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187 - Citizen Spotlight: The Spire

2021-05-01 | 🔗

Between meters 183 and 207 of the Brown Stone Spire, artist Saad Ibrahim chisels ancient verses in long-forgotten alphabets.

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Along the vertical rise of the brownstone spire between Peter one. Eight three and meter two o seven sets an artist Saad Ibrahim. Odd, etches, ancient verses in long forgotten, alphabets into the stone. He does not know what he writes before he writes it, but as he chiseled each cliff the meaning, becomes clear this week, right five symbols, which looked like a giraffe lowering. To graze. A volcano erupting, up with human eyes, the letter Y but circled and with a slash through it and lastly, afford F, one fifty carrying a pay load of stars and planets sought recognizes the phrase the moment he finishes it. It translates.
Roughly two turtles only part of the way down beyond them. It's tortoises, a common mistake- perhaps it is the twenty years of working on meters, one eight three through two o seven that has taught sod this dead language, but in two, decades of chiseling symbols into the spire. His seeing the same character twice The brownstone spire does not speak to him. It merely informs him in a man That, beyond language beyond narrative, he cannot feed the spire doing this, so he cannot be certain. He cannot be Certain of anything which is itself, a kind of certainty that he cannot be certain of it is also confounding life upon the spire, but he is happy. He is content either. On days like today is the tower sways more than his normal. More than his guts can withstand
back in his youthful wasteful days back when he could touch the earth sad Felt, lost and without purpose, He had a job as a teaching assistant, the community college. He was respected and admired by the fat and the students alike He had a romantic partner, Hollis Templeton. He had known since eighth grade. They loved each other, though they never said the phrase. It was implied it possible to know something without ever being explained sod had a family, they were difficult but well meaning, but sod lost all of these things. The tumult of academic politics left side without a job, school did not higher back the twenty three year old, assisted to was more popular than the department chair. Saw its mother and father divorced and move to opposite coasts and Hollis well was needed time away from side. They told tat, they had never explored the world had never die
it. Another person had never really found himself saw it understood and gay policy their space. As sods mother always said. If you love, something let it go does it come back you'd, prob They died alone. What during why you didn't hold onto it, and his days turned two weeks. Two months two years saw, I'd heard from Hollis, less and less and saw I wondered if letting Hollis GO was the wrong thing to do once the job in the family, and the partner were gone. Sod had only himself, it's not like himself. It hate himself either, he simply did not know who he was without other people's validation. He was his students. Instructor is lovers boyfriend, his parents son. He was his appeal Mr Lisi, he was not Saad Ibrahim. He was
The man in the way a leaf was just a leaf one day. He saw a sign, but a metaphorical side like a shooting star or a deer with a third. I know he saw a literal sign. It read there is room for you in list to day and in the centre of the sign, was drawing of a toll tower spiralling up into the firmament built. A stone without a counterpart in the whole world world he hurt himself. Spur to no one ass. He gazed upon the poster in Lower corner was a phone number and the logo of the wind, these fast food chain, that Miss girl in red pigtails, holding a dove in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. It was in that moment
Sod found not just a new job, but himself sod always knew what he wanted to do, but never what he wanted to be in college. He studied civil engineering, but the advanced, math, disillusioned him. He could pass his classes with great effort, but they too a toll on his mind, which soon took a toll on his body and before long, a toll on his soul, and so he left engineering and began a major in religious studies. He never felt so much as faith or even spirituality. He did not view religion as a path for his own life, but he loved ritual, he loved culture. He loved the beliefs and practices of whole continents of nations, of no mass of one caves of families over time, and he wanted to learn more about the gods of civilization.
But the Anthropology of religion boredom it all made. Too much sense and is more wandered in class and why writing term papers on topics like astrology, Myers Briggs, but in space or real gods? Have six arms could do all of it in his sleep, and sometimes he did. He once got an a on a paper that was copied verbatim from stream journal. Eventually sod left religious studies. Engineering was too hard religion. Was too easy and saw It was at a loss for what he should do next and so Closed his eyes and pay two finger into the college course Catalogue when he opened them. Stinker was on a class titled, Sculpture ten out stab beauty into stone. Sod had no experience as an artist. He had drawn pictures of
see houses in elementary school yet made clay ashtrays for his parents, who did not spoke. He had spray painted a heart on a brick wall in an alley with s plus h into the middle of it too, Hollis and because they were both sixteen. At the time it seemed a grand romantic gesture equivalent to a honeymoon on a mountain resort in spirits sculpture. Those seemed is likely a places any to begin a new and sought in bold, he struggled with visualizing three dimensional shapes at first, but after a couple of months, he began to know how to look at a block of nearly any substance and see a bust or a tree or a truck or a chair. And his hands wheeled that image into existence. He could make anything not anything he could make a simulacra of anything. He do you not a God, having a mere two arms, was proof enough of that.
So when sod saw the sign for the brownstone spire he enlisted, he knew the spire needed sculptors to carve its delicate shapes. And while he did not finish his engineering or his religious studies, he was sure that knowledge would also come in handy Life on the spire has been steady and- and central for sought, which has helped. In focus only on himself hands on his work. Daily grind, both metaphorically and literally grind, the way at rock by your provides lunch and dinner for its employees there our hammocks to sleep in with safety netting below male is delivered once daily veal, white helicopters with Orange Stripes, though, foresee The male is mostly grocery coupons and credit card pitches and the occasional corporate memo about needing to reset passwords or staff. Birthdays or casual Friday dress code reminders.
Last year the brownstone spire added a break room at meter, one nine to it well stocked with tea and coffee and Jews. There's also the tv and there, but the single available subscription is Hulu and even then managed and only sprung for the programming free version. Three dollars and ninety nine cents a month, but it's all ads lately, sod has considered what need there is for such a tall tower ever growing. The brownstone spire has risen beyond the clouds even on a clear day and even from his vantage point, a hundred and eighty plus meters off the ground. Sod cannot quite see the spiders peak used to think it was a tower of Babel type thing. Something he learned about in is biblical parables course but the brownstone spire is not at all like the Tower of Babel Shore. They are both towers sure
They are both built in an attempt to climb to Heaven Everyone working on the tower shares a language and motivation, but in all other ways the two towers are completely different. First, the God of Genesis retired in nineteen. Eighty, three, He lives in a beach house on the island of Grant Turkey in the Caribbean with his wife and several dogs, God son, like many he thirty something's at the time, moved back in with his dad after losing his job in the recession of two thousand and eight also according to an article in Buzzfeed back in two thousand twenty fourteen, Heaven is no longer in the sky, the advent of workshops, communities and video conferencing technology. Heaven no longer needed to spend exorbitant amounts on a single office. But as we work floundered, Heaven had to relocate again, so today, Heaven is in a corporate park deep below The indian Ocean, to solve The brownstone spire is its own unique endeavour. It is not
built for any reason other than to be built memos from management claimed that the spire is an effective marketing tool for Wendy's and that apply Completion of the two thousand meter in twenty nineteen sales. The bacon eater spite topping, even though Oppor, junior but meaning can be placed on anything by anybody, so nose. Beauty is the eye of the beholder another way to say that what I see as green, you see us pink interpretation is tethered to the individual, not the collective and sir odd can interpret his work. He is carvings. However, he wishes and he wishes to see them as expressions of himself of his purpose, because He wishes them to be. They are still sad, cannot help but wonder what? If what, if He had followed his family. What if he had fought for his drop? What if he had?
asked policy to stay by his side saw it is so much older than he was the day Hollis left, this more mature if he knew then what he knew now he would have been more assertive, more loving, more understanding. He would a better partner, a better lover, a better friend, and would Hollis have stayed. It is impossible to say The younger sad is is not the older they. They are not same person at different points in linear time. No, your dunk herself whether twenty years ago were twenty minutes ago, is a separate entity entirely saw Today does not experience regret only resentment against this young men of two decades. Prior. This The present does not make mistakes. He corrects the mistake. So those sods who came before him all less wise than he.
Today's male drop arrives and sod tosses. The postcards for discount lumber into the recycling been he reads a memo from HR about drug testing going into effect for all employees on June. First, the memo clearly states that there is no penalty for doing drugs and that aid art does not wish to judge anyone. It's just that they go this new drug testing machine and it's pretty cool, want want to play around with it. If you're, not currently taking any drugs, the member states each I would be happy to provide you with some the only catches that you don't tell hr which drugs you picked. They want to guess first base on how you're behaving and then and though use the drug testing machine to see. If there right sod tosses this memo into the been as well and returns to his station to carve a cliff that looks like an elephant with wings holding a scepter with its trunk, he knows
on etching it that the symbol translates to righteousness It's a glacier adrift in a dark, see the helicopters or may look. Doctors as side thinks of them circle. The two or for longer than usual. Today, a multiple male day generally beans, a major announcement mail was delivered twice in a day back with the mayor of night. Fail abruptly reside also when the glow cloud first step through the desert and when Tom Petty died. Sod thinks he knows what is happening. In fact, he fears it.
For the entire afternoon. He could feel a quivering within the spire. He remembers. Is engineering courses well enough to know a structure this toll will sway, but today's sway does not feel right. He can hear faint crackling within the stone itself. Sod knew when he enlisted that the tower was too tall to stay. Put rises must fall as his father always said, gravity my child ash tag. Never forget and side has never forgotten. As the torque from the towers top ends. Sod awaits the breaking of his only home his life's work. He is afraid, but he welcome his fear. He refuses to reject death, as he would a stranger stairs west and wonders what the weather will be like tomorrow, when he is gone,
you shine out to you. Let me erase there, you are, I I I I I I I I a a I ever. Oh indoor sure that I am not now so you know its me, not the one you are on or you are on you in the darkness. Then you should now this word not in no. No, no, I I no! No! No should. I will.
The second round of helicopters, delivered their letters and We're too missives for sought First, a memo from when these director of Operation South West Region, stating that their plinth exe pension project is under way. The director poligized for the discomfort, while the tower basis under renovations by twenty twenty three the new base will be just over two miles. Why did diameter and the psychic energy of the two thousand one hundred metre tall brownstone spire will be well to reach five different states and most of Northern Mexico It is pleased that his company is doing well. He does not feel that when these or even the brownstone spire itself is of importance in the course of humanity's history, no, he is pleased the companies success, because it is a reminder that he has contributed to something larger than him in twenty years
Sod has carved hundreds of complex symbols into the spire between metres when eight three two of seven. While that alone seems very little, it compounds its influence with the thousands of other hard workers along the spire, all sad ever wanted was to matter and together the union health plan, but on reading the second letter in the second round of mail today the stance that he could have wanted much more. My dearest sod. The letter begins I work on meters. Eight, five, nine through eight seven, too been here twenty years and believed I could never be happier until I saw your name in the Guild directory. I left to find myself and I did I thought in finding myself that I had lost you, but perhaps it does not have to be that way. Is it too late?
we learn, learn the answer to that question. There's a new tiki bar just opened up at meter. Five bore to what are you. Doing Thursday night so much to tell you. I hope you have to tell me to the letter concludes and at the bottom S plus h, circumscribed No heart sod holds the letter to his chest and size. He would get to see how this again but his yourself. Will he wishes nothing, but the best for that person and hopes that the future sad will will make the right choices and want the right things stay to next for a creek, a sway and snap snap, and always always good night night, good goodnight.
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