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Ep. 15 - A Firsthand Look at Socialism


Senator Cruz’s tia joins the show to share her firsthand experience living under Castro-era socialism and they consider what an America under President Bernie Sanders would look like.

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A spectre is haunting the United States, the spectre of burning revolution. We are joined tonight, not just by the sea, but by someone who fled another socialist revolution, one that Bernie Sanders speaks very highly of this is verdict. TED crews, welcome back to verdict with TED crews. Weird and, as ever by the senator and also by the senators T Sonia My spanish, is not very good, but I think that was about right answer. That is correct. Thank you. This is in a few days going to be the fiftieth anniversary of your fleeting, the communist regime in Cuba that is correct and yet we ve got. The leader of the Democratic party. Nomination process is praising the Fidel Castro regime. I think we have the clear very opposed the authoritarian nature of cute, but but you know you it's unfair. To simply say everything is bad. You know when for them
our still came into office. You nobody did, he had a mess. Literacy Programme is not a bad thing. Listen Bernie has spent his entire life is entire career praising communist dictators, but this week is is latest Eau de Fidel Castro. Frankly, just pissed me off it in this is this is not a joke. This guy is the front honour for the democratic nomination to be president and any, and he sings the praises of Castro and cuban communism. My dad fled cuban fifty seven Matthias only was still there.
The kid, and so she saw the cuban Revolution first hand agenda fighting against Castra Sophia. If you would just watch it. First of all, tell me what it was like to be in Cuba when, when the revolution happen, when Castro took over, actually it was it was it was. A lot of people were happy because family will. Somebody was company that was praising we're gonna, be view chant chance to change your hope. You're gonna change things around everybody. Will it's gonna whatever they want to the poor will never be poured. The rich continue to have money and everybody will be the same in reality years. Everybody when the same, but everybody was poor. Everybody went down everybody that pay the same amount of money. That was not from me.
Can you poor and the rich every body that has not yet everyone every one was poor and suffering and myths and everybody was miserable. Everybody was miserable. What Bernie Sanders bunch of garbage since such so year there you're you're, routine ager held. Were you probably sixteen fifteen cases you're seeing this your teenage girl right, you see what's happening, use you see Castro begin executing people now persecuting people. Nobody could talk, nobody could saying, then they actually, he train the people too
and be against the family. The sun seconds he Father daughter, shaken the facets. So how did he do that by indoctrination this people by telling we're gonna, give you this and that, on the other hand, is all going to be free, but you gotta tales: what's goin your house who talk again, see government, so everything was persecuting one another, especially older people, that actually we leave a good life before in Cuba. It was beautiful what people face in terms of their friends and neighbors and family spying on their gummy. You have people
when in each blog there is somebody that irresponsible to keep an eye on you in your house certainly is a there's, an individual's aspires. We buy and every block- and they tell you you keep an eye on every neighbour of this blog, so in a sort of things that are watching, they watch him for everything view brain anything do maybe up going from United State to Cuban and day there's somebody come in, so we need to watch a house in case they go out and sell in the blue market. They do something with what you brought in so there's. Somebody is always keeping an eye on you and try to report. You got a good thing that happened to something that happened to me. That is very interesting. One of these troops out I went back to Cuba. I wanted to take the kids, some of the kids
there to go fishing. I love fishing, so I went in and try to rent a boat and they told me we can't we don't bring those to keep them. People, and I said you might leave on a zit look I have a passport. I have a flight leaving my Friday already left, so I'm coming in to take my family on a boat ride. We can give it to you. We can bring you a boat, your you're cute so because they're so, oh by the way, my believe you go there, you can run a new category in America right. She can't read about because she's cuban, even though she is an american citizen, now yes Year Cuban, so you can do it did there was abode in the river that my needs wanted to goin and die when we ain't getting to ride the boat with the residue peoples,
yoke and I'll get in your like Cuba and the civil war pray with the same money that their brain. Well, I'm sorry, you can't come in you're, not from another country. Your cuban and fewer people are now Well, I hope you're not allowed to leave now beginning. I were allowed to leave that all Sonya, how Finally, after as you say, you know you people liked Astro. Initially he they. Was promising on the world. How quickly did it turn? I mean quickly, aided turning her in right away away. He made to sustain a deep. The policies that we want to do, he was gonna, take turns away from the rich he was gonna. Take turns away from the people to give to other. He was to actually take money from you and give it to the porch. On the other side, I make my money. I work for what I have. My father worked hard to be where he was mother was the greatest good teacher
Was royally and was proud of what she was doing? My mother itself was tall. Did she have to teach at the school a different kind of curriculum? She was told she need to teach about the revolution Castro. The regime defence are needed to happen mother, have to actually pretend that she was losing her mind and she was
MRS mediately set soon and let me but underscore the store, analyse. I grew up hearing the stories. A kid I mean I would sit with my cousin baby is that, as far as on his daughter, the two of us would sit literally on the floor of the living room and listened to my dad and by the US on your tell US stories about the revolution of my window and whether their parents were work where they are also so my grandmother, my well she's a sixth grade teacher Castro takes over and she's ordered. You must teach communism to the kid you must indoctrinate. You must brainwash the kids and my grandmother said she wasn't gonna, do it and sought. So it's it's funny. Matthias only mentioned something just very mild,
but my grandmother pretended she was insane in the classroom. She began literally foaming at the mouth and pretending she was insane. Why? Because she couldn't quit in common and later should aid, she wasn't allowed the right and she made the decision. She would rather have the stigma. Have the shame of people thinking. She was a crazy purse. Right then be a part of indoctrinated, these kids. That is true, and it was very painful because my mother was a great tits very- was lost by many people are to blame crazy in order to get out of that city? But what I want to know is how, in Cuba, the the public opinion changes very quickly. People see a monster, Castro is, and they start to hate his guts. How did that in the United States. Now so many years on fifty yours on Ryan's, you left you ever presidential candidate. U S senator whose all singing the praises of this guy had what did he miss? He had.
Not me with a human people. He only if you got piracy as a Cuban you go on ceased body relative, you gonna see the misery that they leave in. They don't know what to put on the table to serve their kids. They don't know how to get they ve got over the food that they goin. Tomorrow Eve you all going ass, somebody from another country or a tourist you're taking do you actually become pressure of the government. They take you where they want you to go. They showed you d model school. They told you the best hospitals. They showed you d best, restaurants. In nineteen eighty nine centre slated after visiting Cuba quote, I did not see a hungry child, I did not see any homeless. People worry said. The cuban people quote had an almost religious affection for that. That is not true. He's lined he's lying to the people of this country. He's playing on the mind of the junk
generation here he was either himself come sit in the lie or or he was naive enough or ideological enough to let the Castro regime lie to him and say, look at this. This paradise Nathan take into what the cuban people war, cuban people are starving to death give up, people have any money to buy anything said so great a. Let me take you back the back to fifty nine back to sixty the revolution succeeded. You begin fighting against Castro. What happen the EU as a result. What what? What? What happened when you smile, I was constantly persecuted. Our people was looking for me everywhere they one to take me to prison. They pick me up several times to you. You were pre. Clearly fighting again, it majority against costume. Yes, yes, though, this is, after Cast
taken over Jovius Zeke TS. So what like, when they picked up what what happened? What is what is that, while they day they put June in in a room- and there was people sitting, the floor on everybody's. You know That's where you were with a whole bunch of people in the floor and they keep you there for two or three days my parents did not know, where I was my mother did not know. So. She was going crazy drawn to find me my friends, friends that I have good nodding. Common found out with my parents. Where was I to what was wrong with me? They were afraid because everybody was persecuted, so it was very difficult to leave on the Castro regime when you left Cuba, sixty two, you left right. You been back a bunch of sprite. Yes, what is so when you? Come back, you usually bring a duffel bag with a medicine, medicine agro food clothes. She saw just for
What agents were any friends people that need so they can't get anything, nothing, nothing. She leaves a suitcase. She leaves every Babylonia Sheep, but she Lee her underwear and broad reason, because nobody has underwear there, because it there so much poverty she'll where, like sweat. It's a tiered, linen ass. I was aware, and that's our HOLLAND, the lion humming right. That is correct. A lot of people don't understand what is the difference between socialism. That is correct. Socialism is simply the economic system of communism. Socialism is government ownership of the means of production and distribution. Cuban than I think fifties was the world's number one producer sugar. It it had problems. Look Battista was a corrupt dictator, idle bastard. My father to this day doesn't have his front teeth, because Battista police Kicks man, his large get. Is the army officers kick them in, but what it? But? What about the universal health care? And we were told by a lot of people in the United States, a lot of left wingers? They say Cuba has some of them
tell your in the world in everybody's covered. I can partial. I tell you that I went to the doktor there because I have mosquito buys that he got into effect infection. I put a shot on me in front of sixty other people that were there waiting for four to be seen by a doctor. There's not transportation, there's no gas, so you can move. Doctors come to housing, a bicycle and their hungry. They are hungry when they get there. They come to the house to see more fact. I was in a house visiting and they were trying to see the little girl. He came about people and I bought some. Things are.
There are somebody in the street sellen and it's gonna have one probably the most visible sign that Cuba hasn't changed. Resin progressed. Is they have this old cars right people like to think that that sort of quaint and cute that they have cars from the nineteen fifties, the reason they have Carson the nineteen fifty says they can't get anything else. You know the scary thing about all of this: is you ve got the experience of it. Fifty eight years of experience of censure, Cuba. There are various studies that have come out that show that even the majority of young Americans Millennials in Genji now embrace socialism and for it to capital is another bright side. I will say the silver lining is that a much or percentage can actually define socialism ESA. There would seem to be a problem there, but that beyond just ignorance,
I'm just not knowing what it is, is what is drawing young Americans to this evil evil reality is the war that they be given out. The change the they want to see something different. They want to try something new, it doesn't work lies. It does not work, you all this invasion and given it given it to me, there's nothing given to you. You need to work and try to achieve your dream by her work. But by doing what you want to get ahead, Let me I've noticed this with with your colleague, Senator Sandridge, and I mean he's been talking about this for fifty years and no one listened, but now only you know it. Now that he's in his mid seventies, its
it, sir catching on, and I even think of this absent Bernie Sanders forget about him for a second. It took a long time. People knew that communism socialism were terrible for so long and now they don't know that well and then to offer their not taught in schools what happened. You know how many Bernie supporters know that the Soviet Union killed seventeen. Twenty million people in China killed. Seventy seven million run. They don't know that an end, so one Bernie defends it. It seems I look at you and I have to admit I remember in in college, a guy who lived down the hall for me had a poster on the wall of CHE Guevara and, and I went innocent fetch really
cool, that's all you can check of our was really fought with the Doktor and Cuba, and I said, hey, that's really cool, that's awesome and you thought maybe putting it a poster of Hitler, naturally, and maybe Stalin, and now like, if you're going to celebrate people that torture and murder actually CHE was we were amateurism, we, I is low on the total, but you know he was good. Looking right of all and he was Europe it. These villains had been glamorize yell at any. It's it's dangerous. You know we ve talked a lot about the political and the economic side of things. Have a government takes all you stuff and then they take power away from you? you're, both religious, I notice, Sonya. You have crossed that you're wearing, obviously, senator crews. One of the big aspects of communism is, it's always been practised. Is the atheist, some of it all, and I wonder if there's a relation here, that as Religiosity America's decline as young people are raised more or less without a religion
if maybe that's playing some role in why communism is catching on. You know one of the great men of the twentieth century to defeat communism was the Pope was Pope John Paul, the second well and and and popped up all the second played a profound role of going going to Poland and n n n n and promising that Poland would be free and speaking and it was truly, I think, Divine Providence Providence, which you had this. Are we want God and in an Reagan and Margaret Thatcher Mall at the same time, and I think those three people more than any human beings on earth defeated the Soviet Union and one Mccoy WAR, mind you Bernie was running for the Soviet Union during all right now is not even hiding about Bernie Honeymoon in the Soviet Union. My word, you honeymoon
I can't move in Hawaii. U S! Ok! That's word like nor people. You go to the beach. You go to hygiene. I would say time as it was beautiful walking along the beach. We have, what kind of raising I deal yeah so sweetheart. I love you so much. Let's do a honeymoon in the Soviet Union. You know that cloud leg he says he's no friend of a potent there's only one person I know on the national stage in honey mood in the Soviet Union. You know the Soviet Union killed over twenty million people. This is not cute little faculty leftist. If Bernie was a professor at some Liberal arts college out in the frozen tundra cares you just corrupting a few young minds. This is someone who wants to be present at the United States any kisses up to an apologizes for totalitarian dictators and you'd only doesn't praise Americans right, but
When did you ever heard? Him speak as positively about Abraham Lincoln wrote as he does about Castro, and
and now and Stalin. Listen communism, also hates God. If you look at these communist regimes, they persecute faith, they persecute they prevent people from the beauty of of of the first amendment, as it gives everyone the right to choose how to worship what your faith will be in a Bernie when he praised China in the debate this week. Somehow, when Bernie talked about its great poverty eradication, you don't have to go back to Mount to find that the torture and murder right now today there are one million wiggers, a religious and ethnic minority, one million in concentration camps in China today. How why is burning and wire left is solely to praise and be proud of regimes that are taught.
During and murdering people, do you think this is part of why they they make their appeal successfully, though, because the thing I notice so much about the Socialists in America today is they're all makings, very moral arguments about human rights, about giving people their right to health care in their right to have a lot of money is a story. My grandmother told me in the schools you would have cuban soldiers come in and this is kindergarten first great and they tell the children. They say close your eyes and prayed Jesus for a piece of candy and the kids would all do it and they opened their eyes in there'd, be no candy, and then the soldiers would say close your eyes and prayed Fidel Castro for a piece of Kant, you're kidding me and the kids would close their eyes and soldiers were put candy on their desks and they opened their eyes and there was candy
This is the Literacy Programme Bernie Sanders, it is prey using this is this is the indoctrination that might well, I refuse to participate in, and that is to day they there actually indoctrinated de people, since they were tiny little kids did it work. Did the army or she doesn't it doesn't work is being our people do. Why don't they work? They don't want. Nobody went to work in Cuba. What do they want, or They're gonna, like these same money that you make in that he's making what I want to do that, but do they believe the fury I mean? Does the indoctrination and persuading are usually they? They thought that it was gonna, be reality. They really blind them to believe what they were chain, but they immediately took the blind off unseen everybody's in the same boat,
we're all hungry, they know their hungry, they know their poor, they knew right miserable. They know that how I had ass right me, there's a reason. People every day risk their lives to flee, cube. That's great! You don't wanna Reagan, the height of the cold war. He had a great way of putting it. He said the thing liberals never seem to notice. It is on the Berlin Wall. The machine guns all point in one direction that you didn't get any one from Eastern he sang or from Germany say I gotta go live in that Communist paradise right. The way I liked to put it as a cuban American is is the thing liberals. Never notice is in Cuba the raft, sir, all going one way just once a ride like to see. Bernie Sanders go hop on a raft and key west,
and I had an iron miles that I, and, by the way, not allowed around flies medicine they had their can't get. You can actually see a doctor, you can't get medicine, you can't you, you can't get toilet paper, you will actually, you know tying in all of these points on the economic and political and religious communism has been called the God that failed right. It was a sort of substitute religion, a substitute got and it fail, and you saw it feel personally. What was the? What was the Biggest shock, I mean what was the biggest despair, the biggest regret when, when you saw something that you had believed in fail. Well, they D D, the biggest ever seen the people suffering for not being able to even get food into put only play too so basic it, the basic thence
no don't mean able to work, because what do you want to work when you don't have anything to buy what you know that money disappear from you immediately. And you all know the numbers, but you know, on average Persian make thirty dollars it a month, thirty dollars per barrel, he dollars per month. So what are you gonna do with that right, so people are being drinking water. You do tat, you see the kids, they water withdrew her to get their stomachful. It's it's about that sick needed so interesting that you say that because its communism starts at, is this idea listing of fantasy, very high Fullerton, very high minded literacy programmes, all that and then the reality of the fail is people doing any. They feel their stomachs studies to another. You know there is one exception, which is the Communist Party rulers
look Fidel Castro live like a billion only elders and by the way Putin lives like a billionaire Maduro Hugo Chavez. Before him they live. Billion dry communism when you have the power at the top and in an in what is Bernie suggested, would be any different if the government is in charge of everything every place that has happened, the rulers, live like kings, and our own else's is miserable right. Well, we did actually get one male by question. I think is very much on this topic, which is with the democratic party veering so far to the left and embracing these absolutely disgusting positions, hopefully will turn off most of the american people. Should conservatives b happy should concern be happy that the God that failed is about to fail the Democratic Party, not necessarily
you're, not whether or not it is complacent. I understand people saying ok, great Bernie, so extreme that bees trump will get reelected. I hope Trump gets reelected, I'm working hard to re, elect the president, but listen. What is truly terrifying is, I think the american people could elect a wild eyed social sue. Me is that the media were divided country, four hundred thousand votes had flipped and twenty. Sixteen Hillary Clinton would be the President right now and Bernie the medium term some kind of like you're, crazy uncle he's just the crazy. I'm glad that counties praising murdering, torturing communists dictators. What this guy believes this stuff right in his heart and soul. He believes it his whole life has been dedicated to it and an end I gotta admit I am.
It's all fine and good to celebrate unless he ends up when unless it had, all God help the direction this country goes. That will because you already fled one communist hellhole, and this was the great hope, is America's grey hairs, no place to go. Where do you go day after their place to go Well, I hope you won't go anywhere you the listener. We ve already used up more than our time and we ve take up too much of What time do you Sonya? But thank you so much for being here and we ve got a lot more coming up on the show anyway, so be sure not to flee anywhere. I'm Michael Knolls. His verdict with tankers.
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