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121 - A Story of Love and Horror, Part 1: "Barks"

2018-02-01 | 🔗

A story of love and horror. Part 1 of 3.

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the user name is mud womb. The website is mud womb. Where did the rest of the internet? Go welcome, to night like to tell you a story. It is different. Story- and I dont know what it means It seems important to me to tell you it is about to people and a terror impossible decision that they found them having to make It concerns Francis Donaldson and now EL meet you he'd, but first the community calendar.
This Tuesday evening the night fail football, boosters club will hold their meeting at the Applebee's that we're all pretty sure was achieved he's just yesterday, but now was an Applebee's, and record show it has always been an Applebee's, even though we remember it as a chile's the subject. This week's meeting will be the timing of football Games All members agree are too long I like football as much as the next guy said, handed duty, whereas, but a wholesome. The minutes of play us all the brow, peaks and starting stopping we're busy people football Take less time. The booster club will be working on their new proposal to get games done in a kite fifteen. So ever one can get home in time to watch the newest episode of Stop chef in which a group of contested compete to prevent a chef from cooking Wednesday.
A is love day at dark our records owner, but Don't win explained that after recent love focused vets, she wanted everyone to understand that love is a laugh. Concept and she wanted to highlight its absurdity by selling albums with songs that ruthlessly mock love. Using subtle. Irony like, I will always love you and eight no mountain high enough. My former radio in Turn Maureen, who was in the store to and holding hands with Michel agreed that love is stupid and funny and fun and ridiculous and all encompassing and revitalizing, then Michel said what and Marine said what and then both got embarrassed and asked me to leave Thursday is the safety parade which these
secret police hold each year in order to highlight safety. Of course, no one is allowed to march in or attend the permitted for their own safety. Secret police Mass got works on, we always says, was worth biggest danger to you. Is you worth right. I use a meeting a town hall to discuss the problem of entrances to other universes the question of whether all of us even ended up in the right universe. After that all recent mix up, There will be light snacks as well as blood tests and surprise interrogations about our version of history. In order to trip up intruders from parallel, universes attendance is mandatory, This Saturday and Sunday the Brownstone stone spire will be offering powerful gifts in exchange for great sacrifices. The larger the
Suffice, the more powerful the gift, for instance, if you give it a dvd, you got for Christmas five years ago and have never even taken out of its shrink wrath. It'll give you were well worn copy of Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets that is missing its cover. But if you in offering of your blood and fervent chanting the copy. Of chamber of secrets it gives you will have an intact cover. And finally, there Monday night veil, cinemas will be hosting, is showing of that classic comedy caper the grief of the match I in which too artists, run scams in order to get one another Christmas gifts only bail that before she to stolen the money from the other end now she would stand still and consider that while she had not moved at all Francis Donaldson runs the Antique small in old town night bail long before
She took on that job, though she developed an interest in time as a child. She would then still consider that while she had not moved at all in space, something had changed that grown just slightly older, her they're just slightly longer, and without being able to see the movement at all? She like to lie in bed and through her window watch, please pass very high in the sky. She liked to think about where they had taken off and where they might land objects. Fascinated her because he too moved through time on a different. The than her her bedroom, had existed more or less like it was now since before she was born and well exist after she had died. It wasn't even aware was to move, and yet
it joined her in this matter. Hurdle through time. She found this terrifying and she found this fascinating and she found this delightful and she wanted it to stop and she hoped it never stop and she felt all of these feelings equally and at once and without com, prediction what use was there in worrying if all of what she felt about time did not exactly at up she it's too busy feeling it to consider what it meant, and so, Of course, she began fascinated with and these option washed up from the crooked tides of time. Ass, her allergy coach, the night veil, high school football team go scorpions, and was almost the entirety of his work. He thought football when he woke up, he thought about On the drive to work of course
He thought about it when he ran practices and had meetings with the assistant, coaches and he thought about it at night when he ate dinner's on his couch while watching football. Made him happy and what makes a per unhappy if it does upon another person and doesn't hard themselves is ok, even if it's not how anyone else would want to leave But while it made him happy, Nasser was also aware that there is more than one kind of happiness and that perhaps this happiness he found in a life endlessly thinking about football was then the happiness he could find in a life with more things in this was about fixing the problem. This was an attempt to improve on a good situation. This was play for some sort of grace. Other people he knew could provide and help side perspective,
cops. Allow him to be less focused on his work and the game he coached, and so he decided try data without expectations. Without a plan just as a way to see what the world might have for him and now a word from our sponsors forward. Our cars are built strong stew, like a rock or a mountain or bone. In fact, our cars are built at a bones. Weird met bones that were buried in a media or Creature did they belong to. How did it if with the skeleton of steel are its relative. Even now, streaking down from the sky, intent on revenging themselves, upon the pitiful culture that desecrated they're dead and turn them into affordable and reliable, pick up trucks. Who knows we certainly don't we barely understand how an engine works. We have one Who knows- and he builds them all, but in order to pay
his job. He won't show any one else: how to do it. Now. That's smart thinking, Ford, Dr Weird bones:. There was no great epiphany for Francis that lead to her dating life She been on the dating a void, scented. It become available and night bail and had gone a few casual void dates, let's not an important part of her life, because it didn't seem likely to ever led to anything more, but the occasional company was nice a night, with some one and then back to her life as it was It was a life. She liked this way her dating was related to our obsession with time. Her bed was always. The same bed and sometimes there was the person in it. And mostly only her floated upon that bed as it moved through time. Passengers on and off, and she alone voyaging onward, and then
Nasser message to her on void and they started chatting for his part, He was unsure of how to date It having been some time since he had done so and certainly before dating happened, is a series of written communications rather than awkward interest. So. He had message number of women in town who had seemed to him like someone he might want to spend more time with he did this with expectation. He had few expectations but did not involve football here. Perform the actions that might lead to new outcomes for him and three, The women had message back, he was. After all, not a bad looking man handsome, even It had been a long time since anyone had told him that, and so it would not have occurred to him that he was handsome. This in many ways made him even more handsome, Frances and he agreed to meet for lunch near the high school. This was pushed
enough to her antique store that she could walk, and so the thing didn't feel to either of them like much of a commitment of time. So he said, once. They had sat down with their food, so she agreed and for an awful moment it seemed did, would hang there and uncomfortable silence and a bad date best forgotten. But then he asked about antiques because he himself had an interest in old football trophies and he agreed that might seem a bit weird, but the thing one, that their designs were often fascinating. Never been meant to stand up under scrutiny, crew the carved players hands like dinner roles, feet disappearing into the base of the trophy this turned into a discussion of all the many old items that would never be valuable from the viewpoint of capitalism, but were more interesting than the ones that were valuable from
the conversation spread out into her fascination with time and then I'm itself and there too, EL and how it was hard, sometimes to remember that themselves, we're adults and in Nazareth case older than his parents ever lived to be on returning to work now started the afternoon football practice as usual and, as usual, threw himself into the rhythm of drills spells encounter, spells that make up any football skirmish, but he found the first time in his life, but he couldn't, make himself fully folk There a part of him still thinking about the lunch about the way her hands had looked tapping on the table about the waste about time as though we were not an implacable force, but in all and fallible friend he had continually draw himself back into practice. The play
where's wondered if he perhaps was sick, Frances stood at the window for antiques shop watching the planes fly overhead a person entered the shop. She would acknowledge them vaguely with a nod and then it's them, vaguely will not again when they left, but otherwise she kept her eyes on the window, something in your chest, felt tight, but also less heavy. She was both scared and happy and she wasn't sure why she was either if those when later they both messaged and decided to go on a second date and evening it had nice restaurant something with a bit. Commitment behind it night rhythm connected it directly to the way they felt after their lunch together, but both Them could not contain their impatience and messaged that very evening, both at exactly ten fifty two p m.
Let's have a look at that, whether we really do we think we can in this way we would say there was a second date that
She went with him back to his house, then a third date They went to her house, then a few more dates were they sometimes went to one of their houses and sometimes just kissed wild. The feeling of it out in the parking lot of whatever restaurant or bar. They had met at before saying good night because they had to work in the morning and they adults who sometimes had control with themselves. This was not one of those nights, though, This was a night that she was in his bed and he was asleep this a little over a month after their first staked. She lay sleeping happy. She want the tv which was tending the darkness, a soft flickering blue, an old episode of friends in which Joey roles limply and slowly over the course of twenty two minutes across the apartment. While out of focus in the background, Phoebe searches, desperately through every cabinet and streams,
said seen the episode too many times to laugh out loud at, but still it felt comforting to. Like sitting in a room and she looked. The episode had become a play she could go rather than a story to follow their was Marshall Break and appear say from the secret police came on featuring the adorable cartoon spokes dog barks on we he capered about pointing out all the different ways. One could break the law and night fail and get sentenced to a forever term in the abandoned mine, shaft outside of town. She found of grinning at his bad ponds and the section about reporting on your neighbors trader, activities can be rough, go fetch us their deepest secrets. Said her name is cartoon in my face turned directly to the screen and he said Frances. She didn't know how to respond a common, she had never spoken to her
and certainly it had never done what barks did next, which was to step out of the tv screen a clumsy flopping movement and then sit up a two dimensional flickering Cartoon dog standing. In the bedroom. Francis marks send you weren't supposed to be here this, should belong to you. He cocked his They made it had the wall of Nazareth Apartment faintly visible through him as though through heavy fog, as his head turned its sagged in the direction of the ground. Watching and distorting his cartoon puppy face until it was a series of drooping ovals when he spoke again his voice sounded stretched to you. We have to make this right Francis. He garbled you will have to.
This right. She screamed nothing happened. She screamed Stay to next just stay tuned. Next good night night fail good night Welcome to night fail is a production of night fell, presents, it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice of nightmare Cecil Baldwin Original music by dispersion, all if it can be found at dispersion action on this show an this track. Go too. I only listen to the mountain, Goethe's dot com, whether was riches and wonders by Eliza Ribbon and generic fish off, covering a song by the mountain votes,
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high above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor I can come. These stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery, we'll get you nowhere, except my dressing room, the orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents. X.
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