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206 - The Great Librarian of the Western Sands

2022-04-15 | 🔗

A librarian is loose… beyond the sandwastes.

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The voice of Tamika Flynn is Symphony Sanders

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I'll keep it short. We have a patriotic and lately the amount on their patriotic has gone down, while income from life shows emerged, do obviously help the patriot is still the main way that we make the show and pay off involved, both behind the scenes in you know in front, this means is that the phrase so if you are able to and have not yet supported us on patriarch, please consider it helps the show exist, and we have all sorts of poor rewards, like directors notes, every episode, zoo hangs with the cast improve ads, three versions of every episode and even having yourself inserted as a character into the show. Yes, you could become, Actual citizen of night fell to help us out good weapons, night, failed dot, com and click on donate. Please can you're, doing that and enjoy the show goodbye. Bye welcomed a nightmare
was brought you by progressive. Most of you aren't just listening right now: you're driving cleaning and even exercising, but what, if you could saving money by switching to progressive drive, to save by switching save nearly seven hundred dollars on average and auto customers qualify. An average of seven discounts. Multitask right now quote today, at progressive dot com progressed casually insurance company in affiliates national average twelve months savings of six hundred. Ninety eight dollars by new customers, then, who save with progressive between june twenty twenty one and may twenty twenty two potential savings will very discounts not they'll born all states and situations. Call me cecil some months ago, never mind how long precisely it came to make a flynn to gather together some of her friends and make her way into the sand, wastes her target the library and of the way stern sands.
This library was said to have escaped the night fell library decades ago, and in feeding on desert creatures and on the occasional unwary traveller had grown into a size unknown to normal city dwelling librarians, these rumours had circulated as long as anyone could remember and no one really believed that it was more than a campfire story to scare children and also adults, because it's just a really scary story. The truth was that none of us wanted to believe it. But to me the flynn had seen librarians. She had in their eyes and into their flaring nostrils and their poisonous mouths shut. Survived So she believed well that a librarian living for so long out in the great sand wastes could reach unprecedented size
and she also believe that such a librarian posed an existential threat to the town of night fail. So she proposed an expedition hoped for this great. Librarian. The party that ventured fourth under her command was small but brave There was much shall and her stalwart girlfriend in turn, Maureen, who has asked me, He didn't need to stop calling her inter and said she hasn't been an intern in years and also I never filled out the forms for class credit by blah blah blah, but I say points and in turn always and in turn. it was some guy named in the dormer who none of us knew and it was kind of weird, but he really wanted to come along, so he was there. Of course, there was me cecil, gerstein polar here, to observe and to record, and if
when it comes to it run away, I am not great in a fight we gathered or supplies and met up it. Larry Lee royce house out on the edge of town, Larry was barbecuing in his back yard. He waved at us you'll want some ribs hollered, but it. Wouldn't let us have even one rip snow crate, we have business. Today she said ass. She laid out our backs. We carried with us of course, water food enough for thirty days and weapons, heavy books they could be thrown at the librarian to make a broader copy of ulysses agitated with which she has personally clobbered a hundred librarians. It is a price finally, the size or weight of a vesper, but with a lot or puns that require a simultaneous knowledge of greek myth and early
when teeth century irish pop culture to make a looked each of us in the eyes. In turn, she spoke the steady and low voice saying, this dangerous. What we set out to do and some of us might not come back. In fact, I am certain. At least one of us will not are you sure you wished to accompany Well, the truth is that I was no longer super be sure, because that sunday, pretty intense, but then, each often was like hell, yeah we're all in none of us are ever gonna to burn, which was alive then I don't know why he was so enthusiastic. But after he said that it felt like couldn't leave. So I just If data yes, sound,
nick was like I'm sorry did you to say no, yes, and I said no, to make a said: fine whatever, and we have to do our packs and headed out into the dangers. the baron wilds, as we were Larry waved his green tongues you'll have on out there he called asked chance, although real, but two because still wouldn't let me go back even to grab one rib in nineteen sixty three. That areas was taking a hike in the sand waste outside of nightmare that enjoyed mike hiking like to wander with just the stars in the mysterious lights in the sky. It's his company, the only did so on windless nights so that when he was ready to return home, he could simply follow his footsteps back to his little cabin on the edge of town which stood where they used. Car lot
is now, but on this night fad turned and his footsteps were gone because the same was gone behind. Him was only a broad absence, crevasse at the edge of which he teetered. It was only when the first air poured out from the librarians lungs that he realized he was standing on the lip of its gaping mouth. He scream and tried to run, but he wasn't fast enough that, was devoured and never to tell anyone what he saw. How do I no this story. I have now no idea they say. The great librarian of the western sands has read every book in the night veil library and this knowledge only It made it more hungry. They say that each of its teeth are the size of a nineteen eighty, seven plymouth voyager but shaped more like a tooth, then of and they say it spine- is the length of time
nine hundred that its eyes or the size of the sky, that it smells like the sharp smoke of a burning wilderness and sounds like a sink hall collapsing, so not that different from a normal librarian, but obviously bigger. I studied this creature extensively. Every battle is first fought on the page, and then it is fought with this page, because my weapons are all books, dangerous books, many of them with poisonous barbs fail in my task. So far, we have failed in our task, dune after empty dune desert grass. rustling in a slight breeze to make. Led the way single minded and fearless she strewed in long steps that we hurried to match up one sloped down another. We shall give me some snacks, since it turns out, I actually forgot to back food.
You see I knew there was something I was forgetting. I was like portable radio broadcasting set up check expedition being each mice stylish teal waiters track, but the risk things should be remembering. and it turned out there was- it was any food at all for this multi day expedition, fortunately Michel, along with an expert on record collecting hand avant garde, noise, collectives also an expert at desert survival in forging she too yeah, whatever just some I picked up an art school. No big deal now eat this flower. It tastes like a walnut and will so cure you of scarlet fever. If you happen, Do you have that
while her girlfriend Maureen used a series of kites to imitate the flights of small desert birds in the hopes of attracting the predatory, librarian, at java, Endormeur wealth It was, he was there to parallel he really is or what is dealers, but he seemed friendly enough that I suggested. Perhaps we returned tonight fail at least till the morning. there was no sign of the great beast in any way home I have frozen waffles and fruit and stuff. which sounded a lot better than eating nettles cactus routes to mecca shook her head not even looking in my direction staring out into the starlit dunes its klaus. She said I know it It won't escape me
even though she spoke, I heard some thing, enormous shift in the night distance I cannot say for sure what it was, but its movement shook the earth and vibrated her jaws- to make a nodded despite tomorrow we will find it. She said First thing the next morning and I was on the hunt eyeing the sands for tracks- elaborate in track its easy to spot. It is a scorched furrow that smell sour metallic amidst enough radiation to prickly hairs of the arms, as we walked. I remembered the first time I had seen a librarian. My parents had taken me to the public library.
When I was nine years old, it was a rite of passage. We all have to confront dangerous things eventually, and my parents believed that I should do so. Under their guidance. They showed me how to use a bowie knife, and then they took me to the reference section The ice was long and shadowed and lined with books stood in awe. I had never seen so many books books, deeming every subject imaginable. I still ever left nightingale. I might never leave nightingale, but even at nine I knew the world was waiting for me in the pages that filled the shells that filled that building and I loved the library I loved it away. I loved my parents unquestioning an absolute and then I saw something else in that I am a monster. I could hardly comprehend let alone describe it such a young age,
and I knew that there were things in this world that wanted to stop me from learning but these librarian squatted on their piles of books jealously guard in the world from me and I wouldn't let them win. but here we were in the sand, wastes on the hunt. I spent most of my day leslie wandering trying to find our quarry. but once again like yesterday, nothing perhaps cecil was right. Perhaps we should go back tonight, we'll, even if just for the night, I said, so, to cease all and he nodded crying with the stars is on tonight. He said it's the finals, billy credit for died. Oh I'd hate to miss it what's his gentle way of saying that it was over then I failed that I am feeling that I am allowing myself to be a failure
but before we could get back in time for the opening weep number of crying with the stars. java, Endormeur stepped forward and said no. We shall not retreat all of us came to this desert for reason, and we would betray our ambitions to merely with draw because of minor setbacks. We must make proud our best versions of ourselves, and which is as far as he got before the great librarian up the western sands, attracted by the noise of his voice, our stuff. The ground and ate him in one go: to the family and friends of joffe Endormeur. don't know a lot about him but he seems fine. I guess- like a normal guy until he was eaten sorry about your guy, but
after eating softened, the Brian was not seated and it took, upon the rest of us bellowing. The sound shook the very air around us and the law thing I saw as the librarian reach for me was the sky, the clouds and the weather.
the librarian, roared and screeched and squawked eating of dust with its body with its tail it seized with shell and with one claw it seems Maureen and with its other clock it see.
is deceased and it held them. Above me, each of my friends squirming trying futilely to escape. I could try to save them perhaps, but it was my one chance to strike a fatal blow against the librarian. I was compelled to do so, even if it meant the end of all my friends who had joined me on this ill fated and I held aloft, my copy of Ulysses and I screamed from hell's heart I stab at thee, which is a reference to a famous literary work. If he didn't know it's a quote from push the novelization of the movie, precious based on push by sapphire below me, rippled acres of strange flesh, scales and feathers and pinkish patches like raw meat and in the center of it, a watery blue eyes as wide across as the entire public library of nightmare. I stared down into that. I and the I stared back and in that eye I saw a deep insatiable hunger, a hunger for knowledge, a hunger for discovery, a hunger for as much of this world as
world was able to give, and I knew that there was little difference between me and this librarian sure I don't eat people but had come to this desert up went into kill. Didn't I contain the same bottomless hunger. What gave me the right to say that the librarian did not have the same right to live am I the arbitrator of life and death, or am I still that young girls staring down the library I'll and realising that everything I would ever know what's contained in those walls. In the great I of the great beast, I saw a mutual recognition. Perhaps I did not need to fear the librarians, and perhaps they did not need to fear the librarian hunter. Perhaps a truce was possible even necessary. So I put down my book go in peace. I said the librarian blinked once twice:
the wind from the passing of its eyelids ruffling my hair, and then it laid down cecil and Michel and marine and departed over the dunes. I do not watch it go. I turned started the long walk home. I would never again. Hunt librarians I dont get it. It looked like to mecca totally had a clear shot, but then she this kind of gave up. For no reason that was disappointing, don't get me wrong. I am so glad I did not die at the hands of a fearsome librarian, but still we're a goal, and I. Eight leaving goals unfinished well. Well, maybe we'll, try again next year, so This has been the first news item and oh wow
How long have we been talking? I have to get through the rest Today's broadcasts, when we have a minute, do it: ok, In other news, NATO was lifted into the sky by a massive spacecraft and then put back in place with every building ordered by height. So that be convenient for finding your way around, just think how to All is the place that I want to go and had their and our. from our sponsors. That word is putrefying. Thank you responses for that word: ok, community calendar, once you start this week, but Let's be honest here, I'm going to any of those events. Are you now stay home and binge watch a show you only sort of like so does really matter Ok, sorry of time, children spun fact, science corner the earth is technically a fruit, although a poisonous one,
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