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181 - C****s

2021-02-01 | 🔗

Legalize c****s!

Weather: “Whatever Happened to Jim Crow“ by Black Guy Fawkes https://blackguyfawkesmusic.bandcamp.com/

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Welcome back to a new year of night fell back and twenty fifteen walked deny felt at our first tore up the country three four months on the road from Maine to Miami from Dallas to Portland, from Atlanta Minneapolis in the script We toward that year was called the investigators a show that we rode tested to perfection every one in the asked really sound. Every one moment in that show now February eleventh. Yes, this eleventh, we are performing the investigators for the first time in six years as a live stream direct your home, with live, Cecil, Baldwin live music by desperation lie Whether by Eliza, Richmond and guess, performances by me. bash winner disarray birch how low symphony Sanders and Mara Wilson. This is going be a blast. Do not message is go to welcome tonight, fail dot com and click.
online shows. Also, as you may have heard a couple of days ago, I co wrote a memoir with make bash winner, who is the voice of the credits of my found our life and see them a more is called the first ten years. What we did is we took the first ten years of our relationship and wrote about each year separately without consulting the other person. So, it is a single love story from two entirely different points of view covering those wild ten years where night fell blew up and we found ourselves touring the world together. You can learn more and pre order that at tiny url dot com slash first ten years of spelled out no numbers, so the investigators live stream on the eleventh and the first ten years, memoir. Let's get to the show. And hey we can. do this before we start- I want to tell you about another podcast you might enjoy its called Phoebe Ray. It's a mystery. It's from Radio Tokyo, if you know the hit podcast criminal- and this love- and you should know those two podcast- then you know The voice of host Phoebe Judge the New York Times
her voice, implacable and oddly soothing. I don't think, there's anything oddly It is soothing in Phoebe, read the mystery Phoebe. Simply reads a chapter of classic novel every single day, she's ready. the streets by Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan, Doyle and Wilkie. Collins. Classics like accurate and Jane Eyre, and now she's. Reading, twenty thousand leagues under the sea check out Phoebe. read the mystery on Apple podcast or wherever you're listening right now a horse is a horse of course, of course, of course, That's a horse. Dont, look too closely welcome Unite veil,
The city council is holding a special hearing on the legalization of an to censorship of as well and in general. This has been a long standing policy in thy veil, and many of us thought we would never see a day that the government would eat Consider loosening these restrictions, but do to the brave stance of activists such as Hannah Gutierrez and generous Rio, we are now. Of basing the reality that the impossible might become. policy, I myself have mixed feelings on this subject, while I do, mine talking in private, with close friend, it's about such subjects as were in general, are we re
be ready as a society to let these topics become public to drop the fur. Interests of shame that we have built around them and actors, but there were nothing wrong with saying to affront listeners. I am not sure I M just not sure, In any case, we will be keeping a close eye on the city Council throughout the day, and we, report on the hearings as they proceed, before all that, though Let's have some stock tips now our three ways to get rich. The first is Jim operational wealth. That's when your relatives give you money, and then you pretend you earned it and get angry defensive when Anyone points out that no, no you did it. This is the. Most common way to get money and any when you meet with rich, probably at least got some money from their relatives, even though
but they will loudly and angrily. Tell you that they did it until you have to ask to leave the party the second his cry, crime is a re way to get money because a lot People have too much money. you don't have enough even achieve held, can see the way, the balance that equation and you the child are you the poor, you are you HU, a child. Are you five years old today is to Europe. Data day and you ve gone around the sun by times good for you happy birthday little One, heard is sheer luck now this, the rarest, but it does. Sometimes happen. People who get their money through luck will be even more defensive than the generational wealth people. it will probably GM or aren't you about how many hours they worked and now no one gave
a break or some made up drunk like that look. Does it make you interesting? Unfortunately, just makes you lucky So those are the three ways to get rich as for the stock market, mutual funds, I guess there's a thing. look into mutual funds, probably. Now, let's take a second for Cecil's music corner Ike I know I know I'm not a connoisseur like Michel win over a dark Ella records, and I dont have a Uncover ban that plays ninety say it's every Friday night at the pink bury like Steve Carlsberg, but face he'll have ears. I see can listen to a song and think wow, that sure is music so today, I wanted to shine a light on one of the more obscure song writers of the last century. You may
dont know Bob by name, but he's been behind some round breaking work like green days duking, which he produced and CO wrote not to mention the music he put out through the early two, thousands under the stationing Kelly Clarkson, but I don't wanna talk about his hits. I want to highlight some of his quieter more personal work. Consider the trample at bone Creek His fifteen minute long narrative valid that describes the titular event inch truly ex Rashid in detail or His lovely camp fires sing along o too far seer and he had a sense of humour to. I bet you can't listen to the rising creatures. Under my skin forming strange words blues without laughing and laughing and laughing till it hurts until it it's very much until you are
ass being in pain until the muscles stretch and tear with your laughter when considering getting into music? Don't just think about big names, putting up big songs. Think about the unheralded independent folks to doing their quiet work in some I had corner of the music world, like Bob Dylan This has been Cecil's music corner. The city council hearing on has commenced, with expert testimony from meteorologists and agents of a vague get menacing government agency. The media apologists all said a lot of academic joergen like. Why are we here and wait you. Want me to talk about what space perfectly about and Why does everyone screaming in horror every time I say the word wait, don't take me, wait no help. Oh God, help and stuff like that.
honestly. I had trouble following yet rich, he's an agent of the vague. Yet menacing government agency was much more direct and clear listen folks, he said A voice that soothed like lavender and cracked gently like a leather book, binding We all want to be able to say all sorts of things right me. like to be able to say that the sky itself, as a flimsy bit apply, would painted the hide us from the terrifying truth of what is really up there. can't go around saying things like that. Can I it would come so panic there. our rules to what we can say since the rules for assent. Civil society now professor and hear rich, gold and the city council, chuckled too,. From its many throated body, horrifying sound,
but it seems to me that any one who talks about this subject should be thrown in prison forever. Now, that's merely my opinion. Rich concluded Then he smiled and winked at the city. it'll cooed in delight, the glue cloud, which is, of course exempt from any censorship, because no one in the city or federal government can figure out the jurisdiction or how it could possibly be enforced. Hummed and flat various colours in the viewing gallery. No one was sure what it thought and everyone was afraid to ask Meanwhile, protesters outside waved signs about the hearings, but the sun. it had been heavily censored by the sheriffs secret police and so It wasn't clear what their message was this all seems quite an uproar I'll keep my Beyond this and report back when I have more and now
word from our sponsors today show is brought to you by clorox thinking. wiping away your sins, try Clorox it doesn't matter what you used to do, who we used to be what kind terror lives in the shadow of your memory, you can move on can't leave it behind. You can interpol. World so pure and clean that the past can never ever touch you. all you need is clorox. that small steel voice in the middle of the night Letting you know that you remain, you always were that you will. I have always done what you always did well that voice finally be drowned out with gallons gallons of clorox
dumped on the walls wiped out, floors and poured on every single surface until its spotless. Until you are spotless, clorox. You will be born in new. You will be clean. This has been a word from our sponsors. These city council, hearing on an end to these censorship of related material has devolved into shouting as protest. others have burst into the room: crying out slogans that contain so much forbidden material. It isn't. Possible for me to repeat them here or play listeners recording the City Council is calling for order and the back that live in the council trappers urged flying around in a frantic swarm. We
all. Do that the question of what is going to be a touchy one, but we were not prepared for just how controversial this day has gotten It's a bit of a no pun intended. I think maybe reaching the end of the hearing Imagine that it could go on much longer than this and now fail. Community radio was proud to present the first ever adios. Password. So please create ache. password pattern using whatever materials are around you, be it catch up on your It should table or twigs. leaves on the dirt floor of your rudimentary wilderness shelter The pattern should look a little like how this sounds. Got it great,
one down is the hat that Henry WAR One across. Is leading feeling after lunch two down is a basket made from this material tense If we hold fear to diagonal, is a tired dog shortly three down is Lee Marvin? Oh I'm! Sorry, that's the forget to pick up a clue for him. Three up is Lee. Marvin's favorite flavor of ice cream for down is a very long tooth. Abbreviation for down on the z axis is that special birthday treat
and finally, five down and five across or the same and they're both your secret, namely the one you ve, never told anyone. You ve spent your whole life running from that you ve been terrified. Anyone would find out. So just put that name both boxes trick. They knew who you are now and unfortunately it is only a matter of time before you know who they are there already on their way to collect you they're almost there I hope had fun. This has been An audio crossword puzzle. The city council hearing has turned into an all out brawl
supporters grappling with deniers and the City council itself, bounding howling through the fray flurry of clause and teeth and wide wide eyes The sheriff is trying to restore order and doing this by hitting people indiscriminately with a heavy club and sometimes kicking them. and sober tactic. They hope will spire everyone to calm down I never thought I'd see such chaos in my town, a town but is usually so quiet and safe. I guess all people that made discussion of illegal. All these years were right. Look! What Will we try to talk about them, but wait, wait, wait, wait, The city council is regaining the podium and banging gobbles with eight of its seventeen hands off it. I love this tearing our community apart.
We hereby declare that it is legal and not some to any censorship to talk about clouds. It wasn't sensor their flouts, thunderclap, Jimmy less stratosphere, My God, freedom like I've, never know why? What better time than this to talk about the weather
The name is badly you buying and selling, where where's guys bags raw matterby. Where bag rack should grow. We emerge from miles lad. Love without love story still goes on, but still days is so well read. Well, just cause more rights down, there's, no matter how you dress, they'll be last them ass. They may still lags of culture from long ways. We should always run wild side by side, though, why you choose? There is new in we end this society either much sure your now.
As a child whenever that was time back, then, being more of a place than a process, more a shady grove to linger in then a road anywhere at all ass, a child used to sit on my back and look at the clouds the shapes they would make the stories I could tell with those shapes and the thought of what he would he liked to ride the clouds as though they were great ships in the sky? The puffs, Curves, like the decks and values straws from which I could it, then the world life was a thrilling narrative, then, as it is for every child. until the plot got away from be until it dissipate it, didn't the unsatisfying experimental character study. We all end up ass, the
My mother left my sister and I on our own. The clouds were perfect, fluffy things I wanted them to be gray and foreboding, but they were delightful and I was angry that they were delightful. I was furious that any part of the world would be happy on a day so painful the day, my mother returned years later When my sister and I were adults, the cloud, then were gray low. but they did not seem angry to me They felt like how I felt flap and sad and far away from myself when by Corliss first came to town, a stranger, a scientist, an interloper, the cloud were mostly absent, the blue sky seer, did it cast on earth light on our earth.
the town, but still they lingered at the margins of the sky, bustled by the horizon, waiting for their turn to cross our stage, and when my cordless met me at the Arby's kissed under the lights above the armies, They were clouds, then too, and the lights shone through them and delightful waits, hiding behind and then casting raised through and then bursting out from behind, as the wind, escorted the clouds across the sky, and when my Carlos married me in front of the whole town and every eye that watches us implacably from space, there was only one cloud and it stretched lie.
from one side of the sky to the other, an unbroken line of vapor that I took to mean the unbroken line of our love. But that of course, is just my projected narrative. A cloud does not have a narrative. It exists perfectly. The moment and for the moment, then our son came to us and The day he arrived, the clouds were arrayed in ranks like toys. soldiers for his delight, smudge after smudge, like Georgia, O Keefe landscape like sheep, on a meadow and our sun squalled, and we laughed because the sound would become a difficulty we knew. But in that moment it could only be a toy entered
today I look outside and there the clouds are lofty small and carried constant by the winds of the upper atmosphere and disappearing. Over the horizon, only to revive again over the opposite horizon. Swirling landscape. A busy backdrop to our inconsequential lies clouds. Don't matter much, I suppose, not being able to talk about clouds, doesn't matter but have some part of your life taken for no matter how small to have it, suppressed, to have to come. Stately work around the clouds in the sky. It takes a tool
I feel such freedom and joy and I say at the clouds in the sky. They mean nothing and yet they are there and they are pretty isn't that nice. Stay to next for our special radio drama, broadcast of journey to the centre of the earth, presented on location by the moon people players and from Uncloud senior to all cloud seers out their good night night veil, goodnight. Simply safe home security delivers award, winning twenty four seven protection with simply safe. You don't just get an arsenal of cameras and sensors. You get the best profession.
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Strange, unlimited messages with your therapists from the comfort of your own home. Everything you share is confidential. If, for any reason, you are happy with your counselor. You can request a new one at any time at no additional charge, join the one million plus people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced better help counselor better. opposite, convenient and affordable option and our listeners get ten percent off your first month with the discount code night fail get started, stay at better h, E lp, dot com slash night fail. There is no shame in asking for help. Well, tonight values that production of night veil presents. It is written Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produce by disposition, the voice
veil is Cecil Baldwin, original music by disposition, all of it he found at dispersion, dot, band camp dot, com, this episodes There was whatever happened to Jim Crow by Black Guy Fox, find out more at Facebook, dot com, slash black Guy, Fox music or at black eye Fox music dot band camp dot, com comments, question email I sat info I welcome tonight veil, dot com or followers on twitter at. they'll, radio or well outside into the cold cold air and pretend that its refreshing check out. I'll- come tonight- veil dot com for info about our lives, dream for our twenty fifteen touring. Show the investigators happening soon. Today's proverb, so
sometimes you write an episode in early December and then it turns out that the episode reflects a number of January NEWS stories in ways that you could not have intended because they didn't exist. But it's that we all live in night veil now. They say you shouldn't meteor heroes. I'm Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I meet my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life. This fog has his. Will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me the myself. If I only listen to the mountain guts, find it wherever you listen, the pot casts x.
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