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Ep. 14 - Live at CPAC


Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles discuss the major shift in the two parties that has led to so many conservative victories in recent years. Then, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel joins to discuss the party's 2020 strategy.

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How see back this is murder. Act with tat grew welcome to verdict with TED crews. I am Michael Knolls. We're live at sea back senator. I feel like we're pretty much roommates at this point, there's a lot of truth to that, little bit remember one! This is Pack, this is the largest conservative gathering in the world. Yes you have conservatives, you have libertarians, you have bloggers, you have cowboys, you have young people, you have lovers of liberty gathered all descending on Washington and terrifying. The Washington bureaucracy- and you know this is this- is pretty good time to be here at sea back we have got
record low unemployment record wins. I think we've got one hundred and eighty seven judges on the court now that I'll, actually not one hundred and eighty seven we've now confirmed a hundred nine thousand two hundred and ninety two I stand corrected. This is pretty good right. After the impeachment trial, which I will note, the Senate rightly acquitted the president of these ridiculous articles of impeachment after the Senate acquittal. I saw someone on Twitter. That said as revenge. This it should immediately confirm a judge, but I said nope we're gonna, go fine you do in five. That's what we did. So things are looking really really good? What I want to know is how did this happen? Well, let's take this and break it into different peace. Ok, first,
a verdict. What is this? Well, as a lot of you all know? A month ago, we launch this part. Podcast verdict. Would TED crews launched on the first day of the impeachment trial, first night each night I went jumped in a truck handed down to the studio and we would record at midnight one two in the morning whenever it happened, we'd record that night it went from zero non existent to sky? rocketing in becoming the number one rank podcast in the world, we ve had now to date, over four and a half million downloads and. The way we're doing it where responding to breaking news so Michael talked about us being roommates. The reason for that this is the third verdict, podcast that we record in the last twenty four hours. This is. I was not supposed to see the senator. Until today I was flying into Washington, nice leisurely night
calls. He says, no Michael, I'm I'm really pissed off about something right now, we're to record a podcast tonight get to the studio so I'll, tell you, then what tomorrow's podcast is going to be, how many we all are familiar with Bernie Sanders, kissing up to Fidel Castro and the Communists in Cuba, but gotta say that Ray he pissed me off and I take it pretty purse, So what we did, I called my aunt might be a who was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba by Nl Castro's goons and mightiest? you got on a plane and flew to the sea, and we sat down and had her, tell us about what you ve, been communism is all about what is really like, and I I have to brag for a moment about the senator, because not only do they become the number one podcast or in the world, he also became the number one booking producer. We ve got another guest coming up, we shot another show, because you happened to have
with a guy who was in the United States in a random throw next week. It will be a big big show on a totally different topic. Yes, but let's get to the topic of this show right now. How this all happened. The most fundamental political shift that has happened in the last decade is that the two parties have switched places. Everything you been told about. Politics is wrong and is a lie. All of us grew up being told Republicans. The party of the rich and Democrats, so the party of the working class in the last decade those to switch. Today the Democrats are the party of the rich. Today Democrats or the Party of Hollywood celebrities in Silicon Valley, billionaires in Wall Street Titans. They sit there. Tastes and they look down on working class Americans and on the other hand, working men and women, the working men and women here, union members.
Blue Collar Union members used to form the heart of the Democratic Party, They are Democrats, who became Reagan, Democrats and Now today, their Trump Democrats will senator. I missed the Reagan Ere. I was not alive for that, and so for my whole life. The GEO P, which always love you over the GEO P, was kind of a really bad guy was called the Soviet Union. We beat them free the world at Liberty, prevent you spoil the end. Now I can't even really history book and by the way we tore down this wall. You know, for my whole life the patent and did the demos have been the party of the working man. I want to know nuts and bolts. How did the end up where we are today? So the Obama presidency. The Democrats made a decision that has generate, fatal consequences. They chose between what had been historically favoured children of the Democratic Party they chose. Between California environmentalist billion years,
Blue Collar Union members and their jobs and Burma, Obama and Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton they all decided to hack. With the workers write em off. We don't care about the jobs, we are a party of rich coastal elites that has prompted an historic realignment and I Tell you right now we're saying blue. Collar workers, if you care about jobs, if you have callouses on your head, we are now the party, the Republican Party of truck drivers and steel workers and oil workers and farmers and ranchers and cups and fire fighters and waiters and waitresses and everyone that gets out and works for a living. That's the report working Party and the Democratic Party says you silly little people you deplorable. You know a jobs. You know it's not just happening in the United States, either we're seeing this happen throughout the
as we saw with breaks it we're seeing it happened throughout Europe. There seems to be a rising up of people who say. Maybe I wasn't a conservative before, but now there is a left left Wing party, that's taking away my national borders, taking away my right to make my own laws taking away my jobs you're, seeing this major coalition to realign, how many of you watch the state of the union address I think it was I for the best speech president Trump has ever given here went through the incredible victories we're having. But let me highlight one in particular that I think, because we saw a contrast as he talked about wreck low unemployment, the lowest unemployment for African Americans in history, the lowest unemployment for Hispanics in history, the Democrats, with their arms, crossed angry refusing to applaud, but that wasn't the worst of it: There was a moment where he talked about in the last three years
Seven million Americans have come off a food stamps. And not only the Democrats not applaud a number of. Rational Democrat hissed. That sums up where we are listen. The message of the Democrats, You're a single mom if you are dependent on the government for for welfare, We are dependent on the government for food, their messages stay dependent. They don't want you getting out of that trap of dependency and I'll tell you come from Houston right now today, in my home town of Houston, There is a single mom three years ago needed the federal government to help feeder family, the last a year, she's got the job tonight he's going to come home she's going to stick the keys in the door of her apartment, she's, going to open the door carrying a bag of groceries, she's going to those groceries on the kitchen table and our kids. Gonna look at her with a new found, respect she
has the dignity of work, the self respect of knowing she's, providing for a family, and our kids will have a level of hope and excitement. Million lives transform You know that connects. I think. I think that that sort of message connects a lot better with the american people, then fifty seven genders, and we need to steal everybody's property. I don't think that's as persuasive a message it. A republic it is the device, it is so stark if you're a working if you're, a working women, the Democratic Party right now is not fighting for jobs. And here's the key going forward. The Republican already is, and if we want to win going forward, we need to be the blue collar GEO pay. If we're the party of jobs, we are the party Well, I know who can help make the party
no way that we want to see it, and I would be the chairwoman of the Republican Party. So let's bring her out, give us a little vision. Answer some mailbag questions. Chairwoman run up Mcdaniel so much for coming having well. Thank you for your cell honoured to be the number one I can stop. It go on go on, but why not cast I mean who now I'm like? We were pleased to have you here and actual before we even get into the orange see stuff, which is now what you're running on the national level. I wanted specific about a past job that you had you re the Michigan Republican Party Michigan. Very very important state in twenty one and twenty one Yea Michigan, absolutely and
your: is your right on President Trans spoke to the working men and women in Michigan and transformed our ass eight and brought new voters into our coalition and one specific county that flipped Michigan was Mc Home County which has gone Democrat for decades. An president tromp came over and over again everybody said: don't come to Michigan. Measure against, the non winnable state. It's a fly over state Republicans one there. For thirty years I cabin and a candidate tromp. Please come emission again, please but what I didn't hear them over and over again, why knew what I was looking at the numbers? We had the data. We were knocking doors. We were talking to voters and we saw it forgotten men and women really felt like Washington had left them behind that it has. They can this redistribution, as coastal elite party of the left that forgot the middle of the country, and you're saying that even more the Democrats want to get rid of the electoral college. Guess what that means. They won't come to Michigan ever again, that's right, and so the president resonated what's interesting.
Michigan on election night, that's often overlooked is Michigan got was called for Hillary Clinton by the Detroit Free Press an election, those wishful thinking, because they had so undervalue the voters and Mc Com and the shift in President Trump outperformed, Mitt, Romney, extend percent and that county we it well and that's why we're Michigan and part of the reason president Tromp, as our president, should six Verona? Let's talk is that as a practical matter, if you're a steel worker in Ohio, yet if you an auto worker in Michigan? If you are, the men and women who form the backbone of the middle class for a century in Amerika, what does a radical democratic agenda, a green new deal, a Bernie Sanders. What is that for you, let's just go the car industry altogether. Get rid of all. Let's call your jobs, let's take away your health care that you negotiated. That's what the Democrat Party means too
And by the way, all that hard work, you're doing and all those taxes you're paying you're gonna go pay for a bunch of kids to get medieval history degrees and being held, for six or seven years in they met anybody had any health centres might bring about. I couldn't help I like that, but it is for meaning for them, and the other thing that the President's done that's resonated. So much is the trade deals. He came to Michigan said, NAFTA didn't work for you and we really need to renegotiate, and he took on China fear is a leader and people. Now now we have a president who fights for that. You're saying this is a policy shift to its, not just using nicer words to flatter new voters, it's an actual shifting priorities and a shift in policy absolutely and now results, like you said the people who come on food stamps. That's do food stamps that so personal
We talk about numbers, a lot as a party think about what that means, for a family, the dignity of a family, to find a working wage to be able to afford things like groceries, your college to wish and gas to be able to set a new course for your family and that path. That's what America's about and that's what the Republican Party stands for. So let me now that's why we're doing so. Well with this president, let me give you an amazing stead. Last week I was down in Radio Texas was in Del. Rio also is meeting with the leadership of of Laredo. This is down South Texas right right on the river Rio Grande Valley. Right just now and the mayor told me in the last few years the median income in Laredo Texas, has gone from thirty. One thousand dollars a year to forty six thousand. Some pretty big is that you want to talk about making a real difference which, by the way, that
the power brokers in the Democratic Party think that does matter. We, let me tell you six thousand dollars a year in a single moms pockets and a working families puck pockets like that. That's a corner! might be to car notes, that's braces for your daughter, then that's, maybe summer, camp for your son, rather than that that that is the money he too to take a family vacation when we have taken a family vacation in five years and that extra money gives you the ability to go to go to Disneyworld with your kids. That is what this Fight is all about and annual Look at. Where the two parties are going. We have in IRAN dimension trade. Both party we're afraid to take on China and I will say, prayers.
Tromp has shown in our midst: pirate banking on China is opening up markets. I sat down this week with Texas cotton farmers who were so excited about opening up the chinese market been able to sell more cotton there. That is good for american farmers, ranchers workers manufacturers across the country here amazing step ass three years, twelve thousand new factories in the United States of America, GO bomber said it would take a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. In the last three years we have brought five hundred thousand manufacturing jobs back to the United States Senator this is all too optimistic. You know conservatives we need to be sceptical, so I want to know you know a big aspect of the show and something we love so much ass. My beloved coming here is
came to the audience and hearing their question. So in a few moments we had before we go. I want to know how the Democrats are gonna. Take that away from us. There is a question from Baron. It came in on twitter question its airing, try I do, I very might be regularly going discussions last year. Part. Can I dont know the question is: is the popular vote compact you know the states are going to just go with the popular vote. Give away their their electoral votes. Is the popular vote compact, a violent of article one section ten centre. So probably, but it is open question constitutional, so this the question that is going to be litigated, you're, saying states Virginia was the latest one that vote, To give their electoral votes to ever wins the national popular vote, which me if you're a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia you're doesn't matter anymore right. You are going to vote for ever California in New York vote for tackling, I mean it
bizarre. I it is difficult to understand why that makes sense to Virginias there. There is one reason If you do that, You can be sure that people won't campaign in your state and keeping politicians from descending on your state. There is a public good, so I guess I could empathize with them. Chairwoman do have thoughts on this. I absolutely dale. I think it is devastating for our country to get rid of the electoral about. This is what the founders intended for every state to have representation and just stay tuned, because the currency is not going to let this go, and there's something have in no way a preview of things to come. Let me just say I haven't an intention to be the most litigious chair in here, and I think this is. I think what Democrats have and systematically to take away. Our rights to to rig election system and this to take away our votes are electoral college votes and have come
of Warner and New York Dick Dictate, who the next President United States is gonna be is something we have to fight for as the Republican Party you know, I mean why the Democrats are doing this. The Democrats, you're trying to do this, because they're scared, a blue collar bone or absolute they're scared of Michigan they're scared of Wisconsin they're scared of Pennsylvania, they're scared of Ohio. There are scared of I'll whether they don't think they can get those blue collar voters back. Look there campaigning on eliminating these guys job, so their approach instead is, let's just hope. California curious is over. That's that's not the way Our constitutional democracy were thrown. I hope you are the most litigious chair and GEO, be history, because the courts are looking pretty good right now, so under ninety two new rights and again I thank you and thank you, Mr President, for paving the way well and and Michael the are in sea. Is one of the few plaintiffs
clearly have standing to challenge this ridiculous national popular vote so that we may have made some news here today that that's right, because you, you know you have to have standing to bring us and the orange see clearly would be disadvantaged here. Before we go? We just have a minute or so left this quest They came in really tackled me and since you are a party chair, I thought you'd be very good to answer it from Tonker TED bear? That's the twitter and adding a great name. Is it possible that the Dnc is not going to nuke Bernie and are writing off this election for two reasons: under too much scrutiny to ring the primary, but don't have a viable candidate and too, the blame. The laws on Bernie in distance themselves from the socialists. Can I just say how much I love tamper
and what a great job is to Sdn. I all these days there are no more I'm running the campaign for him to stay there forever. I mean they're bank grabbed, I'm not going to brag, but we did raise twenty seven million. In January thing we broke a record to elect the president and the programmes have a system. You know it's funny that their against the electoral college, but there are creating the same system in there nominating process under these super delegates, get to come in and take away the popular vote and that's what they're trying to set up for Bernie I dont know how they can do it without creating a civil war in their party. That boy is find a. Why and run I got so. You are State Party chair in Michigan. The Iowa Democratic Party? Yes, what a rapture simple question: how
hard. Is it to count the Damn votes serious play honestly, I almost called a lifeline and said: can we come help here and by the way- and I were literally landing at a gymnasia local says it's about a complicated app. It's called. It advocates one two three when, unlike editor the reason, the reason that I want to count the vote here, many values there. We go back to the reason that I want to count. The votes is because they don't like the answer that they're gonna get, I think that's gonna be buried. In November we ve gotta go here at sea back chairwoman. Thank you! So much for being here, senator as always for being here, I'm Michael knows, this is already dead.
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