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102 - Love Is a Shambling Thing

2017-02-15 | 🔗

City Council has a renewed interest in love.

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Hey Jeffrey greater here, no matter what episode here listening to right now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new. Never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gas never was told him the podcast and requires no previous knowledge of the podcast. So, even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the podcast at home, check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full list of cities across North America and Europe that will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets today. Look at it from the raindrops point of view as well
Yesterday, of course, was Valentine's day our first and for years after that, last Valentine's day which destroyed much of night veil and left many innocent victims buried under piles of rubble and candy hearts. The Any government built a large concrete dome over the Hallmark store in the many mall downtown, thus keeping dangerous sentiment from Lee into the outside world for
employees of the store were unfortunately sealed inside, but there was just no time to remove them during these seven month. Construction of the dome, it would have thrown everything off schedule. However, City Council, has a renewed interest in love. Starting their on again off again romance with the station management here at night veil. Community radio, currently Their status is on, although they find a lot and their fights. Us, considerable structural damage to the Arby's, an displaced, the number of town citizens through time, Oh, the council wants to greed. They controlled safe, valentines celebration in order to impress station management, despite strong protests from the night bill. Citizens who do not believe there is any way to safely handle valentines materials City Council announced yesterday that Valentines was a liberation of love and dean
that the official slogan of the day was love is more on that in a moment, but first some. Listeners. I am I am sorry to have to report what I next have to report old woman, Josie, your friend and mine, but more my friend than yours, beyond pollution is who I am clear. Within this strange and friendly, town of ours, and she is. Well, she is under hospice care at her home. There is the website, the story other than on the broadest most distant view of time. This is not a surprise, but even with a long time to prepare for the worst we are still in shock. Has, though,
stepped out onto a sunny street and found ourselves falling into a lake just on the liquid side a frozen and that it may be the best way of describing it. I feel cold, barely able to act. My words feel slow, my hands. Tremble, only Josie seems not upset about her own condition. She lies, her bed surrounded by the beings who described themselves as angels and the woman, a laundry describes herself as Joseph S daughter. Josie smiled and said what a joy that I have gotten to live so long, what a relief that I don't have to live forever Anyone wanting to visit Josie and say there goodbyes, please digging all in your backyard or any public garden.
Spare your wishes for Josie into it, and the angels will hear you They know it's illegal to acknowledge the existence of angels, but right now I don't care please understand that Josie has limited strength and even more limited time, and she may not be able to see you at all. I, of course I will keep you updated but the trajectory is certain Only the timeline isn't known as post it's true for every person, but we are We surprised that the literal truth of it every time over and over and now listeners the classified section lost moths. All of them reward if found contact us by dialing numbers into your phone at random. If you were meant
the reach us. You will notice that failed, women who sits motionless in the shadows of unlit parks at three p m really great relationship, advice, brow, raw meat and never look directly at her. The schedule. Events at the public library is up. It's just your name listed as an event once an hour with the word cancelled next to each found, something that you will never notices. And that we will never return. You don't even remember having it, but you did have it once not anymore. The night veil, psychic and medium society would like to let you know the answers to all your future questions. These answers in order the porch light eight, because we could a distant star green, also green, we're sorry,
but we have to if you have any follow up questions than we won't have done our job correctly. This has been the case. So fights. The city council made careful preparations for a day of their streamers around City Hall and Brazil, the table at tourniquet for a fancy dinner date station management, the recipe also made preparations for valentines by stocking up on bottled water and canned goods and discussing would loved ones where we would meet if we needed to evacuate several volunteer fire fighters kept a brave watch for candy hearts were Teddy bears with an it Legally correct, listening hearts, stitched onto their bellies visiting council revise their earlier slogan, saying they had misspoke. Their slogan was not. Love is but love easy shambling thing.
They nodded vehemently with whatever heads protrusion, the multi body entity uses to nod and repeated love he's a shambling thing in a whisper before it separating into the air like evaporating liquid parent leader of the five had dragons Adasa MC dangles has responded to the fatal shooting of one of her brothers, five heads with an understandable mix of grief and rage and fire breath. She asked each day several week, long protest outside of city Hall, in which chief peacefully held of signs and peacefully eight bold or burned anyone attempting to enter or exit the building
still been no citing or word of Hiram, since the shooting we reached out to the five had a dragons to see if they had me updates on that front, but they took our microphone from us and devoured it in a quick twirling series of bites like it was a cop of corn did not get any I look to that since I fled screaming before they could put me through the same treatment, but I will take response is a sign that they also do not have news about. Adasa has said that she seeks justice, pacifically the justice she seeks. His pain inflicted upon night veiled, equal to or greater than the pain inflicted upon her own soul. She said you don't understand the true nature of your splintered world. There are terrible forces rubbed you held together in a fragile truths that truce will end and with it your town, then
saw Jeremy Godfrey emerged from city Hall there to pay a small, Simple fine for wearing unfashionable sweaters and she said his hair on fire. Now a word from our sponsors, Today's show has been brought to you by seers Sears would like you to know that they offer quality products at low prices and also that there was a. Miscommunication and they thought this was a television station. They prepared a tv ad archer. What to do now? I guess what describe what you would have seen. Have you seen this commercial on tv that this is not the level of quality? We want you to think up when you think of spheres, but here goes exterior snow drift down onto a yard, already piled with snow, a war Glow on the snow reflected light we pan up. It is
the light from the forces windows so cosy, so warm. Why would it when ever want to leave and go to seers? What kind of commercial is this stick with US interior living room? a woman looks out the window mites her lip whether she thinks I'm not going outside We don't hear this as narration. The performer expresses this with her thinks she's a great actor that we should We have seen her. She doesn't even talk in this commercial, all visual performance, it's what a waste some bad weather she doesn't want to go outside. She goes to the computer loads of Amazon, it's not Amazon, because we don't want to advertise another company, but it's like clearly Amazon. You now we see her clicking on staff stuff. She could be buying its ears, but is instead buying on Amazon Flash forward a day she got next day shipping. I guess
same house exterior it still snowy the snow is high. The pavement is icing, a male truck pulls up, a male carrier gets out. He has her package. We her in the window so happy about her decision to buy from Amazon. He starts up the drive to her, slip on the ice. Her package was flying. It says fragile on the package, so that's probably ruined. He falls badly fractures. His leg in three places. We don't know this. Looking at it. But the filming The stunt didn't go like it was supposed to. So I can tell you fractured in three places: horror on her face. She does a great job acting the scene. I really wish you could have seen it were now in the courtroom, she's being sued, the jury, stern sheets to lose for savings will go to the male carrier, but he is and happy either. He is
an incredible daily pain, and what is money going to do to fix that now? One is happy with get out on the two of them at their separate tables in court, both facing a future that is diminished. That is diminishing next time, get in your car and go to sears This has been a message from your sponsor back to our valentines report. How was it honestly uneventful cash? These were limited to a few neighbourhoods and only two out of three Gas means exploded. Most of the time isn't completely burning, only a little scorched as far as balance Mine's goes. It was a huge success to date between City Council and station management also went well. As far as we can tell.
Tourniquets entire building was enveloped in a thick fog that post a strange blue and there was reverberant harmony of children's choir when the fall lifted every here. When customer in the restaurant had vanished and were replaced by figures How did in white cloth slowly twirling in place, city, council and station management were intertwining there. You're, so appendages end cooing. It does seem. I got the slogan for yesterday wrong again. It was actually Love is a shambling thing, gray faced and gasping. It's pretty good branding very romantic Mozart.
I'm being told that that's still wrong hold on. Let me figure this out and in the meantime, let's get to that whether
Long body, then, that I love you live there when you buy me me me me me whether, by by as you swore you go to hell but bore you go back,
This will always be your life
so you have now inviting long. Everybody loves you now glad your love is a shambling thing, gray faced and gasping it moves
in from the west the setting sun behind it, those who see it avert their eyes, love, stumbles and shutters love grasps, but is grasped it sees a man and a man does not look away, love reaches out a grey, and the man touches the hand just slightly just on the palm, and the man feels heat in sight of him, his heart, is on fire. This is not a metaphor. His hot is on fire and so soon is his skin. His hair, his teeth become more and more visible as his face shrinks and melt away, love, watches, dispassionately, love does not love what it does, love only does it. Love does not have eyes, and neither now does the man
Love is a shambling thing if climbs through a window into an infants bedroom when one of the mothers comes into check on her baby son. There is love too in the crib curled up beside him, love murmurs and the baby spits restlessly the baby. Does burn? The baby will eventually burned, but by then he will not be a baby. The woman looks down at the ghastly form of love curled up beside her son, and she thinks what have I done. She cries not because she is happy or sand, but because that is what her body needs to do. Next love rises from the grim and passes her without a glance. Love is a shambling thing. It shambles out of her home love.
With skin that peels and pops and joints that moon and snap climbed to the top of a tall building and surveys its surroundings. So many people, it open its mouth? Its teeth are the only part of its body that look new and healthy, Has so many take heed the Alps and howls inarticulate sermon of lost and loss and everyone here is it. They hear it as a shudder in their stomach and hitch in their step. Love does not. Or drink love separates its many teeth and consumes love is a shambling. They re faced gasping it moves out to the east the night. Drawing closed behind it. Those who see it avert their eyes so,
that's the final version of the City Council slogan or Valentine, It's it's catch. They also sent over their current draft for a night veiled, Valentine's day, logo design, it's it's not really a logo per se. It's an actual, physical Rusty bear track hidden in a set position below a pile of loose tissue paper in an undisclosed truck, stop restroom I, like you again rate it's very eye catching depending on how you look We seem to have all made it through this Valentine's day, except those of us who didn't, but any given day there are. Those of us who did not make it every day is a new opportunity for danger. Every day is another day survived every survival. Another chance for love.
From one who loves to all of you out their love good night night veil, good night. Welcome tonight, veil is the production of night veil preserves. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice night veil is Cecil Baldwin, original music by dispersion. Oliver we found tat, dispersion, dot info or a disposition? Dot band camp dot com episodes whether was listening to tee p m by Brook pride find out more at Brook, cried more doubt. Band camp dotcom comments, questions email is that info. I welcome to night fail dot com or followers on Twitter: at night, fell, radio or punch Nazi real good in the face check out, welcome to night fell doc.
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