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149 - The General

2019-06-01 | 🔗

The General returns home from the Blood Space War.

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No built today's the birthday Leonard Pertinent. Many of you are too young. To remember Leonard. He was my mentor, my friend and my predecessor at this radio station. I want some die nearly forty years ago right outside this very radio station on me, Sub Boulevard, when a cargo truck ran him over sectors. Grizzly and upsetting, but is that sound that horrible slap? I will never forget
dozens of witnesses gathered around to help, but it was too late I watched over leonards body lying to him that he would be ok. Attempting to coax him from some hint of life but there was no final word to hear not even a final breath. I noted that were Two years on his cheeks who stood angels behind me, moaned softly, while touch Fingers above a flaming, trashed Leonard, was a dutiful. Turn list a servant of his town. He loved Boston, cream, pies and paintings of snakes. If he had lived It had been a hundred and seventeen years young today listeners
Thank you for all your kind emails, a few ago I was a tad. To revealing about my personal life, and I mentioned in passing that I am, perennial bachelor. It's true I've never had a long Term serious relationship, but honestly as fine I get out, I see people you do I need to try to set me up on blind dates with friends, relatives and so ghosts? Thank you I'm doing. Ok. In fact, I had a deep recently his name is Carlos. He says, he's a scientist well We have all been scientists at one point or another in our lives is perfect here. Perfect lab potent and tea like a military cemetery, date started well. We went to dinner
at Big Rico's pizza. He had originally suggested genomes, italian dining experience and barring grill fanciest strong in town, but since it was a first date, I suggested something or casual that it was when things started to go wrong before we have even placed our orders. Corliss already seemed disappointed Which, in turn this pointed me there was dinner. I was trying to tell colors about my job here at the station about my family and interests and he was like. I know I know, Cecil were in love, you and I are in love, you just our memory and I told him you're cute but This is our first date, so, let's take it slow
and then he looked sad. I quickly finished my pizza and we left an update on the blood space wore a few ex ago. The bologna and forces who oppose us seemed all but defeated the remaining ships cornered on a tiny moon and the far reaches of the crab nebula. Yet our attack, to finally destroy the enemy failed polonius escaped and regrouped. Any word that the general has agreed to step down from her post. A new leadership will replace her you may remember. The story of you know me up the teenager, who left our earth two hundred years ago to join in the blood space war. She was a dreamer, a scientist who was who did for her sharp mind and later groomed as a master strategist for the Wolfgang now alive. In this unending or the
Gang were able to use wormholes to travel great distances in meal moments, and you know me eventually discovered they could use these sing portals travelling time after a brutal loss in the battle of gamma drunkenness. You know me, then a captain ordered her decimated platoon back in time to the beginning of the battle, with a greater understanding of their initial failures. She was able to better fight the battle again still she lost only to return back through time to re, engage with the enemy over and over again. She rethought the battle until she won dozens of battles like this one led to her promotion to general of the earth Wolfgang Alliance, but our most recent failure in the crab nebula. There is concern that she has lost her effectiveness.
An emissary from the blood space war. Returned to night veil. They are we being through town in their oversized space suit. No doubt to deliver us more terrible news from the front, perhaps be no peace. In our lifetimes more, the story as it develops. Our town, is returning to normal or so I have been told, commute the college student and blood space war protest, organizer but seem Bassorah said her mother exists once again, Beseemeth claims that a few weeks ago, her mother suddenly did not exist. Thus, making but see my not exist, but as of this week, they do. Sister. You seem a blames, the time travelling actions of our general for changing the landscape of everyone's existence. I can't
the purpose Sima ever not I do not remember BC ever not existing or or though, that she was gone and returned. So it's hard for me to believe the story. Took inventory of my own life and everything is as it always that's been forming work of a radio station. I own fourteen speed, like I have a one bedroom apartment with a soaking tub, walkin, closet, carpet, shredder knife compiler and a full length mirror in the hallway. It's an my mother handed down to me. She knows I love mirrors. I don't have any siblings, but my mother's alive and I talked to her regularly. We get along great called her to make sure everything is ass. She always remembered it and she said what I don't know, you're sure what a dumb question So I ve been really like that oh, is stasis, nothing has been
taken from my life. The galactic military headquarters reported all time high profits. This month they have built stop bomber entirely out of rare nineteen. Thirteen liberty hid Nicholls each felt you done around. Five million dollars scene strategic adviser, Jamieson Archibald admitted their financial success was not attributable to the new smartphone up. He developed now. Are old said sitting astride a white tiger. That was a super glittery, but my dad's crazy, rich and there's a bunch of people in the Pentagon somewhere Archibald. Then took a massive hit off deep pen. This is my new thing. Archibald, steam pans. Nicotine, see all the pure water vapor, It is good for you like
It gives you life, man, if we're going to be anything, we should be debating vapor what, if that's, what it means. If it doesn't If this is, your financial report. SAD News, Nashville, On Peters, you know the farmer reported that his brother James is returning to service in the blood space war aims has been promoted to general to replace the retiring. You know me, I'm dying such a good brother John said from the middle of his field of invisible corn. I really like having him home, I'm gonna miss, but I guess verse needs him more than I do. John
uprooted and invisible corn stock and hugged it tightly while humming Classic Church him party, in the USA if this is getting annoying so the guy I was telling you about earlier. Carlos he's texting me this whole show saying he wants to see me again soon. Something something time line is still wrong. I should have a sister named Abbe. Here's a photo of her with some kid, my died supposedly afraid of mirrors, and he and I are actually married, this ridiculous, ok, Now he's texting me a picture of a dog, our little pup oh regime. It says the picture Carlos is holding the dog
swear. I just had a strange feeling. What's that term, Jemmy Vous, I think we're you remember something that never happened outside my window. I see the emissary other. Their oblong mirrored face, pressed against the glass each hand raised their head to block out glare from the sun waving to the embassy now below emissary. I said just now. What is the french term for remembering something you ve never actually experienced? I said even louder wondering if the emissary can hear me through the window and that the comment also is overseen a good name for a dog. I think it is. I called once more just to start a decent conversation, because I was getting creaked out by the sight of a silent astronaut peering at me. Through my window. I can. I can see myself in the reflected face. I do not like this. Please go. Please leave I'm covering this window with a sheet. I do not like this nearer. I dont like one bit now. Let's go to the weather
in this day and tat my imagination, the job I lodged those ground, my own, far trees Mars. Maybe it's a daily forces whose name is a curious learning something over some may not be waiting for granting line going with this.
I will tell you about the emissary in a moment, but first I must tell you that Carlos called me, Here's his voice, mail to tell you that I love you that I have loved you almost since the first day met you nearly seven years ago. I didn't know any one in nine me or the first person to take any interest in nice I didn't know anyone and night me or the first person to take any interest in my studies. It's not easy feeling alone, but
Within a year. I wasn't, as I was with you, and now we are married well, at least in my timeline were married. We have been married and we have a beautiful puppy named Ober, Jean House relationship. You have a sister and penal, you have a brother in law to end and a niece who is a talented athletes, have enormously just a kind young woman, and we have to play this unerring you, of course you are well, never mind anyway. Somehow you don't know any of this. I've been working knights and days, trying to repair this break and continuity.
And I haven't slept much because sake. I can't sleep until we're back at the same time line, but I can't find anything that will fix this site. I don't know what else to do other than to just say trust me I will start over I'll go to Rico's on another first date. I will pretend to hear about your life. For the first time, I will tell you about mine for the thousandth time. It won't be the same for me, but it will still be you and, and that's all that matters you you're the one. That's my son, crazy, you, you barely know me and I'm coming off as desperate, because I am please call me. And I did a call him back, and I said I love you too baby. I saw your beard
I love her dog, I love I love our life together minutes before that. I did not feel that way not know about my life if with Carlos, because it has never happened in my history. It was in those minutes, though, that the emissary spoke to me. The emissary entered, my studio and removed her helmet and utterly was the face of an old woman. It was the face of you know: MIA the young girl who disappeared from night veil on her seventeenth birthday two hundred years ago. You know me told me she had resigned. Interposed as general. She was the most
successful leader in the blood space war, but tampering with timelines had caused life in the universe to merely seeks to exist You know me, you knew she would have to undo what she had undying so many times over, even though it would put peaks out of reach she's doing she is taking responsibility by visiting every single person affected by her actions, she's telling them what she is taken from them and what she will now give that it will take her long long time to do this. It will too for the rest of her life in my case she told me I had a sister abbe, A brother in law, Steve, a need Jesus,
did not know those names. She told me about my husband. Carlos knew that name, but did not feel love for it. She took my hand and told me to look at the moon There was a thick wedge missing from I never noticed that the moon was broken. You know me, you said I would leave now enable undo what has been done and your life will return. To how it was. I asked but I have a life now and she said but what, if the lives of others, you are all connected, if I do not fix yours, how many others will never have back, but the war has taken
and what about you I said, will always you return to your teenage life on the form? No, she said I come back to that age, but I will go back to that time and place wished to see my family one, What about the war I said we always puber, because there will always be a lust for a war. She said, I am sorry Cecil. I have to go. She pointed to the moon. Once again and it was all unbroken to squeeze her hand
and suddenly needs on the late summer afternoon, Tina Sixty astronaut appeared in the centre of night twenty. Six years later, a dog pork would be established on that spot. The astronaut walked silently Three with a dusty streets, bow legged and slow, the emissary walked toward the outskirts of time. It took our, and nearly the entire city followed up past a lot that would eventually belong to old woman Chauncey past the homestead view, genially roar until she the Peters and there she stopped
he was greenish about the astronaut ass. She turned to face the gathered mob. He asked Not prefer gloved hand to her neck and unlatched. The helmet loud pop did the mass density, as the helmet king fully off downswing cried out the face of the visitor was nearly skeletal, rotted, corpse long white hair, appealing down the back of the skull, in doing so. Of elongated teeth visible with no links to hide them startled eyes ever staring with no leads to express anything else and what was left of the skin edge revolt and the yellow crowded.
Step backwards, but one step forward tired, paid woman the woman. His farm was approached the decomposing tonight and said you know me: slowly and spoke? Of course she said: you know me, is young mother touched her elder daughters face does and the empty space suit to the ground. Leaving behind the think, shape dissipating daughter, in a corner on the outskirts of town, the
rules ashes scattered across a golden lake of ripened corn. In the very place where military successor, James Peters, you know the general would be born one hundred and fifty years later, the memories of what you know me. I said to me: the memories of my life without my family are fading quickly, Nightingale returned to normal, whatever I told you because I was so sorry for causing him such pain. I cannot ever know how difficult that must have been. Tilted his head and said already forgotten I wasn't sure if he was being little room
stay to next for the unceremonious. Continuation of all that is real good night night Veil Goodnight LA content veil is the production of night fell presence. This episode was written by Joseph Bank and Geoffrey trainer and produced by desperation the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin. The voice of Carlos was Dylan Marin original music by dispersion, all that can be found at dispersion, dot info or at disposition dog band camp dot com, this episodes, whoever is sad but not depressed from the musical fiction podcast. It makes a sound here. The whole sounds
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