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2012-06-15 | 🔗

Pilot Episode. A new dog park opens in Night Vale. Carlos, a scientist, visits and discovers some interesting things. Seismic things. Plus, a helpful guide to surveillance helicopter-spotting.

Weather: "These and More Than These" by Joseph Fink

Music: Disparition, disparition.info

Logo: Rob Wilson, silastom.com

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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welcome to night alone listeners to start I've been asked to read this brief notice, Council announces the opening of a new dawn park at the corner of early Somerset near the roofs like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People not allowed the dolls park It is possible. You will see wooded fig
In the dog park do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park, the fences electrified and highly dangerous. Try not to the dog park, specially, do not look for any period of time. At the hooded figures, the dog park, not harm. You and now the news. Old woman Josie out near the car lot the angels revealed themselves to her said there. We're ten feet tall, radiant and one of them was black said they help with various household chores, one of them The light bulb for her the porch light she's offering to sell the old light bulb, which has been touched by an angel? It was the black angel. If that weakens the pot for anyone, if you're interested
contact old woman, Josie she's out near the car laughed a new man came into town today. Who is he? What does he want from us? Why is perfect and beautiful hair cut? Why is perfect beautiful coat? He says he is a scientist where have all been scientists at one point or another, but why now why Here What does he plan to do with all those breakers and humming electrical instruments in that lab? He's renting the one next to Big Rico's pizza No one does a slice like be Rico. No one. Two reminder to all the parents out there. Let's talk about safety when taking your children out. Playing the scrub lands in the sand wastes you need to give them plenty of water,
make sure there's a shade tree in the area and keep an eye. On the helicopter. Colors are the unmarked telecom Circling the area black, probably world government, not a good area for play. That day are they blew. That's the share. Secret police don't keep a good eye on your kids and hardly ever take. Why are they pay with complex murals depicting birds of prey, diving No one knows what those helicopters are, what they want in this area to your home and lock the doors until the sheriff secrets. Policemen Liza Carnation on reports indicate that the danger has passed. Cover your ears to blot out the streams of Remember gateway Basically soda circuit your kids, plain old water
some more incisive when they play a commercial airlines flying through local airspace disappeared today. Only too here in the night bail Elementary Gymnasium during basketball practice disrupting practice quite badly. Jet Lord, through the small Jim, for only a fraction of a second and before strike any players or structure it vanished again, this time, apparently for good, There is no word gets on or how this effect tonight. They'll mount mind steam, scheduled and also if this could provide be the work of their bitter rivals: the desert bluffs cacti desert. Loss is always trying to show us how fancier uniforms better pre game, snacks and possibly
by transporting a commercial jet into our gymnasium delaying practice for several minutes at least shame desert shape. That new scientist We now know named Carlos called a town meeting he has a square jaw and teeth like military cemetery? His hair is perfect and we all hate. Despair and love that perfect hair in equal measure. Old woman Josie brought corn muffins, which were decent but lack salt. She said the angels had taken her salt for a godly mission and she hadn't yet gotten around. The buying more Carlos told us that we are by far the most scientifically interesting community in the U S and he had
the study just what is going on around here, he grinned and every thing about him, was perfect. And I fell in love instantly government agents from a vague, yet menacing agency were in the back watching. I fear for Carlos I fear for night fail. I feel for anyone caught between what they know and what they don't. Yet no that they don't know, We received a press release this morning, then Veil Business Association is proud to announce the opening of the brand new night veil, harbour and water front Recreation Area
I've been to these facilities myself recently on their invitation, and I can tell you that it is absolutely top of the line and beautiful sturdy. Docking areas made from echo friendly posts, consumer material aboard walk for pedestrians and peace. The EU stands ready for local food, vendors and merchants to turn into up bustling public market place. Now there is some concern about the fact that, given we are in the middle of a desert. There was no. Actual water at the waterfront, and that is if new drawback, I agree, for instance, boardwalk is currently overlooking sagebrush that the middle Association did not provide any specific remedies for this problem. They assured me that the new harbour would be a big boost to night veil. None the less.
Maybe wait until a flash flood and head down there for the full waterfront experience The local chapter of the inner ray is selling bumper seekers as part of their fundraising week. This, the station one to get some publicity and work, here to serve the community. So I'm happy to let you all know about it. Stickers are made from good sturdy vinyl and they read guns, don't kill people it's. Possible to be killed by a gun, we are all invincible, the bullets and eat. Some miracle stand out side of your front door and shout in our rate of order. One. Carlos and his team of scientists warned that one of the houses in the new development of Desert Creek out back of the
preschool, doesn't actually exist,. It seems like it exists, explained Carlos and his perfect hair, like it's just right there. When you look at it and it's between two other identical houses, so we would make more sense for it to be there than not, but he says they have done experiments and the house is definitely not there NEWS Time, the scientists are standing in a group on the sidewalk in front of the non existent house. Daring each There are two go knock on the door.
A great howling was heard from the night bail Post office. Yesterday, postal workers claim no knowledge, although passers, by described the sound as being a little like a human soul, being destroyed through black magic. The indian tracker now I dont know if you ve seen this guy around he's the one that appears to be of maybe slavic origin, yet wears an indian headdress out of some racist cartoon and claims to be able to read tracks on asphalt. He appeared on the scene and swore that he would discover the truth. No one responded because it's really hard to taken seriously and that addresses lights scene in the sky above the Arby's, not the glowing sign of large beings, something higher and beyond that we know the difference. We ve got onto their game. We understand the lights above Arby's invaders from another world. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here and it's about a hundred feet above Carlos and his scientists at the monitoring
Station near route, eight hundred, hey there, seismic monitors have been indicating wild seismic shifts meaning to say that the ground should be going up and down all over the place, know about you folks, but the Ground has been, and still is. The crust of a tiny globe rocketing through an endless void could be Carlo, says, but they ve double check the monitors and they are imperfect, working order. To put it plainly, there appeared To be catastrophic, earthquakes happening right here and night veiled that absolutely no one can feel
Well, submitted insurance time anyway, I see what you can get right traffic time listeners now. Police are issuing warnings about ghost cars out on the highways. Those cars only visible in the distance reaching imaginable speeds, leaving destinations unknown for destinations more. They would like to remind you that you should not said your speed by these apparitions and doing so will not be considered following the flow of traffic. However, they do say that it's probably safe to match speed with the mysterious lights, the sky, as whatever entities or organizations responsible, appear to be cautious and reasonable drivers, and now, though, whether all church down the street car Craig
the shadow of the day these you gotta dig anxious, Astaire Straight answer: what a dog can these all these and dig he's gotta dig a lot I spoke about so some day. I will not discuss cry about making. Still, I will start by will wonder what these dig. Gotta dig bother. You gotta take days and days
welcome back solutions. The sun didn't sat at the correct time today, Carlos and he's of scientists report. They are quite certain about it. They checked multiple clocks and the sun. Definitely set. Ten minutes later than it was supposed to. I asked if they had any explanations, but they did not offer anything concrete
Oh, they sat in a circle around a desk clock staring at. Its murmuring and cooing still, we must be good. Full to have the sign at all. It's easy to forget in this hot hot, hot desert climate, but things would actually be slightly harder for us without. So, the next time the sun rises, whatever time that turns out to be take a moment. I feel grateful for all the warmth and light, and even yes, extreme heat, that our desert community is gifted with. Is whatever time that turns out to be take a moment to feel grateful for all the warmth and light, and even yes, extreme
Is that you should not know anything about this, the structure of Heaven and the angelic organizational short, our privileged information, known only to the city council members on a need to know basis, please do not say to acknowledge any angels, but you may come across while shopping at the roofs or at the desert, flower bowling alley and arcade fun, complex only tell lies and do not report all angel sightings to the city council. For treatment now for brief public service alligators. Can they kill your children? Yes, along those lines to get purse for a moment, I think best way to die would be swallowed. Giant,
going feet first and whole into a slimy. More would give your life perfect symmetry speaking of the desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex, its owner Eddie Williams reports that is found the entrance to a vast underground city in the pen, retrieval area of lane. Five, he said Its owner, Teddy Williams, reports that Let it strange spires and broad avenues. He also reports voices of a distant crowd in the depths of that subterranean metropolis appear The entrance was discovered when a bowling ball accidently rolled into it clatter. Down to the city below with sounds that echoed four miles across the impossibly huge cavern.
So you know whatever pop. Relation that city how's, that about us now and we might be hearing from them soon. Carlos Perfect and beautiful came into our studios during the brake earlier, but declined to stay for an interview He had some sort of blinking box in his hand covered with wires and tubes said he was testing the place for materials. I dont know what materials he meant, but that box shore whistled and beeped alot, when he put it closely, Microphone, it sounded like well like a bunch of bees, Maybe birds and just woken up really went crazy. Carlos look nervous, Ivan ever seen that kind of look on someone with that strong other job. He left in a hurry.
Thus to evacuate the building. But then, who would be here to talk sweetly to all of you out? There said again to be another clear night and pretty eve. Here a nightmare. All of you out there have someone, sleep through it. We or at least. Good memories of when you do good night listeners. Welcome to night Vale is the production of night fell, presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph think the voice of nightmare Cecil, Baldwin, original music by disposition all if it can be found
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