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192 - It Doesn't Hold Up

2021-08-15 | 🔗

Sometimes our favorite old films don’t stand the test of time.

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Hey it's Jeffrey brain are bringing you a brand new episode and a request. It's an important request, so I hope you'll give me a little attitude over them. last year. Our Patria has been the reason for our survival. We hope it continues. This way we love our patriotic, not just because how we make the show, but because its filled with the people we make the show for its filled with and you and you and you and so on, and you who are now yeah a patriarch! That's! Ok! If you can spare extra right now. If so no worries you do you, but if you are able right now to support the shows. You love patriotism great way to do this, so many podcast, not just night they'll count on your support and listen. This is an arms for the poor. Here you get something for your money, starting a five bucks all
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Only a couple of deists interred bike racing welcome to night veil it's a slow Tuesday. The way is still the roads are empty, and not a sound can be heard, neither joy nor fright, so I thought,
I bring you a movie review the sisters, it's not a new film. I didn't go see some recent summer blockbuster like space jam or nine fast, nine furious, or that what about the beach that makes you Pope none enough. I wanted to talk today about a classic of American Cinema, a movie I've long been fond of, but upon free watching it last night, I'm wondering if it holds up as they say, of course, will be talking about Lee Marvin's nineteen sixty five commenting western cat bellew more on this in a moment, but first I'm so thrilled to announce a special guest on today show today justice someone, you are all familiar with their work, it's been seen and heard all over the globe. While I I don't you get nervous about interviewing celebrities. But yet here I am hands. Quivering, be ease, sweating teeth, elongated, today show we have well Dame
Ellen near it she's in town to promote her new memoir, your face.
is my pen yadda your brownie and, of course, help him here and does not speak English. Her native language is birds in a colombian rain forest which, if you completed at least sixth grade in public school you'll, be able to follow pretty easily still, it's annoying that station management wooden spring for an english interpreter. She is a legend of british stage and screen. After all, welcome to the show Dame mirrored. Please tell us about your new book
cut you off Helen, but we're almost out of time. There. an orange light that flashes reminding me to move to the next segment. The closer we being out of time the faster the like links, eventually blinked so fast as to become a single, unbroken glow. I have never waited long enough to find out what happens next, as they say in radio clock, not content. So thank you. Marine for coming in today, it's an honor to meet you please, please go. I think you ve done enough. Today's episode is brought to you by the concept of stasis. Don't get up. Stay there to move is to change Two changes to become someone else. To become someone else is to die, stay steel stay very, very still.
Every action is destruction of the world. As you know it do you, like this moment well then, if you do something anything, just slightest breath of change. This moment will die, we'll be murdered, murdered by time with you as its accomplice, stasis, don't do it everything's fine, just as it is now ok time to talk about cat, bellew, To start, this movie is from the nineteen sixties and there are, of course, some outdated, jokes and troops that not appropriate here in two sticking to this. Yes, twenty twenty one it's strange how a lot of these things! I never noticed until this most recent viewing, though, like didn't remember that they had cast a white actor to play a first nations man. Nor the number of sexist comments. Nor-
but there was a series of humorous asides about Christians Zionism. I am fully at fault for not and I think these things I'd really should have a more critical eye towards Hollywood. All of that there's so much of this movie, don't remember, at all, from that social justice angle to basic plot and characters, for instance, somehow, never even noticed that shame, Fonda plead the time Rule in my memory these school teacher turned outlaw, Catherine Blue was in Delhi Lee portrayed by a baby faced the morbid in him so clearly, hardly looking at day of thirty, blue the way I remember it was about a young woman who meets an outlaw. The old best also play Martin and she hires this out more to protect her fathers. Ranch from a hired killer also played the Marvin. In fact,
The film I remember, Lee Marvin Place every single rule, except for the tea ballad ears, who sing the narrative chorus throughout those two singers were played by not Kinkel, but when I watch the movie last night, we Marvin please just two roles: hired assassin and the door. Out law hired to stop the hired Sassin assassin, Jane Fonda placed happily. The story, otherwise seemed roughly the same. But there's this be plot about a ghost that I have no recollection of If we see I noticed somewhere in the background, the face of a man, the man, who speaks and fourteen spatial expression from if I'd been greeted, almost never appears and close up and except for the final act, is least looking directly.
my husband core, those who watch the movie with me didn't notice any strange about the way the film ended, but also tends to sleep about forty five every movie we watch. It's the perfect balance, of annoying and adorable we're on cap blue in a moment, but first we got great news. This week earlier this year, night veils, leading dinosaur, expert, Joel Iceberg had a recurrence of throat. Spiders he had been in remission for nearly five years before receiving this terrible diagnosis back in February and has been a rough six months Virgil. Lead surgeon, Doktor Veronica Duff said the spiders had eaten away most of icebergs esophagus intern doktor Duff said the spiders acquired the ability to speak in icebergs exact voice, but without the mental capacity to come, you negate in each language where
iceberg went those Jim could hear Joel mumbling, gibberish and thousands of tiny voices without his swollen lips, but on July Thirteenth Mr Duff performed a successful and Burma Gillis, arachnid deck. To me. She also replay he spoke accords with part of his intestines, Joel iceberg is well on the road to recovery. He'll be back at night. Failed Unity College. This fall teaching his students that dinosaurs did not walk the earth we humans, somehow Jewel also thinks that dinosaurs are to the chickens I mean well. come back at all, but teach the controversy Joel. Oh, did anyone else, watch cut blue on television last night. That makes me some old, but there.
A good reason for that. I am old, so very, very old. The point is that I somehow ended up on Channel nineteen, which usually is an empty channel, a blank scream. But then last night the television turned itself on their side. was the Columbia pictures statue famously morphing into a cartoon and firing offer pistols. I doings actually the movie and I couldn't turn away believe me- I tried to turn away, but Jane Fonda was soon captivating, so under stated in the title role- and I was true you understand how, in my dozens of viewing I never even It was. She was in the film but soon started to notice the face around ten seconds and thirty seconds
when the two ballad ears and the far background. There's the city courthouse adjust to the right of the front doors, a man he appeared as a black smudge at first, but the longer I but the more I could see that in mouth those threatening beckoning, eyes, Ghana, twenty three minutes he's on the crowd watching square dance, everyone's heads are facing left into the circles of dancers every head, except one and he's looking right at the camera again. not at the camera. At me, it was then that I, It was but not exactly who it was like. like in a dream: I applause the dvr and showed the man to Carlos and Carlos thought. He was just an extra. If you pay close attention to Hollywood
extra Israel invariably see one of them acting strange. She said, but at thirty six, fifty five in the top right behind the stone well in the thicket, he's there again, if you have a copy of this movie at home, go watch it and oh me, I'm not imagining this. It reminds me of the ring that old horror film about the videotape that if you watch it, you die eventually of something just like every human ever it's actually a super dull movie about people just living their normal boring lives after watching a weird experimental, short film, but TAT Blue felt far more personal. This viewing resonated with me more than it ever has before more on that in the second, but first so
What's the night bill, scorpions kick off their seizing on September, third, against defending district Champ, the Red Mesa, aunt carpenters, scorpions one seven games last year, thanks to a strong defence, they allowed the second. He was points in the district, but eight of them. in defensive starters, graduated last year. In fact, all eight of them tied for valedictorian, and they each gave inspiring speech, graduation, all aids, peaches delivered simultaneously in a cacophony of motivational catchphrase coach, the trees Beaumont has confidence in her new starters, but she's always on the lookout for the best talent for her tea If it involves thinking a bit outside the the box, I'm gonna enroll some bears into the high school Foma said, and then too
it's them to play defensive line, just some standard blackberries, maybe a cardiac or too there's no rules. That say a bare can't play football. She concluded district head of officiating Jake Camp said there. absolutely is a rule against bears playing football when asked to Like the rules stating this camp laughed ended, vomited up half of a seafood burrito into his travel mug. This has been sports up to this point, in watching cat bellew. I was feeling paranoid, but in a way that I was aware that I was being paranoid just seeing things, but then at fifty six minutes and fifty six seconds in
Jane Fonda, stands in front of an old shed and throws rocks at the mere dwell boys who got her into this mess behind her on the left. A man stance stands with one arm on his hip, the other resting on shovel and his hat heights of space, and then he walks walks leaf a word lifting the shovel. and he keeps walking forward, demmed screen of Jane Fonda was still giving the performance everything she has as its rogue extra isn't ruining the shot. The man then lifts the brim up. His hat and looks right into the camera his lips are moving, but not, like speaking, were like undulating it's hard to hear if he is making any noise, because the audio makes on this movie was terrible.
Could barely discern any other sounds beneath the electrical hum of the owls. Oh yes, ok. The orange light is flashing again, it's oh, it's almost solid crap. Let's go to the weather
lying came, a blank came somewhere like my hands came. Flying came last, need a nation's guys, go back and see the true this after me. We know we don't care where wary goes. There dare to fund a million miles in the Middle EAST. Playing my hands came flying in my hands in my hands. Came flying came up to me and I was really bang. Speakers would sing and when that seem was so died of every thing no ran back, swim changed mess, man lay hands, came, flying, gave up its came up in the middle of a package back when playing my hands came clean.
You know what I just realized. I think I was watching the directors cut of cat bellew. That's got to be it Hollywood loves their focus groups and many tears of executives, giving notes, and sometimes the regional artistic vision gets corrupted must be it. And it was weird that the final twenty minutes of this film were an unbroken tracking shot following the mysterious figure through the woods he never turns around the camera all those in its dusk. So we don't see everything that we want to see. It is mostly shadow drawn in the in black swathes across the pink purple of approaching twilight and in the end, the man leads the camera to a tree. It's completely I want no dialogue, no musical score, even the actual sound of footsteps on rocks and leaves
and the man still with his back turned digs. Into the base of a tree of familiar tree Probably one Hollywood uses all the time for film shoots and after a couple of minutes of dig we see something in the soil Somewhat it's just an arm at first and then the fingers wriggle and then the soil gives way and then ahead push. three when calling out from below the tree is another younger man I have to admit this scene was brilliant, but it didn't really connect to the plot. of young Catherine Bellew, trying to save her family farm still, it was harrowing in court. Moving. So the younger man lifts his face to the camera
I knew he was before he even showed his eyes, I knew I knew but before we can see a fully cut to black credits suddenly. I was unsure and under the cap it's the sound of our rules that rhythmic hiss, sound that owls make you know the like. Like hydraulic pumps, lifting a car I woke Carlos his head fully across my lap. His eyes closed slight wheezing snorri emanating from his nose. I remind the film but the dvr cut off before the final sequence. So I couldn't show him
and he said Cecil. I know what's your favorite movie, but it's also very old. Maybe it doesn't hold up like you wanted to maybe said, but I know what I saw, His expression shifted from know it all to empathetic sceptic. I think that's my dad. I said which one the one under the tree or the one with a shovel Carlos said oath. I said I've never heard you mention your dad before he said there have. I said that we, both repeated her back and forth three times before folding the blanket up placing it back on the top of the couch starting the dishwasher.
Again on Esteban, who was still fast, asleep and heading to bed ourselves Later in my dreams, I saw the man from the film I was scared. I sat with his long enough that the fears subsided and I asked him if he was my father can't speak. The sound was slow to my ears, before I could hear what he said. he was gone and so were his words. Replaced by the right morning, sun and the gentle piano tune of my alarm, and here here I am wondering how many ghosts there are in the world must be billions feels arrogant to assume that, just because I see one has to be related to me
Maybe I will meet him again. I'd like to ask him about the owls. I dont think they're supposed to sound like that Stay to next for my review of Lee Marvin's tour de force performance as every single one of the VON trap. Children in these sound of music for which he also won the Academy award for best musical score. And is always good night night veil, goodnight. Welcome to night villas sponsored by better help online therapy for feeling depressed or struggling with relationships are having difficulty, sleeping or meeting your goals better help offers online professional councillors who can listen and help. I cannot.
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