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105 - What Happened at the Smithwick House (R)

2021-07-15 | 🔗

Here's what happened at the Smithwick house.

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welcome to night to startle the story that everyone is talking about in the interest the common good. I feel I must report to you what happened at the Smith Wick House
Mister and Missus Smith. Wick lived in a neat two story home on Butterfield late. They had two small children, LISA and Genk. Their lives were mostly normal, Mr Smith, which was a gloomy man. He had and anger in sight of him. He hadn't use this anger to do anything but Missus Smith. could smell it and the children could smell it. They were always very careful around Mr Smith Wick. Sometimes he would be a day just any day and they would turn to find him. Look at them with a blank stare, and they would feel as though teetering on the edge of something wild and final and then they would look again and it would just be stolid, Mr Smith, Wick going about his day Even the neighbours could smell it.
There is always something dark hanging over the Smith Wick House. They never consciously fond, but always felt, and because of this they stayed away. Missus Smith, Wick was often lonely. Since few neighbours would talk to her Mister Smith. Week was never lonely. He did not have the capacity for loneliness one day. Missus Smith Wick discovered she was pregnant, an accident and how would they care for third child, but they would there would be no choice. Do too De Mr Smith Weak began to prepare a nursery in what had previously been a guest room. He moved out the furniture that had only ever been used for guests once a visit from a cousin three thanksgivings before never repeated.
is in the process of painting the room. A soothing green when first saw the hole in the wall opposite the door he called in the other members of the family, because the whole was so truly perfectly square and opening unto a tunnel that was also square. The tunnels sides we're cool, damp, concrete, leading away into darkness on the other side of the wall was the outside of the house, but the whole to lead somewhere very distant, although it was too dark to see soft breeze came from the whole. It was too to enter only about a foot on each side. So The family stood in the unfinished nursery. Looking at the whole, Mr Smith, Wick thought he could hear from
far in the distance of its debts, a soft humming more soon, but first, as many of you probably heard Two weeks ago I was arrested after my explanation of the secret hierarchy of angels. I was dragged in front of the city council and informed I would said through a lengthy re, education and brain reconditioning programme before I would be allowed back on the air. But then I got city council chatting about how station management is doing. Relationship is on a little bit of an icy patch again, and I see station management on a daily basis. So was pretty easy to draw, all the council into a series of questions about what managements mood has been like in how many hapless them
Please of the station had been lured to the management's office, relieved of their life energy. Finally, the council forgot what they had called me into, punish me about, and let me go, and so here I am speaking to you once again. By the way, there is a difference between a rough patch, icy patch relationship, a rough patches where there is a great deal of arguing in disagreement jostled to both parties lives. Icy patch is where outwardly all seems to be smooth, but there was no actual connection sentiments, skitter, often unintended directions and both parties.
Like their lurching without control towards destinations. They had not force the angels. Meanwhile continue to fight for illegal acknowledgement of their existence. They ve been protesting outside city hall blocking the entrance, and this is made life extremely difficult for city hall. Employees, the employees are unable to get inside the building, but since angels do not legally exist. These employees are also unease, accurately described the reason for their absence from work. The angels are called on all unions, including the Steel workers Union, the taxi drivers union. three shrub and MOSS Union to join them in a general strike until the denial of their basic identity is finally purged from the books of law, and now your children spun fact, science quarter. Today we will look at earth stones
If you were born in January, your birth stone is the guard. It if you were born in February, your birth stone is also the guard it. You have to fight with January to see who gets to have the garnet. Whoever wins gets to be born. That'll birth works. If you were born in March, your birth stony is that's right, the garden it can be a brutal battle for that stone. If you were born in April, your birth stone is flat in gray and sits net. to a pond is dusty and warm in the sunshine, and if you put it against your cheek, it would, feel like taking a long walk on a nice day, if you were born in May your birth, stony cemented into the wall of a rich persons, indoor shower stall, has several different showerheads.
built in, surround sound speakers, and your stone is near where the person's, but usually goes, I'm sorry to have to inform you of this dude. Your birthstone is this one that I have in my hand. If you want it back, then you'll need to listen very carefully and do everything I say July. You don't have about stone. You have a first rock it's in a park Instead, the Diego and children sit on it to try their shoes August. Norbert stone is in space, a short broken off of an asteroid that is spent away from the sun. Thousands of years from now your book, stone will leave the solar system September. Your birth stone was swallowed by a little boy.
Was very sorry about having swallowed a stone swallowing a stone is on comfortable in dangerous lesson. Tat little boy is learning now October. Your birth. Stone was buried by drifting soil thousands of years ago. It will never again be uncovered November. Your birth stone is falling from a great height. Soon
It will land. I hope you will not planned on anyone, but then life has no guarantees December. Your birth stone is a dumptruck. You may correctly notice that this is a type of stone, but you may also correctly notice that at least you didn't get stuck fighting over a Garnett. This has been the children spun fact: science corner a now back to what happened at the Smith Wick House a few days after the discovery of the whole Missus Smith. Wick disappeared. She did not pack any of her clothes. There was no sign of violence, she was just gone. The children, LISA and Jake did not cry. They were too shocked to cry. They realised without realising that they had passed
through a threshold that there would be no wait ever returned. Mister Smith, we called the police who investigated thoroughly. He tried to tell them the whole steel in the wall of the unfinished nursery upstairs, but they were uninterested in that they wanted to know where he had been last night and if he could prove it, he had been with the children. They said. So was well: the police didn't live, get, but they couldn't find evidence of a crime, let alone evidence that any specific person had done a crime, and so they left. Mr Smith, we took the children to school on his way to work. He made dinner. that night he felt ass though he should be searching for his wife, but something in him did not seem to find that urgent. Instead, He went into the nursery pay a green,
I found overbearing? The whole was where it had been before. He listened closely yes still the humming from deep in the darkness. He bent over and looked but in the depth of its perfectly square tunnel. He could see the only shadow- and there was a girl in movement coming toward him. He stumbled backwards and a stream of clean, fresh water began to pour from the hole,
and now traffic. I have never seen snow in person, and yet I can taste it. I know its bite, but I have never felt it. We go places, we never go. We achieve what we do not achieve. This is the power of imagination. Is imagination a blessing or prison? Would I be more driven to seek out snow? If I could not imagine snow, if I could not project in my stead, but what a ride down the hill might feel like would only be compelled to seek out a slope and sled does imagining make me less likely to act. Here is what I think
Imagination might hold us back, but the exchange is worth it by imagining. I can experience things that not only haven't happened but couldn't happen. For instance, I will imagine an event now, oh, a creature if a long or head, and why golden eyes on the planet, Tsar Dawes in a galaxy that has not even visible from our galaxy this. This creature, who is named early dawn, is on trial for the crime of having viewed the Sacred animal Tom PET, of the Queen of Tsar Dawes, when asked to defend themself early dawn, looked over the assembled citizens of Tsar Dawes, all
six of them. It is an inhospitable planet and their population is very low. Have we not all at one time or another, viewed Tom, the sacred animal? Have we not all urged on asks it turns out? They have not all no one has ever seen Tom before not even the queen and the queen is annoyed at this then urged on is tossed off a cliff, and the population of Tsar does is now five. What would our lives b
without the ability to imagine nonsense like that anyway, there's a patch of falling snow on route, eight hundred that scientists cannot explain, given that the rest of the region is currently in the usual early spring heatwave. I have never seen snow in person, but can imagine exactly what that's new looks like, and so I feel no urge to go check it out. This has been traffic, or on what happened at the Smith Wick House, the children were gone. They had not attended school and Danes, Mister If we could not say where they were expressed, utter confusion. This did not believe this and arrested him. He sat quietly in his cell and when they were first
to let him go, because there was no evidence of his involvement. He quietly went neighbours avoided him, but they had always avoided in the police left a car outside this house indefinitely. He went about his days as he always had. He made breakfast. He went to work, he may dinner. He went to bed, his wife and children were missing. He did not look for them. Instead, he went. Each evening into the nursery with a hideous green paint on the wall now seemed an act of violence upon him and he sat Cross legged on the floor. Looking at the whole, The air coming from within it was cold like air from a cave one evening.
After several weeks of this, he stood reached his arm into the hole he felt something soft rush his fingers. He cried out and tried to grasp it felt like the faintest touch he stretched his arm as far as it would go and found a finger hold. He pulled it. What he had felt in the tunnel move easily with his paw astonishment arm emerged, holding the branch of a tree several feet, long, covered in leaves the same she'd as the war he sat back down. We did not try to reach into the whole again soon the rest of what happened at the Smith Wickham's, but now the weather
We cannot ask the wildness, thorny issue
It is now halted mile. He can import. Gas cannot go UK proposed, including in this city
Dave. Because of this, this wild mass, says tenderness with everybody. By tee. I M, showing you passed out of you with that. I cannot support this report ho ho mister
Smith, which no longer went to work, he did not make breakfast store dinner. He did not sleep. He sat in the nursery and looked at the whole from deep in the tunnel. He heard humming the neighbors noticed that he didn't go out any more and they assumed the worst about this. They confirmed with each other that there had been something heavy and strange about the man. They agreed that this had all been a matter of time. Time did not matter to Mr Smith. anymore. He didn't notice if it was day or if it was night inside the tunnel leading away from the unfinished nursery. It was always the same doc and cool when no one had seen Mister Smith Wick for Sir
Nowadays the police in the car outside decided to investigate earlier this week. They searched the house, but there was no trace of Mister Smith. Mick, all these things were still there and there was no no violence. He was just gone. One of the police officers wandered into the nursery where the green paint on the wall, resembled a person turning ill. It did not appear Anyone had been in the room for days. There was no hole in the wall, evidence was searched for and evidence was not found. The Smith Workhouse an empty with all those families things still inside furniture and clothing. Even the food rotting in the refrigerator the neighbours.
bill, shake their heads and say that this just goes to show, although none, and understand what it went to show, and that is what happened at the Smith becomes if there is anything to be learned from this, I refuse to learn it. Carlos has called into the station to. Let me know that
he's thinking, keen models for dinner, also to remind me that the dancing on the stars finale is tonight and also to say that what happened at the Smith Workhouse happened a long time ago, and he has no idea how it happened again, and I told him that this is definitely the first time. Anything like this happened nightly like me. Who would have remembered something? Does we hear it happening in our quiet, little town, but he insisted that he studied the Smith we case already almost four years ago. He doesn't understand how the whole Incident could have repeated exactly as it happened before, reality doesn't allow for that. He said. Well, I suppose there's no accounting for reality. State you next for a look back at your life
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