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133 - Are You Sure?

2018-09-01 | 🔗

Is this the first time you’ve heard me say this? Are you sure?

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Hey Jeffrey, greener. Here. Do you love the show and want to help us keep making it check out our membership programme? Now, on patriarch, our members get awesome exclusive rewards, like directors notes for every episode, exclusive bonus tracks from our life shall recordings entire bonus episodes and maybe, if you're, really interested in a brand new character named after you on welcomed- and I tell plus will be posting surprise- rewards that I can't tell you about just yet, because it would ruin the surprise sound appealing and no, it does go to welcome tonight, veil, dot com and click on membership to sign up and hey thanks in advance. Is this the first time you ve heard me say this? Are you sure
I've come to night, ok I'm starting again, as many of you certainly noticed. We are having a problem of timeline. Divergence here and night veil it's happening over and over and each assistance is different than the last Harlin Sue chef at tourniquet was preparing a fresh salad with gloom and regret and decide do a spinning base, but then, preparing a fresh salad with wood, glue, vinegar threat and decide. The remain base, the same event twice with drastically different outcomes,
Also, there was that tragic story from the Nightingale Daily Journal about that plane that crime that night Veil International Airport, but when we look, the paper again. Really boring story about a plain that landed safely. With no one usual incidents It was a stunning tragedy, totally mundane event, so previously and it is clear which of those really happened. My husband com, whose long perfect Air was looking unusually perfect does No, what is causing these fracturing timelines I've been busy in his lab, saying that he is working on an incredibly important project related to this end. To see it through. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure in a black satin mask stood. On top of the former flaky owes factory watching
chaos unfold. Who is this figure and what do they want? More soon? or maybe just this again, but with a slightly different wording, will see a now traffic. Two roads diverged in a yellow would and so I decided to take both The one traveller ice, myself good by a process, I barely understood a third me slithered Neef, the undergrowth through the trees. I could see myself walk merely me, but I started to hate him. For if I am real, then he is the mark. We turned as one as one began to talk each quoting the other verbatim.
I shall be asking and asking why two adoration of myself hence, two roads diverged in a yellow would deny took them. Both many others beside it turned out there never was a difference. This been traffic this the splitting of timelines and town has only got worse, and it seems that it is connected to the mysterious figure in a black satin mask where They go things happen and so happened differently and also happen. Differently than that. When them, figure, visited the library and asked for a copy of the artists husband hit novel about an artist and a time traveller who get married. The Librarians began keening and banging on their cages, but also they had very quiet
several librarians escaped, but also they didn't escape and several standards, were mauled by those Lou. Sly variants, but also they were fine and went back to their home, saying things like while uneventful day today and Nothing exciting has ever happened to me and I ve never been injured. The mast, figure stopped at the rouse week Day Shift manager Charlie, Bear accidentally spilled. The box of cereal in I'll Threec Kellogg's cereal of, since no other cereal is allowed in town anymore, but at the same time, Fourthly, spilled Kellogg Cereal, although I'll five, which is the supplies I'll. It sure how that even happened, but it did, and at that exact moment, the roofs wasn't roofs, but instead. Yvonne's. This is truly getting baffling. How do I
port on the story. That has many different stories at once, all contradicting each other and just who is This mysterious figure in the black satin mask further dates when more is known and possibly well, technically, not known. And now the community calendar Monday is pizza night at the last bank of no avail come I for this fund community event that features free pizza, a dj and paperwork that looks like a softball sign up sheet, but actually commit due to a predatory loan. Meanwhile, Monday is carry Oki night at the last bank of night veil, come and join our employees in song. Unfortunately, we planned this slightly last minute and so the only c d we could find was a collection of nature. Sounds Do your best to sing along to such hot numbers as rustling leaves number five
Miscellaneous beach, noise and Then Monday is art. Gallery night at the last, Monday is art gallery night at the spank of no avail. Did you make art Why it's. What are you trying to prove anything better than us try to justify yourself Monday night, at the last big night veil and finally Monday is the and you'll kids fundraising dinner at the last bank of night avail catered by Nobel soon Earl Harlan joined this fund. And delicious celebration as we raise money for kids, which we will then give to the kids, no strings attached. I wonder what the spend it on
Something was off about this community calendar, but I can't put my finger on what are we looking It seems normal carnival, Quite weak, only one of Monday, the last bank of my village garage sale, they have of weird stuff. People have put in safety, deposit boxes and, if you like, waste leaving them sitting there come and make an offer. So that's normal, not sure what it was. Carlos has reached out to me with a concern here he's busy at work on this problem, but given, Events have been turning out with wildly different outcomes. How will we know which outcome is true, this day will end, however, radiance. He said, but how will we know the ending? We experience is real one.
Resolving this crisis is merely another splitting possibility and at the same time, there's an us still dealing with the crisis. And that is a very good. Concern. I can only say that it's a good thing I mean, if you like, when this is resolved, will know the real series of events will just know them. You know because they will be the ones that actually habit Carlos tells me that got feelings aren't scientific, but I said or what gets made out of science right and he had to concede that point. Then I told him his short caught. Her looked more perfect than usual and he blushed still. I can't I must keep Carlos is concerned in mind as this day wrapped up I'll need. The attention
make sure that what is happening is the only version of that event and their art. Their stray versions. Rolling out their own timelines somewhere else? now a word from our sponsors. Sponsor is key. They just sent a videotape with the labels torn off of it. I guess I'll watch it and describe what I'm saying. It's a black and white shot of a kitchen man is making sandwich lawful sandwich. Would cucumbers and tomatoes and eats a sandwich, smells camera and leave the room enough as a big red tech saying that there must be another way now, we're back to the kitchen and a man is making a sandwich seems confused as though your members having just done this institution as he's cutting the tomatoes, the nice. That's an old like, oh my god, oh screaming, but now that same
There must be another way in them. The man is back linking the sandwich and still screaming, but he realizes hinders intact because of the phone to make a calling slips and bank said on the counter. He falls out a frame. The text says again: there must be another way makes beckoned an pale and shaking in these feeling his head, and you can't leave us not broken open and he runs for the door and out into the garden. The camera follows him and it's not clear who is filling and there is an earthquake and an crevasse opens up in his law on any disappears into it and again there must be another way and his back in the kitchen and he's weeping. How long is this? Ok, ok, because tape is at least three hours long, so much the recipe later and kind of summarize. Maybe then we'll figure out who is even sponsor in this thing, Diverging timelines disaster is only worsening the knife.
Of course, has no major to deal with the issue and said that some times we do have a mayor and sometimes in statue with wings and a thousand this is not clear. Why should these timelines are real? the sheriff trying to restore order, sing, listen, no matter what time line you find yourself in just maintain a the sheriff, tried to restore order, sing, listen, no matter what time line you find yourself in just maintain a calm disposition life, he's down wherever you are and we, for a secret police officer to collect too. But the problem is that, anyone following these directions, spying, that they have simultaneously not followed those directions, and so the problem doesnt seem possible to resolve. Meanwhile, the worst of the effects are following the figure in the black satin mask, although More has been learned as to who they are
their role in all this might be, and so the mast figure they ve walked into the station. And they are standing on the other side of the control room class. They are reaching up now and pulling off the Basque locked it hold on. I need to deal with this. Let's go to the weather,
If we could just slow.
Listeners I can't believe it. The mast you're. All this time was daily Journal. Editor Liane Heart, we and shattered the control booth, glass, leaked forward and Presto well polished hatchet to my face pressing the sharp blade against my cheek agitated. This common among print news professionals for threatening internet based publication. So I couldn't understand why I was her target I said Liane, I'm a radio host, not a news, blogger, I'm not your enemy. Oh, I know you're, not Cecil man said I'm not threatened, I'm just showing you the new, should I bought the palladium before. I feel that some nice the middle school and soft, but it cuts through bone like a copy editor through adverbs, and then we both laughter,
an extremely funny joke that only us, true journalists would understand The word extremely was unnecessary. Their Cecil leant growled, the blade tighter to my face. That is the nice accurately, and I said but but how did you afforded? There's no money and media these days. Unless you have a true crime, podcast land smiled weight did you start a true crime podcast? I asked because would be a great idea to murder of bunch of people and then do a podcast about it. But why something even better Cecil she said I have time, Leon said she time travelled over and offer throughout each and then selling newspapers across hundreds of concurrent timelines.
She increase the number of days she could sell papers, but not the amount of time or lie bird vault. She made millions to stay out of the story is not wanting to change the arc of our future, but no more her how objective she remained the repeated day was always different, so. She gave up trying to state, disinterested and began to actually influence each event. Car chase on route, eight hundred last Tuesday, in one version, the sheriffs He could please stop the subject without violence and then come to jail with lots of violence, the version the suspect got away by fleeing on foot out into the scrub lights and another version, Leonhard thwarted, the suspect from ever stealing the car in the first place, thus police from endangering themselves and others and protecting the hours owner from an off all day
but by months of arguing with an insurance company, but leave found that this third version didn't sell papers. Because there is no story. What proved most lucrative was an on we fear, amongst the readers needing to know how this horrible crime would be resolved weeks. Of a fugitive on the loose Two weeks of great sales as the city filled, with axed fought for more police protection and form. Theories about who the criminal mastermind was oh yeah. I wrote this story. Now I told me, and we never come The guy did we something we did so then said I the timeline where he was captured, but only because, The stories stopped selling papers
I needed something more exciting. So then I convinced psychopath, who had been murdering, stray animals to instead poison. The town, water supply and we all died. That was about what no one, but a single paper. Let you can't do this, you can, keep travelling through time and manipulating our fates to sell papers. I said it's unethical immoral, even make money by ruining lives and then she said I must state capitalism and called me a socialist and I didn't have a comeback, I'm giving up the time travel thing anyway. She said also, I promise to stop creating dangerous news stories to sell papers. I her, it must have been a tough but fulfilling journey through her own soul to elevate compassion for others above personal gain. I told the end. I was proud of her decision.
She said negative news stories didn't really cell. Anyway, you don't For time travelling, she had cultivated a large sample size of sales data showing sustained emotional arguments based around of raw fear, where the best approach. And the daily journal from this point forward would be exclusively operate. Gleam in her eye Leon showed me tomorrow's front page headline. Public school should not give pornography to our kids. Their handing out pornography in school. I gasped- I don't know she said The point is that they should not be doing that whether they are or not working a bunch of papers. This will be a story for weeks and I agreed. It is a good idea to sell papers with only half informed opinions about non existent issues. Women saves on time spent, researching and reporting and
More importantly, no water will be poisoned. No cars will be stolen, rational headlines will initiate helpful discussions and friendly debate with absolutely no harm done. We left the office and told me I could reporter story, but only on embargo until the Daily Journal scooped it. So that's why it, taken me a week to tell you this for these. I think it's been a week, I want to make sure this was how it actually turned out. I need to begin again they'll presents it is written by heard me say this: are you sure, welcome desperation veil blocker tonight. Now is a
of night fell presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by desperation. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin original music by desperation, all of it
be found at dispersion, dot info or a disposition, doubt band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was escape artist by caged animals from their new album, also called escape artist check it out at caged animals, dot band camp and dot com comments, questions email. I sat info at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or follow us on twitter at night. No radio or try and fail once again to really get into this mindfulness meditation stuff check out. Welcome tonight fail dot com for more information on this show and are twenty eighteen, twenty nineteen world tour to over forty cities. Today's proverb, true change, starts with the person in the mirror he standing far behind you barely visible he's really going to change things.
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