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Hey guys, it's pain, I ever knew podcast out right now and it's called radio rental. If you like truth, story- is told by the real people who experience them. Then this black is definitely for you stories about the weird unexplained. I got a text randomly. I dont know how to get number? I dont know what was going on and run ends actual serial killers. So I whip open the blinds angrily and I see a man when he whispered to me talk you're debt experiences. When I heard the urgency and flight attendants voice. Remember having this moment of extreme panic, everything actually seem to occur in slow motion it just fella. Chaos Radio rental is basically a collection of true accounts of your worst nightmares. Am I doing here
Am I lose my mind that just make up some experience in my head? completely out of it. Convinced the first twelve episodes right now to give you a little taste of what to expect or for some reason, you're on the fence. Here's a true story from a serious called docking, and if you like it, please search for radio rental when your Pakistan can collect scribe. Deja vu is a funny feeling its literal translation, already seen besides to save this feeling is no precondition or prophecy, but in fact, is the bizarre anomaly of memory in extreme cases, data can be linked to mental or neurological disorders. But if you ve ever experienced the brief flash of deja vu,
Few can the night is how real it feels. One moment you're convince you, ve been there or seen this before and in an instant it's gone in the story, you're about to hear this man's expire its exceeds far beyond the intensity of deja vu, but instead should be categorized. What I like to call a glitch in the matrix. Have you ever been to doesn't ten or eleven? Maybe something like that? What am I first apartment eyes with a girlfriend. I was in college, we're living in. City on the upper West me my girlfriend and then like four of her friends want to mine. We place how dive seventy five I borrowed like a nice dive bar in New York City. One of her friends had just gotten engaged girl named Michelle. You can go to the engagement party. Cuz we've been at work, so we went to like the drinks after the Engagement party type of thing
You know when you move somewhere with a girlfriend, and it's like you had the first bubble in the first few months, where it's like new place, new things, new new restaurants, to try some kind of way invigorates things we really like really place. We're going out for drinks lie we're going out to dinner. Alot. Honestly kind of it. A high point like at that moment we had like just moved to the city together, we're like feeling optimistic about things there. There wasn't anything to indicate anger and each other, especially in that moment we got a little drunk, but not crazy, we walked back home. Probably ten blocks are so tenant, while box. I think we sang songs, walking home, were singing village or has it been playing at the bar got back to the House I took a shower because I didn't come home from work and she had put on the obvious.
The room we as I got bad wash the others and I pass out proudly after twenty thirty minutes, pretty uneventful honestly, so I woke up probably noon. I ordered a bad made coffee, but on the tv, my girlfriend, she was never look up. She didn't have a radio schedule, so she would like sometimes pop often go to meeting dear work, it wasn't like weird for her to not be there sitting there for a little while and then I would downstairs to go, have a cigarette. I lit it and then I don't see anything I heard high heels coming from behind me, the sidewalk in New York City New here people walking over time. She public pushed me on the shoulder like that site.
Around, and it was my girlfriend. I was really confused the first why she was wearing the clothes she was wearing. She was wearing black heels and black skinny genes and add a camera colored assure was in, but I like a leather jacket over it. I didn't recognize the clothes they weren't like closer. I knew of her. What's that, I was that it wasn't something she would be wearing in the morning yeah she was wearing night club. Clothes at new size is kind of like where you come over and then she was just like go fuck yourself. How fuckin could you just like a myriad of insults, kind of one after the other? She instead in my yellow me. She just kind of like walked past me to the door. Running and yelling at me as she was doing. So I think she called me an asshole was like you're fucking piece of shit and then turn around and start going towards the front door of the building and then just like tights
code on the door, opened the doors I like followed her up the stairs confuse this shit. I'm thinking like maybe see I don't know I saw tax to somebody and misunderstood what I was saying like someone it hold me or something like that and she picked up and it was a wrong number, but she got pissed about how to know what the fuck I wasn't cheating honour like there is nothing for her to be mad about. But you know my mind. Is racing trying to figure out what the fuck it could be do I like immediately got up and was like what are you talking about it? What's going on, so I was following her up like trying to get her to explain what the fuck was going on and she wasn't really saying anyting. Things are perfect. Last night, like what's going on like how, from the course of like you was going to see, I was honestly starting to get pissed, because she wasn't talking to me cuz. It's some point like you can't just be that you have to tell me why you're mad you can't just call me and ass. I did not tell me why I'm a fucking asshole. She took out keys from her bag and went into my apartment.
In the living room. There was a kind of dress her where she kept some of this stuff, so she started taking out. And putting them in another bank that she had started likes fiction in there. In the whole time, she's like calling me name she still as in telling me what I did wrong she just being like. I know what you did You know what you did like. I don't have the fuckin tell you anything or into the bedroom. My grab something from the bedroom and came out and, like I tried to block the door, so she grabbed a coffee, mug and threw it at me. You know those little plastic, potted succulent things that are like fake, that you can get it IKEA and ship. Should I pick one of those up. Had the tv with it. I didn't she just like stormed out in my lap, so I followed her downstairs. And so we get downstairs and she lay hailed a cab open the door. The cab
around seven bug you got in the cab and drove on. I thought my girl from his brain nowadays as like heartbroken, maybe four seconds and that's what I felt some wondrous hug arms like around my. From behind? I was already in like a kind of emotional place like feeling angry and sort of scared, I'd salon to have someone like walk up in like hug you from behind scared, the shit out of me, I jump. I got very confused and scared all the sudden and it was I who the fuck is that so I turned around my girlfriend his girlfriend had made quite the scene in his apartment, cursing Burlington.
Around the entire interaction. Just didn't seem right to me. She wasn't acting like herself and then with no explanation at all. She storms downstairs hops in a cab and drives off only to reappear but damn seconds later, literally as if it never happened at all. Needless to say, he didn't know what to think, but he was determined to find out what just happened. I had just seeing her get in a car than she was standing behind me and span of five seconds that just scared the shit out of me. I was terrified. I was like what the fuck is happening right now. How could she have tricked me somehow and gone from the cab to being I was just so confused like achieve snuck out the other door and like crawled along the side of the cars like really fast,
radio static in my head. After that it went from like scared, leg scared of losing something too scared. Like scared, scared scared. They might by going crazy and mountains. In my mind, tat. I just make up some experience in my head. I was like completely out of it. Maybe just and she started freaking Alyosha shoes. What's wrong like what's going on, I felt for not saying right away. I was just so I was really fuckin thrown off. Just a whitewash all the southern of big emotion and nothing then adding however, that is not being able to logically put together when it just happened Not even just the emotional like swing of it, but, like I can't connect be in my brain My my brain was kind of like overloaded, trying to figure itself out.
It took it took some time for me to actually start being like okay. How do we? How can we rationalize this? The first, like actionable, thought I had was I'm gonna go like make sure my room is still fucked up, because other As I was like, I need to go check myself into a hospital in the neck. Five minutes, I never really hear anything. She said I wasn't listen. Anything I just went straight back upstairs, so I look at the apartment the door to my apartment was so open the corner. The tv screen was broken, Succulent thing was still on the ground. The coffee loki resolve at a later, for there were closed, all over the floor, but an address on the dresser drawers. No open in the dim. Bang was gone, the shit and was farm broken and there's still should on the floor
All the stuff tat I had seen happen upstairs, the all the physical evidence of it was still there. I felt comforted for a second if I oh shit, who did happens, lay We know what the fuck I just haven't, confirming that something happen and it was almost relieving and then it was like even more stressful. Now that hides confirm that that had happened. They first It was like one how what's what what's wrong with you like? What happened like I'm worried about you and then, when she walked into the apartment shoes I what the fuck happened. She's like what happened to my staff where's, my clothes, I, what the fuck is going on her stuff had been taken from the drawers her stuff, her closer. The floor now is when she really outnumbering our shoes, we arrived late summer. Break Anna was, like I don't know Are you really know how to answer back is again someone just broken in taking your shit, but it was you you know
How do you say that to someone and not sound, like you're fucking, crazy. Time is like trying to tap answer questions I remember being like she's like would someone break in, and I was like kind of issues like what do you mean kind of like what happened? I was like someone came and took stuff she's like so someone broke, and I was like nothing I'd keys. She thought I was kidding. This is awesome. Prank in the tide, like yeah, put our clothes on the floor and I was trying to figure out and then, when she saw the security footage was when she thought I was cheating on her security. Camera footage. I just showed us on a computer in the office. Looked at the apartment, building security camera like up in a corner with a fisheye lens. You don't really get like great shots of people just facial features, but if you could very clearly see a wolf
exactly wearing what I described, who looked a hell of a lot like my girlfriend she Turkey's keys keys to my apartment, my unique specific amendment like she pulled out a set of keys from the bag. She was carrying and opened the door of my apartment with the keys and when in time for me, it is proof that I had experience when I experienced and because I had been standing there in front of this girl two feet away from her. Looking her in the face, I know exactly who was it? gone so fast that I couldn't say definitively that it was heard. Something like that. I would be in a totally different mindset about it, but was like a real person who was standing right in front of me, who I touched physically and who broke should, in my apartment Brazil for certain was my girlfriend physical characteristics top to bottom height. Build wait, face everything
that holds couple next hours felt like really slow and really fast. At the same time, really weird, He's trying to convince yourself that I hadn't cheated on her, and I was trying to convince myself that she was in Poland, some kind of like trick on me and light. I think, because it was so kind of inexplicable it's hard to not let the negative things come first, because it feels like you been tricked. Somehow it feels like you been lied to or something like that. Your brain, just kind of immediately goes till I get defensive place, I have: no, there was anything other than a human being and a very real one. I just can't explain how there is both situations that happened, that quickly.
So her dad he was a lieutenant in the Nypd and he had been like forever so when she called him and was like freaking out like someone was in my apartment and took my shit him and like two of his detectives from his precinct and they came and they did like the security camera footage. They took it with them. They did fingerprints, which I know is not like a normal thing to do in that situation, but, like her dad working He was freak. The freak out cuz, it's daughters, freak the fuck out the only sit on the locks on the door knobs where me and her for her. She was like accusing me of cheating on her and shit, and I was like it's just your fingerprints of my fingerprints on the doorknob just me and her It gave me a little bit of peace of mind, but again it was one of those swings like peace of mind, because I've been proven right, but now like what the fuck do, you know it. What does that mean? They spent like three hours?
the security guy and they were like knocking on doors of other people in other departments in the building and other people that heard like screaming. Like around that time, they went all out of trying to figure out what the fuck it happened, because he thought the same thing. She thought that someone is like trying to pose as his daughter or something it was a very strange afternoon of like trying to explain her father who likes it in. Like me, he was the one who thought I was cheating on her like he thought some other girl had come over in, like flip the fuck out strange afternoon, dad you nothing. She had taught her circular words. Supra here is light years right approved that I was like a visa share. My view is that you need a break up this gaelic homage to prove it to you, my guy, that's why you got taken so far. I was he wanted dependence on me as he was like acknowledge. Your stories, bullshit, like is obviously makes no sense by government Our motivation, my daughter knows you're crazy person. He couldn't prove that I had done anything wrong.
His findings were that everything I said was impossible but impossible. The proof was untrue. The girl, who is our first to his angry at me, was my girlfriend and the one who hug me from behind was also my girlfriend like if they were both the same person, I dont know how they were in those two places. The same time. I don't know why they were indifferent emotional states, but it was the same person there's where, if you are told it's been a mixed people being like Two story. Man, like you, don't like that's really interesting that you should write a tv show and I got eleven fucking la that's what people say I mean I've had he will be. I guess bullshit. I probably only told like maybe ten people, because I think I sound crazy It's really more, my own insecurity about the story than anything else like
I'm sure they like her and plenty of people in my life that if I told they would still like love me and did not judge me or anything, but you know it's like the human nature to be worried about that stuff. So I just haven't really sure the story cuz. I think it sounds crazy. I used to watch ghost hunters or whatever the fuck. It's called with my friends, and we would like make fun of them and we would like get drunk play drinking games, unlike when we can catch them faking stuff, I always thought that suffers a job like I never take it seriously.
Stop the bottom. I think that everything in this world is perfectly explainable. I bet just one thing I can personally can't explain. I think anyone who wants to buy into a series of supernatural stuff is welcome to do so. I don't believe in any of it, except for when it's again the only thing that I it's like the last thing you know it's like everything else, all the logical stuff I've tried to explain it just couldn't so it's some point. It kind of is the only thing you have left over. I still like hope, deep down to do something like scientific vision of what happened, that's very real! You know. One of my very good family friends was a professor in New York City and he teaches This is so and talk to him and I was just kind of told him the story and I was like. I know it's crazy. I fully fuckin word, I said he's like not make sense.
No, it doesn't whose I gonna lie. I like a kind of does look in the theoretical world of like how it could happen. My recollection was it he said it's possible fur reality. These two overlap with each other briefly, or something like that here. Saying that this is like what happened, and neither was I. It was just like an interesting explanation that someone have given me that I trust that I like more than a ghost headaches collusion more than their being. Like? A different time line in which something actually it happened where she had perfectly good reason to be mad at me, in which we were still together in for some brief, and they overlaps with each other. So I experienced both. Then she went back to hers, again, overlap essentially I told you a friend of mine who had told about historian. They rely gown. Believe you
Does the common ass? I totally finer, I called and said I wouldn't believe me either foes myself was sitting this agenda gain from this, like I'm not trying to convince anyone on everything I believe myself like if I wasn't this park ass right now, on the other hand, I feel it gets gets bullshit. I don't care, I really don't think you can believe your dad you'd get your days in your life. Gonna be the same either way like it really doesn't matter, man I'm not going to defend it in like cuz. I think it's crazy to it happened to me, and I know it's true that I don't. I don't need anyone else to believe it. Play for me.
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