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Introducing Dead and Gone. A podcast about the Grateful Dead and their missing and murdered fans. One of the most iconic bands in American history, “The Dead” as they’re affectionately called by their fans—self proclaimed "Dead Heads”—have been dogged by a darkness that has followed the band since its inception and despite the Grateful Dead’s ethos of peace and love and communal music, this darkness has led to the murder and the disappearance of some of the band’s most dedicated fans. Hosted by popular podcasters Payne Lindsey of Up and Vanished and Jake Brennan of Disgraceland, this podcast combines the distinct storytelling styles of both Payne's investigative style and Jake’s single-voice narrative style. From Tenderfoot TV and Double Elvis, this is Dead and Gone, a long, strange, deadly trip.

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The guys it's pain, and I want to tell you about a new pact. I have called dead and gone. It's an investigative, podcast, Adam hosting that looks into the unsolved murders and disappearances of grateful that fence. If you're a fan of up and vanished this black ass, his definite for you, I've porter with a fellow podcast, her name Jake Britain- posted disgrace land and together we cover some bizarre new information. Dead and gone. Is a tin poor Pike S series in the first two episodes are available right now, just search dead and gone on your Pakistan, it be sure to subscribe, and, if you're on the fence about it, here's a clip of the first ten minutes of the show
Well, I'm having trouble finding it right now. This post is throwing me off side not very long ago. No is here. Caesar Chavez, pork on San Francisco Bay is a small memorial black buried in the grass out of sight in apparently forgot, in living memory of Mary, Regina Joy.
of twenty sixty two sixteen eighty five Gregory given there were newspaper articles about the killings. What I read it happened around here, someone allegedly the guy that they arrested, kill them. It was a long time it says secret memory. Thirty, five years ago, Mary Joy in Gregg Nathan were murdered here
a man named Ralph Thomas was convicted and sentenced to death. So why am I here? Well, it all started with this guy somebody had to know somebody's gonna invent Villa Selwyn. Somebody's gonna invent the microwave. Eventually somebody would have been the first ever sleep. It happened to be may kiss right now is that we must aim ten Lindsey they were here. This is Todd Matthews the bank. He lives in a small town in Northern Tennessee, he's a funny guy with a distinct southern accent, but there is also something very unique about time. He considers himself the world's first cyber sleuth. My route to this world was very strange. In October of nineteen. Eighty seven three new girls want internal insurance. girl and I was sent my my best Moran and the one in the middle appointed at her ass, a desert I'm gonna marry literal issues,
down beside me. We were telling go stories because it was hallowing. She told me about a body that are bothered founded, not in sixty eight She was a Jane DOE and Scott County Kentucky, the agenda was known as the tick, because she was wrapped in a canvas. Temper had just turned eighteen and the time she term seventeen, but with enormous we're married, I didn't go to college, I p and I didn't really know what I wanted to do we're gonna change, ok just sent back. Ankara seemed so familiar. I felt like I knew that case. There was no Google's. He couldn't. Google He certainly can't google filing cabinet was driven to Georgetown Lexington Kentucky get newspaper articles talking to people that might have known something about it now build a website for everything that I knew just clips photographs every night now thought out
this out there and in somebody will come to me and tell me It was my mom sister, something I was in for by that hadn't mother, sister potter anything, and a ninety. Ninety seven I found somebody A decade for mistreated, gripped small, Georgetown community Illumine found dead and wrapped in a tent of U S. Twenty five in nineteen sixty eight. She was now it s tat girl, until the late ninety nine days when her true identity was discovered, I found a woman was looking for her sister last night to be alive and lights into can take, uniting sixty seven I knew it was her I remember the words, though, the Medical Examiners office girl is indeed Barbara. Tyler
that's when a shortage in the past I made a name for himself having solve the decades old murder case by using the internet at the time. This concept was unheard of and it got the attention of law enforcement agencies from around the world. They wanted to help solve their cases. That's when Todd had a revolutionary idea, Internet must be good. More than just look at him. Commercials. you gotta be usable, is the way to communicate with Paypal. Apartment of justice in two thousand seven going to create a nameless programme the national database, the national system for missing an unattainable persons. Unlike like that Todd's careers, aforetime sleuth, took off tat map. I feel thousands of missing persons cases he's the spokesperson for name- is the national missing an unidentified person system, its.
Remit organization that aims to streamline missing persons, cases per investigators since tint girl, Todd Matthews, has had his hands and countless cases may miss alone as help solve over twelve thousand missing persons. Cases whatever it is Todd, definitely has something, a good intuition, and I for things who knows, but the impact he's had on unsolved cases, is very real. Over the years. Todd learn the importance of collecting data in order to solve these crimes, tracking trends in recognising patterns and recently Todd's taken notice of a new pattern of cases, which is why I'm here Therefore, if there is just one one case when even think about it, I'm not sure if anybody would really state and never to be featured in a magazine. You know when you start clustering thing together, love. It is easier to see, uses
but instead of unsolved cases, all at one thing in common the ban, the grateful dead grateful they could you come up with a better name, the grateful they had cases. Maybe they were going to a concert, tickets, Devon it had a concert sure down. It was a commonality, that's something that you can grab beheld him that commonality it got your attention in it. That's the idea. There was an event that brought people together. Those concerts brow people together to a certain place and certain time. Emma conspiracy theory and that something Mysteriously had no, but they had their commonality. he's, not a serial killer, most likely that done, some to all of these people. We know will they themselves had nothing to do with the US innocent
it made them have some connection, each other, whether they were even created or nine, and that something anything that you can take to re composed the decomposed grateful that the debt. So it's not some big conspiracy and is probably not a serial killer police. He doesn't think so, but would Todd's found in his lifetime as a cyber sleuth is the importance of a commonality, even if only to get your ten, Anybody like for anything due to the great based Gonna, run into those cases. That might be the exact people that need to say those cases. The conversations not heard anything fellow. To make the concept bigger easier to see an unforgettable almost every This is just bizarre nature, strange circumstances. brilliantly Pendel was less,
on January 12th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six in Wichita Kansas. She was twenty three years old and falling the grateful dead on tour when she vanished Douglas Simmons was last seen at a grateful dead concert on July, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety in Raleigh North Carolina Mitchell, Fred Weiser and his girlfriend. Bonita Vicwood went missing on July 27th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three hitchhiker. grateful dead, concert, Jennifer Wilmer, grateful dead follower was last seen in California on September 13th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three or hitchhiking grateful dead for years, and he vanished on April 24th, two thousand and four from Northport Maine on July 20th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, a man was found. the highway of agreeable dead concert in Atlanta. To this day, his identity is unknown. On March twenty Two thousand eight of fishermen discover
Women's remains underneath the box bring in Sacramento California. She was wearing agreeable that jacket. her cause of death and identity remain unknown and October. Twenty six nineteen anyone, the woman was Thou murdered in the woods of warring County New Jersey. Going clue as to her identity was a large had to have a tiger on her left. Leg later was discovered that the tattoo was the same tiger: design on Jerry, Garcia, guitar for identity, means unknown The majority of these cases have been unsolved now for decades. Tides hope is that my clustering, these cases together, he can bring more awareness to them. The first two episodes are available right now, just search dead and gone on. Your Pakistan.
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