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The Suspects: Part 2 - Presented by Murder On the Orient Express


Payne Lindsey delves into the making of Murder On the Orient Express, discussing “behind the scenes” with the cast. Mixed by ResonateRecordings.com

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On today's Amazon out of managed Waken channel our journey Bobby. I am dicks many analysing interviews that characterise the actors and actresses that make up this elegant, diverse and even dangerous of passengers. Ask about the making of the movie their experiences onset and what it was like working with now and a member of the Gatt we ve got a lot prove out now. Let's go when a man, a man not mustache Mister Hare, so, first in all seriousness, I mustache wash your hands up above I like, I know,
Else, like half say no nice, it was the first real question I might each month about used on substance. Not just you, know how well, I think I must have some lessons describes. Billy was as forming a dark murder mystery set on a train. Why do you think this story has stood the test of time so well ACT, the Christy's amassed a storyteller and her ability to combine colorful compelling dangerous characters. Funny characters with violent situations always creates a kind of them riveting mix. She can make you laugh and scattered pants off you who is poorer who's your character, how Q Power
is a belgian he was born in spar in Belgium. He was in the belgian army. He was in the belgian police forces a stark detective. He is a man of singular habits. In today's parlance he might be discussed. Dinner version and having obsessive compulsive disorder. He has issues about the number of the room He might stay in a hotel he's to have two eggs prepared for him each morning to eat. They both must be of equal size, equal temperature and boiled for exactly the same time by equal size is an absolutely like a king. Witchcraft absolutely is the king. William key requirement is the size of the eggs which he measures. We a fan of Agatha before the spill, yes most, certainly,
prosource of reasons really that my mother was a great reader of fat, detective, novels and Agatha Christie. They were so they were hit around about in the house. My mother took to reading very late in life once she went for it is felt like she was no detective novel. She hadn't read and she was very, very asked by Agatha Christie, so the name and the titles were around in the house in my adolescence. I remember so. I began to take notice when the film and theatre adaptations came along, I began to us. She was a real person and she was alive at that stage in dumb and then at the marrow nordic specimen, seventy four, the Sydney limit, films very aware of and dumb even Then I was astonished at the output is gargantuan output She was very honest about latterly. I understood she just said Sumter some books. I wrote what very good I just had to keep writing. I do earn money to keep right here, just care. I can she had that incredible, proper writers, discipline of she just kept going. She produced them year after year of the incredible volume in court.
But prolific, two degree digital somewhere about your work at all. I do like tat this I must say I enjoy practicing I've, seen actors seen directors. Sometimes you just do with lack of opportunity or that the lack of you no good fortune, sometimes who a much more assistance, they take much more time to approach a project. I think I'm not as courageous is that you know I know that I need to practice to get back better I think, projects take the amount of time the space to take whatever that is. But when I, when I leave to too long a gap between doing anything going on. So I remember I bid for peered. My life goes off. Of stages as an active for ten years, when I went back to do is terrifying experience, so I said never do that again. I've left long gaps between making movies sometimes, and for me it's about actually practising a lot so enjoy them. Do you like one one than the other like like acting more than directing or what said describe your passion for both those in
There is well big. I came from from from the practice of acting, but I entered this world as as an audience member watching films and television. That's where I started films, tv, because we didn't go to the theatres of family. This is not something which is working class family didn't plays in that cutting just one word. What we did when no books in the house knows much later on my mom started when she was in a basket of sixty should discuss complete passion for reading. I'm not saying my folks were stupid, but just that that's the way we just the way we up, but film and tv passion about- and I suppose the way they told stories was was was it was interesting to me. I was wanting to know who these people were, who is make up? Who was lighting, meat or was very interested in the way things were made, wives its people that I never saw them just people of screen. What was their role, and why was certain kinds of
decisions made images in movies really stuck with me, so I think or low. I then, if I knew that I could do something ultimately, is that I can act, and I have your obtuse practice that but might might been drawn into this world of storytelling bye, bye, somehow seeing it as a directive at sea. So so, but with no thought that I could ever be a director any more than I could be an actor ready to begin with, but slowly the two things came: gather, and they always seem to be very you- no kind of them into twined. Now that this is the result of an expression of both because playing Porto and being a director are suited, weirdly intertwined if Europe, as I know from taking speaking to such people here detective in an interview with someone investigating a crime, there is a level of concentration level of perception and focus that you need in order to see what
not of the head or that blinking what your foot doing now, what way your hands are etc is, is it it is indicative of guilt. Indifferent whatever, and if I'm watching out for performances. While I need to be able to say I know you need to just relax outside of your juul or whatever I need to do whatever just feel a shoulder drop back a bit. It's a That's what you read on me. You re, I think very together. You feel very fierce, like your court, natural, and this is an hour. I think you re no, your subject as well, so you have a quiet conference which Good Yeah I'd say this isn't a contained, passionate quality that is underneath a civilised exterior. Am I a murderer now I wanted it She about this. Not only not an amendment not at the moment is all I can say, but you ready in a you gonna put you to be kept, getting very vague and seen in those boardgame. So don't let it go too far as a
Match up, we are over this at work, graduate otherwise known as Johnny Depp here He described his experience on respect borders, fellow CAS me and workings of his most unsavory character. Not is not. The guy was very much time with you find a way to to ruin you if you can, I think, he's probably the ultimate borderline personality disorder and thanks to opportunists menace cycle, is. It is fascinating code that is one of the most com, organised and ready for anything,
that's going on in all comes staff from him and he is general and everyone, and I believe it why I think it's because he I'm not the artist he's. Not the artist will not all body. There's an artist everyone there from from the key group Dolly grew to the sparks to them, craft services he's that type of man, so the set itself so open closed as well and intimate when necessary. He asked people to be, and I think that's one of the first things is that he allows people to be allows them to do their job. To the and via does we in terms of.
Having said that conducive to creatives, barring searching ranging out something absurd to get us. Action or someone so this will says, like you, have the opportunity to try anything. I've been on the Orient Express before, and it almost exert some units will pretty much is exact still has that sort of classes? You know that class elegans, usually that was quite something I'd die in the eyes of Judy damage. I worship Judy Tens and have done for a long time and had the opportunity to make work with ruin shovel and use ago,
Just that I thought damned you didn't work in the world. It is work is impeccable. She suggests purely she's, the real thing and it's it's. It's incur it's not to be in the same proximity, someone as as as as filled with gifts and talent. Everything Stardust she started. But what about his thoughts on detective spatial here, my girl? When was that? it's like a double mustache, but it is so genius and he couldn't done the classic power all Muslims, but he didn't. I found that I mean I applauded that immediately.
Now it time for the beautiful last ray of paramilitary groups, about what The story is stood time so well. It is so well written and it is so full of late years on it is so complex and every characters so red and good material. Like that's the base of everything- and you have done that book- you have that Greek from there. You can build something really special if you don't have that. It's not gonna happen. Later on this head on believing that We ve fan of Agatha Christie before this movie. Yes, of course, me like being everybody now am, I think it was sees an incredible offer. Closely movie, I saw it a long time ago so tonight so it again, because I didn't really remember, I think I was
He is alone, nature was long and so on CAN said, gave you you have to watch it again if you want to watch it with a distance because we're doing something different with all due respect for the other film, but we are doing something she did something so modern and so special I'm on my way be fun of his work. I've always been another. I that I have had the privilege to work with him. I was blown away. Was ass. An actress a director I think there are only a few people in the world can handle that amount of pressure multitasking with things that require so much like each one of the things that he was quite so much so What's goin situations are not given a hundred percent on more animals answering questions to every department for the whole day months and months and months is taken.
Do you know in what way is an incredible sprint that lasted so long and they still going because he's editing I and my very much the people they can do that acting. I directing at the same time going in and out of that fiction like that beautiful dance, they make it look, so we see similar difficult. I can imagine I may it takes a type of person, type of personality to be able to handle that and it really I admire it somewhat. How just grab restricting style? Well he's one of the greatest actors alive, and he knows what it is he knows. Would we go through so his sensitivity? Is its day's pay special he's very aware of the process very respectful they open to surprises dude. You could come with a proposal in here
really listen. He was for things that you too, to always keep you present. He asked me to the more difficult scene in the movie the first day of shooting, and I thought that was a joke or a mistake in the schedule and when I go to take on is that none of this is gonna, be like that for every one of you. The challenge? Of course there are. Probably, I would have done the same if I was because using the nerves of the first day there you don't really know where you are. If you belong there, you always feel echo is the first time I I do this job. No, I've done I've, forty something movies. But he never movie. I feel it is my first one. Of course you wanted to use them. I'm really not belonging. Yet you know into the project into the group Tommy by his moustache. I love him. On the first day when I, when I saw it, he told me
if he had a trailer up for just for him, for this it is how big it is amazing. To that good name was touched, you haven't even fit through the doors of the train I made it seem like that. It's gigantic. Very funny, and I would say things to him and use it. Please don't make me laugh because he could not love with that with them the blue, and he really, not love basis. It was impossible not to say something to him every day when he walked with that thing in his face buried so cool, because his risky gaze is big at his taking a big risk, because its final phase, but is it works for portal- is amazing how well it works I'll catch up monsieur creating a dancer so alone it
all trades polluting makes this tape you into acting as Count Rudolf in murder on the Orient Express. So in one sentence: how do you from his movie quality? Does it to shorten called early animals very, he does if those fire with the head with a tough question. But mainly in quality summation than this movie. What's it like. Acting alongside the director like that, I mean I was Religion which in Kansas and I. And I realize that he has a power of observing everything around him. De I could see a couple of couple. Mistakes and maybe. And he was in the scene, but a couple of minutes later, he would get to the point that he will correct the mistake so
Secondly, does everything and he he tells everybody's their notes by just be even been himself in the same, this awareness, wilderness of everything? What around me describe your wife, Beautiful talented strong in size, but need support from out. What's the prize you must during the shooting of his film. I expected the industry to be great. Talk to my expectations, I don't know I felt like I was a child again, As you know, I was the happiest when I was a kid, because you are free you this brings people together and you know you scared of.
You just the vain yourself phenomena like her. And none this movie working on this movie was working together with people was fund joke and you know it wasn't. There wasn't work, it was you enter and emotions empty emotions like kids, the pure your emotions. I e the experience. That's becoming electors, cleaning yourself from their emotions that when you grow he important. Of yourself. We ve heard up count rode up to now. His wife, Countess Olenska portrayed by the law Lucy Boy did so in one sentence had he describes movie.
God I timeless who done it, that is an ode to the past, have Agatha Christy, was it like acting alongside the director like that, it's a really incredible experience to watch him work. I mean it's always love working with directors who have experience acting as well. It is. It means that they know the kind of emotional place at your coming from middle, so have overarching view of the directors while seeking to get the best of both worlds. But then I mean watching can do his best work as Paro and then come
to us and go down the line of all sixteen of us, giving such precise deck direction, tat, precise and lucid direction, it's just astonishing that he has that much awareness is correct. The director differ. They can have the actor yeah me. Actually that's for the interesting question I would say Kenneth the director really fun and easy to be around, and enabling an encouraging and can actor is more intimidating as well. That was just a man who can arise here. That's the heavy influence. Sapporo is well. Ok was over the mustache under mustache, deeming it s pretty, and hence it is very close it again here who I mean if I grow, I told exactly exactly it's: it's pretty impressive who's, I play the contest Andrew Knee and she,
it is a very mysterious character, she is an ex ballerina come nocturnal person as she is really beautiful relationship with her husband, the count and you see that develop throughout the film and kind of explained more. The way that a are so beautiful connected and dependent on one another, but she is definitely a very forceful, powerful person how she bilbil poorer, just in her life she's a very guarded person. She is cited Lee powerful so with anyone who comes into space like part does especially under the circumstances that he does of such a harsh interrogation. I think very guarded and in the scene where she doesn't where he does interrogate. How you see more of a sense of humor is while the way she plays with him and toys with him.
Of course, a godless Willem the foe plays Haldeman this dramatic crime. Thriller here, if now with is take on the making of the Orient Express so he's got his movie in one sentence: Sonata who done it? How done it for me well. I think anyone that knows there, Agatha Christie and no state knows this matter on the Orient Express knows who did it so really thee were the game, for the viewer is to see how it gets revealed an you're kind of led by poor role through the story. Ah, that's the game, that's the fun!
what's it like acting alongside alongside the director like that, it was really good experience, because you gotta, remember that parallel conducts the investigation, so he's kind of leading the action he's forcing the action he's guiding the people through this investigation he's our getting them. Well. The director has kind of a simple raw he's guiding the action he's, also leading people to them. Make the world that he wants to make, and also to tell the story that we're trying to step down so there's a parallel thing and he would move in
out of it, so he was sort of visa ringmaster and in every way, and while he was in character and also as a director and as a director, of course, she's very fast Dick in terms of understanding actors, because he be one. Yeah. Now here, and also he is is very keen to what relaxes actors and makes them feel free and he's very good at making people feel losin easy. So who is your character, my characters, Gerard Hartman, Gerhart Admin, awe and he's a professor of engineering he's austrian. Ah, he is heading,
torrent to serve a paper to give a paper on the military uses of baked light a dazzling. It easy rightly placed a cold rational, Miss Mary Debit angle we use now who's Perot and what makes them a good detective who is poorer, yes, probably the attention to detail if we're taking cans poorer, which the wonderful poorer it's sort of me of humor and an intrigue and and smart, and also he is very sort of fair he's, not grant. He doesn't look down on people, everyone in the intricacies and everything to a man like that. You would think that they were like this in this in their seats of liquor. It should be like an easy thing for him to do, but because he's intrigued by everyone and wants to know.
About people's lives. It's it's that's his own journey that he doesn't adopting any of that made sense. It saw updated my God. It's ok, the basically the first sit on concessions have with can was about more companies, and we were talking about me and I'm the person who is like on the present. It doesn't let the joke at too far. So I'm probably like the boss kill but it's like, I think the lines are always so thin that somebody has to be accountable, always always and the minute some of those unhoped for something. That's not right like what's happening, not right, regardless of whether you agree with us on that was a point. So the more composting sorting is interesting and doing this film. You know you start thinking thing about what would I do if I was in the situation and then you are to these other things and anything? What would you actually do? Because we don't know that time personally, we don't know that place personally, and I certainly do
anyone the things are uncovered. I've never been privy to something like that. So how do you actually now so to see thirteen peoples the spectres as to the crime and on an fora, I guess being the true moral compass? Is you cannot? You cannot take revenge in that way? It's not ok, but then you have you, no other people who would say you can and so on. So I think that's that's. Why again, this film, I think appeal, because it's it's like a psychological saw of drama that you use your coming to understand why people make the decisions they do Josh GAD Blaze, actor. Mcqueen am leaves us floored once again Let's hear what you yesterday his words of his drink, Kenneth, the director and Kenneth, the actor I mean the difference is fundamentally driven by his his purpose in both
possessions right so little. This similarity is the level of expertise he brings to both as a director so giving? Because I think, coming from a performance as a performer, he's able to speak the same language. What I notice about working with him is He sort of guides everybody differently, so the way Hill, direct, Johnny, Depp is different than the way held direct Dame Judy Bench. Giving them the way he'll direct Daisy readily witches. And then the way Hill direct me and for each one. I think he able to isolate that which the performer will easily understand and relate to and is able to pull out greatness by relating to them As I as an actor again he's giving, but in a completely different way, it's just about that. I think that,
Trickle background that listening that selflessness, that ability to let you as the performer, do your thing and you never feel like. Oh, you know brandished steel, the spotlight which he can easily do it's this given take that so incredibly intoxicating to be around, Could you just want to do your best? You want to please him busybodies dredging years, Acting with? You know? Never! No! No! No! You know he is very good about sort of doing both simultaneously, but it never feels like why is over compensating for the other. If that makes sense, there always when he's playing Poirot he's playing Poirot. He is in the character and when he's directing he's in the position of the director and that's what he's about in that moment, awesome
Describe your character to me. So much like all of the characters on the train, Hector Mcqueen seems to be one thing in this case he's. An accomplice of ratchet, played by Johnny Depp he's a secretary he's got a keen eye for art and an amazing sense for finances, which these proves to be very useful. But at the same time, like many of the past, and on the Orient Express things are What they seem with him he's got some secrets, perhaps and the deeper the train goes the deeper we sort of sea is real soul revealed, and I think that's what's so funny about playing these characters. Is there so complex each one of them appears to be one thing, and then you sort of peel the layers off and you start to see other flavors
now from Mexico, they want the only Well, you got a golf ball really plants other from the carriage from a different era like that, Oh, I love him and I think it, sir, it's always fun and I to travel to that end. And especially this co productions where they build the universe, said it's you, go into the train and its overwhelming out good. It is in an and, of course, you see your work, with its actors at their amazing. You on the words ran about it and everything really trust it's kind of easy, what I'm things kind of easy to transport, their air
because of the ads and actors and with wardrobe and would yet always fun for them. The train looks beautiful to this beautiful ammonia was like acting alongside with the director for me, was the first time experience to work with a direct, through that's also acting in the film and source of lead in the answers. I remember First seen things come thrown off because it was like You know I had seen with Canada and you know cameras on me over their shoulders on him and your play. With them and it gets a little. I got a little thoughts, of conscience, because you're you're no, if is watching you were there your eyes, those early characterize. You know there was like shit Judging me as is right. You then you some see such a good active in all enemies in character always and then
comes easy, but at the beginning it was gonna. Hearty was my first time. You know that an actor directs mean they were school is amazing. Who is your character in this field His name is being Armenia, America's he's an immigrant who has this in all the american Dream and travelling from Cuba Kind. His car like a little dark past. He ass saw he travels to to America. With this dream and he conquered like he becomes out of very successful, auto dealer that you know he sells cars and he had like a lot of shops and he becomes very successful and you know that this this there's always is the dark history in the back of his head, you know seems like everyone is not exactly what they seem and this may, of course I mean that's the beauty of any. You know you never know we'll mystery yeah, the real message you never know who did it in
and the way the EU can have. I haven't seen the founded remembering what were what he did. It's very interesting We become like a game. You know what Star started ensemble such periods, such talent, what about it? On the express comes out today, November tat style suspended story, you won't forget about everyone.
It's been so long, but logs less advantaged makes recheck murder or an express in theatres of Edward said things for listening guys. Today's episode was mixed mastered by resonate recordings. If you want to improve the quality of your podcast or sort of progress in your own go to resonate, recording stock com, it's your first episode produce for free thanks guys, you soon.
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