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Ep. 69 - The Long Game ft. Governor Scott Walker


Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles move some cactuses around and make room to welcome Governor Scott Walker to the Verdict studio. The Governor announces he is putting in motion a bold action plan to take education and culture back from the clutches of the radical Left—and this Long Game just might involve your favorite podcast! Plus, the trio sounds the alarm on what may be the largest attempted power grab by Democrats yet (you may not realize just how bad it is until you hear this).

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For the past half century at least really it goes back even further. The left has engaged in a long march through the institutions. They Mast: power in higher education, lower education, the media, big tech corps America. The list goes on and on and on Conservatives have focused for the most part on short term. Wins the long term loss of the culture. All that, changes. Now as the Young America's foundation announces the long game. This verdict TED groups. Welcome back to verdict with TED crews. Michael Knolls Joint, as ever, by senator whose- and we are so delighted to be joined this week by Governor Scott Walker we're governor of the State of Wisconsin and president of the Young America's foundation, Governor Walker. Thank you for being here our credibility, both Scott welcome to pleasure, connected. I am
so excited to hear about this, a long game for conservatives. We all here, but the long March, through the institutions and the left to stay lay winning and winning and winning. Somehow we always seem to two Lou, the longer struggles. Even if we win individual battles now, conservatives are gonna fight back. Are we're gonna, do it whilst through a series of things, but for us it really is about engaging more students and getting them sooner. For example, Young America's foundation is the oldest and largest conservatories. Action focused on students goes all the way back to nineteen sixty starting in college campuses across America, but even being a point where we work with and support students in about two thousand campus. That's just not enough! We got to be an all. We got to be at all four thousand campus you gotta, be done away with undergraduates. We ve gotta, be and was folks getting there to your associates degree the folks throughout ready hungry, to get to work. We have
I was in high school, but even in junior high and increasingly we're gonna start to have the early elements of a programme targeted towards allowing elementary school students, but particularly the parents, to teach them that I was of a why America so exceptional instead of all they hate they're. Getting from so many on the left. Innocent senator before I had ever met you in person. One of the photos that really made me think I want to meet this guy. This guy has the ready. I think it was a photo view from college and was election night. and you're there, you ve got a cigar, your Talley, the votes. You were You are not a liberal in college. You were that young conservative from day one so that was actually law school and that was election night. Ninety ninety four, so it was the big Republicans, over the house, and so I'm at Harvard LAW School and we're having an election night Party and we had results and- and that was actually me, putting the check mark when George W Bush B
and Richards Hoboken governor in Texas, that it was a big deal and I'm wearing it by Bush, Quail T shirt and look, there's a bunch of pink on at Harvard LAW. They were so unhappy and- and let me just say, libations were flowing that night and cigars roulette and it was a moment of celebration, but those are few and far between I am in? How do we turn it around? I think back to when I was in college and law school and conservatives we're out number, but there were at least some of us there, which we worked quite persecuted by death squads at midnight right. They eat it at times. It feels like that's what colleges are not. How do we change that, even in the last few years could certainly in our generation you- and I aren't too far apart- we think about yeah. They were left wing professors for sure, but you could still have a voice and you certainly one can we run down by your fellow students
Today, I think, even more than the professors most students are worried about the grief that they get from activists, students just being shut down and pushed out of the converse entirely or or worse, actually being attacked and Milon Ized End and worse, along the way, We ve got to show more Nathan and you guys have both been at our conferences before when the most important things we show students. Is there not alone and so for. The students under their great run, Robinson the time, leader of Young America's foundation did a great job running a programme that was really well fitted for the students who came to our programme to let them know they were alone. We just got to reach more, and that means breaking down the barriers part. That means the legal routes, and you know about this fighting the battle in terms of free speech. in changing the rules. We have big victories for, even if you see Berkeley, we shut down the programme where they are but made it impossible for conserving speaker to come up on campus
can't just go there. We gotta make it possible in every campus in every part of this country and then flood those campuses with conservative speakers in programmes and opportunities for the students, so white right now, yes, is about two thousand camps and end. The goal is to double that. About four thousand universities in January. We want to be at everyone, public or private college or university. We ve gotta have a presence in every campus. If we're going to turn the tide, because the left isn't concerning any ground, we should neither well and so much it what's missing on the right is, is storytelling and humor and having fun, and I think there is a huge opportunity right now, because the left is so on fund there, sir, furious, and I mean I mean it's almost like like Handmaid's tale, but I actually haven't watched Handmaid's tale, but it seems like a bunch of puritans trying to control every aspect of your life. You must
former you will be silenced. That seems like a great opportunity for young people to just wanna before as they would be free and they want to fund. I often say on campus in a great difference between freedom and socialism, because it's not conservative, liberal, it's really useful freedom of socialism is social. Mr, like the taxi, were taxis and cities. Cities, though, where they want to control things they don't actually what they can do when they can do a big fee involved, no usually box, everybody else out, that's because in those cities Just like a socialist countries. They tell you what to do when they do it and how to do it because they believe in the gutter. Those of us who believe in freedom we're like uber, lift all religious. It is about getting the passenger and driver from point a to point b safely. I tell the students as long as you don't hurt the health and safety go to your, they live, your life will and an interesting point
Nobody knows because I've got no press coverage, but Joe Biden nominee to be deputy Secretary transportation was the head of transportation in New York City and she spearheaded what was widely called the Maastricht honey and crackdown on labour and lived in the contrary, because it was, we got a monopoly when raggedy cabs, and we know what these small businesses will want. Entrepreneurs and we're going to crush goober, lift up some. That's how job who Joe Biden picked to me- the number two personal department, transportation and, of course, every Democrat lines up behind them and at an it's an example of how today's Democratic Party, their stated their collective. You know why I see this point as I totally agree, and I think a lot of what they are doing is on popular and we have a naturally better pitch- I think not just college students, but everybody by the way over and F lifter, both hard core democratic companies, their support.
Democrats exclusively at their own pace. The Democrats trying to crush around currently, because it's like Sheikh to be supporting the party, that's trying to drive you out of business, is a sort of masochism. I guess, but the really good at this right and the left is so good that they get these companies to to support them, even if it hurts their bottom line and even getting back to the title of this programme along the long march through the institutions was successful because to quote two Antonio Grom: she that's what,
honest theorist, who's gonna buy out. Does it doesn't dago by that? You know. Recoil. Examine obscure communist here, of course mean that these are happier become cliche actually granting old one morning on attending Yale, you gotta, you know, you're gonna make these random references volume. No one other than that worry dailies is gonna. Have any idea what you're talking it over chinese food, the rest of us not to cookies and seeing a nice little saying at Yale, they give you a these great. Thank you to everyone. The problem do at Yale as they all love the italian communists. Terrorists there are always quoting and very admiring, was the answer. The difference between a socialist or not it is those who your stand socialist verses. Those who quoted a right as they think the socially reed's Karl Marx and the conservative understands girl marks. But did you know I will say it to give the devil's their due? the Radicals- were really right about this, where these Russia, this point
that is a world maneuver. It's when you kind of you know you advance any retreat new Financial and that's only effective, sometimes, but the war of position where you just a mass the power enery subtly very gradually. Now, at this point, where a lot of the binding ministrations policies deeply unpopular. Where this point, where a lot of college students, I think, would like to be able to speak like be able to learn they're, not able to do that, because the people who hold those positions of power can wield it in and we conservatives never seem to be able to do anything about one part of it. Michael, is because I think inherently we don't put our faith in the government, so we went. Elections do what we say: we're gonna do, or at least those of us are successful, are and then move, and the rest of our lives. The left, I mean everything they do is about power, I'm even this latest political power move this. The first bill in the house is all about power or the
things are about power, so you can see why their whole life is consumed with it. But the wake up call, I think, for those visits, it's not enough, just to win the day yeah. We ve got to win the battle the day and the war going ahead and it's gonna take more than just a new cycle more than a presidential. Second, it really is going to take a long time to get this. Senator I will speak for you are presumed to do that when I say we would certainly like to be very involved with that with that long, I'm going for while we got exciting asthma tonight to because you guys were both super popular at our conference that freedom it's alive in person event in the free state of Florida that was just about a month ago. You did the verdict live from our students, they absolutely loved it. Love for the rest. This year to have you bark at at least a half dozen more opportune like,
Maybe you can do a freedom, stay tour, that's going to college campuses and share the verdict as a way of speaking directly to the two questions and then broadcast it all across Amerika where it takes exciting collaboration. So we will be working with yeah go into six college campuses in the next year. Doing doing verdict live and so sitting in front of your campus, and actually we have decided on the six campuses. So this is a great opportunity for everyone who listens to everyone who watches verdict is email, the mail bag young and let us know if you want us to come to your campus and and The way we're not all that long ago, we're looking for places where the domineering force the challenge areas left is a problem and an where truth and lighter needed and their needed in darkness there there needed. when, when lies, abound, and so let us now, How do they do that, Michael, so people can email mailbag at verdict. Podcast outcome also
can tweet us for now, I'm in rural still on twitter. For now, who knows how long that will last, but until Trump Facebook, twitter lunches and then you can see. I don't wanna neck out there, but certainly you can send it in that way, but please do do send in those suggestions. I can't wait because you know the left Russia's in where angels fear to tread at but there. in the long run through their persistence, that they ve really amassed a lot about So I totally agree with you centre as much as I welcome you gotta go in a lotta conservative schools. I also would like to get to those left wing campuses and actually try to crack up the left's control, their speaking of control. By the way I do have to bring this up with, with both of you guys H, or one. This is a law. It's me, it's a builds being floated. I thought it was
How absurd and ambitious and radical than it would just be laughed out of the room. We wouldn't have to worry about it. It's a bill that could really threaten our election integrity, the kind of the whole structure of government. Here it looks like it's plausible: well, it shouldn't be in anything resembling the merits it wouldn't be, but but right now, Democrats have the White House in both houses, a Congress and in it really is the crazies who are driving it's. So let's take him in one of the things verdict,
is try to help people understand. What's really going on. So let's talk amended about what's in this bill, I mean I mean, even though that the intro of HR one I mean who talks about each foreigners and s one like like that, but it actually says something. So the one means it's the very first bill, the Nancy policing the Democrats introduced in the House- S one which is the counterpart, means it's the very first build Chuck humor and the Democrats introduced in the Senate and- and I think it's interesting- that their first priority wasn't covert. Wasn't immunization one getting kids back in school: it wasn't reopening the economy, there first priority more than anything else is staying in power and in this Spirit seminar pages long- and it is this massive-
it's every bad idea the left his head to lock in their power rolled up as one. So what does it do? It takes virtually every state law that was passed to protect election integrity and it strikes them off the books. So a bunch of states have photo do you got to have a photo to go vote? Hr1 says that's illegal, no more photo id. You may need one to buy a beer to get on a plane to drive a car, but voting no problem. It's not just saying you don't need the idea. It saying you, you can't have those law you cannot required. While it sets set em all aside, not only that it automatically registers peopled about. Does it automatically anytime, you interact the government. So if you're getting welfare benefits, if you're getting unemployment, that your automatically registered about now. The Democrats know that this will register millions of illegal aliens. That's the intended. Offenders are locked in then
locked in, and one of the real purposes of this is to get millions of illegal aliens voting once their registered get them voting. Not only that, but this bill, a bunch of states, have very reasonable restrictions on felons voting on voting. Lotta states have made the decision. You know what we don't really need. Verger murderers. Casting battle is this: he'll strikes aside every one of those laws and says criminals should vote murderers should vote, rapists should vote. Child molesters should An end it is designed to ensure that that you get millions of illegal aliens and criminals. Voting because I think the Democrats quite reasonably have come to the conclusion then, if illegal aliens and criminals are voting, they're, gonna vote for democratic rights and the Democrats could never lose. This is about Democrats being in charge of the federal government. Next hundred years now. I know I know that we were all supposed him if the Joe Mansion, but one of the
Semi moderate Democrats he was was gonna, hold the line and stop this from going through in the Senate and they're all these questions about filibuster and they're. All all these words. Letting a lot of people. Just dont pay a lot of attention to the technicalities of what is the likelihood that this thing gets through the summit. I think it's real. May I think, from everything centre you you know first hand, but for every thing we can see mansion is setting the table to say well on this one instance for this particular thing: it's important it's about like reform election. Take everything is just the opposite of what it is inside to anybody watching your listing right now, particularly if you live in West Virginia Arizona States like Montana in particular let in and plenty of others and others. I think competitive seats in the vat in New Hampshire come up this next year's. Well, let your
senators in particular, no, where you stand on this issue and I would say not just republican or conservatives this. If you look at things like voter idea, knocked about wiping out state, while I sign as governor a measure that had broad based support now amongst republicans and independence, but even a fair number of democrat voters, not politicians, but people who were in office when the polling was on that terrorism by point, but just showed people logically think if I've gotta shown idea, if I'm gonna go, get any realisation, I've gotta do it to get on a plane and I've got to do after all, these other things are we I did actually show one to ensure the integrity of those should be easy, develop and hard to cheat the right that all out completely and then on top of everything else, and you said they would take the New York style campaign financing system which takes taxpayers money from all of us and then picks the people who, take it and all by the way they can take a salary. On top of that, the double on what they're making elected office? It is all
the really bad idea. Why caught the crooked politician act but you're right, the age ones important, because it's the first priority is what we term up before you, the longing for them out about ideas about power but well, and when what scotches said there, I mean an element of this: it's about welfare for politicians. It says if you raise dollars a candidate, the taxpayer gives you sick, dollars, so it's literally flooding millions of dollars to fund the campaigns of politicians, because if you think who are the needy, deserving solving the planet. Clearly their politicians specially these hard times. Do you know I will say so, Scott and a week ago, where gathering of conservative leaders in and we all day retreat strategy retreat. Looking at the threats facing the country and and we spent probably half the day talking about HIV,
which we all agreed together, will never colony, try one again names matter, and no one knows what HR one means of the consensus in the group Scots. As crooked politicians act, I'm colic corrupt politicians AG in some ways, corrupt or crooked, or both done it with politicians at it, but let me let me ask you in all seriousness, so you were elected statewide in Wisconsin, multiple times a purple state how what those campaigns have gone if, if HR want, if, if the corrupt politicians ACT had been the law, what will but that admit for you, I think it would have pushed incredible imbalances, shift the way so that I dont see conservative wedding, a republican winning stay wide and a state like we're, gonna, say any time and are probably in this next generation, if that was the reason, tat absolutely criminals, if we're not a good constituency, knowing exactly predicted, consider identity cards, That's predicted you, but it, but just all the other mechanic.
Even the photo I requirement requirement, which again was fairly universal in support out there and for all the hype and hysteria about how was gonna diminish the ability of people to vote. We constantly seeing growth very the very reporters that ask about. How far do I d taken away somehow would change voting are the same ones claiming was going to diminish. The vote then tell you that this was a record turn out in the last presidential. You know an interesting follow up to the meeting we had, as is that you and I, and a number of others, went out to try to communicate to the american people. What Biden and the Democrats want to do is ran this through in the dark night, get it done so fast. No one realizes what happened, and so I think there is a real need to address people about the threats of this an end. So following up, I did a whole numbers of of conference, calls and zoos with different groups, including Alex, as you know, is a organism. Sure of conservative, libertarian liberty, loving state legislators, and so I wanted the states to know you know every state states of past important
you know tat greedy laws, all of which their democratic senators of preparing to to repeal Brenda and in so I talked about it. Well, apparently, somebody on the call taped the call which, in this line of work, you assumed, is pretty much always right and they leaked to the eight p, and so this week the ape had this breathless story about crew says HR. One will millions of illegal aliens and millions of criminals vote and the funny thing is like all these: these begin attacking at all the press begins attack it. Nobody actually refuted the substance singer. we need to engage in the substance they just oh, what a ridiculous thing. Of course, a Democrat I don't want to do that when that's what the bill does. What is that one else would be the boil and at their longing right echoes again why this is so important, because everything you see, setting up with something like this crookeder corrupt politicians. Act is really not just about today's battle. Yeah, it's about look
right? That's exactly why we're trying to counter it, not just by engaging in this battle doing my TED, I and others are trained to speak out about put the pressure in your centres. Let's not let this happen but it's also. Why would you in America's foundation we engaging in this long game plan? As we know, you know we have to win the battle. You gonna win the war for the heart and soul to save this republic, and you don't do that by just battle by battle- you gotta have a long game plan going for that's exactly what do I do hit on this corruption a little bit, because that was the first thing I thought I thought said. Is it even? legal for members of Congress to be totally grabbing. all this power over elections. I thought they weren't supposed to be the ones Vienna figuring rules of their own elections. What could go Long there, but but the other really corrupt body, that a governor you have particular experience with that. Right now is keeping millions of Americans school kids from
education, these teacher unions and I think it is there any greater example of leftist corruption and yet political effectiveness than than the teacher. You is Chicago the city Chicago, whereby the way the catholic schools have been insertion safely and successfully since last fall. If the Chicago School District, where they ve been trying for months to get the schools open and the teachers, if that city was in Wisconsin and not Illinois, they could be hope because our laws we get. We change we through our collective, barring because of their power. I suppose there was about unions. It was about budget. No, it was simple. Isn't it out taking power out of the hands of the big governed special interest, the union bosses and putting it back into the hands of the hard working people and the people they duly elect to run their local and state and ultimate federal government? By putting that power back, they make the decisions, not the union bosses and sadly, in places like Chicago many others across country
New bosses are making that this huge problem. The worst example Fairfax County just outside of our nations capital. Now that union say no, they do. the line.
Cedars and others to get vaccinated and still said now talk about the outrage. They should not be controlling things. The american people should- and you know, Scott draws a really important distinction that sometimes in discussions gets mist and it's a distinction between the teachers, union bosses and the teachers right. There are millions of wonderful men and women who loved kids go into teaching us. They want to make a difference. They wanna they had a teacher to that impact of their lives and they want to do the same thing and in many of those teachers are held hostage by the union boss. You know I I got, I won't say which teachers I like. I speak to a number of my teachers. Stalwart. We still stand touch an eye for their careers. I won't say which ones because they will write to me and say I'm just so frustrated with the EU.
leadership and with the administrators and without basically all these political rules which keep me from teaching my students? So so, since I added you is as a Yale geek earlier, I will admit so. One teacher I had to make a huge difference in my life was Missus Loescher, Bathsheba, my senior high school english teacher and a wonderful teacher and, and she had a policy that that you lost ten points in a paper. If you had a single misspelling, so I still remember senior year I wrote a rota paper where I was copying quote and quote included the word verisimilitude, which would give a say- and I wrote it on a note card- and I didn't know what verisimilitude meant. So when I wrote it on the note card, I miss spelled it and I spelled it instead, v are. I similitude. I spent the e r civility I don't know what the word meant when I reckon Del was misspelled. She took off ten
gay. I ended up with a ninety on the paper. I still remember someone around you ever gotten glad that a but, but I never forgot the word, Germany. You're not gonna difference those ten points to this drove and when I was in third under it, I had a speech impediment. So I could even have said that when I was happy that you know it, it's funny, but there are those Mamma. I hate to admit it even myself, but a few of those even even if it's a negative mark when teachers really care, that's a wonderful thing and govern you did you did it very well which, as you drew this distinction between Crooked Union bosses sue Ann? the demon surrounding ample- that's ironically, involving my kids, because the year before I was governor young woman in Milwaukee biggest school district. An estate was, namely standing new english teacher the year, but in twenty ten people forget Democrats in my state had caught because the photo gonna cut aid. The economy was in shambles democrats in charges, they're gonna cut aid
local governments, including school districts. So what are they do under the argued union contracts? They lay people off. Who is one of the first to be laid off? this woman, Nimeguen Sampson, who had just got the award for being the best new outstanding, unrealistic The Iranians Irene was not long after that. The why we're Toaster School district, which is where my kids were, had picked her up as a teacher, she ended up teaching my kids in high school and was a fabulous in english teacher. I don't know where politics or had probably wants to be the limelight, but was a prime example that school district used. Our reforms was able to hire someone as exceptional. She was to benefit my kids and all the other kids that school. Those are the people are trying to protect and the students along
The union is not looking for them. There look at out for what's best for the union bosses and forgetting their money, and you think about where we are right now so covered in the cupboard lockdown started. A year ago, we were told a year ago flattened the curve just going to be a couple of weeks and then we'll all be over right. Now, today, only forty percent of school kids across the country are in in person school five days a week mean that staggering more than half of them kids in America are not in school there doing virtual school look with with our girls they're ten and twelve. Now virtual school was really hard, our girls, thankfully, or back in person now, but it's amazing what the union bosses are doing, that their argument is, as many of them are saying, give us the vaccinations. Many them have gotten the vaccinations great, I think absolutely teachers,
backs unaided, give us the vaccinations and were still not going into union bosses urges and you look at what is happening now. Kids across the country for a year have been falling behind, reading, writing and arithmetic, and I gotta say Democrats Don't don't seem to care and should be the eye opener in this whole debate, not just again not just in the battle. The moment belong to us, particularly amongst blue collar working households, where I think that's a huge, distinct where's mom and dad both have to work particularly get younger kids and you got and grab, might otherwise have watched the kids, but they can't because they're about being adversely affected by exposed So, where do they go? What do they do? I I had a cabinet member of mine who, after our terms, were up, went and ran United Community Centre, which includes one of the biggest predominant hispanic student populations.
the stated Wisconsin remember last summer, having breakfast with her asking about how things were and if she was going to reopen the school then she said I have no choice I have to. These families will lose their mortgage yep. They will be kicked out into the street if they don't do all the work and they can't go to work at their kids are in school. I think that's going to be the eye opener, not only in the terms of adding a completely reshaped the debate over, whether not we trust parents enough to give them the money, that's otherwise controlled by the government to go pick the school, that's right for their son or daughter weather today in person or virtual with its government run or not, but I also think the other thing you saw in all this was so many of those two schools, even when they were virtual wood.
parents from watching what they were teaching, that should be another red flag for parents all across Amerika that you need to engage even in the elementary school ages, because what their teaching, who is not what they taught us- and it's not right for your kids. So let me tell a story that kind of brings together several of the themes we ve been talking about which, a couple of weeks ago we were voting on on the big, the one point: nine trillion dollar per kilo spill- that that only nine percent of the bill actually was coded spending for healthcare. Ninety one percent of it wasn't included tens of billions of dollars for public school I introduced an amendment that was focused on this issue, we're talking about which is getting kids back in school and in my amendment, was a very common sense. Amendment it was designed to. What it says is is that public schools can get all this money if they open fire. data, we re if there actually teachings and essential that they can get the money, but if they're not teaching, I didn't touch any of their exist.
Under my Mehmet, they get every penny of the money they get right now, but my memory- we say you don't get the new money, the additional tens. Billions of dollars. If you are open and actually doing your job instead of new money going to u to not teach the kids that money instead goes to the kids in the parents. Scholarships up to ten thousand dollars her kid, because if the kids can't get an edge, at the school they ve got. They gotta bail to find an alternative solution. Now three epilogues too, that number one vote was straight party law Every Republican supported the amendment. Every Democrat voted no in so so unveiled. Fifty two forty nine three there are fifty two forty nine, by the way Dan Sullivan from Alaska, had had to go his father in law and so he was at a funeral in Alaska would have fifty fifty instead of fifty forty nine. Every single Democrat was the deciding vote.
So in the middle of the boat- and this is where it connects before you are asking about Joe Mansion at Hr- Wolf Oh I like Joe. I we get along is a very nice. Very affable guy came up to Joe Joe look, I did him of in twenty thirteen, my biggest legislative accomplishment was and I'm sorry, not twenty thirteen. Twenty seventeen when we passed the big tax cuts, I introduce the legislation that expanded college five. Twenty nine savings plan good stuff to Kay through twelve education is the biggest school choice bill ever to pass Congress Mansion voted for for about five minutes and shocks. Humor the democratic Eldred manually went up. Flipped is about nine, and although anyway, my pants cast the Thai breaking vote, and so it passed passed without me well, but I reminded Joe, I said, member twenty. Seventeen. Where were you voted
five minutes you were with me. You were the only Democrat with the courage to do it. Come on Joe, their millions of kids right now in our city, kids, african, american kids, spanish kids, that are not learning right at an end and ages shook a sense that I can't do it. I just can't do any it you could see. I don't watch rumour has in his office if its thumb screws, if it medieval. But but the Democrats are terrified of crossing here, but it failed by a single vote. I'll tell you a final epilogue on that which is which is one of the every Republican voted for, but for my amendment included
doesn't count- and it was Interesting- Susan's Susan and voted against the five twenty nine bell- that at the past and in Susan talked to me, and I was gently encouraging her to support it and then she did and she said to me afterwards. She said you know this is the only school choice bill. I've ever voted for my time in the Senate and ass. I really- and she said she said art its limited just now, during covert during the emergency S. Agenda Seneca could support at them like a fierce battle to game. She again, I think riders Sancho running down the then those kids, if you're, not provide the school there aren't you gotta, give an option. I said, look up I'll, take it, but it makes the larger boyfriend right shows the stakes of the whole issue, and what does it say that none of the Democrats? They don't have an answer to these, your heads that are stuck at home that or have an answer to the parents.
Kid you're, not getting educate well, because it all circles back when you look at all this is sadly so because for years there were Democrats, I don't agree with my state, but I respected you could work on things, but increasingly it's all about the past. our yeah yeah. I go back to the steam, but it fits with why we're doing the longer, because for them, They have a long term strategy there willing to ride out, but there will never break from their power structure its all about amassing more power, more power, more power, only where they give on any of that, if it doesn't effect that if it does the teachers union, it's such a, steady stream, because they get those automatic dues We had our debate when we had a hundred thousand protesters occupy our stay capital, not four hours, but for literally weeks for nearly a month's time. The bottom line, was the union bosses would have thrown away they they would have sold their members up for anything they would have made them pay a hundred percent of a pension and health care, if only they could keep the autumn
the Deuce deduction yeah right we gave those teachers the good decent public servants who you're exactly right. Overwhelmingly want to teach kids. They got it for all the right reasons: they love children. They want them to do well. When egg we gave them the chance where they could choose Why do they want to be any internet? That's when things went from a hundred took up a thousand two hundred thousand protesters, because the national unions could not let that happen, losses their money, and this in a genuine will have to leave it here, but it does. It does actually get me quite excited because we will be able to continue this conversation, not just here in the studio. We will be continuing this conversation on the road on campuses working to real students in real life and tell us your campus. Tell us where you want to tell us where you want us to come. You can check out more about the long game at why a dot, org, slash long game, very easy url to remember, and you can catch us on the next episode of verdict. I Michael knows this is
act with ten crews.
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