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119 - eGemony, Part 3: "Love, Among Other Things, Is All You Need"

2017-12-01 | 🔗

Part 3 of 3: You need love. You may also need other things.

This episode was co-written with Glen David Gold.

The voice of Hugh Jackman was Hunter Canning.

Weather: "Turn Into It" by Jamey Browning soundcloud.com/james-browning-142333614

Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com.

Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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to night. Welcome. Listers. We have a new sponsor. Or show was now sponsored by love, definitely consider love when wanting to buy things because love conquers. All my The world go round and is all you need. This has been a message from love conqueror of our former sponsor money
It's what makes a subaru a Subaru. Ok, I have returned from the distant cave lands of the persistence and arduous journey made easier by it being pretty much downhill for the whole mile and a half. While I was there, I learned that the dreaded each Mony corporate prize contest in Sweepstakes Buzz Marketing Street team long. Go became arrest, distributing night, fails case of canadian club to the citizens of night veil itself, meaning that night bill has been consumed. In its own soul, thus making us and a robber rows of our own selves. I returned because I knew that the best way to fight against Eu Germany's attempts to drink night, veil, soul, plus science and I'm very into science, or at least I am very into someone,
who is very into silence once a year all the scientists in the world gathering Lucerne Switzerland to calibrate their instruments to the length of car Lucy's air. That appraisal is occurring right now, so, of course, Carlos isn't in town, I'm on my own, because the cause of science is important, but so is defending night veil and one of the best parts about being in a couple is that win Our view is good at one thing, it's like the couple is good at two things. This message was brought to you by love. It turns out more my plans to defeat each ammonia is, I desperately figure out what they are, but first some local new
Night veil. Community college denounced its new slate of winter semester, continuing education courses, introduction to jibbering, conversational, jibbering, intermediate jibbering, advanced jibbering and equally by the japanese art, a flower. Arrangement. Community college professor Adriana copy, yellow, who teaches french Jibbering, said, move they will leave raw polish Twa, create Avanti, Vous, fair goofy, professor copy yellow. Once considered. A failure in his field has developed what he calls a charisma ray and now everyone thinks he's a ok and exciting thinker and excellent dancer and an entirely inadequate human being.
When asked for comment, professor copy, yellow responded by listing everything he could think of. That was not a type of gum by the time he finished his career, Ray had worn off, and everyone realized professor copy allergies, in fact, a terrible person who attempts to court the friendship of students whose attractive naivete is subverted, ironically, by how they gradually accumulate the tools of critical analysis in his classes. Meaning they apply what he himself taught them to judge him harshly, ultimately growing to resent his falseness, thus leaving his charisma re utterly useless in the face of a culturally awakened classroom professor copy, Yellow denied this by stringing together a bunch of french verbs related to the behaviors of aquatic animals. Those interested in can Renewing education should read a book for once. Ok, so
earlier this morning I walked across the street to get it to pound bag of Kiwis wraps and had the most remarkable experience. Well, first, I passed the Sabre Vista. I was ass along the way, the one at the abattoir, but this time she gave friendly week of recognition and then another were restored. The one in the producer he's gone. Did my face with steam and said my mother was so pungent people thought she was an under sue Marryin being, and I have never felt so welcome, but the amazing thing was when I try to pay for fruit, the cashier said: don't you love Kiwis, and I said I did, and he said I love them do and I love working here so take the key wings. Your love is your pain,
so I took the Kiwis and leader shared them with my brother in LAW, Steve Carlsberg, who said I love these. Then he added. I love you brother and I nodded it. Seems that night veil is now a love based economy, which is just in roofs. Explained that the cashier made a mistake. It's perfectly fine that he loves working there and that I love the Kiwis, but I do still have to pay for them. That makes more sense, but I am a little disappointed still because of the incredibly effective new sponsors above our programme love is definitely in the air in night veil at dark. I will records. There is now a loudspeaker outside
and store owner. Michel win is publicly playing the records. She loves the most something she has never done. These albums aren't vinyl but discs made of chalk boards, too late being spun, underneath the needle and amplified through an outdoor speaker system. People who were strangers only moments ago are gazing into each other's eyes with looks of admiration and hunger that made it awkward, despite not impossible, of course, just awkward, which is called several members of the vague menacing government agency who sit outside our homes in dark Sudan's to step out of their cars and offer hugs to anyone who would like to have a hug placed on their permanent record. There are reports of unidentified sit
running by fountains, waving flowers and balloons, and handing out otters the sheriff secret police have replaced their patrol car sirens with Whitney Houston. I will always love you who did figures who stand in and around the forbidden dog park are still terrifying to look at or even think about, but one of them is waving, that's probably most expressive form formed above they have love everywhere, but also there has been a subtle shift, as love has become more prevalent, its value has decreased Sidney. Secondly, the angel who was definitely fur. Four billion air market advanced in who was now name. Erika said that they have drawn on a cocktail napkin, and now make model for supply side feelings where those with them. Most feelings will then trickled down the love to those with the least
even here in our radio studio. I I'm feeling feelings love for you right now listener. I love this microphone. This cable and the mixing board I love these linking phone lines. You know. Maybe we should take some calls. Hi. This is Cecil you're on the air. I love you, Oh, I love you too next collar you're on the air with Cecil Palmer. However Did you just call from the other line? Now I love you my mistake. You know, I love our community, our mayor, our angels and even our weather
I don't get ya a treat just smile to where every day
Every day.
Just ass, though, will treat every new listers I'd like to thank our with sponsor love for bringing today show, but in all
all of my loving clamour, I lost sight of what was truly at stake. Are newest intern Blake brought back a familiar guest into our studio, thus reminding me of it. Blake then tried to use the three whole punch without reading the safety manual. First, oh quick aside to the family of interned Blake. He was a reckless in turn and he will be missed. But now we will come back to the radio station Hugh Jack men of each mony. You I've done some investigative journalism and I'm going to have to ask you the tough questions. First, I know that you're here to claim the case of canadian plot right. Oh no, no worry about that. Will I am worried about that. Among the many different things I worry about, you were coming back to get the cakes. You wanted me to look under my desk and not more than took I but
the barrister. King says Cecil. I know about the barristers. I know about how nice veil drank its own soul. Oh so Does that mean that each ammonia is going to? I don't know, leave us alone. Then funny. You should say that when I followed you to the priest, as you followed me sure I was the one with admiral Tippit Cyber, oh, my god that was you. Those were so good, an you that took me hours to grow them anyway. After all that I was planning on telling my team leaders at each mony. We were too late and to abandon our plans, will that's good and bad all of night fail to help with each moanings debt acquisition. Well, that's bet, there's a glitch. I've fallen in love, pardon
Each mony has highly secure communications. Corporate demands that we only send messages on postcards from lakeside resorts and have said that out loud Remind me to prostrate myself before HR at four p m. Today, anyway, I was at the post office standing in line behind? Well, it was this. Dangerous thing. You'll, never guess I was standing a line behind a dog with a man's head, yet the guys always there Spoiler. We don't have quite so many folks like that back to the office, and it may We pay closer attention to every around me first I noticed- was this particular post office. Selling stamps. Then I noticed I've had no denomination on them, just the word forever operating worked in retail before but myself
high school operating a multi US, that's all decorative soaps and customers there, as you might well guess, can be mean or even rule saying things like do you have anything vanilla, scented or they also say things like I'd like to buy. Soap, it was awful. I am always extraordinarily polite to clerk. Sometimes even flirtatious, I got to the head of the line of the post office, I winked at the clerk in seven of her ate his winked back. And then I said, rubber stamps, that's quite a promise and you know what she said. No nothing it turns out. She was a spider in care. What I thought, but Cecil It was the way she didn't care. I had a man our island postcard to mail- and it was important because it's my report back about how we're going to subsume nightmare
I see this is what I was gone. I realise that she probably sent a dozen Mackinaw Island postcards that day in mine was no different. She asked me if anything. My envelope, was liquid, hazardous insidious, shameful or emotionally fragile, and I said, no more so than my heart, and then a mosquito hawk got caught nor web. And she raised over the rapid in a well being and then dissolved its body with her venom, so she could later drink its liquid corpse like a child with a Jew, Spock's ha. I know who it was so sweet now. I am not a poetic man Cecil, but I was inspired Have you noticed that love seems to be in the air right now, like that Mariah carry song, I had a vision of love in it. This crazy dream or I was in the park and true These were made entirely out of recycled aluminum cans and you were there. But you looked just like me only with a nose bleed. I love
that song, my husband and I danced that at our wedding. Anyway, I was close enough to smell her perfume and well. I asked if I could have a book of the forever stamps and she asked which Kind- and I said, though, under woman stamps and she said that they were out of them. So I said because I've worked in retail before and I try to feel all of us are in this together- that I was feeling short changed by the whole forever business then, and I said it with a frown on my lips, but a smile in my eyes like this say: yes, please stop Cecil. She he handed me back my change and said next human entity in line- and I love her- I love night veil, so I'm staying here until she loves me to wait. What c night veil is in my heart now and it's in each ammonium heart we want
two pivot, our company mission, see we don't want to drink night bill soul. We want to cross pollinate our start up model with night veils greatest asset love. We want to take all of this love such freight content by the way and programme it into an that users can just access from anywhere. I can get our street teams on this right now to inspire the dream: flew answers to talk about love. It's you stations, new sponsor right, so, let's value, add social media platform to look it's right here. It was under my desk. After all, only one case of whisky is look at it. I donors stand open it it's a cardboard box with the canadian club logo on the side, there's bottles of canadian club in here, but I dont get it the town and the former street team drink this long ago
I was on your desk. Have you ever heard of science? I've watched TED talk. I know everything about sites will there's this thought experiment were a cat, is in a bar, by its unknown, whether the cat is alive and peacefully sleeping or in fact alive, Andrews, clawing and vomiting on everything, because well it's a cat, since both things would be true. Both things are true. This isn't sounding familiar while your husband clearly isn't designed how's the impossible, Hake with love and science. Anything is possible. Now go drinking whisky. I guess I completed my goals here then, and this fulfils my obligation to my employer and I won't staying and night veil to pursue my true love. You need help. Carrying that your car are newest.
Turn macaroni can help you a colony. Is this for real? How you think fulfilling a quest of forty years like that would be an incredible feeling, but slightly disappointing. The realist thing his disappointment by now listeners, Mister Jack, Maldon, he's gone. So I can tell you how I manage to fix. I bought it you case of canadian club at the roofs by using money. Yet please welcome back a classic sponsor to the show money money. It fixes all your problems. There are no drawbacks acquiring it or using it to change the destiny of others. Corruption, organised crime, An economic inequality may occur. Ask your doctor if you can afford even a routine check up so listeners. That's all for our show tonight
I have just gotten a text from Lucerne, Andy Ass. All the scientific instruments in the world are set properly and all measuring will occur with precise precision because my husband, who is coming home, Andy's, bringing fancy swiss chocolate. With the little flex of salmon skin so sweet Ok, I know money is sponsoring the show, but just for a moment I have to put a word in for love. Love is pretty good. Ok done money, it momentarily deferred.
Desolation state, you next, for our exciting new game, show what's in the box, know what's in the box and is always good night night veil good night, Welcome to night is the production of night veil presence. This episode was written by Glenn David Gold with Joseph Thank and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin. The voice of Hugh Jackman was Hunter canning. Original music by disposition I would it can be found at dispersion. Dot info or dispersed and out band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was turned into it by Jamie Browning Link for more
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