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Ep. 84 - Nancy Pelosi, Chief Mask Officer


We do not like green eggs and ham, and we certainly do not like absolute power. First, the CDC flip-flops on mask rules. Then, Pelosi says she’s going to throw maskless staffers in jail. Following a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for liberty, science, and common sense, Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles to break down the CDC’s big credibility problem and take us inside the Senate to understand what the heck is going on in real time. Plus—shocker!—the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill isn’t actually about infrastructure. So what’s actually in it?

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This president, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven Lord Acton wrote a series of letters to Bishop Craig letters that would echo down across the centuries or dachshund wrote. I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and king, unlike other men, with a favorable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way against holders of power increasing as the power increases.
Historic responsibility, has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely great. Men are almost exclusively bad men, even where they, exercise influence and not authority, still more. When you super add the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. Must president, those words were true in eighteen, eighty seven and their true too we want to understand how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely look. No further.
The other chamber in the United States Capital Speaker, Nancy Policy is drunk on power. The orders that Speaker Pelosi is issuing our abusive and precedent, it Speaker Pelosi, has decreed members of the House of Representatives elected by the people. Then, if you dare walk onto the floor of the House of Representatives without a mask speaker policy shall fine you who the hell is she to be finding members of the house
But you know what she's not done with that she's not done with this respecting our constitution, disrespecting our democratic system that elects leaders. She goes further to the good men and women who work here in the United States capital. We are surrounded by men and women who chosen to come and work for the public, good and here's. What speaker policy is decreed. If you dare walk in the hallway without a mask, I speaker policy will arrest you. I will put you in jail. I will find you that is an absolute and complete abuse of power. She has no authority to just respect the men and women who work
here to threaten you with physical harm to threaten you within prison it, and why does she do so? She does so. For one reason, political theatre welcome to hurt ACT with TED crews. I'm Michael Knolls sender. I have to compliment you you have now. we famously red and quoted Doktor Seuss and Lord acting on the floor of the Senate, is a very broad spectrum Of reading- and I thank the Lord acting Quote- was absolutely apt: we have now passed the five hundredth day. Of fifteen days to slow the spread- and we are The reinstatement of now mandates even for the vaccinated. We are seeing the threat of Loch downs around the country, is it just deja vu all over again. Is there any way to break out of the cycle? well, I do not like green eggs in him, but, but I do
like absent. Power being abused, even less This has been a bad weak for liberty, This has been a bad weak for science had spent a bad weak for common sense. and it is. It is frightening because we're saying, Two decisions I'd highlight, both of which came this week Number one issue: no, the CDC revised its guidance, so couple of months ago, the CDC acknowledged what people knew already, which is vaccines, work that that actually science operates your vaccinated vaccine has a very high likelihood of being successful, and so the CDC. Acknowledging that reality said people who were vaccinated don't need to wear masks. That was right. Then it's right now by as of this week, the CDC magically changed its guidance and now
said, even if your max accelerated. You need to wear a mask. That wasn't science, that was politics and aunt Was cynical politics at that an end? I think people frustrated with the hypocrisy from the CDC and there frustrated with how dammit. rats or behaving we're saying now democratic sections imposing new mandates. Imposing new mass mandates, the CDC decreed that they when school starts this fall that that Ray person in a school must wear a mask, regardless of whether your vaccinated or not it's not remotely based on science, that's based on the politics of the fact that the teachers unions demanded that. And the CDC is basically acting like it's. It's part of the DMZ at did it. It is a pity Riddick alarm in the Bide administration and then also this week. See Pelosi issued a decree that
Any one in the house must wear a mask, even if you're back sedated. She said that if you're a member of the house and walk under the floor without a mass that she will find you and even worse. She said if you're a hill staffer and you are caught without a mask that that that, It will be arrested that you will be potentially put jail sentence to jail and fine if you dare not wait. Where am I gonna get to say that just now I mean that that is an abuse of power that has no link to anything resembling medical science, nor even a CNN anchor point, the other day that the CDC has a big credibility problem, and there is no question we ve covered it on this show that the public health officials have flip flopped on everything doktor found she told us the masks.
Work. Then he told us we all need to wear the masks. We were told. The vaccines are absolutely wonderful and they work very, very well to stop infection and transmission. Now we're being told. Well, maybe they don't so. The vaccinated need to wear the mask anyway, we are what we ve been told so much conflicting information. There is no question. I think right and left if they can agree on anything. It's that the CDC as as some issues. But the question is what what is the political end game here? I I suspect that you're right This is not about science, and it is about politics, but what's the politics, you know it hard to understand the politics other than that Democrats, particularly now they like power, they like Arbour, a power they like controlling your life. You know: listen when comes to masks. I've never been one that that's zealot on either side. I've never really understood so,
the folks who say never wear amassed no matter what I certainly didn't fall into that camp, particularly the height of the pandemic. I wore a basket Beth what we should do reasonable steps to slow the spread of the disease is a dangerous disease, but I also never understood the poorest would ostentatiously where a mask as a symbol of their nobility and pure purity and virtue. Yet you know, let me take folks. Inside the Senate for a minute tend to understand the dynamic in real time. So early this year January, they made vaccines available to members of Congress. Number members Prescott the vaccines in in early January. I didn't the back. Then and the reason I didn't get. It then is at that when it was not widely available. Most Americans hadn't gotten it and I'm a relic Italy, young and healthy person- I didn't think it was right that that, just because I was elected to represent Texas in the Senate, that I share
Cotton line that I should get a vaccine before senior did before people with serious immune, no compromise raised, issues did before frontline responders dead, and so I didn't get them Maxine in January. I a couple of months and then ask tens of millions of vaccines had been distributed, the people with the highest needed gotten it. Then I got the vaccine. I said Enough time has passed that I think it is fair and reasonable. I'd like to get the vaccine I'd like to be protected, as the disease, so I did get the vaccine and I wait couple of weeks, so the vat till the vaccines fully effective side, both at the Pfizer shod like both of them, and I gave the requisite time They said you had wait before its effective and then I decided to stop wearing my mask on the Senate floor because vaccines work like That's the whole science of adult pointed gettin. The damn shot is is to give you protection against catching the disease
so on the Senate. It was kind of interesting, first purse. not too where maskers ran pollen ran, never worm, ask and Look I lybrand, but T Aegis said how was it I'm not wearing a mask and ran had covered and he never warm ask, and so ok, that was his joys for time. It was just ran with no mask and ninety nine senators with masks the second senator not where Mass was me and after I got the vaccine after couple, said past I said: aren't I'm gonna, stop worry the mass same time. I did that Roger Marshall. Republican senator from Kansas, also medical doctor He made the same decision so Roger and I both right about the same time, stop worrying wearing our we were were numbers two and three in the Senate and for several weeks, the three of us were the only ones not wearing a mask. I can tell you the peer pressure is interesting like when you stood on the Senate, floored everyone's wearing a mass coming. You felt like you,
you're like a rebel on the fringe and it interesting. Then the fourth person to stop worrying ass was Jim rushed from Idaho and he he said art. I'm joining the no mass carcass, because he'd been vaccinate now What was bazaars we'd gone a couple of months with every howdy wearing masks, even though they all are virtually all were vaccinate I view member Joe Biden suit. state of the union address, everyone was wearing a mask and almost every person in that chamber was already vaccinated. It was it was political theatre, then then what happens the CDC issued its its ruling and said if you have a fact, if you're vaccinated I don't need to wear a mask and it was the funniest thing within Two days everybody took their best. A hundred per cent of the senators Chuck Shimmer took an ASCAP or anything took his mask of Maisie her own or took it to her mask of look. I jokes
some of the Democrats. I'd be much happier if they kept their master in, and you know really. My criticism was their mass needed to be tighter. We could still hear them talk so clearly their mask we're not attach sufficiently firmly but listen. The fact that everybody took off their mask In the case, what we all know is, which is if your vaccinating wearing a mask is it is stupid. Everyone, that all the Democrats immediately knew that now, when that was, happening in the Senate? Nancy policy was still. fining house Birds who didn't wear a mask on the on the house, Florence, I know a number of housework applicants who were fine, five hundred big bucks, a piece. Even though there were vaccinated because they didn't wear a mass literally on the very same day, the Chuck humor and Bernie Sanders, and every Democrat has no mask on so people understood the difference between
in reality and performance theatre, art. Let's fast forward to this week, this wake Monday, we started out this week why hundred percent of senators had Damascus Republican had no mask every democratic mask. Then the CDC issues there magical new ruling. Suddenly vaccines don't work suddenly, if you're vaccinated does matter, you gotta put a mask on. Why because we decree it to be so and it was a very funny thing. They issue the order and the Democratic Party I don't know they're they're, like docile sheep, that they want to follow the orders of whoever the dictator is and they a demonstrate self righteously how pie ass. They are and so a day after the CDC acted had. Oh, I don't know. Maybe a third of the Democrats worry masks he had people like Ryan, It's from Hawaii was a mask, yet people are Corey Booker
Where a mask, but still at least half the Democrats, Wert worry, and this was a day or two after the CDC, but the sort of peer pressure of elected Democrats. again in by the day. Virtually every Democrat is wearing a mask Pearson, Cinema wasn't worry him ass. She may have been the only democratic, not wearing a mask, but what's He has even those democrats wearing them. They know it's a crock look Yesterday, the day before I was in an elevator in in the rustle set an office building, I under the elevator. There was a senator me. Was there with two of his staff to the staff had mass song the senator, didn't have his mask on so standing at an elevator with no mask. he sees me and like who reaches in his pocket quickly puts on them it's. Like. He suddenly became contagious. The guy's vaccinated that the mask does nothing, but he, to put it on because he had to show I
obedient to the government decree and it's really stupid and in it I think it many issues one. The CDC letting itself be politicized its behaving like a political institution like. Let me ask you: has there been an institution that has done more to damage their credibility in the last year and a half than the CDC has a year and a half ago there, one of the most respected medical US scientific organisations in the face of the planet and now we ve seen found she do. Nineteen backs, let's be on every side of every issue and anyway you're standing as a political player, is not a scientist in terms of what he says. He says what's politically convenient at the moment and end the damage to the credibility of the CDC and to the scientific until caters, I think, has been really enormous. The CDC credibility is in tatters, as you see just even on this issue of the vaccines, either way, either the the vaccine,
do work and the decision is political in the CDC loses credibility or the vaccines, work. Nor we ve been told is not true, and how do I run is where the mass again in the CDC loses credibility, but it seems that as the credibility collapses, the the liberal establishment, you Know- and that includes not just the elected people, but the bureaucrats in the Tec. Grattan and the other institutions. These to be getting more aggressive, and I think this is what a lot of people are worried The hunting of peer pressure- is you Eve, at the White House now saying that they may move into another lock down there. Looking at potential threats or vaccine mandates. For goodness sake, yes, even as we're being told that the vaccines are allegedly or are not working as well as we were told they were so anyway. There is obviously a lot of confusion here, but but if Nancy policies throw staffers in jail. These, to mean the threats that they're making yet mean you think about that Nancy. Lucy is saying to someone who's a twentysomething, thirty something he'll staffer is working on that
Capital held at that that, if you dare not wear a mask, even if you're back sedated she's going to put you in jail I think that that is a level of dick Torreon Ill I don't give a damn that that the true a frightening and you're right. You combined with Joe Biden who saying he wants to mandate federal, ploys all get MAC vaccines. He wants to mandate the mill. Terry all get vaccines Listen my view number one vaccines are good. I am a supporter of vaccines, I'm a supporter of science. I've been vaccinated, Hyades been vaccinated, my parents have been vaccinated, Hyades parents have been vaccinated. I was quite glad vaccine, and I want to get the damn mask off. I wanna do too be able to go out in in crowds of people in interact again without being concerned about catching are spreading a date dangerous disease, but I I also believe- and individual liberty, I believe, an individual choice. The fact that I chose to get a vaccine doesn't mean you needed make that choice. Should you you're an adult you
make your own choice. You should talk to you doctor. You should educate yourself. You should think about the pros and cons. and I believe in that individual responsibility. It's amazing, the Democrats. There want to give you that choice that they don't want you to be able to make your own choices about medical treatment that your receiving them. want the government, but you know, Senator the argument that they're making the argument that they're making is that when it comes a pandemic, and I guess you know that, determines redefined and his figure a little bit loose right now, but when it comes to a pandemic, you lose your individual rights because your decision, I not your decision but someone else's decision not to be vaccinated, is a direct threat to me because you could spread the virus. to Whomever Island or so what is the conservative answered that there's a logical flaw in that argument and it's really important break it down, because you're right, the left is making it by the way the press is made
This argument, like crazy, it's very funny on Capital Hill, the press reporters all all of them have duly dutifully put their masks on. There is one one poor guy run around with to mask the hay If you ve got virtue, I can have twice as much virtue and have to masks on it and and adjust There were only a couple of reporters dared take their mask. Often again they were, they were almost like. You know Miss Gibson and brave heart or something but go to this argument about the young, accelerated- are endangering others and end, and this week I think the so they said it most offensively was her Aldo, so heraldic was on on Fox, and her older went on this, this rant on the five or he said he if you're on vaccinate I'm gonna paraphrase, but this is basically right. He said if you're on vaccinated, then you're era get your rude near inconsiderate in your jeopardizing everybody, and he was quite
bombastic. I know that's hard to believe Rollo being bombastic, but I just can't imagine this. Here's the logical flaw around, presumably as vaccinated. If not he's workable, hypocrites I soon be vaccinated. These vaccinated, the risk to him of getting covered is extremely all depending on which vaccine you, God, if you get Pfizer Madonna The risks are somewhere in the neighbourhood of three percent or may be five percent, but there very small- and if you do catch with some percentage, some small percentage of people are vaccinated, can catch cove and if you do catch covered, the risks, it being serious abusing hospitalized or dying, are very, very small: that's why people get the facts. And they want to dramatically reduce the risk of getting getting the disease and even more so reduce the risk of getting it seriously? That means
for anyone whose vaccinated the risk of a people or on vaccinated, as is negligible, is very small, now is there some possibility that someone who's on vaccinated will ass, the disease on someone else's on vaccinate. Yes, but you know but that someone else's on vaccinated. They made them choice like that you're assuming that risk, if you say I'm not At the vaccine, ok, you're, a big boy- you can adult you're too. Don't you eggs at risk, but at this time than that Left jumped up and down and says those those evil on vaccinated people are jeopardizing, may now, if you're vaccinated, they're, not there Rising each other potentially- and you know what to say, thing is true of smokers. If you smoke. You may die of lung cancer Look you and I are both cigar smokers. You know what might happen are Send tongues. Might fall off that would fuck you, I really don't want my lips and tongue to fall off.
But I believe adults have the ability to make choices and bear the consequences. your choices and the left doesn't agree, with any of that. They want you to be subjects. and obey their decrees, Yes, we can certainly assess risk me, prudential judgments we is concerned. I think that the left seems less inclined in that direction, but this gets back to that absolute power point. The point that we opened up within the Lord ACT and quote, which is just as a practical matter here, were passed day: five hundred of this. This should have been over by now. We were all told it. gonna be over by now? They ve move the goalposts every single time that we hit one of them. It was slow, the spread than flattened the curve than it was find a cure. Then it was an and it just keeps moving. So how does this end? How do we make sure that we don't go from five hunter
is too slow. The spread. Two thousand is that we're not there were not here again in another year and look if it's up to the Democrats, This ever doesn't because as an excuse for power to excuse for trillions of dollars. A new spending is excuse for trillions of dollars of new taxes, its neck, used for everything they want to do anyway. They want power, you know you look at these Democratic politicians, for example, is shut down churches who do declared it was illegal to go to church during the Pandemic Day day. are just stated an authoritarian they dont like people who go to church. They were quite happy to to drip your religious liberty and, by the way. Anyone with with a tripled. did I q or even a double digit iq? could see the high double here. The rank, hypocrisy that You would have the media you'd have democratic politicians. You would have these. These self
declared scientific experts, who will pine that that sounds The people crammed into the public streets pro lasting black lives matter, zero risk of carbon transmission that that there is no chance of it. If you go to church and sing Hallelujah everyone's gonna die an end. Look that that was on its face. Absurd everyone knew this is crap. You Political preference, you're, claiming that the virus in the infection just happens to perfectly match your political preference. Will a couple of points many people, certainly the CDC. Certainly Democrats, certainly the press, but that a lot of people are Republicans to run. we say we should be encouraging people to get vaccinated. I agree with that. I'm encouraging people to get vaccinate Irene equally enough with the CDC did this week. maybe the single biggest disincentive to get vaccinated. We have seen since the vaccine was introduced, so
when the CDC initially issued its common sense ruling that once you're vaccinated its effective being take your basket. That was a really good incentive to get vaccinated, encourage p they get vaccinate because they wanted the freedoms and by the way this is, hypothetical in my family so high and I we're both eager to get the vaccine. My mom got her parents got up on my dad didn't want to get the vaccine. I mean you know my father ease Eighty two years old he's a pastor. He is stubborn as all get out at an ice probably a month arguing with my dad about getting the vaccine is like. I don't trust it was developed quickly. There might be side effects and you know what they're made risk. It was developed very quickly and and often with medical innovation. You don't anticipate all of all of the effects of an eye round around with my dad. I really wanted him to get it and and probably took me about a month and eventually he he agreed to get it, and what
really compelling for him. So he's a pastor he had been holed up in for a lot of this pandemic is really hard on him to be alone. said. Listen, you want to get out, you wanna, be preaching again. You wanna be an crowd. You wanna be talking to people in it, I tell you what to do so safely. Where were you know we ve seen with this virus that for people who are your age, the risk you're pretty significant. And are you taking insider argument with my dad is that why dont trust trust the vaccine at my it might be bad, and I said, will look here's, the vaccine. Everyone in Congress is taking wanted to take that vaccines ignored. I don't trust. policy and re humorously look out of transposing humor either, but do you think they're, like trying to poison themselves like like it is what we have taken he finally did it, but it was his choice no one had to make him he. Finally, because he wanted to get out again and now my dad is back preaching in churches. He's back giving speeches.
traveling he's very happy because getting the I've seen gave him freedom that he cared about when the CDC gave that guidance you get I see no mask the incentivize people hey, I want. I want that freedom, The CDC did this weekend is implicitly Ed vaccines, don't work said even get the vaccine doesnt matter. Do everything have all of your liberties curtailed. Just like you before you got the vaccine. That's terrible! It's stupid and by the way, They relied on no science or no database it what they said. It was really quite ironic, they said. Well, we have scientific studies that back this up, we're just not going to tell you what they are. We have data, but its double supersecret and no one actually gets to see the data but trust us, because shown where such a political, credible scientists that we just say whatever is political. golly convenient and then change it to Morrow and its
listen, here's what I think Michael We should have no government mandates on covered period, That means no vaccine mandates. That means no. ask mandates. That means no vaccine passports. That means no shutdowns. That means schools being open. what is it? What is the left think what the Democrats think they want to see all those things mandated an end. What people I think are most concerned about is there drive us off the cliff again of shot down and shutting schools, and that did Matt Sid damage I think it is now abundantly clear that the politicians who ordered shutdowns committed a cattle, traffic. Mistake, a mistake that I hope people study for decades. never to make again because they destroyed lives. They destroyed businesses, they hurt children. Profoundly and the problem Joe Biden. The Democrats are eager to do it again. I mean just even the economic effects were so catastrophic in which
bring to another another issue here, which is while Nancy policy is busy throwing stew staffers into jail. The other topic that the legislators are taking up on Capitol Hill. Is this infrastructure bill that you know it's not quite as sexy as the corona virus, locked downs and mandates, and it's not pulling it and people's interests quite as much but This is a major piece of legislation and it is very unclear, at least for my red on the reporting, how this is being built and where it's gonna go, so that this gets complicated but limit. Let me try to explain some of what's going on Joe Biden implosion tumor want to spend a crap China money that that, by the way, is a technical term better than their looking to spend somewhere six seven trillion dollars, which even in no government terms is is a staggering terrifying. Some they Marty
at one point nine trillion in their first building. They called the covert relief bill, of which you will recall. Only percent of that was healthcare spending on coded that was a long left wing special interests spending list so next bill there trying to take take up is what they call an infrastructure bill and Democrats have proposed three and a half trillion dollars now and relief bill. Only nine percent of it was healthcare spending on comin. They decided. Ok, that was too much. So there three point: five a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. Only five percent of it is roads and bridges like the reason they call it, infrastructures whose infrastructures popular people like roads and bridges people think we ought to spend some money to have high ways that don't have idols and on that at bridges, the don't fall down. We oughta have airports work. We have ports that we can have commerce so infrastructure. spending is popular popular with Democrats, probably with Republicans
know, what you're saying is the infrastructure bill? Is infrastructure but correct it. Is purely a label because it pulls well and it's it's a whole series of things of of child care subsidies, of of senior care subsidies of of it banning Medicaid Ellison must expand Medicaid. You might think that's a good policy wing debate about whether that's a good policy or not, but the one thing: you agree: Erin infrastructure like it's, not, friggin role, but senator this. This brings up what one of the most And talking points right now among the Democratic Party, which is that everything is in structure name actually said this. I don't think I'm misrepresenting them. Those that health care is infrastructure. Weightlifting is infrastructure. That might be a little help. But they set basically anything that they want they now reclassified infrastructure, because infrastructure poles well and they know the media will not drill and anything they say and we'll just repeat there talking points
and so the media are their propagandist soap, Europe and by the way, this three point: five trillion dollar infrastructure bill is, is paid for by trillions of new taxes. They want to massive new taxes, so it's terrible bill. If and when it's taken up and voted on, it'll get zero republican votes. No Republicans, even though the squishy is republican, is not going to vote for trillions of new taxes and just out of control spending so What did we do this week? Will? Unfortunately, there was agreed. Cooper, five, ten or twelve republicans. who really really really want to cut a deal like desperately want to cut a deal and so they ve been negotiating with with Democrats. What's what they're calling the by partisan infrastructure bill endless on the face of it. The bill that their negotiating- it's not a terrible bill on the face of it is about one point: two trillion dollars, that's a lot of money.
but it is directed much of it is directed at at real infrastructure. Much of it is directed at things like roads and bridges and an airport ports, not all of it there some garbage in it, but it is theirs try a percentage of the bill that is actually infrastructure. And it doesn't have the massive tax increases. The Democrat proposal did and so these Republicans they met on and on and on and on and on and were dancing the hokey buggy with the Democrats and we ve spent the last summer Weeks, if not the last month in our report, lunches with these, these self declared by partisan negotiators reporting to us on on a regular basis about what's happening now My view on it is if they could actually negotiating by partisan deal, which was let's do the one point. trillion dollar
a partisan deal instead of the three point: five trillion dollar monstrosity, that might be a good deal like if they did the one instead of the other I knew you would get a lotta republicans I might even supported we actually have seen the details of the buck so called by partisan bill. So I would one actually see the details before I do so, and if I would support it, but if it were that instead of the other one that could make some sense. the Democrats doing their saying, hey. Let's pass this one point two trillion and then we're gonna do the three point: five trillion on top of it. So it's a four point: seven trillion minimum and we're just gonna do everything we want massively blow out the budget, massively increased taxes. and we'll get a whole bunch of Republicans to get their fingerprints on on at least part of this? So Joe Biden can go around the country and so hey look. This was by partisan. These Republicans are part of it and, by the way, among
the things we are seeing inflation going up in a very troubling way, we're saying the price of gas going up were saying the price of food going up we're seeing the price of lumber going up a lot we're seeing the price of homes going up. Lot and that inflation is being fuelled and very significant part by this massive spending in debt spree that the damage, Hats are doing right now, two hundred percent, the Democrats, it's all Biden, inhuman policy, they ve done a hundred percent of it. Not a single Republicans, supported it with this by artisan bill sudden, Republicans had their fingerprints on this inflation bomb? That is exploding ends. I get it you, Michael at our lunches? We have had you know term of art in Washington is candid discussions that that the sort of but their diplomatic s way of putting it is we ve been yelling at each other and
been republican senators yelling at these, these the by partisan negotiators. Why are you giving the damn rats, everything they want like like what do we? yet in this deal. If you sign on the part of their package- and they get every other terrible part of the package and tax increases and trillions and debt like what we're getting out of this unfortunate lay we have anywhere from a third or more of the republican conference that so eager to cut a deal that their willing to embrace at least part of the Democrats spending and I think I think that's really, unfortunately, bad mistake. Why think This is a very important tion that has not really been publicized? I thing which is yes, demo, It's gonna spend a ton of money. Yes, Republicans don't have, too much power right now. Yes, some moderate too liberal Republicans are gonna wanna, deal on anything, but it's not just
in the sky this is not just a well were spending money, but so what the deaths a little higher now this is directly tied to inflation. Which is a major threats. Not just a threat, is actually happening right now and it is affecting people's bottom lines. On gas on food, and it's about to affect us. I'm a lot of other things too. That's right, in an inflation, is a automatic tax that that hurts. It hurts working families. I had heard saying: as you know, senior to save their whole lives for retirement, but maybe on a fixed income and when inflation kicks in prices go up. It really hurts low income and moderating come people and seniors on fixed incomes. At This is where Michael you're, my age deferential kicks in a little bit, you, don't remember Jimmy Carter, I do so I was born in nineteen. Seventy, my first political memory,
was the election and nineteen seventy six and in particular it was the fight that my parents had Because my mother voted for Jimmy Carter now oh my gosh, I would never have guessed well. She just Ford was an idiot she's, the guy's, a bumbling moron alike in Jimmy Carter, seems like such a nice guy and dad my dad at the time. Wasn't a? U S! Citizens, canadian citizens at the time and so he didn't have a vote, and so my father viewed. My mom's vote is like the family vote, and I remember my dad just apoplectic, how could you vote for Jimmy Carter and when it? the story now my mom gets upset. Like I'm sorry, I was wrong like like she is not a day a card of IRA, but look with Jimmy Carter we saw. The same failed Powell.
These were saying right now we saw something called stagflation, what a stagflation Inflation is when the economy is stagnant, so there's not growth, please You have super high inflation and he had some vicious like you was ugly under Jimmy Carter and inflation. Got so high. you were saying home mortgages that we're going up. Fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen percent on home mortgage. As you know, we Refinanced, our home mortgage think we pay two point. Six five percent people have gotten. used to insanely low interest I imagine your home mortgage yet, let's not even say, eighteen. Ninety percent. Imagine your home mortgage at ten percent You know what it means it means you can buy, basically Third, as big a house is you can right now a triple the cost of your mortgage. Just going from three percent to ten percent.
That is a massive costs and in an for seniors it destroys their savings. I think by and inhuman policy there repeating those same mistakes it really hard to get out of. When you ve got inflation roaring and by the way, one of the big problems with inflation, also a huge part of our- federal budget is interest on the debt. now we are living in sort of the magical time that the land that time forgot because interest is so low that the cost, trust on the dead. It is still massive the hundreds of billions of dollars, but if interest rates go up, a lot interest on the debt will become the single biggest element of the federal budget, and so it becomes this. Spiral were keeps getting worse and worse and worse, it's crazy, that Republicans are complicit in it in any way and that certainly what I am arguing that my colleagues and and most my colleagues agree, but but a significant chunk of em down
this is an important point, because even forgetting the merits of the bill or the infrastructure spending or or what have you just the political inefficacious here it seems that a number of sense Republicans think that they're gonna get political power, on the back for looking as though there promising and and conciliatory, but this could be a huge judge liability. Forget that it's a bad idea in the first place. This could be a huge, huge, medical liability before we go senator, I do have to get to the mailbag their arson great mailbag questions. Your first one is very simple from Michael, not me. Do you intend to wear a mask and the capital hell no I got a feeling. I knew the answer to that simple questions, simple answer and absolutely a correct one Matthew asks a tougher question, but it does. It does get too we're talking about it and by the way, let me throw cabbie out on that. So I you still wear masks on airplanes because they make you
ro you off the plane. If you don't and an eye, filed legislation in that stupid policy its it makes no sense to require mask on aeroplanes planes and an end. It is is the bite administration being unreasonable? That is putting that requirement in and by the way are so just a couple weeks ago in the commerce committee We had a vote on an amendment to end the requirement that you wear masks on aeroplanes. and it was an argument back and forth, twin Republicans and Democrats and every democratic. The Converse committee voted no now The time one of those Democrats brine shots as a Democrat from from Hawaii he's a nice guy and I get along well, we pay, hoops together, Hemingway EAST Nice enough fella who said at the hearing. He said you know if it didn't mandate that they change the policy, but if, bill was simply a sense of the Senate that the
they should change the policy and not require mast on aeroplanes. He said, then, I would say would it and I stopped said, okay, if we get a sense of the Senate and has less teeth but you'd support, I'd like look if we need to get this done and get rid of the ridiculous mask requirement and planes had made good thing. He said yes and unfortunately, so it was Rick Scots Amendment and I asked, at the hearing I said, would you be willing to change your amendment to do what shots wants to do, because that would get Democrats and it would pass I said no, we didn't want to do that. He wanted to vote on the one with with full force. Ok, so we voted on in a failed asked, Word shots approached me and said: hey, let's do a bill. That is this, so the Senate that that we should end mask son on aeroplanes. Ass, a great so I said I'll have my staff drafted will go. To you to Morrow: let's do it. This could be a big deal you and me together by partisan, like let's in this ridiculous requirement it by the way the poor guy had
got off an airplane from Hawaii which he would fly every week and that's a long way to fly with a mask when you ve already been vaccinated, so we drafted it. I showed it to him long and short of it is he declined to sign on because when he talks to democratic leadership, basically they act the whip and said you must obey and we don't I urge you to do this, so he bailed, Filed it anyway, but I filed it with just one because now, by the way I had even like Susan Collins's cosponsor there, not a lot of things that would have me and Susan Collins together, but supposed to have Democrats, and none of the Democrats would do it so fast forward this week. One of very first Democrats to be too- docilely wearing his mask? Was branch shots and then- and I just can't- had the laugh at wait. Two weeks ago, you knew this was ridiculous. You still no it's ridiculous.
But now the Democratic Party is such that you must obey, and so you, u meekly do so. Again line will be so these technical issues. I think, motivate this next question from Matthew, trying to talk, facts and logic with it doesn't seem to be working and being a jerk doesn't help either. What's another approach, we used to get along and have useful discourse or is the era of bi partisanship and common ground debtor than disco. the only way to move forward is to beat is to beat them at the ballot box. An annual, let me answer that by making a rough Friends, too, to a series of books that I read as a kid zone as a kid. I was a big fan of AIDS Evan Book Series, that's called the great brain, on thirty January. The great brain now an item- okay, so it so it's it's by a guy named John Dene, John D Fitzgerald.
and it is about a family in Utah on the late eighteen hundred, so at the turn of the century and their three brothers job? De Fitzgerald was the youngest brother Tom defects Harold who's, the middle brother and Slender Fitzgerald was the eldest brother, and the Middle brother Tom D is the great brain and he's a little con. Man he's basically a swindler, and in a sort of like Tom Sawyer. But it's it's sort of clever cons. and I read these when I was- I thinking junior high, I read them the great kids books I have, unfortunately mammal get either by my daughters to read them, but their great kids books. But the opening chapter two, the first book. is John D, the little brothers, the author of Oliver Manys, telling stories about his Con man middle brother Andy and he said He said you know were grown up in Utah, the late eighteen, hundreds and he said
virtually everyone in the town where we live as Mormon and he said we're not mormon any said, but but their very tolerant and in its ok- and he said it was simply a matter. of me learning to whip every boy. My age and Tom DE learning to whip every boy. His age Wendy learning to whip every boy, his age and he said they're, very tolerant of us. Now it's amazing how tolerant someone can be when you can with them and an end that statement. There is enormous, was demanded it. It's always. I've always thought of that statement when I think about Israel's foreign policy. It's amazing how tolerant Israel's neighbours are when the fact is Israel can beat the militarily in terms of dealing with the Democrats. We're not gonna, persuade Nancy Pelosi, What we will do and I and I believe we will do in twenty twenty two- is
and persuade the american people and we can beat them at the ballot box and retire Nancy Pelosi by taking the house back and weaken retired Shimmers majority leader by taking the Senate back and weaken Retire Joe Biden, although not sure he would know it by winning when he for but the only way they will not stop. The angry socialist crazy left will not stop until they get trounced at the back box and if and when they get trounced. Then, I think, there's some realistic prospect that least some reasonable Democrats will signal gosh. Maybe we should gone so crazy, far left maybe we should recalibrate, but but that take some time to have happened and they then do it until they lose if they lost the chances of them shifting away from this radical agenda. I think rosier of the only way they shift is is
after they lose and and and hopefully lose resoundingly right, not just because there are no good awful rotten, terrible democrats when we could talk about that at great length, but it's it's because they ve got all the power going all the power, and so it is that she doesn't even makes sense for them to try to in unwitting. Didn't Lord act and say something like that. You know there is this strange coincidence here reminds me of a quote from Lord ACT Absolutely. I am with you Senator The only way that we are going to reconcile and come back together is if we pull some of that power back from the people who have taken all of it, we ve got it ended ere. I Michael noses verdict with take root. We'll be taking verdict on the road. We are partnering with the Young America's foundation, we're going to multiple so I think we're going to six. schools and universities at with why
as you can go to wire dot. Org slash verdict right now to request that we come to your school at the deadline is August. Eighteen sent Should we go to with a really nice wonderful conservative schools with the this foundation, or should we go to the crazy leftist inside in schools that are gonna, run us out of town on the real well, it seems to me that should be up to the listeners. A verdict I did so so you tell us if you're a student right now you I'd be one of the few Hey he's a sanity and you say: hey come cheer Assad and an end and re out to us. On the other hand, you might be behind enemy line, surrounded by bolsheviks at Mensheviki and and looking for a Berlin airlift, you know my guess is, were were open to do a little of both, but but it's really the incredible listeners averted you're going to make that decision. We want a free
the students on campus. We want a free all of us here in this country, so make sure you get those names and laughed at Org, Slash verdict, August eighteenth is the deadline. This episode, verdict with TED Crews is being brought to you by jobs, freedom and security pack. A political action committee dedicated to supporting conservative causes organizations and candidates across the country in twenty twenty two jobs, freedom and security pack plans to donate to conservative candidates running for Congress and help the Republican Party across the nation. This episode. A verdict with TED Crews is being brought to you by jobs, freedom and security pack, a political action committee, dedicated to supporting conservative causes organizations and candidates across the country in twenty twenty two jobs, freedom and security pack plans to donate to conservative candidates running for Congress and help the Republican Party across the nation. This episode, a verdict with TED crews, is being brought
you buy jobs, freedom and security pack. A political action committee dedicated supporting conservative causes organizations and candidates across the country in twenty twenty two jobs freedom and security pack, plans to donate to conservative candidates running for Congress and help the Republican Party across the nation. This habit a verdict with TED crews, is being brought to you by jobs. Freedom and security back a political action many dedicated to supporting conservative causes organizations and candidates across the country in twenty twenty two. jobs, freedom and security pack plans to donate to conservative candidates running for Congress and help the Republican Party across the nation.
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