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A visitor arrives from a different reality.

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to night. I don't talk much about my brother on the show visited the other day from his home out near Eagle Farm up in the mountains. He looked got and pale I opened the door, he was bracing himself against the porch being with one arm and coughing. Tal was holding a suitcase. It was old fashioned leather,
the kind without wheels or an extendable handle he drove to my house. Play one thousand nine hundred and eighty mercury monarch, brick Red four doors. The front left bumper was caved in and the headlight which looked to have been he put into place had loosened again and falling forward. I asked cow, what had happened to his car and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. I asked about the bumper and headlight and he said that just how they make them Cecil. Then he tease me we're not understanding cars and walked into my home before I could invite him in. Have you ever opened a only to find another box inside that? and then you open that box and there was another box within it, and then you kept opening boxes, hoping to find the last box the boxes became so small. Your comparatively large
fingers could no longer opened onto the box, was so tiny. You couldn't see the box at all. I'm not sure what that means. It's. Neither your nor there, which is to say its nowhere a key total oil. More! No! No, I'm not! I dont know Spanish. Yesterday afternoon, Adasa Miss Daniels and the other five had dragons outraged at the partial execution of Adasa Brother Hiram last fall moved into city hall. They displaced they are cardinal and her staff who then called upon the sheriffs secret police and the rarely seen double secret police a police so secret that even their members do not know that they are members, both the secret, And the very surprised, double secret police just that morning
Showed up at city hall and tried Reed, Did he hall and tried reasoning with the dragons, the dragons toward the weak efforts of the police and made straight for City Council. The council climbed up the roof of City Hall there are many sharp appendages swinging down from their single giant body punching, Windows and grabbing whatever long dragon. Next they could reach and the city councils newest member sixteen year old, to make a fleet The only member not connected to their primary form. Road the rest of the council's back with a longbow, the dragons fire upwards at the City council who possibly pain or possibly delight. The battle ended when City Council was knocked off, the roof by five headed dragon and private estate lawyer Dirk Andrews, the council minus two Mika
retreated from the advancing dragons called a lift and sped out of town, as they are wont to do in times of crisis to meet. A piece that the edge of the city hall lawn, cursing and lacking well worn copy of Glenn David Gold's quarter beats devil into her calloused palm above behold alone. Black slit was born into the light blue sky and no one reported see them when called entered my house. I offered him some tea and then called Carlos to come, join us but calcite he doesn't drink and Carlos didn't respond to my calls. I told colleague was just tee: no alcohol, said he doesn't drink anything peaked into Carlos his office, but he wasn't there. Nothing was there.
It was just an empty room. This was gone. He, Been there and for a moment I did not miss him for a moment, I do not remember he existed, it was an empty room. I casually com well down his suitcase and said you here Cecil. You hear that noise. He pointed straight up in the firmament he said Do you hear it? He repeated. I listened and I heard I heard paper being torn I heard weeds being pulled. I heard eggshells crumbling when look back to say. Yes, he was holding his hand to his mouth and lurching forward over the sink a trickle of blood ran down the outside of his hand,
I could see his tongue moving rapidly along the insides of his cheeks ass. He led out small grunts. He finally removed his hand and spat sharply into the kitchen sink. I heard allowed rattling in the stainless steel basin and saw two teeth unbroke root bones and all lying in the stranger I stared at them and remit. How long a human to actually gives cow his face and hands. Nice finally get rid of those. He said ass. He tore off pieces of paper towel and wedge them into the holes in his gums. Then he asked you got a girlfriend or what little brother
my life with Kal. I never told him. I would never have a girlfriend in night Vale. No one cared either way, but I felt like how would have in this other reality. I was single, so I only said no. He shrugged and scratched his head as he did. A patch of dark hair fell to the floor. We watched it fall, lilting and looping, slowly downward, which falls faster, a brick or a tuft of hair. Carlos taught me this riddle, it's a trick. Question the brick faster, not because of its weight, but because a brick falling is less horrifying than the unexpected loss of even a minor part of your body. Time does not slow down. For that, which is an interesting
better not look in the mirror cow said, as he nervously simulated the sound of laughter. A dribble of blood down his chin and onto his chest with look library disappeared. Last week no one celebrated nor mourned its absence, as could barely remember it being there in its place long, black sliver of nothing a hole in our universe. Near No one wanted to go, except for Carlos, whose a scientist and wants to study everything, but I told him no way. The terrain adorns, which poured out of a similar whole inside the wreck centre last month, have taken over the barrister district. Building giant nests from Canvas being sex near the city hall, dozens of angels, more than I have ever seen at one time.
City Hall, doesn't it angels more than I have ever seen at one time are still sir, ending the hold of public records demanding expedition of there application to be officially recognised as living beings, the angels waving hand drawn signs with phrases like look at us but their handwriting is so shaky as to make the topography quite distracting. So most Bystanders did not notice the angels, but instead fixated on trying to read their signs. Angels are shouting. It only works if you believe it does, but as this sentence has in IRAN rhythm. It didn't catch on with many passers by many of whom busy screaming and running from vengeance minded dragons, some even pointed into space and yelled. The distant prince he's less distant than ever before.
Cal told me stories of our youth how, as kids, we would sneak up late at night and vandalized houses and cars for fun little things like stealing who'd, ornaments or please. Life, scorpions and mailboxes or making creed ghost noises outside bedroom windows. He smiled see regaled what was for him a funny. Story of boys being boys, but I didn't like his story. I could remember it, but I also knew It wasn't real at all, his story? I was prying loose, the aluminum Rams head at the front of a nineteen. Seventy five dodge pick up with a flat had screwdriver. The truck was dark blue with tat leather bench seats. I remembered it was
in front of a mid century ranch style home with a rock garden full of succulents and herbs. As Cal spoke, I could smell rosemary in the cool desert air. Cal placed his hands on his belly and his eyes rolled back in his head. You ok, I asked it's just the after effects: mad cows- hey you remember when mom used to take us to the library to read, but we would Gub dirty words in the dictionary instead, mom would have. Never put us in such danger. I protested. He stared me for a moment. His head cocked, so ways an eyebrow raised. Then he lurch a word out of a seat onto his hands and knees and vomited onto the rug. We both stared The viscous red stain
concerned, no not concerned embarrassed have a look at the community calendar this there. They. After doing the faceless old woman and the woman from ITALY will be at the I failed mall from noon to four p m, offering bespoke torture, for anyone who walks by women from ITALY will recite the unlucky passers by future pain in the form of Catchy poem, like from ITALY will leave you in stitches. Not laughter, though, shall laugh, sound, which is full of diabolical torment and wicked behaviour. As she fleecing before your friends and neighbors you'll at be alive when she opens your chest, the wet beat of your heart and the choke of your breath. She coups, don't fear
It's as quick as can be, but in truth there's. You left to this misery, the faceless Women will simply write some harsh insults in silver sharply on the side of an egg plant and hurl it at your family Saturday. Night, they'll pda will be holding an emergency bake, sale to re, money for the elementary school. Gm recently down by her Dasa Mcdonald's. It's all clear and sail to finally get rid of the store room full of baked goods that have gone unsold the past two years Monday another hole will open in the sky and then Another things will come, other things will go I will remember that Michigan is a real state and its key but all this land signal and that I once camping with cold and my mother and so
family friends up near Higgins, Lake, when I was nine soon after. Growing this. I will stop knowing it again. This has been the community calendar I tried to blame the cow that something was amiss sister, not a brother single but married. I right to show cow photos of Abbey and of my husband Carlos. But when went to our photo albums. They were different they were photos of colonized children, but none of Abbe or Carlos or Steve or Janis, or this radio station. None of Iraq, Isabel Night Veil, based on, are clear: thing in the cars and the fashions no photo was older, then I'd, say the early nineteen eightys there was picture of me as a teenager at cows wedding. I pointed
but her and said Bethany I asked cow and he pushed me and shouted. Don't he started How is she these days? I cow and he pushed me had shouted. Don't he started to cry my eyes down the hall toward the empty office. I knew some one, should be in that empty room. Someone I care, for someone I loved, but I didn't know who help crying turned the sobbing and he said I'm sorry. I I didn't mean I put my I'm around him and said softly. I know I know cow, it's! Ok, it's just when you asked about Bethany. He said you know she didn't she didn't you. Finish the sentence, but I knew
method. He didn't, that year most people didn't, but all that's not how it happened and also I dont have a brother he quivered in my arms and above us, heard the sky tearing open smoke the distance most. These! I see distant smoke. You ok I asked my brother, yes, he said thank you for Thank you for understanding your thing. I said to him. Please leave my house and now the weather
Robert Frost, stiffer, wrote a poem that would start in my car they now for now and this time sausages. Nor should love my first play guess but always go to pull it out somewhere in London, this cold outside were frozen. So much lies not compromised. Have no it's gotta he's gonna every person in this ever mean losing one. I need I go back now, Robert, my biggest its size disappear by mounting thy mounting life is over France Storm place. I don't talk much about my brother on the show,
because he's not my reality. I almost said he's not real, but that's not true. There is still a blood stain on my rug and a bruise from where he pushed me. I remembered cows wedding. I remembered stealing hood payments. I remembered the smell of that Rosemary Bush in that rock garden, but then cow left he did not drive away but vanished as the gas tore open. Above us, I had trouble a member in his visit, so I wrote it all down. I'm reading it now. Do you ve bade him from my journal and I cannot believe my own writing. Carlos and his office, or back they were never gone. Carlo says multiple timelines is basic. Quantum.
Six, which is the most exciting kind of physics he says this morning. I gave Carlos a tight hug bed and kissed him along the back of his beautiful hair. Perfect even when matted asymmetrically from sleep, The angels are still standing around the whole of public records, demanding that people look at them There was one sign that says where angels and were totally real and you're, making a huge mistake, not acknowledging that trust us we are totally angels and well. I She had the sentiment I do think they'd be better served hiring a copy writer or at least a decent graphic designer whose or tearing open across the sky, and I can early here myself thinking most days, the dragons of Mars
into the city jail, freeing all of the inmates, mostly political prisoners, being held for an unnamed international leader as well as handful of college aged drunk tankers. They are cardinal from her home, issued a statement about the disintegration of our town and bleeding together of realities. The statement reads my father died of liver cancer. When I was five has returned here from a hold in our reality. I am choosing to go with him night veil. I am choosing the world where he did not die where I. Not killed. My double where dragons did. Destroy our town, listen to the river of the firmament and fire.
In the world. You preferred night veil. All else is pain. Listeners beg you not to do this. This is the world we ve built right here If you leave, if you dont accepted it cut out altogether, tight. Those who love night fail not for fear of their loss, but for love of their presence hold on onto what you know with real life is only a narrative, but it's a narrative. We write together stay to next, for
Whatever was on the schedule for this month, has all been scribbled out with charcoal and with this charcoal some has scrawled a story about car across the entire broadcast calendar Stay tuned for that I guess for what it's worth. Before, however long our own narrative has left good night night fail good night. Welcome to night the production of night they'll presents it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice why there was Robert Frost by now bloom find out more at mal, bloom, dotcom comments, questions, email, sat info at welcome tonight, veil, Doc,
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High above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor, I can come. These stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery will get you nowhere, except my dressing room, the orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents. X.
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