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Ep. 76 - 14 Months to Slow the Spread ft. Steve Deace


How did 2 weeks turn into 14 months? Steve Deace joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles to break down what Fauci and his army of unelected bureaucrats have been up to. Plus, the D.C. duo drops the conversation from the upper to the lower chamber in order to shed some light on the House Conference Chair saga and what it signals about the future of politics in America, a future that decidedly does not include The Artist Formerly Known As Price Harry.

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I never thought that I would care about her who ascended to the number three party leadership position in the house, but believe it or not. The House Conference chair Ray seems to signal a whole lot about the future of the republican Party. and the conservative movement Chinese out at least magazine? animals, this is verdict with TED root. Well, the back to verdict with tat crews. Senator usually we talk about very heavy things from the Senate from the upper chamber on this show now we ve got to talk about the lower chamber. I hate to bring the toned down here, but this race this. In an ordinary users, be sort of a nothing story has come to die.
The new cycle of the left is making a lot of hay out of it because there is inviting the GEO peace they like that, but Republicans repaying a lot of attention to. I think, because there's a big split here for the future, the party that Liz Cheney was in the position and she spent a lot of time, basher. conservatives in the washing opposed and other leftwing outlets. Then you had at least Nick who has a more liberal voting record actually than shiny, but she guess was more loyal to Donald Trump issues. Nicer the conservative base. You then had Roy who I seem to recall you know quite well indeed very a very conservative member of the house. He was challenging stefanik for the position, it's a little insider baseball, but I think that this probably could have some big effects on the party Oh yes, and no. I actually don't think it's that big a deal going forward. I I think that the press wants to turn it into war war, three, because their favorite topic, republicans inviting worse.
It's also. The only way Democrats can keep the house in twenty twenty two if we have a civil war and the Republicans if we don't have a civil war. I think we are very likely to take the house and twenty two and I think we got a decent shot had taken the Senate. Look what the House Republican Conference did it had to do list? Cheney could no longer be in a leadership role, because she had she'd lost it actually likely, as I get along perfectly fine with lives. I don't agree with her on everything you know when it comes to foreign policy is much more of a neo con, she's she's willing to Send the Marines at the drop of a hat. I disagree with her on that with a name like Jamie this morning, when you get in furthest thing She believes that sincerely. I just, I think, she's wrong, but what cause this, so she hates Trump and he'd criticized tromp. She voted to impeach Trump and then there was another effort to like vote her out.
Couple months ago and it failed had failed resoundingly had failed to want, and so I remember that, had she just shut up she would have been fine and eighty idiot actually would have been very simple her to say I've. Everything I'm gonna say on that. I got nothing more to say and He would still be republican coverage to that. On it to one What was weird ass? She decided that it was somehow made sense to spend every day attacking you off the other Republicans do, you think was this an accident that remote and ran away with her, or do you think this was strategic I think I think she she was until look. If someone who is supposed to be your leader is attacking every other member of the party every day at some point. It's like art enough already. You can't be our later. Looking have your views, but you
leading us. If you, if you say we sock everyday long like and so she forced Republicans to vote around, I don't its indicative of a broader civil war because actually think loses views are really a tiny fraction of the part it because you hear this in the media and I'm universal radio hates Trump and lives hates Trump to she's. In the majority position right look couple weeks ago lives had a comment: black Sting me in saying that that that you know I should be eligible for support and it was funny- Actually, my press team said okay. What kind of what kind of comment should you make on this and we sort of talk back and forth what sort of and I should give I'd like us and I like lives, I dont have a personal animosity and so that the comment that I came up with. As I said, you know what I think I'll just say. Well, you know, I think she has a very promising future
you're as an msnbc beyond this intrusion, Political house ratio the earth, amid a politically as the politics of politics I mean stood in some of these other races around the country, because a lot of us are looking at twenty. when he too, and then ultimately, twenty twenty four you ve been involved. And you ve made big endorsements. There have been races that have taken place. We're the parties stand when were actually facing the voters. Look, I think, we're in a very good position. I told you, I believe, twenty, when it is going to be a very good election. There is actually an earlier moment than that, which is you. Ve got a couple of states that have off cycle elections and so Virginia, for example, Virginia electing a new governor and twenty twenty one, and if you look historically the last time You had a democratic White House, a Democratic House representatives and a democratic Senate was two thousand, and eight Barack Obama was elected with Democrat majorities.
houses. They passed a radical leftwing agenda. Two thousand and nine the next year, Virginia elected, a Republican Discover bobbing down. and in Virginia is often it a canary Nicole. My cause is the first chance voters get jokes ass their views on where things are going in Washington, I think by and policy, or go and radically left and I think Virginia we ve got a very good shot at electing a governor southern the river. looking nominees, Ganem, good, Glenn, Yunker Glenn as a friend of mine so I endorsed glass in the primary and campaign with him. So last week I was on the road with Glenn did so rate rallies all over the state. Interesting, though, Virginia picks. Ah it's what are? They did? Lay modified convention where they had delegates. They had about fifty
thousand people who were delegates to a convention and it was a distributed virtual convention sort of a covered things. Weird So one primary but wasn't like an impersonal convention, so it was strange election to campaign cause. You basically got fifty thousand people who were eligible above devote, who are the people who have registered to be delegates? Ok, and in the rallies I mean we had the two days rallies. We had several thousand people come out and knife Think we ended up. Seeing in person in those two days, probably about ten percent of the delegates who ended up voting. Some people are saying I sound like breast from a lot of people are saying everybody's talking. Some people are saying that your endorsement was decisive. Certainly for the people who came to the rallies
too many of them. That was persuasive, and I do think my going in and barnstorming with him also helped him bring out a lot more people to the rally southern sort of a double in drive, a narrative. You can communicate, there's a genoa. Ouch in process of ok, guy as a vote or may not know so, and so. But but if I trust you and you know so, and so that that means something. And then I do think that the particularly in this sort of weird distributed convention, getting the people to come out so the rallies. I think there are some people who came to the rallies we're coming because they were supporters of mine, but they saw gland and impressive, like when you see him in person, he's an impressive, he's a likeable guy and I suspect there somewhere
blue, came to the rallied, not knowing, if they're, going to back him or not, who I think when they left decided, they were gonna back now. Senator I want to talk for a second about two weeks to slow the spread turned into that by fourteen months, but now it seems Rania on the other that there has been insanity. The entire journey and the entire journey has also been marred by a consistent refusal to listen to science masked and a facade of science, our guest today, Steve Days, who is a dear friend who is a brilliant thinker, a brilliant writer. A fearless conservative has written a book and an so Steve tell us about your book there. There are two things that are really hallmarks pillars of our health care system that the average American, if they were faced with a serious health care decision in their own lives.
Would be granted automatically and they have been denied the public policy collectively for the last year. The first one is informed consent. You have a right to consent to a treatment to know whether the treatment is worse than the disease that spending. I'd us, in fact, in the last few days, ironically alive, the data that the people like me were called crackpots for, disseminating for the past year about Mass, in lock, down and shut down in social distancing numbers and where this six feet awry generated from students term paper and all these other things. It's funny. Just in the last couple of weeks now suddenly They want to confirm all these things, because apparently somebody's internal polling as
really really bad, the only science that involves that fast guys, his political science. If you know what I'm saying- ok, oh that's, the first thing is informed consent. We were denied that the second is the right. To a second opinion, I mean somebody comes to you and says why you ve got a really terrible mass on an appendage, and I've got to remove that appended show doesn't spread to the rest of the body that that might be True before you give up an appendage, you're, probably gonna go get a second opinion, because you kind of like your appendages and there have been experts from the very beginning at some of the most renowned. There's of academia in the world. Oxford number one rate never seen it in the end in the earth Stanford Harvard jail. some of the top rated universities in America, that it had varying opinions and contrary opinions from a public policy standpoint on how to deal with this pandemic, and they have been almost exclusively ignored in fact recently governor to scientists in full
the hosted a panel with them and that panel got banned on you too, because apparently, some skinny, Jean wearing avocado, toast obsessed engineer at Facebook, knows more about covered. Nineteen, Doktor, Martin Cold or if at Harvard who designed the bears incident website for the CDC. That is the world in which we live, and it's why we ve kind of had this hammer meets nail him fisted one size fits all a thorough terran and a solution over the last year instead of solutions that might have actually solve some thanks said. So, let's talk about lockdown, which was under crony and step that was imposed across the country. What was the scientific basis for lockdown says it make any sense that we saw the entire country voluntarily shot down and destroy trillions of dollars, value destroy people's lives. What what was the basis for this at there was not
really the notion of quarantining the healthy meta. This has never been done in human history, quarantining the healthy during a pandemic during an outbreak. We did this for two reasons. One this was experimental. This was an experiment. They came from a student term paper, that somehow made its way into some halls of science late in the Bush administration, George W Bush. They looked at it and thought wow, that's stupid. It's never go to work in such a picnic it is doing at last year and then a lot of this office came from the Imperial college model that was released on March sixteenth of last year, which says by way that it doesn't know for certain how corona virus spread now I don't know man I buy, data holiday that express last night, but I kind of thing when your model on transmission of a virus admits it doesn't have. A virus is transmitted, maybe probably or models a problem? Ok, but it said if we didn't do these social distancing, issues if we did not do these things, where we put people away
for a period of a few months and then I'm Plenum back out and if they did the virus or return. So we have to do way in waves of these lockdown in reopening over the course of several years that it's, because millions and millions of people who die? If we didn't do it? Here's the problem with why this all didn't work, because it all began from a flawed assumption, will really a couple, a flawed assumptions, number wine that that the Chinese were telling the truth that that was a flawed assumption. These were it not I'm. I'm really shocked that the nation that was with its first open trade war from the United States in decades and was on the heels of unprecedented civil unrest in its chief financial district of Hong Kong, when a virus broke out thought the best thing for the rest of the world to do was to economically shy town. What a weird coincidence that we don't have one for luck, we'd have no luck at all. I so we couldn't trust the Chinese. That's number one! These were all day.
solutions, but their number two, because we didn't understand that the virus was primarily as airborne spread, contagion. That's why there's not that's! Why there's no real outdoor spread! That's why you're loose fitting cloth mass, don't work. We heard about droplets and foam it's for months and months and months when in reality it is an air borne, contagion. Steve. I want to talk for a second about the subtitle of the book. The title is the fat and fortune bargain, but the subtitle refers to the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in american history, we're sitting here with the United States senator with a legislator. I thought that the way laws were made in this country. Correct me. If I'm wrong was that the legislators legislate and the executive, who is also elected, enforces the law, but somehow we ve gotten into this position where these technocrats these, heads or governing the country, have much more power than are elected officials. You are you apparently wash the same schoolhouse rock Michael, that I did growing up,
The long Capitol Hill right, but it's funny is congressmen, Thomas Massey, tweeting yesterday that he was on a domestic flight and the fight it indicates Instead, under federal law, you MA where your mask at all times and mass he's like wait. A minute, the guy on the only guy on this planet, makes laws on our ever remember voting on any such law. But that's one of the main points we raise it. very beginning of the book. Michael, is in the introduction that, even though their there's a singular figure here and Anthony Voucher, he has been the point person on this all about The reality is he's eighty if he had retired at seventy five seven. like a lot of other Americans, do particularly ones looking at the pension that he's got staring him in the face of what has just been somebody else that this debt, that other creature would have emerged in the black lagoon. He is pardon the theological upon here Legion that this is what the technocratic administrative state produces it might have been Debbie Bid, dazzle your face Shield Burke's instead or Francis Collins, who went from that
the human genome to being fully vaccinated. Wearing mass outside who, who knows who else it would have been some other nameless, faceless bureaucrat, no one else it. heard of until now, but this is the way that this system works. We pass the buck of accountability, but these are what our experts told us. These are what our technocrats told us. This is what bureaucrats told us, and then you have no way of going at them. There never elected your elected officials wash their hands of it. Well, I we just did with the experts in the bureaucratic class, told us to do and and the and the notion of government, by the consent of the governed Michael, is just throw issues tossed aside. So if you write a sequel to the book at its its day, Seein bargain What should our leaders have done if we can go back in time and Steve bases in charge? The wool Han virus begins. What should we have done? Their stairs? There's two things right.
I've done. If, if I were the Oracle at Delphi and consulted in the matter, the first is to me: I don't believe the fifteen days to two flat. The curve, I think it was- I wouldn't- have made that decision, but I think it's an understandable decision I think it's like a basketball game when the other teams on a scoring run in the end, your coach calls a time out to set forth their momentum. So I think hey we're getting all this unprecedented heat pressure. Don't know we can trust with China's bring us well she's, gonna, tee, o baby endless sit. This went out for a couple of weeks and see what we're dealing with the thirty days to slow. The spread, I believe, was the absolute worst decision in the history of the: U S, presidency, because the entire narrative was lost from there. During the fifteen days, Dat's win president. Trump in his advisers should abroad in John Entities from Stanford Scott ATLAS, from Stanford G I can never pronounces last name correctly from Stanford, Sunni China, Georgia, thank you MIKE appreciate it for the solid
bring in Sinatra Gupta from Oxford members of the centre for evidence based medicine at Oxford, scientists from Carnegie, melon, doktor cats, heart from Yale Doktor Rich for male doktor, colder from Harvard put him in a room with Debbie Burke's put him in a room with Frances whence it and I and Anthony found put all those people put him on camera. It's a steel cage match of expertise, latently, there's wisdom in a multitude of council. Let him put their heads together. Let em bounced ideas off of one another. We never did that. We never consulted a second opinion. An essentially allowed Anthony found she to use the Trump Whitehouse as his ascendancy to potentate status. Honest status, Satis well and stable recall how a number of weeks ago I had reporters in Washington Freaking out,
because I wasn't wearing a mask while doing a press conference in talking to a tv cameras and- and this one rapporteur in particular, through a fat by observe, look. Everyone here has been vaccinated. What why you know I I watched the city sees announcement last week and in particular their explanation on Sunday that the science has evolved is it knew science that vaccines work or, or was this always look? I haven't been wearing a mask fur lotta weeks on the Senate floor ever since I got vaccinated, unlike ok, look, I believe in science. I gave a vaccine. What what the hell am. I worried a mask for and yet There are only as a last week there Only four senators- not worry mass there was ran Paul, who hasn't worn one throughout it. I was
second, and I haven't worn a mask for well over a month now after I got vaccinated, Roger Marshal and other medical doctor was the third who'd who didn't wear, masks and actually just starting. Last week, Jim rushed Romania what became for that. He finally said to Hell with it Taken my mask off, I gotta say yesterday after the CDC announcement I walked under the Senate floor and two thirds of the people are mask less chuck, shimmer is a mask was, and I just stood there and asked in in in the freedom. You know we had Joe Biden, these euro pseudo state of the union Ras where everyone wore a mass in a chamber where everyone there had been vat vaccinated. It is this a new evolution of of science that vaccines work or was the CDC full of crap when they said people
are vaccinated, should wear nineteen masks and and be it in isolation. Jane will you you see, it's grew quite clear. I think, gets to Steve Subtitle here what no science changed, but what change were the statements from these bureaucrats, these very powerful bureaucrats and then every including Chuck Shimmer fault, fall in line. I suppose we can be happy in the short run that we get to take the mask off. We get to breed the sweet AIR of freedom, at least to some degree, but to your point, Senator and Steve to your book. We may well see a sequel Soon so can we can we hold onto our freedom, and- and I will note there at least saw my democratic colleagues who I think should keep wearing them ass, an ant and if only they can tighten it a little bit cause some of their words are still getting out and if we could just tighten those masks, that really would be a public service. No, on that very important medical advice, I believe we need to leave it there, gentlemen, but I strongly recommend that everybody go out
get the FAO Chicken Bargain, not only because you will learn a lot, not only because it's very important as a political matter, but also because it's a very funny title Steve. Thank you so much for being here senator we ve only got a minute or two left, but I cannot let you go without bringing up this mailbag question, I think, is very important and you know we're talking about all sorts of politics in the politics of politics in this insider baseball stuff. So if you think that the number three position in the house doesn't matter, let's talk the principle- and this is a question from my hat coral- wants to know senator crews. I would you please. plain to the lie overseas? How the first amendment is most certainly not bonkers. Thank you, love a show, Carl,
you. Let me offer those who don't know prince here is even still a prince, the erstwhile the sometimes when the artist formerly known as Prince Harry, called the first amendment bonkers in an interview. Yet he Conor reminded me of of King George and Hamilton. as a sort of this far knit wit. Singing to the colonies. You'll be back, you'll, be back up These can tell you now get on my phone in front of you. That's only for the subscribers than there were that we need to have some strategies that that letter that that's worth talking about it will have the pitches that they get to see me. Do us off you, I don't know, that's gonna be the strongest sales pitch. But yes, it would be great too, would you do it in full costume of King George, others he allowed goods good God. I'm glad luck. I mean Prince Harry
I don't care if you're here, I actually like the whole Megan Markel thing, I find it difficult to find something I care less about. The so listen. I don't. I don't necessarily fault the guy for say and I want out fine. You know. Ok, you want out, but don't be a pretentious leftist nitwit, and if Do come to our country, find your come country great, like don't don't have such an arrogant, elitist condescension to this country that you don't bother understand anything were about yeah, he's killing the constitution and bill of rights. and- and I get that that leftist don't believe in free speech that that that they want government control, because you know what it would be really nice. I'm sure from his perspective, If he could silence anyone from criticising and, of course, but that's not the way it works, but free Is a powerful thing and by the way, the last british monarch who said you can't have freedom, we through
tea in the harbor and kick their ass in a war if you're, probably right near there is. thing to it. I guess there actually is a bit of a through line when we're talking about the house raise or other races run the country or even Prince Harry Witches, There is something very unseemly about this ingratitude. You know two year to your family, to your adoptive country too, this great political system has given you a lot of rights to your constituents that two years your words that condescension that arrogance that Elite ISM is really what for the future is for the conservative movement for the Republican Party for our politics that ain't it. If, if that is the future her than count me out. I want to be out of that, but of course, we're gonna see future is going to break not just in the republican leadership, but in these races, two thousand and twenty one, two thousand and twenty two and ultimately, two thousand and twenty four, but we'll have to, I suppose, hold it there. For now, I'm like
This is verdict with ten crews.
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