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Introducing Somebody

2020-03-31 | 🔗

Introducing Somebody a new podcast available now. When Shapearl Wells's son Courtney is found outside a Chicago police station with a fatal bullet wound, Shapearl immediately distrusts the official narrative. So she launches her own investigation into her son’s murder and teams up with journalists from the Invisible Institute to confront the cops and find the truth about Courtney's death. Somebody explores the racial disparities and turbulent relationship between law enforcement and citizens in one of America’s largest cities. A co-production of the Invisible Institute, The Intercept, Topic Studios, and iHeartRadio, in association with Tenderfoot TV. For more info visit www.somebodypodcast.com.

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I want to tell you about a new investigative podcast called somebody. It's hosted by Shapiro Wells who, for the past four years, has been investigating the murder of her twenty. Two year old Son Courtney, police said, Courtney was shot in his car and drove to a nearby station Chicago, where police officers did everything they could to help him. But the official story didn't line up. Chapelle became suspicious and when detectives wouldn't release video footage of the police encounter Chapelle teamed up with journalists to investigate what they found shocked her the new podcast somebody chronicles chapels journey to learn the truth about her sons. Murder is a story about trust, race and the police in one of America's largest cities from the invisible institute, the intercept, an topic studios.
An association with tenderfoot TV? Somebody is available right now, listen to somebody on the eye, heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast check out this clip and while you listen search, somebody in your podcast up make sure you subscribe. So you can get new episodes every Tuesday we are average black family trying to fight the give you thirty. Everywhere we time we hear the door get slammed enough faith. My name issue Pearl wells. They want you to stop fighting, they want you to give up. They want you to say that the discharge debate. It is more. Why can't do it. This is the story of my son Courtney
it is critical to dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here my life. He was a good shot. He loved his firm with them a ladies man even which have anti any square money. He got that smiled has been full. I just remembered thinking to myself leg: where does he added energy from I'm? Just the wrapper. Cornick open was a good friend of mine, in twenty. Sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back out. The Chicago police station
We did this. Why did you do as open goodness of God in its the story of my search for the truth, so we were due to fly years. We were in a radio. Is anybody Dick and tell us get answers you want to know what the decision about IRAN and I'm not There's stuff was axed along the way I teamed up with journalists, and we took this case to a new level by and by I was emergency room. I remember how specifically ban handcuffed to debate. What do you do with information rather than make me where the gardener,
where this is the PA cast about trust and the police. There's a warm back in high school. You put to protect those who protects us from you. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the inner sap and topic Studios in association with underfoot tv this is somebody's. Try somebody deserve to know what happened. I desire to know what happened. The butler.
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