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156 - The Trouble with Time

2019-10-15 | 🔗

Everyone in town is scared of aging now that time works normally. But one newcomer claims to have the answer.

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It is better to have loved and lost the to be slowly eaten whilst still alive. There are on the whole, many worse than having loved and lost. Welcome to night veil. Well listeners. We have all been grappling with the same problem. Time has become normal in night, veil or as normal as time ever is time is Weird everywhere, results of the shift. In our experience of time, none of us are remaining the same age for centuries anymore. We are aging,
one year per year: one month per month. What Second per precious, second every moment that passes our skin is less supple armor. This less pliant are joints ache, just a little more the entire town is in an uproar, as we are coming to terms with the idea of getting older, Jim memberships of sword, everyone is looking at the same time, if they're all recommending green juice diets each other, council has tried to make a illegal, but it turns out this would be unconstitutional, as the Supreme Court decided that slow deterioration of the mind and body is in America right I myself have not immune to these worries when I think about what my life would be like after Carlos or
what his life would be like after me So the kinds of fears that can't be shaken off by the light of day that linger even after all the shadows of evening have faded love a gift in a finite world. I'd like to think so. But all my stomach is indulgence. I'm sure Yours is too now a word from our sponsors. Afraid of aging. Terrified of the tides of time spooked by sequential nature of existence stop look if the counter and moaning shore it be cathartic to start every morning by picking up your alarm clock and shouting you are a murderer. Your numbers are murder. Weapons the murder victim, but it's not
helping you out. Instead, try Lucian, just Lucian those limbs lotion that face got any other parts lucian them too rubbing Lucian on yourself, won't stop tied. It won't did the inevitability of death, but when you die you will be silky smooth and Folks will whisper. Why it does it look like this aged a single day by Lucien now, and we will send you a box of other things that will not stop you from dying but will make you feel a little better under way out the door such as fish oil pills, a pair of running shoes and books with titles like get happy now or else lotion stop aging so said. On mitigating the surface appearance of aging This has been a word from our response. Is in
new press release, Nightfall resident Leah Shapiro announces the Merriam Mcdonald Memorial Fund this. In honour of the recently deceased Merriam would be used to finally fulfilled Merriam lifelong dream, a dream she did. Live long enough to see come to fruition, the removal of all sand from the sand wastes Mary. Hated the sand, but it looked frightfully untidy and that it made a bad first impression for folks just coming to town. She could often be seen when she was alive out with her broom. Beautifully sweeping the dunes into her just pan. Depositing the result into a black trash bag? Obviously this as slow going, but Lee has vowed to continue Merriam quest its stupid. Wish array someone said Leah. I hate it. It's so much, but I don't know but Mary unwanted.
I feel obligated for some reason to keep after it God this sucks Leah concluded into the press release the Merry Mcdonald Memorial Fund currently contains three dollars. I just not taking donations that they feel good story of the year good. Luckily I do hope you get rid of all that sand. Miriam was right, say is very untidy and now for the children's fund. Fact, science corner. So today we we'll be discussing how to tell whether something is a person here are simple tests that can be done at home, with whatever you find in your parents cabinets when they don't know, you're looking at grow. It's a person.
Does it bent it's a person? Is it square or similar to a square? That's a person nodes or nodules person, a frank and enticing laugh person. Can it hold liquid person? Is it a dog the up? That's a person to that news. At the back of your closet, not a person, we don't know what that is best, not to touch it best, not to think on it. Perhaps it is the thinking that gives it its power. Says been the children's fund. Fact, science corner in response to the current time. Is normal crisis now Companies are moving into offer. Services to alleviate aging army is suggesting that a regular diet of roast beef has been shown to extend life expectancy by up to twenty years when they
were asked who showed that and how they did so Arby's kind of mumbled end said that they would have those sources for a soon, but in the meantime, come on down and buy yourself a meal. A number of New Jim's have opened up in town. Promises advanced work out that will keep the body and mind tip top prison, Ellie Fitness also twenty six hour, fitness which promises work out at any time of day or night plus bonus hours every day that are only experienced by members and local legend. Louis Glasgow has started what he calls a cross fit GM, but it appears to be just the burned out, remains of his old music store. Untouched said the night of the fire. Oh yeah, Louie said You can really get a good work out an ear believe me, his eyes, flicked fourth nervously
different angle is being taken by newcomer to Town Casper. Roads Casper says that he has conquered the ultimate obstacle death itself does this by freezing the brain upon death until it can be resuscitated by advanced technologies of the future cryogenics means never having to say I'm dead, Casper declared whirling around the red tape? He wears a wiggling, his eyebrows, Oh yes, this is a completely real technology once you die. We simply had safely remove your brain and freeze at an ear. He indicated the disused green silo on the edge of town the thing is full of brains, he said, and each of those rains will be reanimated to a bright and beautiful future. Hundreds of years from now, You can't do for a mere ten thousand dollars, Paypal affront No refunds offered
since this is a journalist, asked if they could take a peak in the great silo and see if it was actually full of brains. Mr roads blocked the door with his body. He said opening the door would mess up the freezing process. Would want that to happen. You'll just have to trust us a no traffic is it a single card to be seen? The parking lots are baron. There. Baron a single are to be seen the parking lot without the roaring machines, the highways are mere doodles of the gods without the roaring machines that give them purpose. Where did red car disappear? Youtube We wondered this as we want to work walk to learning the limits and the capacity of our own legs magnetic
machines attached to our own bodies that we had long ago discounted, but now can propeller ourselves by the length of them and then again and again one. After another, the hours pass and we gradually pass through them and where are the cars? Did he ever exist the factories were? Cars once were built are now full of robots, with no purpose arms ending in specialised tools and drills. All designed to construct a thing that no longer is there to be constructed, and so they Bob and weave for nothing. In this way, perhaps it could be said that they dancing today
Purpose from a movement is to suggest the possibility of art within it that perhaps the movement could have meaning dearly for itself. But I ask again: where are the cars Where did they go they'll claw their way into the stratosphere wild boats, wobble uncurling sees motorcycles even given complete freedom of the highway tearing into the turns and straight away that dangerous. Complete freedom of the highway tearing into the turns, and straight away that dangerous speeds, but no worse. Was it something we did? Is this Our fault there's traffic. I guess
and we're all getting a little more time outdoors, which is nice and never mind. The cars are back all of them all at once. Driverless and speeding well. It's nice to have them back. This has been traffic. And now for corrections in private Editorial aired on the station a reporter, indicated his belief that peanut butter, is a type of rock that report. Sincerely believed, based on a half remembered lesson from elementary school that he now realises, might have actually been a cartoon. He watched that
butter along with sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous, was in fact one of the main types of rock. This order harboured, no intent, Woody lectured for what may or may not have been too hours about his belief that peanut butter was a type of rock this. Well meaning reporter may have ignored several calls from his scientist, husband, who is trying to get through to correct this completely understandable mistake, but the reporter on such a role that he even noticed. The calls coming in which could to anyone. The rapporteur may have even printed up posters for local schools, showing the types of rock with peanut butter. Pro really included, is that Is the case these schools should feel free to return the erroneous posters or keep
if they feel it may be in some way: educational in any case, Order in question regrets The error and now admits that may be peanut. Butter is a type of rock, maybe that's true died for yourself. This has been corrections, Casper roads and his quality cryogenics corporation continue to advertise their dubious service all over town? He has bought billboard next to the waterfront recreation area, declaring a new life awaits you in the future picture of a disembodied brain that is somehow both smiling and give your thumbs up, despite its of hands and mouth Quality Cryogenics Corporation, strong, a banner along the top of the disused green silo on the edge of town saying the name of the company, except the word
quality has been misspelled, as has corporation listeners I am not one to editorial lies not after the recent peanut butter debacle. We have heard so much about buddy, not seem to me that this, Mr Roads is on the up and up nothing about this, Likes me as a scientific operation and trust me I know from scientific operations. Like these warning signs, a few people, have in fact taken them up on their offer, including week, day shift manager at the roofs Charlie Bear, whose lifetime ambition of becoming a ghost has recently curdled into a free fear of death I thought we had eternity. Every minute spent as a minute lost Charlie said to me when I asked him if they had any more cilantro, so that was a
on my afternoon, I must warn everyone. Now to buy into this Casper charlatans lies quiet cynically freezing brains is not going to save you. In fact, It is time for me to bust this scam wide open I will sneak into the used green silo and I will tell you What is inside then Us will know the truth. As I had over there, let's all head over to the weather
God damn it says page, which I know you will be aware that involves. We wish to see jacket. It will be.
Ok listeners hold on portable recording rig, is just a little heavy. I have got to back into my weight training, I was dead, lifting as much Fifteen pounds and now look at me, ok, I am looking up at the towering disused, green silo on the edge of town, the silo that one Casper roads would claim contains cry you genetically frozen braids destined to be reawakened in the future. I am sure MR roads, but allow me too, just check in on it myself, the door to the silo is locked with a padlock and heavy chain. Fortunately I don't go anywhere without my special reporters welding torch. It comes an anti more than you think.
And offered goes another win for the first amendment listeners I am opening. The heavy metal doors it is dark, even in this late afternoon, Sun, I am stepping in my eyes, Just in oh, my god, blisters, oh my god, the text or full frozen tat human brains attached to various support equipment. It is all completely clean and seemingly running well this. This isn't a scam, the great Casper roads is telling the truth. Death is now voluntary. Aging is meaningless. We will all see the future. We will also see the future users I must go. I must talk to my husband. We can together forever. Don't you see, I do world awaits us in the future. Talk to Carlos. I must
weapons now is the production of night nightmare presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by dispersion the voice veil, Cecil Baldwin, original music desperation. All that can be found at this russian dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episode Leather was revolution lover by left at London Fund. More at left at London, dotcom comments, questions, email us add info at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or followers on twitter at night fell. Radio or borough into the sand and hibernate for a thousand years check out, welcome tonight, we'll dot com for more. Information about our membership scout programme. This is one of the main, things that allows us to continue to make the show for all of you. Today's proverb on one
and you have skin. On the other hand, you dont all mad what happened to that hand. Hey, listen, there's a fine podcast. It's me how Lublin podcast her and friend and me out of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself Symphony sanders, pod, castor and friend, with benefits We are happy to tell you about our show good morning night veil, your hip to recent trends like jewel, cardy being collusion. Then you like We have already started listening to our official welcome to my bill. We capture, I read about jewel in many ordinary. Why was on the toilet, are equally episodes feature interviews with the castle creators last listener theories. Questions at my exact wishes for disposal of my body when I die. If you haven't listened yet, we understand we also have stuff going on to you now.
Are also very busy making a pike ass for you about a podcast. You love just now, we're here for you, when you're ready in your podcast app and in your hearts, forever yours in vandam and friendship of every kind. Latvia is it jeweller Julie? I don't know, I think. Maybe you would be on the toilet right now, acts.
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