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150 - The Birthday of Lee Marvin

2019-06-15 | 🔗

Lee Marvin turns 30 one last time, and a great change comes to Night Vale.

The voice of Deb was Meg Bashwiner. The voice of Dana was Jasika Nicole. The voice of Steve was Hal Lublin. The voice of Lee Marvin was TL Thompson. The voice of Maureen was Maureen Johnson. The voice of the Faceless Old Woman was Mara Wilson. The voice of Basimah was Aliee Chan. The voice of the numbers station was Molly Quinn.

Weather: “Things Still Left To Say” by Mal Blum https://www.malblum.com

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin.  http://welcometonightvale.com

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Where your heart on your sleeve. If you can't do that, wear podcast t shirt on your torso. We have a ton of great t, shirts and our night veil store torso, not included featuring cool cool and creepy designs from some of our favorite artists. We also have t shirts and tank tops, say things like pain is just pain entering the body and if you're happy- and you know it, no, you don't were constantly adding in removing things from our store. So if you see something you like, you need to get it before. It's gone: go to, welcome to night, veiled, dot, com, click on store and hey. You deserve the best Higher squishy humans, Deb added As usual, talking until your mortal forms pass away well,. Once again, the sun has risen. Good when son Our very impressed by the scene trick for the millionth day in a well. I
the Cardinal well to computer loves night. Rail nightly relies home for a computer, welcome welcome welcome everyone oh oh my god, I'm supposed to prepare some sort of a start to this thing tank for every time it reads up at once. You have a responsibility here, Steve you're better than this sorry. Sorry,
welcome to night by this new It is a very special day today. That's right! It's Carlos and eyes sixth anniversary. Yes, we count that first night at the Arby's looking up at those lights as the start, and why not Something has to be the start and that felt like the first moment of it. The rest of our lives its especially emotional, this anniversary, recently, we did not exist for a brief period. Then we
did exists again, but I had forgotten about our entire life together I have since remembered- and it has been- especially tender between us such thing happen in any marriage. That has gone on for enough years and so served us as a good reminder of who we are and each other's lives. But it's not just a special day for us? Oh no, it's also oh well, the thirty. Birthday of legend of staging screen, Mister Marvin take a listen to a special message from the birthday man himself alone. It is my birthday again. Well happy birthday to me, happy birthday to all of us it's all of birthdays this year, regulations us but
it's only for so much longer tire floating on time. Like a lazy river gone stale. It's time meat reach out to cease to I'm so tired. I sleep I mean I can't. Can't sleep. So I wish I could both the wish and the ability exist within This will be the last date, but I turned I have been climbing a narrow rock chimney, but today I let go and fall into deep, clear. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, it really
really has mental. Ok. Kind of a bummer, of a birthday message, but let's move on and now the financial news. Other financial news or whatever looks like tax you're up, which is great people who own stocks, who are today sickly, already wealthy enough that stocks being up or down, doesn't fundamentally affect their lives and those. Us without stocks. Well, then, the health of the stock market has little relationship to Tony. I see that you are reading the financial news he s you're, right now known behind your shoulder. I see you, dancing back, no nada, The window either. Tony look up. Look up tony the Great
Luke Dickie now see I'm VP of counting the last big night bail. I can count very high, so I'm uniquely situated to explain these figures to you. So ok see with it. I was going down. That means that the price is lower Maybe the stock is, or it's all going up put on them. Looking the sideways Oh this, isn't a graph at all. It's a picture of Lee Marvin. Too bad things happen to good people run question The question is: why do things happen, I have seventeen dollars, my bank account and my teenage martini is living with me, so things are going great here of eight percent, highest percentage in the last three years, and seventy My bank financial news martini.
A last minute birthday party for Mr Lee Marvin has been arranged at Gmos Italian, telling in dining experience and barring grill at five p m where we will all celebrate the first three decades of Mr Martens life by taking advantage of some happy hour GINO happy hours. Arts Super advertising The most popular item is a small bull filled with polished pebbles, but they are damned cheap. That is appreciated in these tough times when all for finding ourselves short on our bills, except the estate of the late mark dispensed. Which no contains approximately fifteen percent of all the money in the United States, but still has no does it it had beneficiary Sir Marvin himself is not expected to attend his own party as he's not feeling well and also says that he has a plan to remove himself from this time.
We'll of time well feel better Lee and Combat hobby of yours sounds complicated and exhausting I'll have a shiraz in a bowl pebbles in honour of view Nightingale Your town of good intentions, Once there was a god. Her name was until car and she tried to save one little. She acted with love. The missile came and she reached out to shift the timeline only a tad only enough to save us and in that moment, her little town shattered into millions of parallel tat, this place became a prison.
Dont love is a dangerous phones. Once there was a woman Who was a general she victory for a just cause she fought every battle over and over until time was jumbled up and over
then she returned home and she died, but the wreckage she made of time remained at once. There was a man an actor once, but not much longer here. Time and space have been scratched and scrunch, worn down until they're translucent, as I reached out a hand and what, if I pushed that hand through the thin places happy birthday to me, my last 30th birthday there's the hour and it's time to your door.
He's all checks and such check in on it. On the you know the what's that word I'm standing on your roof friend of yes Randolph, that's my pacing! You hear back and forth on these cheap clay, tiles that needed replacing three there's a there will be rain, Randolph someday, and then there will be leaks. That's a certainty, don't believe me, Let's take a look, that's that for all that listeners, I'm getting too you're just reporting on all this life can imagine. Tired. All of you are from living it. So, let's all take a break together and go to that four thousand three hundred and twelve nine hundred and fifty five three thousand and seventeen the web
to the weather cause I share in you me. Wrong.
Another year already how the days and weeks come all is weak. Barcodes.
There are many night nails this isn't news merely the factory there's a nightmare where the sun, it's our rivers and the right in false constantly from sunless skies. There's a night veil, where the main is a smiling man. I feel where the mayor is a brave woman and course. There is a need they'll that has no mayor I never will have one again. It is a night fail. Without a day nightmare without night there, night there, where the dogs sing and the birds bark theirs night fail with no people only the angels moaning, and being their fingers theirs. Night veil where I was never porn, There's a night
is a where I was never poor. There's a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home she's in every night. Well, there it is night veil, where time runs backwards and a night veil were times skips about and there's a night fail where time doesn't work at all that this nightmare, Terms, weird, time is weird everywhere, but it's specially weird here there's a night veil where Dana is the voice of her town and a night veil we're dead. The synergy and patch of haze is the voice of her tat and I feel where you are the voice of your task in finishing a voice.
Infinity of night, but here in this I'm voice Cecil a voice like distant traffic a voice like strong coffee at midnight? Once there was a god with intentions, heart full of love. She shattered us into many verse, All of us Once there was a general full of courage and victory. She wasting our time about itself last us in a labyrinth of ours. In years once there was a man. His dreams were simple. He wanted to be an actor. That's all. A little to audiences in
They liked being lied to but time gets stuck on him like go on a shoe, It was always is thirtieth birthday. From the big bang. The tedious heat death of the universe is thirty. Birthday forever time, wade on him, and so he looked out at every night veil that has ever been and every night vale that will ever be o them swirling swinging through Intertwinings Chronology, and he concentrated very hard and he reached out one tired ancient. Thirty year old and stop them just one He stopped times
patients always frozen water, hangs in the air below leaking tap. The trees are sculpted by a gust of wind and having yet swung back to their natural state. The clouds former frozen patter, like snowdrifts in the sky, a voice at night there so in front of the microphone mouth open, but no words coming out all the voices in all of the night. There's on the highway out of town cars or stop dead.
Their drivers caught glancing at their phones or scratching their ears and thinking about what would finally make them happy or looking in the mirror and trying to gauge whether the car behind them belongs to the share of secret police farther out over the mountains and to the coast. The waves are stopped, made fall, foam caught, rising water caught tumbling
an old man in Canada, trips on a shoe discarded by his grandson and there he remains hands out mid air too late for anyone to save, but not yet colliding with the earth. He will dislocate his knee a soldier in China. Squint said a bird trying to decide which type of bird it is really it's too distant to tell. But the soldier makes a game of distant past the tedium, and so here they are squinting at a bird that has stopped mid flight. Its wings outstretched catching win. That is no longer moving, observe the soldier in this moment a thin slice of a long life out in low orbit. Spindly silver be graceful. Silver craft is caught in an instant when its appendages that are not really fingers, but what I will call them fingers, even though technically are closer in function to kidneys when its fingers phase through the skull of seeping human, that it has brought a board reaching into the humans memory seeking out a clear understanding of a planet at the being has been passed to observe that plan and all the other planets cease for a moment in their senseless hurdle through the back door, suspend the way they aren't. I
story. We tell ourselves of stasis and clear spatial relationships is, for a moment, true An entire universe holds its breath next shift, my hand alone and the gears of time click back into place and start again to move quite as they were before that they are on track now. They're tread Little true, the beginning of my head start I taking ere, I led Air and in the moment where the universe starts again something habits. It has never happened before
not in all of history. Today is a special day night veil leave even started stage and screen is oh well. Why turning Thirty one today they leave. You know it feels like our thirty's just fly by joy them while they last Lee Marvin celebrated his birthday in a notably somber way. He stepped don't talk to his lawn nodding at passers by and various idiot birds he spit through his teeth, his hand on his hips. What the sun move for a while. Then he not in approval of everything he had seen and stepped back inside. Well, we all express happiness in our own ways A few minutes ago I got the most interesting voicemail from my most interesting husband, Carlos it's our sixth anniversary today, you know anyway,
he was so excited. I've never heard him talk so fast in his life. Carlos said he opened the clock,
that was on our mental peace at home, the one that was given to him by his mother the day he perceived as Phd the one he brought with him tonight there, the one that, after having come tonight, failed, he opened to find that it was full of moss and fur and human teeth. Time doesn't work and make veil Thea realised and he mourned the transformation of both the clock and his experience of the days and years of his life, but he still believes in keeping his possessions in perfect condition, and so today he opened the clock to brush its teeth, only defined it was full of gears and a battery and was ticking away. He measured the movement of its minute hand against the sun and found that the sun, instead of disappearing at widely different times, was sitting on a normal schedule. He called me up his voice, cracking with excitement bordering on terror. Cecil Cecil, he said to me. Cecil time is normal. In night veil
it is night night veiled soon the sun will rise and we know exactly what time that will happen. Our lives have all lurched forward. Is that good stay to next for exactly what was scheduled to run next at the exact time it was scheduled to do so. And from my mouth to your ears. Even after all, these years, good night night fail goodnight.
Welcome tonight veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by discretion. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin, the voice of dab was make the ash winner. The voice of Dana was Jessica Nicole. The voice of Steve was how Lublin the Voice of Lee Marvin was T L Thompson. The voice of Marine was Maureen Johnson. The voice of the faceless old woman was Mara Wilson. The voice of Messina was Alley Chan. The voice of the number station was Molly Quinn, original music by description of it can be found at disposition, dot info or a disposition. Dot band camp dot com, this episodes weather, is things still left to say thy mouth glum from their upcoming album pity boy find out more and pre order. The album at now blossom dot com, comments, questions, email, sat in fell at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or followers on twitter at night fell. Radio poor thinks sweetly back on better days, check out, welcome tonight, veiled dot, com for more information on volumes. Three and four of our illustrated episode book collections out now, plus info on her very last tour of a spy in the desert live show this summer and fall today's proverb technically, the first human being and the first human being in space where the same person by its Joseph think my friend Jeffrey I created welcome to night, fell back in twenty twelve normal.
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