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197 - The Life of Frank Chen

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He only ever had the one.

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the casualty, insurance company and affiliates national annual average insurance savings by new customer service who save with progressive between June two thousand twenty and may two thousand twenty one potential savings. Will very discounts very and are not available in all states and situations Did you know that over fifty percent of people who eat legumes in dying some day. It's true. Welcome too, fail judgment day has come listeners one, we today Judge Chaplain, ruled that the sheriffs secret police and the city of night veil had one year do say living Frank Chin. Exam
Yes, he was on the day he was murdered. Failing that the family of Frank Chin would receive free and unconditional ownership over the town of night veil. Well, A year has passed after several basing failed attempts to fulfil the judges order, there is no sign or word from the sheriff's office, the fat, Julia French and is prepared to move into city hall gathered outside, or Norman and Don Chin francs. Your brothers and all ten francs? younger sister as well as May Chin Norman's, adult daughter and Lyle Chin Nicole's, seven year old Son, this the whole crowd of chickens. I did the clock waiting for the three p m deadline. That would mean they officially owned the town in Two questions: they screamed no com it over and over. Only exception was made Chin
me aside and said that the family peels vindicated by the judges decision that they look forward. To taking over this town and reading it of injustice. and making some big bucks. Her father apparently unable to help himself shouted yeah said may. If we're going to get a town, I guess it makes sense to figure out how to turn it into restitution for this family. You know well From the last hours in which night veil is our night veil, I will continue to report. Frank Chin was born in Ottawa. But me
To then Coover, when he was four years old later, he would tell people he didn't remember Ottawa, but this wasn't quite true. He had fragments of memories an image of his father's hand as they walked together on his first day at Pre school, a swirl of snowflakes there if the real likeness made heavy and terrifying by the ferocity of the wind dancing to the radio delighted by his own mobility. All of this he would round down later to yeah I dont really remember: Ottawa Vancouver was beautiful, but boy. He wasn't much of a nature person. He could see the beauty and the lakes in the woods in the sheets of rain drifting in from the Pacific, but he would rather leave somewhere ugly, where there were exciting people doing exciting things in Vancouver. There was only lumber and then later television productions, the rainy cities standing in for everything, from LOS Angeles to London, Frank had few friends in high school, but the ones he had were very close. They would film videos little action, movies and musicals later. He would be glad that, unlike video wasn't the thing then, because what they made was terrible to watch, but a blast make not all work needs an audience. He applied to ten schools got into five of them decided to go to and why you, because his older brother was at Columbia, and it would be good to have a guide in this new city in this new country. In this new stage of his life, his mother held him tight in the airport. He didn't even pretend that it was embarrassing or unwanted. He returned the embrace and they
stood like that until he had to let her go, pick his carry on with his left hand and walk up the jet way. and now an update on Susan wheelman as you might remember, she learned the name of an optimist and name has taken residents in her head? Could and within the name, is all of the knowledge in the universe, both past and future. Susan quit her job and all volunteer activities I for one was so sad that she quit the pda. All miss how she never filled out her availabilities for meetings and then would complain that the meeting quote just wasn't at a very convenient time, but no dont reschedule it I'll make it work. It's just that it's now very convenient for many of us, lost there. Anyway.
Susan has withdrawn completely from night bail society and is taken to wandering the streets whispering we'll phrases to plants and small animals her eye, carry a weighty darkness. You must be full to not look into her eyes, lest he never be able again to look away. She A strange did some fundamental aspect and no longer seems a mere human being. But instead, like something natural and vast, a front of thunder, Clouds or attack sick mould, destroying acres of crops. What's extra Susan women, who cares not me It is less than half an hour before the judgment of a year ago, enters effect and the family Frank Chin take ownership of the town. Family members are now openly discussing their plants. Well,
said Don chain. We think there is potential for some real tourism money. Flynn showed them the sides. Let them take a look at radon canyon and all that of course, I did. Norman will need some more motels and public bathrooms and other infrastructure for tourists. So some of this will need to be knocked down he considered the town thoughtfully yeah. He continued. I think We knock down everything from the sand, wastes to city hall. That should do it. When it was pointed out that this constituted almost the entirety of night, failed. He nodded and said good big. But be. Who can say major and quickly added that they have the best interests of the community at heart, but also that the community covered up their family members, murder and then offer no restitution. So me
The best thing for this community was, if it were just sliced up and sold to the highest bidder there's always land needed for another golf course may said the drier, the better she continued golfers love, knowing that their sport requires thousands of gallons of water to be shipped from a dwindling lake. Three states away she concluded I don't know how I feel about all of these plants. Listeners, bad, I think yeah I think I feel pretty bad about them. And why you was simultaneously everything frank, had hoped and feared. It would be the city was so full of activity cram to the corners with people striving for their ticket to lifetime success. Only those gets were in short supply and most we held by the children of the rich
and so Frank turned to the opposite of ambition. He took a poker, ludicrously out of fashion to discuss with anyone out of the scene. It was the perfect antidote to the New York being dream. He was, leave the music degree had no your plans for what it could be used for merely knew that he liked music after graduation, he moved back to Vancouver but his town felt even smaller than it had before. And no one. There do anything about polka. He spent a summer helping his father clean out the garage, his father but an arm around him when they were done? I know. That this is a time when we don't know what next said his father and unfortunately, we never know what next none of us get that gift. But I have come.
But it's that whatever you do, it will be very interesting. His father, patted his shoulder and went back into the house leaving Frank staring at eight. Perfectly clean garage floor. A month later he moved back to New York STAR It is only poker banned, the big apple pie got players they mostly gig debt, festivals, the occasional wedding or party, he made almost no money. He was very happy two years past then francs father died from didn't see it coming, because this Other was too young yet to die. It hadn't. Even been on francs radar is a possibility. After he returned to New York from the funeral, he told his band. He was taking a break, but he knew that the brake would be permanent. Up his tiny apartment, gave most of the
possessions, away and left New York for good he had no idea what next, but then None of us ever know what next how a word from our sponsors today show is sponsored by Disney Brand synergistic family entertainment When it comes to your children, you want them to experience the most magical storytelling aimed at the family demographic sector at It's where your old friends Disney Brand synergistic family entertainment come in we own everything else. story, it's all ours. Now If you want a story, you come to us what you want to be stuck telling your kids about your day on work conference calls. Boring them making them resent you failing is apparent. No,
you want a story about a princess that rides at talking horse, while we own that one you the story about a brave alien who overcomes the odds to save the galaxy, that one's hours to some your family memories belong to us now, so be careful. What you remember Does the brand synergistic family entertainment the collective, unconscious privatized The night Veil City Council and the sheriffs secret police have filed a final, desperate measure. Claiming The court has no jurisdiction over the town, because courts are quote like it up concept that we all agree to pretend is real. While it fail is an actual place where actual Men beings actually live made up concept can be more important than real human beings. Unfair,
can it judge Chaplain throughout the motion, pointing out that much of our modern society is built around treating made up concepts as more important than veil be real. Human life Then the city tried to get the judge to rescue herself due to the fact that her ruling in favour of the czech family is a strong indication of her favouritism toward them. But this was also tossed out there are no more to tickle challenges to be met and the deadlines, he's only five minutes away, I'm afraid there. just no way around it. In family is about to take ownership of the town of night, fail for a long time for moved from place to place six. My in Columbus. Tedious summer in I was city helping organised the universities, music archive
three lost years and Ventura playing Sunday nights at the Polish Community Hall in an endless strip mall near the freeway, the drone cars, a constant accompaniment to sounds like the Pennsylvania Poker and in Heaven there is no beer It was after one of these gigs as he packed his account away in the back of his nineteen. Ninety eight Dodge Dakota that he got stop in the sky and saw something that did not belong there. It was planet of awesome size. by no son, an invisible, tighten all thick black forest and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. So far away so desolate and so impossibly terror. Finally dark and that day Frank did not go home
drove. Instead he drove a long time and eventually he ended up in nightmare. and he stopped driving. Life night veil was kind to him. He liked his neighbors just down the street was old woman Josie enter mysterious friends who were many eyed and many winged and waved him in the mornings right next to him was a trailer whose occupant he never saw, but to kept their yard tidy He could hear their car starting early in the morning to go to some job whatever job the person in the trailer had Frank, didn't have a job he found. He didn't need one. Yet there was always cash in his wallet always food in the fridge town wanted him there and he was happy to oblige one day he woke knowing that it was time time for what he had. No idea,
but he had followed his feelings this far. He said where did his pickup truck drove out toward the desert was Leaving behind this town right at the moment, it had finally started to feel like home. He hope not, but he pitched his foot, Forward on the gas he leaned back into the leather seats smelling their age in the faint sweetness of root beer assent that had lingered in his truck for years. Now he didn't know what next He didn't need to know he could follow this feeling forever. A large shadow with a law, tail and five serpentine heads fell across the hood family of Frank Chin has entered. City hall, with just under two minutes, left on the clock, for the judgment to take effect
Norman trend is getting the long vacant mayors desk organised major is asking several logistical questions like So how does this government work and Ok, so there's a city council in here and my god? What is this? What is it, what my Stress thing is this, and where is the city council and oh, that is the city council, ok, cool. City council itself is howling in terror and grief as Control But the city it has so long ruled is slipping from its grasp. Truly, since the start of a new era and at the same this new era, a man walks through the front door of City Hall, he moves quietly and then certainly feeling, as though he's due to this world, he said, into the former mayors office
sees his brothers. Oh, my God says Frank Chin, and ass soon ass. His brother see him. They understand that there is. question this is frank, Chin exact? ass. He had been on the day. He was murdered. The judge His orders have been fulfilled with mere seconds left on the deadline. Shells Sheriff SAM date. Ex Mckenna, baby Rock that one out they held a rare Gregoire they had bought it Does the used book store on Wormwood Avenue, just spell from this old book, and it worked. It actually worked. Yes, french and his family stared at each other in quiet, disbelief all across this earth. Now.
I did every moment. There is whether my blacks, nay again, my donkey cave the predators at bay. The Cairo plan, a copper heads, do well enough away the power that protects me users circle made of song. When you come to give me, I feel a thing of the voters that surround me rather thermals upon sends you found me, I'm afraid
scam, misgivings best. He saved me from the sparrows myself this morning we wake and garnish sky the mirror, cracked and broken bacon exit dogmas me I'm afraid this ass shies. Where comes just just stay with me, my leg axis of my
he s a vague and stranger nations, as the sky is growing in a common vision, see the shadows. Clothing is chosen endeavour and since you found me, have you read me Frank ten found himself enveloped by his family hands, big and small clasped tightly to his back. It's you this time, his younger son
turn a coal said. I know it, it's you. Yes, it's me said Frank I'm sure what they meant by this time there had leap. In this time, Frank and only had the one life I'll stood shy behind his mother's legs. He had only ever seen his uncle and photographs. Norman cried silently nodding, as though answering the question it was dawn who first said the unthinkable that they were all thinking. since mean he said Does this mean we don't get the town? Oh, I guess not Sidney and Norman and DAWN frowned, but but the Investment plans said Norman. It would mean it's a fortune. Oh us, a fortune said Don after all of this now, Nicole frowned
We should get the town, she said, that's not fair. She said frank, had no idea what they were talking about. What do you mean? He said getting the town? What is happening here. he had reunited with his family after years away dead and the look on their faces were of disappointment. He felt his heart break. Fine It was made step, did You should be ashamed of yourselves. She said, Frank is home Frank is home, and that's all that matters. and she was right. It was all that mattered and the doubts in the room were ashamed, even frank. Somehow, although he didn't know why french and moved back to Vancouver the city felt different to him. Better
He could see that there are still wasn't much in the way of exciting people doing exciting things, but these days he would rather have beauty of the lakes and the woods the sheet of rain drifting in from the Pacific long walks along the ocean wearing one layer too little. He relished. link cold years passed as yours, Must he play poker, he taught music, he, tv in the evenings and read a book in the mornings. It wasn't much, his life, but he didn't have to be because for almost a decade he hadn t had a life at all. Now. he cherished every boring tedious moment of this one life that had been returned to him. When he was seventy, three years old, his niece may stop by ass. She often did when she visited the city yet gray, hair and the same laugh when she laughed
she sounded seventeen and she always would they ate soup and- the agreed about the particulars of favorite them stories and then watch the sunset until Frank dozed off in his chair. they sat looking at the uncle she hadn't hat then she had had again. She felt boundless gratitude, and that is the life of friction. In the end He only got the one and he used it the best he knew how so to next for well. I dont know what next never do night night fail. Jeffrey, greener, again talk there
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