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The Mahalla Family would like their VHS copy of Heat back.

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We are only a couple days now from our night fail holiday, double feature live stream. all smiles, even the bloodstream Carol. Brand new gas parts updated scripts live whether from carry open and banishment. Oh, it's going to be a creepy last of holiday cheer, that's December, seventeenth at eight p m Eastern, but it will be of for a month or so afterwards. So, even if your hearing this after it has happened, you haven't missed it, go to welcome tonight, failed dot, com and click on live shows to wrap those tickets. So this is it for this difficult
thank you so much to our patrons for literally being the only thing that allowed us to keep making the show. Once the world disappeared around us, if you haven't checked out, please check out our patreon for all sorts of fun bonus stuff and mainly because it's what is keeping the show afloat. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, as usual will be taking January off, but we will see you right back here in the sound space at the internet on February. First may it be in a better world and hey you can get through this together. Like sends through the glass. So the days of our lives in that their time. me and tumbling out of control. Welcome
to night veil. First, a quick notice. The Mahal, a family is requesting the return of one particular VHF tape. Now you I remember that them a hollow family used to run the video rental annex in the roofs back in the nineties. We all enjoyed browsing their shelves looking at cardboard boxes that promised more than most could deliver wondering we were children at the mystery that lay behind the little curtain corner and feeling if we were adults, a little embarrassed as we passed the threshold of that curtain. That indeed, after the blockbuster hordes rude through town the terror,
we'll thunder of their hooves ringing out for miles around burning. Every independent video store to the ground that should have knit for the you view the and laser disk rental annex, but a the Mahal of family, there is one loose thread to this story. That is of deep concern to us all few just copy of heat that we lent. the day before blockbuster invaded and left us with ashes and grief, explained LUX me, Mahala and it's real the important that we get it back like super imported, she concluded. sing from a shadowy corner, in my studio sure how she got in here, unfortunately, the records of who rented out the tape were lost with the annex was burned. So please Keep an eye out: it is a regular v, just copy of heat in the The green case, with the you view name and logo, is found,
he's returned to them a hollow family immediately or just enough to the nearest owl they'll know what to do with it. More on this. If there is more on this, but first did he have like fail and the sheriffs secret police are scrambling in the wake of the recent verdict. In the case of the family of Frank, Chen Verses, night veil, the verdict, as I'm sure you remember, required that the city provide the family of the murder victim, Frank Chin. with one living, Frank turn in exactly the condition he was before. You know before the murder failing this after one year, control of the city will be turned over exclusively to the family of Frank Chin. The city council has charged Sheriff SAM with the task of returning a living function to his family, the sheriff been delving deep into the Resurrectionist arts and they are exploring every avenue possible. First, they hired folks that went by the job title resurrection. Men which
Seems like it would be related, but it turns out. their actual work was unhelpful and frankly, pretty grass the sheriff? ask them to leave second day considered the simple matter of time travel obviously use the most straightforward all they wouldn't. You to do is go back in time collect Frank Chin from the moment right before he was going to get murdered and just bring em did the future. Unfortunately, after our last brush with the future that huh frozen brain scam, time. Machines in night veil were declared forbidden and destroyed, except one that was placed in the museum of forbidden technology. Their share. demanded to use that one, but apparently even they are not allowed to enter the museum because its forbidden, to that. The focus on the sheriffs efforts turned to magic, not just any magic, the kind with a k at the end
the required several rare grim wars at a dusty old book store on Wormwood Avenue, no Remember the bookstore being there before, in fact, no could remember there being a wormwood avenue in night fail at all. But there was an old fashioned main street with a general store and a butcher shop and, of course, the site I used and rare books when officer of the sheriffs secret police as to purchase tomes of spells and power, the owner of the store merely cackled and handed the requested volumes over for free. You will find she whispered that the price is built into the practice right said the officer Oh you have a nice day then, but he realized the bookstore. Odor was no longer there. does the bookstore nor Wormwood Avenue. He was standing alone in the sand, wastes holding
Stack of ancient books yeah. I'm sure that will just turn out fine. v Mahal a family have asked me to reiterate how important it is that I find that VHF copy of heat, last seen and ninety ninety eight, when it was rented by an unknown party, moments, before the video rental annex was burned down Don't find it polemics Michalek, explained the consequences Could be dire dire? repeated, while hanging upside down from my studio ceiling, again quite clear how he here, but it sounds like it's in all of our interests to try and find that tape. I know it might be to pick out a single VHF S among all the VHF tapes around your house. I mean who amongst us, is in constantly digging through vs just takes thinking what should I do tonight, but just keep an
are you out for that? Classic you view sleeve, with their lovable hand, drawn Mascot Lenny laser disk with his grimace face, cautioning us to re wind or regret man I love the you view Rental annex David, like a little popcorn machine and sure the popcorn was merely inedible. Greedily salty and always, tasting a little of steel oil, but I love to get a bag and munch on it. My way home green use, you ve just sleeve under my arm, not heat, though I'm pretty Confident I never rented Heath. It's more of a musical and horror movie fan like preferably a musical horror movie, like cats letter look at today's Horoscopes LEO stop eating it. I think you're, just Worse and that color is definitely not good
You should have a doctor. Look at that doctors I have to look at gross things. Virgo Where did the wise pelican That's this month's password to get into the club where the wise people hang out and if you Where the club is men. Well, probably, is it meant for you baby don't hang out of the tv I Fridays instead Libra Everything you needed was inside you all of on you We had to look within the surgical scalpel and this flashlight the stuff that you're. he will be in a blue velvet bag. Good luck, Scorpio! The I would like you to know that, while your scones Arden definitely delicious, they are maybe just just a little dry. Just like little more milk, maybe
is it faded that you make less rise, scones, Steve such areas While usually, how much would kind of woodchuck truck is a fun children's riddle? Today, it will become for you, a life or death question Capricorn, you will achieve your dreams. Every single night, too, will fall asleep and achieve dreaming or dreams good job Everything else is up in the air but at least you have that Aquarius this one too says: what's the worst there, it happened and how hard can it be places blow your passions success. Entirely based on look generational wealth? So you might as well areas winking smile emerging,
graveyard emerging thumbs up emerging one hundred emerging, Doors today will be a good day of not clearly for you, but for someone shortly, Gemini in answer to your next five questions, one yes to at the bottom of the sea three and off brand lemon soda for no, no, please no five. The twin brother, Philip cancer, No horoscope today, your fate, boundless the world It's yours it's terrifying. That, are you than me a quick news? Bulletin theme, It failed. Fifty first annual rodeo has been cancelled due to the that it has never happened before we sure who planted and announced it and
it didn't seem to be any venue or animals organised for the event. There are suppliers everywhere. Advertising that night veil, fifty first annual rodeo at the flaky owes export centre, which also. does not exist the first given led to an old gas station on Oxford Street, where a man sat in a low plastic lounge chair chewing draw answering any query with attired Europe. Given that no rodeo had ever happened, did night veil and no one seems to have actually planned one this year the night failed. the first annual rodeo has been cancelled. Thank you for your attention so I've been digging through my old VHF tapes. Wow haven't looked at some of these and, while the day The earth stood still a classic Davy earth went really fast kind of a disappointing sequel day.
Earth, steel, Hobbs and Shaw. Be surprised. Lee Decent spin off, but no none of these seem to be heat. Let me be hollow would like me to remind you that finding this tape is of the utmost importance declines to give details or to explain how she got into the vents here at the station, but she does keep hissing most. importance at me, Dana No former mayor of night they'll put out a request on the night veiled next door to see anyone who had seen the tape some immediately answered, yes with seven exclamation marks, but then replied again thirty seconds later sorry, my mistake, I was looking at my cat earnest and got mixed up. Another reply suggested that perhaps the tape got accidently returned to the night veiled public library, a few people, half heartedly began to organise an expedition into the library to check, but since the
each s and laser disk media section is. Reportedly one of them was active hunting grounds for librarians. The planning quickly petered out night them Please I'm not sure why it's important, but it seems important if We have the visa just copy of heat last seen at the Mahal of families, Rental annex in the roofs contact the station. immediately afraid, children, spun fact, science corner. today. We're gonna learn about mould. Now it might seem scary engross, but it actually serves many necessary functions. Did you know that the very first antibiotics were made for mould gets droop. Did you know that the best way to tell if J M is gone, bad is to see if it has mould on it. Also true How would we know not to eat bad jam or protect ourselves from bacteria without mould
so most doesnt seem so gross anymore. Does it that was a very nice of you. Holding ill thought about mould. You were wrong and you owe mould and apology face a part of your location, most likely to have mould hint, it's probably a kitchen or a bathroom. But if you're outdoors well good news that the sports are likely just floating in the air, all around you and say out loud. I'm sorry mould, I'm sorry for disrespecting you offered. take your hand and then remembered that it doesn't have anything like a human body and apologise again for your insensitive offer? That's good. This is your first step in making things. Right with bold. This is the children spun TAT science corner. How will word from our sponsors I took a walk, on the cool sand, dunes, brittle grass, overgrown and above me, then
sky. Above me, I saw blood Dick in my mouth, but whose I did not know the moon, the laugh at me. It is always taunting me some day. I will show it, but not today. Today I stumbled into the water let the salt make patterns on my feet today. I was a momentary doubt tomorrow. I am a glamour forever forget what you thought you knew about calendars and transit, learn new languages that snap, like poultry Bowman's between nor teeth, that taste like shop, and green wood. I took a walk on the cool sand, dunes, brittle grass overgrown and above me, and the night sky above me. I saw this message is brought to you by cook zero cherry vanilla. A ban an old gods, a huge leave has been found on the search for that all important vs, just copy of heat
He was that Larry Leroy out on the edge of town as what he thinks might be the tape in question it no longer is in its rental store, sleeve, having been found in a loose been of tapes, that Larry had an historic shed with the label: miscellaneous, sequential storytelling, but here its vague memories of being excited by the name of the movie, as he had this red it as Heath and thought it was a greedy live action. Reboot of America's favorite comic Strip cat. Instead, it was just some long boring movie about men yelling at each other in dinars, and he and tossed it aside, he said It planned to return it the next day, but when he went back to the video annex in the roofs, the annex had been left a burnt out. Shell strewn with the hawkish banners of the blockbuster hoard and a sign from Ralph. That said up, see under construction come back soon and a little apologetic smiling face.
Looks me and polemic Mahala or rushing over to verify. If this is indeed the tape, they seek this is so exciting. I mean what great and cursed reason could they have for meeting this particular object. While we wait to find out Let's find out now about the weather
getting waiver band stone fire scraps, songs for sound washed, his singing slowly along the shore ass, we were black eyes, set us down the sides scattered glass with sound. We fail safe crowd out long leg and armies Sars voice we use such as last July. Last year I have cited rising out of the way we will not think, but our were filled with nothing, but our were down. When we heard the sound of the machines drew near wait till the coast was clear: throbbing swirled at the turn of the waste.
brother and sister, Paul Levin and LUX me, the last of them a hollow family, the rest repose. determinedly and rattlesnake rest cemetery gathered around the tiny tv and Larry Lee Royce Home Office. Next to a picture Larry's, adult children taken three thanksgivings earlier and a hand, built model of these starship enterprise with a nice little stand, working transporter bees silently per Levin pushed the into the vizier, the click, the were the papas static. As the image came up. the usual at the I'm warning, followed by the usual CIA warning and the usual warning from they get menacing government agency, the one that says what have you got in increasing horrified tones for several minutes. Then that classic title tarred heat a cool movie about dude robbing rose. Great soundtrack kicked in
you know the one that's like me. But then something unexpected the screen, what black lift a couple of times And up came a video of a man playing pm displaying moon debts and singing along too it is was smooth with is whipped chocolate as sturdy as a concrete foundation. he was sitting in the living room, kids, wrestling and laughing on the carpet below and both polemic and looked me began to weep holding each other, by the shoulder. Our father looks He explained this the only video we have left of him accidently taped over this copy of heat, and then somehow it ended up back in our, How can it was rented out after our parents died? We thought lost forever. If this little piece of them,
really was left somewhere out there, and we just need to find it. Nothing could be more important. on the footage. A woman puts down the camera and joins the man by the piano, sings along as the kids laugh in those same kids, now adults hunched over there really Royce tiny tv laugh as well a distant echo remember joy and for one more time, Mohammed family was together again Larry Leeway said they could obviously have the tape, but he will, like a new view, just copy of heat in exchange, I mean ferrets fair stay to next re, sudden loss of gravity, so maybe hold on to something good night, like veil good night.
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