chunk of time in amsterdam together early on your years is that correct yes by money brandon the most how many years been a near there was my main chunk and then i piece nailed a couple more afterwards because i just couldn't let go
and then joe was there for how long two and a half or three yeah and then i was there for like four or five months straight and but off and on for a year because i was dating a girl who was there so i would go visit but i knew to everybody there and we were working at a sketch improv theater there called boom chicago we weren't just going over there be an american where's were adding to the two to the bible the city and in a positive way was my take away what a takeaway brendan because i'm so curious about how this formed some of the tension that's in tat lasso about being american in europe well there's some silly the image of europe that tree resonated with me because i know that a very dark place hastily i bought it took over sharing part like life lies like verbal child abuse my mom is alcohol in my deputy that they get divorced and i was too married way too young and then i got divorced and i got just kind of amazement i got this opportunity to go to amsterdam in amsterdam the
in philosophy of life is called gazella hide they were that being said alice mrs el it is about us meaning enlargement i worked a lot of me it can be like comfortable like the lighting here is really caeli but can just mean like like oh let's not be a bummer to each other because that would be see if there's a thing you are worried about but you can't change a thing by worrying about it then why worry about that thing that today day that would be jealous and long way around saying i was defined by shame and guilt and this is a society built to completely abandoned shaman gale because they have they have seen that there is not much point in that and that was why i stayed so long because that was a message of phenomenal value and that's what changed me because shaming guilt and you know at least chicago kid kid the last catholics that that's america me at the time it was it was called
to see a different option those are the patriotic emotions for sure over here those are the and it's really interesting to you because we do research on what denomination and all the catholics are like we're number one and the southern happiness or like hard roll them they're like oh no sir southern baptist number one it turns out that we're all kind of jacked up on it across the board but so say word again i'll never say that i'll never be able to say that spell it v e l l i g it's the same s as in like sister spock fearless ok i see some of that vibe and had lasso area like the end and for what was worthy no tell us all yours i play him he is that he is a guy in the show but it's also that they would like
like ted lass was like five you know what i mean it always gets a little tricky for me when talking on ted lasso because it feels like i'm almost taking on a third person but i mean it for every it sprinkles down to every character i mean like the opening title is that the company that came up with the idea of ted sitting in a chair and then you know jane changing environment around him it's it's you don't it is more of a white than a white knight serve lead you to the same lead by example almost like michael landed and i would have liked galleries and in touch by an angel words just like i always loved the characters and i grew up with again the eighties your bill murray doesn't have an arc in ghostbusters it's like the city of new york city believes in ghosts around you know like them axle foley doesn't change and beverly hills cop it's like the city of beverly hills and the police department changes around him and that was like a an archetype that i just thought was interesting that if you had your protagonist as a person who
you does change but in but externally more than than internally waste for the season and i feel that one of the big influences of amsterdam and again because there are issues and on the procedure like shame and what not one of the two largest example that are two of the biggest cliches others like legal marijuana and and you know any legal prostitution which you know they accept it as it is part of our culture and end so that being said doing more dreams over there when i was here having never done drugs in my life was was leaned alone there illegally are your fairy legal ok but when you look like michael pollens work is in his recent both how to change your mind an out and out so simon an illusory genes are being used and treat people ptsd and depression anxiety and what not and that book had just come out when we start writing the pilot for this and i realise that oh tat is in the m scholastic why
like mushrooms is eagle at sea does allow for people to be themselves and reflect what they think he is but really what they are even is simply as the trend cram character the critic he thinks ted is this he thinks he's a dumb american and ted doesn't try to persuade him he just knows just keep marching along steady ones the race he's felt that way before as he as i said in an absurd went away within the darts game that he's familiar with that can see but he doesn't allow himself to be changed by it and try to prove other people wrong we don't know that's right the time and i believe that that is rooted in the experience of living in amsterdam then just except in the world for for what it is and then the other half of losing ego you're no longer just your own thing you're connected everything you see the night you see the the matrix in terms of a latticework on everything and yet that that's ted's standard default position
majority of time i've improvised i my life especially when doing in front of a crowd i've been sober but i wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between being sober and so when i guess when we you're in that zone i mean athletes talk talk being being in the zone and just you can just feel i know that happens when you go on a trip with your family or when you go on a road trip with your friends you can get into that zone where you're finishing each other's sentences your banter just become second nature and it's again it's a vibe and it was greatly appreciate that like michael pollan's book came at that time because i think weird when you're making something you're taking all things and you know that i think rather it maybe it the stray might be a powerful buddy you know a lot of us know simon and garfunkel because of the graduate and that's mike nichols the after that movie didn't know simon garfunkel when he was thinking of that dragnet movie nothing was like his brother was playing the album while he was me
in the other room and he's like what is this and it's like this is great this is perfect and it's like because his heart and his mind and his soul was open to all the things around him it allowed everything that he was doing to be filtered through this this idea of this film is gradually the characters i think that's i think that like the story about the graduate so bernard i think this his back to what you are saying too about the interconnectedness of all things like in a five minute period one episode you make fifty connections that are so deeply human i think there's something really important here and i'll never get to it and nerd out on it later after we hang up and i'll be damn it in a voice right there's something about like even
like a totally sober person i think i have twenty five years at this point twenty four years but i know the zone i know the zone like i was in the one this morning i was playing tennis like some days i saw and i don't play any better when i'm in the zone but i'm just like directly connected with something bigger y'all connect these things like semantic situation like where did that joke comfort whose idea was this i don't know was per se but i think it came directly from the knowledge that's he was going to use the allen iverson practice speech so we're sort of setting up that notion of where there's to be that's gonna get said it's gonna get said so many times that going to change that meeting or it's going to lose that meeting and so yeah we sort of retro did putting that definition earlier into the episode i mean like so human that was always been a favorite phrase of mine semantic satiation is
was a real thing in itself it is it's like that and trick until a mania which is like an interest data phobia the fear of thirteen there certainly phrases that i remember from whatever eighteen nineteen twenty and semantic sociation was one of them so it's just so smart and the number of actions like i've seen every episode three times over nay because i know not how it now true because because you know what there's a definition of creativity that i love that i used in my own work which is taken now the seemingly unconnected connectable and you all do that every five ten seconds seconds on the show so you cannot get it the first time and so when all were talking about semantic association i was like yeah i have that problem so much with mo the no like modal on it mau mau this our mo
i can also have it when i'm writing with the and the data but like just i don't know the writing is so impeccable so let me ask this question too about it so i want to keep going who are you all in charge of the music yes to a degree i mean again it's a team i mean i'll take claim for being the final tube i guess sort of the final year in a but depending on what song i can tell you where it came from or whose idea was at least the best of my knowledge this episode brought to you by honey not curios a good morning can change your whole day and honey not cheerios can help feed the good inside of you made with whole grain and a touch of real golden honey the whole family loves there are a great way to start the morning with a smile to last throughout the day she's a good mood with good food honey
macros good starts with happy hearts this episode is brought to you by godaddy as we reopen don't you want your pocket of america to feel like its own we're small businesses are finding new ways online and in person to be there for you a small town feeling where your friends instead of that chain recommend their guy so when you want to bring your idea to everyone remember go daddy is here to help you make it happen with websites marketing tools and guidance for free learn more at godaddy com okay i'm i'm to ask then okay please so i'm a liverpool fan and have been for years and so on my bucket list like number three is a liverpool game at anfield so i had ever heard you will never walk alone by marcus mumford you didn't exist now those that that was ok that's ok
so that logs from carousel you might as you go through the show i would say exist in the feminine space i don't define feminine masculine between the male and female forms or any variation between these modern times and i believe that in doing so what i i'm very proud of the shows is how much ted and and on the musicals because that because that's often that's often thought female a female and a and yet it is it is the other way that i personally was raised is a theater not bill lawrence can sing all of lame in french we have men and women that that totally love and care about that so a show a son from carousel that's been rebranded i want to say coopted yeah to to have a negative connotation but it was by liverpool that was something that i was made aware of by our good friend brennan on here and it was during the pacemakers did the original one and so that was the
that i was using but then being friends with marcus and in august speak separately about why know i wanted marcus the soundtrack and why i think you actually end up doing and the score i mean him and our friend tom i just heard his him singing that song and so i asked him if he would do that i knew i knew what i wanted the feel of the final moments of the show and i knew i was too can be too that song and there's lots of loveliness do you have elvis sinatra sing that song barbara strain you can pick any of the great but marcus is from the ground up with this show he loved the commercials that the character rooted in and so yeah it was literally just trying to do the mike nichols thing or another one of my other payment things is is the quincy jones quote the review you your users of ever seeing the doktor
about him that his daughter rashida made it i believe it's on netflix still but it's incredible and it goes through different parts of his life but he talks about when you're making something that you want to get it like seventy five percent of the way there and leave room for the magic so stick in my head and this vibe in my head the other thing when he said that i just saw recently was like you got to get it to where it's supposed to be but leave space for god to walk into the room where are they gonna do some people here the god word and make it you know it rejected the same way people will reject sports outright but late for me it works of the metaphor regardless so if i have this idea in my head then i got to stay open to brendan suggestions marcus's voice and just the vibe going on that we want to go one but the one that's actually going on and then you try to find what did you say brandon about making those things yeah because i often define the job of being creative as making
the invisible visible and so it's that's that's the neat thing that great storytellers due for it for themselves first and foremost but then also them for the people bring demon for anything different about the separate from that picking of that song i think he really knew by the time we were filming it that we were going to put that there because we least concern some shots around putting that song in but at that we were thinking exclusively of the jerry the pacemakers because that is the one that's launched the song into the football sphere and the football is also of course spherical for then yeah marcus is trumped it like i remember one day i'm just sitting around and then you were like hey you got to hear this and it was yeah it was a way file of markets just singing never walk alone in the studio oh yeah you ever gonna what are we doing that instead the job as i have a couple margarita splendor headphones chill out and just ended
listen to this new three times in a row and again it's when i heard it the first time i mean it that's the neatest thing or is the closest ever feel quincy jones or iven where i'm like hey you know spring sting you don't sing that song have this person sing that song it felt like that great moment where someone not american idol just picks the perfect song and elevates it in a way that yeah still gives me goosebumps even talk about i just stop it i had to put you on hold i had to put the whole show on hold just to pull myself together like it is is it transcended which that which never transcends never transcends football for me a liverpool fan obviously but it transcended football i thought this would be my funeral song with a slideshow like let me do this because i'm like i'm weird that way okay season two
first let me just get to that nuts and bolts of us how can it be in the next few weeks that would enable watch that you know what we've been writing it for the past couple of months we don't film until it'll be the same time table as next year it'll come august yeah see him if you see the crushed look on renee's face here which is the for her but does very encouraging for our work so thank you but you really really it's going to be a year it is well i mean less than a year now right okay so there are so many potential directions with season two that are fraught with tension and vulnerability there are so many things that we need to unpack here with our friends can you tell us anything about him expect the same set of terms can we are we can get like this much work that needs to be done here yeah same actors are production design
or even asking age or we have in the same sets yes i mean we're a little cautious precious especially when working for a company like apple of giving too much away but also for us because again in this day and age of binging and i think you're on the same page but bill lawrence and i could argue fifty fifty of the do we want this to be dropped at one time per the norm these days they all turned up so that once or do we want to space it out i was concerned about maybe the noise of of the world going on swallowing up the slow pearl we are open to drop into this mighty ocean of of china public discourse and i am i gonna love the week that we want the web spreading it out because the story was told to give you emotional and narrative cliffhangers and so that definitely occurs over over this break to where when we drop in on this so you got to play catch up for maybe the
we have the first up the suit were what now that alone that all those little knowledge are still being to italy and figured out here but the other just as you know that doesn't that doesnt ten beard done all the sun go gymnastics in romania or something like that i sell i'm gonna be so worried about all my friends over there until i know what they're doing like i just really i need beer to get in a p you know and so has he just like you just can't you putting the chests and staff in front of the girls and i need ted ted like i you know my whole whole friend group just for what it's worth you know we mean we it's him ten sassy action we need some like we need yeah we need some ten sassy but i will tell you i cannot underestimate the gravity and the grief with this transition out of football
and so like and he's very important to everybody i know because he is he's urian rage like all of us but then he's got phoebe who he kisses and whole hands with so i'll trust rather take good care of my people during the second we were naturally we would certainly well we love them too yeah it works out i will say that in regards second season and this isn't me being overly convenient but me of the reason that we flip as as a text chain as a writer zoom room you tweeted about the show initially was your name in your work had been bandied about in our first to the first two weeks of the writers room jan andersson i sighed i believe
unless i'm wrong brendan tell me i'm wrong but i believe it was bred goldstein who brought it up who is to fell the place roy kent he also as a writer on the show so talk about you know synchronicity there i guess i i what i need to hear is that you came knocked on our door and we opened it and then we peaked around and we invited you into our hearts and now it's so important that all know that now we co own these characters we love them so much which is that isn't that the dream of a writer yeah i mean i think it's one part getting it out of you because you have to get it out of you that you're not making anything that's consequential whether it be and i can only speak for myself and threw myself that it's like that's eyes do anything that i don't care about otherwise if i'm not connected to the work i'm doing then then i think you're when you're an actual sell out i don't i don't when you're doing stuff for r for
or so much that i kind of want to connect these last two things real quick i just sort of realized something about the fact that we parsed it out every week and unlimited too in like maybe some part of the connection that you're feeling without build up but the people who moreover this from the beginning and and and attention every week what's gonna happen there the only ones who can add attention from because from now on everyone will tear through it which hopefully will be good an experience but there's going to be a club of people who not just got to it early but here is the show differently then anyone who watches it from now on will do i definitely thought all sucked dropping them one at a time just to be honest just in the beginning i was like man yeah oh no i was like this is just bullshit but then i
i got into it and i was like okay i kind of understand i bet it was an intentional decision because everything about the show feels so super intentional on the creative side it was that was an apples idea and they have again numbers that we don't know but super nervous just because you're kind of like i don't know if people will stick with us and that was true humility through just fear labour actual i think i think i have you know you're not not fake email but like words like i don't know it just so many choices out there and so many things what if people don't care about i mean you know you're going to get the people that are going to care from jump but what i think it did rene was it did allow it to sit and sit in people's psyches and because of the quarantine i would even argue that it didn't even allow for it to be merely water cooler banter of like ten minutes that it kept there was a true like the water cooler became
you know the or the country and that ripple effect continued on and i think getting to sit with a show even a silly fish out of water comedy if you give it space you got to leave room for that magic an end that magic is just as much what we're doing on the writing side or the actors are doing the acting side but also on the viewer side like allow them to put themselves and so you are again thirty minutes but then you have more days in twenty three hours and thirty minutes to like think about it and talk about it delivered in the i mean from a business perspective get the word of mouth out there and turn other people onto it and he had a sense of discovery that i think is still one was powerful things with the vision and music you know when you hear a ban for a man in a small club before he had seen by lady alan club inside yours yours rebel yours by our encourage people to maybe training watch him one at the time
and we did write it with big without that you're speaking of i'm so glad to snapped out out the think it does was a guy that edited a lot of it i've seen these episodes over and over and i'm not crazy about watching myself but i love watching the show because of we didn't see everybody else and there are things that are set up and in the pilot that pay off in and the lion and those things through repeated viewing over maybe the next nine months ten months will hopefully elicit more more of that vibe that vibe permeating throughout the the univers now i think i mean i think one of the thing i did too i was just thinking again from a research perspective is it go away in a lot of the benzene is also numbing so when you have a little bit at a time it's not an it's not a great numbing tool it's you to pay attention to it and and the thing that a lot of people are saying is that it's one of them
if you shows that i have a fifteen year old and a twenty one year old and am when she came home from college a couple weeks ago i was like we need to what we do friday night we order dinner out and we watch ted laso me and mom and dad you have to watch it with us and she's like i haven't seen any of it yet and it's all mom talks about jesus is that do i need so we've been it that night the four of us for five and a half hours they were indian food and then i think we just i think we even like uber did cake or something because it was so long but it went was dying she just said nothing else makes you feel like this like nothing else makes you feel like this and so like not only does it make you think it just catches you on that three legs stool of a fact and emotion cognition and thinking and then behaviour it's just there's something really important about it that
and i get it to show and i get it's fun comedy and i get it's a workplace comedy in but i'm grateful i guess i'll just before we go into the rapid fire i'll go into i'm just grateful crazy grateful they get to make it an opium respond to that and one of my true true joys of it is how much we hear about people watching it with their families and again i was my dad took me to see beverly hills cop when i was nine years old and there's language in there and that's eddie murphy like at a height and you know language or symbols and if we understand the intent and there does get to be with roy and the f word some semantic satiation where it's like you lose the thread a little bit as he usually does when you use those words and but yeah the fact that families are watching it together incredible it's so neat because those are some of the best experiences that i long for and love about growing up with my folks as they took me to see
mom took me to see broadway dad it would take me to go see die hard and bevers coping and things like that chevy chase being as far that is that's who me and my sisters are alright you ready for the rapid fire questions okay so i'm going to start with brendan you read because you're on the top of my brady bunch zoom screen okay and we're going to move at a pace no thinking ahead no cheating hate cheating okay number one fill in the blank and vulnerability is essential jason vulnerability is powerful too and then you're called to be really brave but the fear is real it's right there in your throat what's the very first thing you do continue being based jason first thing you do take a deep breath and think of my family brennan something people get wrong about you all that i am not allowed to catch
jason something people get wrong about you that i was in a fraternity or maybe i would that i would be okay number four brendan last show you benched and loved i may destroy okay jason search party have seen it yeah search parties search party is great on hbo max kay favorite movie that you would not pass up if it was on the blues brothers perfection ok burn a concert you'll never forget programmes outside my head was a robbie williams in las vegas okay jason you'll never forget watch the throne tour at on square garden with jay z and kanye ok favorite male brendan deep dish
cargo pizza if i haven't had it in like a year could i can only have data should not be so i once a year at this point it destroys my body and i love it i get that jason favorite meal maybe something can city barbecue with a whole bunch of friends here i can't be too specific about which place that there are good in and i get ripley yeah you should know that for sure i am old bork old jason how to say this one story about kansas city some also big foot on there's a big sports fan if it has a ballroom you i'm for it worst our experience of my life like nineteen ninety maybe chiefs says raiders i was in kansas city for it that thing is like a bar street fight in the hell hole of texas that game these people hate each other the raiders and she fans sold out but idioms empty because its negative like five degrees and sleeping i was wearing the trash bag and when i went to the bathroom move my fingers so i'd ask mister
you're too unzip my genes because i was frozen like us and so that's what i thought we need though they kansas city and i think a sport i just think of coal i've ever been okay i know the kindness of people willing to unzip people's for them you know what i mean that is very midwest yes actually my hand was like frozen could i still smoked and drank back them a hand was like frozen in cigarette form what's on your nightstand brendon a book that my baby mama mama got me called dude you're gonna have a baby which breaks it all down into real caveman terms for my dumbhead got big big congratulations what are you all do thank you we're due in january you know right about the time will be in london shooting this is going to work out great gonna be grit it's gonna be amazing either way congratulations fed you baby crying imagine any normal yeah what's on your san jason several books the book that i'm thinking of
this one there is a book about gambling card slights by a fellow named steve forty i like magic and it's a whole big old home there's two volumes it's gonna be the first ones up here a gamble sleight of hand boy too he is a little bit of that in ted laso ok what's a snapshot of an ordinary moment a really ordinary moment your life that brings you real joy i have two hobbes that most people unlikelihood do not one is that it and obscure german car game called stop at a reasonably high level also hulu hooper sometimes in my most mediterranean state i will be up here who but while i'm hula hooping i'm on my ipad playing scott against people in germany who don't know that the they're playing is a american and be hey it was possible to love you more and idea ok
you have no idea you have no idea just began a case for ordinary moment in your life jason one as it and it's been because partly the but that also just a you know his age but playing video games with otis has been a great joy because you know my dad group would like pinball they didn't have gas i'm the age i've had a atari i've had a controller controller my hand my whole life and now that this is getting into it and all in moderation but when we play we play we ve been playing thief a soccer together and learning the sport that way about how to deal with winning a losing that he's kind of a shitty loser right now i've got a bump me out and i just need him do not give up on things and so seeing him when he makes a great pass and you'll see the next to each other in and looking over when him when this little across his face because you know he's not at school he's not playing not doing gavin pounds was hard and so the important aims
ensemble working and team mentality something that's forged person than i am and i that that's a great way to sort of simulate right now but seem to look in his face when he makes a great play and understands something is really really does a warm fuzzy admit it's a warm fuzzy for sure okay last brendan tell me one thing you're deeply grateful for right now grateful for the we're about to have to have a lot of work getting there four years of science and will finally come to the men very grateful it's amazing again congratulations jason one thing you're really grateful for right now we're friends family the family the family that i was lucky to be born into and the one that i've been smart enough to choose to have around me and that starts with olivia my partner and all the amazing people she's brought into my life too and eh present company excluded she has great taste
okay last question this is this was so interesting for me again as a researcher i don't mean to do a deep dive on the inner have your souls but the five songs you can't live without brendan what i'd say parts one and two by re charles don't you worry don't you worry about a thing to do stevie wonder because love you liza always great poison rose elvis costello one of my favorites and hey jude by the beatles because you have exactly one tattoo and it's a hay tattooed in one sentence what are these five songs tell me about you that i care about everyone getting out of whatever dark time they might be at a given time and that trusting trusting that every storm passes and it's going to be okay beautiful okay thank you if i ain't got you by alicia keys sm town by john melon cap so midwestern i can just taste it easy lover by
we'll call it was all about don't go easy laboured stated its debts yeah it was very good year by frank sinatra and great thought high rollers by iced tea in the wide wide world of sports do these five songs say about you i the first thing it makes me think that's a guy that used to travel with a lot cities and duffel bag that's right leg just lugging around have ever separate like roy baggers just until the good gonna daily ipod basic knowing why chosen one of those it it has a lot to do with what it what it would i think it would tell about you that's it these data to me when the hearing those all back like that is
that i am i am i am a product of i'm forged by the people and situations i was lucky enough to be born into each one of those is about something else to me or being around something or someone else's influence something gave me a perspective on a different situation or world but yeah i think it's then that's why i get away from it it's so funny to think about it as like one group five versus the individual i that as a body of work yeah make will each have little many mixed tapes with your faces be really here ok thing all this was so fine and i am so grateful i know your writing taking care my people that object the richmond football club i'm just thanks for taking the time and talking to me about it is really important and great misses a blackberry blast i truly flattered that do flattered that you wanted to and to dinner
and using your part funded shine a light on on nor our group mary pranks does it's really it's really been amazing and thank you for being so thoughtful and kind to the to the characters is wealth is still so they say be the change you want to see in the world and i think our group is trying to write the change i just want to say think out of us need her sharing this conversation sharing this kind of joyful experience and moment with me obviously it goes without saying that if you have not watch the show each episode about thirty minutes all ten are now available you can watch them on apple plus and if you want i think it's always so fun when shows have their own social media handles although it's not good
because i have a hard time separating reality from tvs and movies that i really like but you can follow coach lasso on twitter at ted last you can follow coach beard at the coach beard and you can also follow afc richmond which is not really a premier football club at a of sea richmond there's also an official ted lasso soundtrack on spotify i'll link to it from the episode show page i'll give you all these links so you can find out about all of these things on rene brown dot com when you get it website just look at the top and go to unlocking s podcasting you'll find this episode and you'll find all kinds of great links two things that you need a fine if you want to follow jason just jason sedateness an brendan is brendan hunting u n t i n g alright that is
it for today thank you so much for listening again please if you're in the united states figure out of voting plan really dig into it and be prepared don't wait till it's too late there are a lot of weird hurdles are this time around here and there don't forget october nineteenth dare to lead cast launching exclusively on spotify so unlocking s is a spotify original from power cast it was produced by max cutler kristen acevedo and carly madden and by a thirteen sound design is by christian acevedo thank thank you awkward brave kind take care
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