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207 - LOST: CAT

2022-05-01 | 🔗

Lost: cat. Last seen hovering 4 feet off the ground in the radio station bathroom. Reward if found.

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Welcome to night villas, touring europe right now september. First, two october: second, twenty twenty two: this is our new a show called the hunting of night fail. Cecil in Carlos are building a new house for themselves, but strange for and in ghostly encounters are plaguing the construction process. Probably nothing. I mean how could a house behind before its even done being built. That's it line for the show, but you don't need to listen to any of our podcast to get into the hunting of night fail, conversely, if you listen to every single episode of our podcast, the live show will still be completely new, will be all over europe from Finland to ireland and many lands in between go to welcome, deny bilbil com and click on live shows for the full list of european cities. Do that now were only in europe till october? Second, that's welcome. Night fell back com, click on live shows. Could they now? What listening to the podcast, you can multitask, I believe in you, Welcome to night veil is brought you by progressive. Most of you aren't just listening right now: you're driving cleaning and even exercising, but what
You could be saving money by switching to progressive drivers who save by switching save nearly seven hundred dollars on average and auto customers qualify for an average of seven discounts. Multitask, right now quote today, progressive dot com programme so casually insurance company in affiliates national average twelve months savings of six hundred. Ninety eight dollars by new customer service who saved with progressive between June twenty twenty one and may twenty twenty two potential savings will very discounts not available in all states and situations lost tat. Gatt, probably a cat Last seen hovering for feed off the ground in the radio station bathroom reward, if found
Welcome to night fail. it's been almost five. once said. I've seen my cat, cautious and I've been all around town? signs in talking to neighbours, I tried Going toward the door showing people a photograph of caution, but use they just screamed get that for me as they clutched it there leading eyes. It all seemed so hopeless. There a few false
alarms I got a couple of calls, but when I went to meet the people who thought they had found my cat, they would proudly hold up a woodchuck we're a hobbyhorse or in one case a bucket of mustard and I would have to say No, that's not my cat. It's also not a cat. Also white, keep your mustard in an uncovered bucket. And these people would look sad not for me. He and my lost cat, but because they realized they didn't know what a cap was well alex, the mustard guy. He wasn't sad. He was really proud of his pocket. What did me to see it. but there was one call that seemed like a good lead, my old in turn, and the former mayor of night fail Dana cardinal too meat that there's a new cap park in town people, or allowed in the cat park
Cats are allowed in the cat park, you should apply the cat park data suggested and I did more soon, but first, let's have a look at ports, the nightingale spider wolves, defeated the pine cliff lizard monitors forty three in extra endings last night field or just in monterrey, mayor hit a game winning army. I double in the bottom of the tenth, the soul, the crowd exploded in cheers as the winning run crossed the plate? It was also Kevin James appreciation night at municipal stadium, the It two thousand attendees received a free lee. Marvin babo had doll because that's all they haven't stock They didn't actually know that cabin james would be showing up until about an hour before so spider, wolves? Marketing team went into a panic about how to honour and permit cabin james's appearance at our.
Tiny, minor league ballpark Kevin change. Arrived a topic. Twenty foot tall float decorated. like the hollywood sign, joining him on the float where his king of queens co stars The remedy, ludicrous and buddy the golden retriever, who can dunk basketballs in tossed the ceremonial first pitch in front of a frenzied crowd one side of the stadium chanting, Paul blocked The other chanting back more. a cop everyone chanting in unison, till death, Do us blurt, which was clear, really, a loving tribute to James is most famous franchise die hard. Tomorrow night. These, spider, wolves, host, the red mesa, aunt carpenters hook, currently led the cactus division, its to be mountain derision night at municipal stadium, the first,
two thousand attendees will be required to shriek absurdities at the distant hills. More on my search for closer, I feel the cat park, it's in the exact same location as the dog park, but you have to approach it from precisely eighteen degrees north northeast, if you do it right, it's a cat park. If you dont you'll, be arrested, the cat park, was less exciting than I thought it would be It was only a small patch of stinky carpet with a couple of shredded fruit there were no cats. There only humans calling out there, cats names, they had all brought their king the cat park, thinking they would run around and play with the other cats. Maybe fetch frisbees and tennis balls, but it turns out cats
get scared and new environments and tend to either hide or run away. With stressed these distraught cat donors. Also I had not seen cautious back, but at least they sympathized with my place, They suggested going to the animal shelter. I mean had been to the night nightingale animal shelter several times looking for cautious, but it couldn't hurt it. Could someone replied if you were to cut yourself, accidently, like razor wider fence, or or if you broke a bone. Someone else said while, while trying to do a cool, kick flip. Is the cat owners all agreed in a perfect a flat major cord. have a look now at traffic. there's an overturned eighteen wheeler near exit twenty three on route, eight hundred- it's not wrecked, it's just.
Upside down travelling at a normal speed. But allow of onlookers in other cars are themselves flip. over wrecking its clear if this is happening because they looked at the eighteen wheeler or It would have happened anyway. But as my statistics, professor back in college, used to say correlation is just a fancy way of saying causation, so think we know what's going on here. if you're driving on route, eight hundred right now those those eyes. oh, I went to the animal shelter again It's a nice place than you think it's going to be and they managed to move the animals onto adopting households pretty quickly supervisor of the shelter harmony lincoln is very, very proud of this fact. I agreed that this was impressive and
then how the shelter was able to keep pets from staying for long. Harmony said about once a week, city council comes into the shelter feeling. there are many long bone the arms with lost doll. hogs and cats and groaning I. and harmony will have to tell them every time. That? Yes, Your new little fir babies we'll get very hungry. You should feed them up, a quarter to a half cup of dry food each day and don't get their dental, treats the city council, would then roar and rush out of the shelter clutching all those tiny squealing beasts to their single heaving body wow. I said sounds like you're doing great work, harmony, they added the shelter just began some new initiatives to help their animals get jobs. We try
the map and little suits they said and give them helpful. Interview tips like being the boy and be the best is best this boy, I asked harmony once again if they had seen cautious, but they still hadn't. I sighed and started to leave, but harmony. Stop me and headed your business card, the card was printed. Tanya Mortensen, animals psychic no idea. That was a job, but at this point I'll try anything to fight caution, and now a community update. There's a new fountain in grove park designed by acclaimed conceptual artist, george, dunham in the center of dunams, convoluted post, structuralist, fountain wearing a tuxedo jacket, but no shirt or pants down
controversially believe bears like attending black tie dallas, but they do so paintless, when I read seawall explained to him that this was factually incorrect, he said, is my truth. He then reminded us that the federal reserve took the english language off of the gold standard in general, A twenty seventeen and all words now are simply feel tokens attached to note. Actual meaning. Words our only worth whatever we believe they are worth the zoologist, then nodded at done. A man is celebrated. Water puking bear in the middle of our beloved public park and together all celebrated truth freed from government regulation. Now out this animal psychic
I met tanya at her home in west night fail and she was kind and welcoming I brought all of the item. She told me to bring skips of coal here Its of his molted skin afloat, Of course, act The cossacks favorite toy, which is a bumper for me, two thousand. Seventy crammed cherokee and some catnip, of course time you took my hand in hers and we began. to call out too cautious, but nothing habit? I was disappointed because I did really expect anything to happen, but then tonia said she could hear something she ask me of kaushik. Is french And if he's into fine art, I said he cat. How should I know- and she asked me if he likes to steal things- I said: well:
It was always at a fixed spot for feed off the ground. So may he likes stealing things, but he wasn't ever able to Tommy's it. Caution is quite special he's. More than he seems to be. She said he's not just a cat, but a man with an exciting past fool of heist, regrets and I could tell that she was trying to make me feel better. I'm sure she tells all heartbroken owners the same thing about their pets. Cecil she's, the animals idiots the smartest of them. A barely a shop is a four month old child being et psychic is usually tedious because they, every pats brain, is just failed with random goggles and grants call shack tanya continued his spirit, is far more compelling. I cannot.
perceive where he is, but I see I see sunflowers. I see water lilies, I see bowls of fruit. I see lonely people in a dinah. I see melted time pieces does it if this makes sense too. You know I said I just don't believe in this kind of thing. I need specific, not vain. imagery. And yet asked if there were any other cats in my household I told her. The other three cats that are in the radio station bathroom she excited and said, take me with you. I will ask them so we came together to the radio station I'll. Tell you you about that in a minute. But now it's time for the children spun fact, science corner. Did you know what there exists a planet of awesome size lit, by no son,
visible, tighten all thick black forest And jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. Scientists have never published information about this planet because They do not believe it is there. They do not do this leave. Is there either? They simply do not believe Because they do not have proof of it the site. taste. I interviewed this morning while getting our child bathed undressed said we do learn through faith, but through scepticism We rely on faith for Things we do not wish to be sceptical about if we, or to affirm the existence of this planet of also size then we must begin with this scepticism. also, did you remember to pick up paper towels yesterday, scientists to win to remain anonymous concluded. I said, of course I did as I
kiss the unnamed source on his cheek I've been countered that it sounds like some scientists, no matter how thorough their research do not list to their husbands. Radio shows as this, It of all size has been mentioned several times. Yeah Sorry han, this predict their informant told me. I can't Jeffrey, show it's ok, I said. the love you my anonymous source. So here, The facts we know for certain about the planet of awesome size lit by no son, one. we have never seen it to win Oh, it is their three. we will see it one day, but hopefully not soon. This has been the children spun fact, science corner.
So I took taught you to the washroom here at the radio station. Where costs used to live. Sorry. Where he used to reside, He still lives. I know it. I know it. I don't know it as my old philosophy, professor used to say everything, you believe, is true and correct. Anyway. Showed her the three other cats mix tape, who I named he's my favor Larry leroy, who Larry leroy named and potato who looks and acts like a potato, on your tried, her darndest, to talk to them, but still got nothing about cossacks whereabouts. tanya was really able to tell me was that these aren't the cats. Real names Tom, you said, potatoes real name is a
Larry leroy real name is jeremiah and mix. Tapes. Real name is Raphael, though he likes mix tape that then his birth name. I rolled my eyes and said tanya. I really appreciate all that you're doing, but this she interjected with the word Silas I didn't address. It costs real name. is Silas. She said and he's living with a witch She's with him in a room in a hotel many miles from here tanya I sighed. So tired of this I said tonia thank you, but Think cossack is simply missing. That's all
my show is starting, I can't be late, so I paid her and she laughed and. Here I am doing my show feeling sad about by missing cat might never get closer, and I have to accept that. I have raised. Is the outcome it several me out. Coming from the restroom cossack, The I gotta go, but you know here some weather project.
The next time the summers the.
Well, sadly, it was not caution. It was the other cats making a racket, because the human larry leroy came to see his cat Believe right. comes by every day to feed his little lear bear air. There layer bear, he always says he couples is floating pet cat should have let myself excited, I knew Larry would be by today. I always Oh, that happen. I can't help dreaming that caution is still out there somewhere anyway, I talked to Larry a bit told him about tanya cat park and all the futile work I've put in trying to find cautious sure I'm sorry old friend there said, but you know, cats truly are something else I said I guess so.
Don't always know how to respond to vague conversational cliches. Like that, I know you just trying to be friendly and understanding, but it doesn't feel that helpful, guess so very bristled. there's no guess to it. Cats are something else, there's literally no such thing as a cat What we know is cat is some other person or animal that got placed into a new body of a non existent creature. But if we can see cats, lots of cats everywhere, I argued: then, how are they not real. little larry leroy in there he said used to be an m c. But he lost the wrong rat battle, it goes and hip hop Larry said, is, if I know at all how it goes and hip hop, he continued Some cats are cursed humans, some
Our humans, who made a weird wish some dogs who were not good boys at all some. mice in a clever disguise, sickly cecil You didn't trust cats. You should love them, but never ever believe. What you see. I asked what cautious was if not a cat, larry shrugged and said. I hope you get the chance. To find out old friend. I really do Then he said say I never Thank you and Carlos for coming out to that art show with me last year. That was a lot of fun. if you're interested, there's a new exhibit just opened at the big city, museum of art. Larry said there were some classic masterpieces in this collection. I told very careless and I were actually planning a trip to the big city soon and we'd love check it out
can't wait to hear about it. Larry said then he added in a low voice while darting his eyes about. If I were an art thief,. Might want to steal me some of these beauties well, I've, never stolen anything in my life. I assured Larry. I don't plan to start now, but you know My physics, professor love to say performance is not an indicator of future results. We laughed the empty laugh of small talk and then went our separate ways. Still miss kaushik. Always well, but I'm to begin the process of acceptance accepting, he's not coming back I'll, go mad thinking. Otherwise, Thank you for listening.
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It needs help now you should check it out. I find more at mount bloom dot, com comments, questions, email us at info at welcome tonight, failed dot com or follow us on twitter and night fell radio or find it big body of water and sit on the drive it and stare for a long time at the white bet. It's great check out, welcomes night, fell dot com for info about our alive, tore off the west coast in the southwest. That is occurring right now. At this very moment today, proper as franklin Roosevelt one said: the only thing we have to fear is goblins. What is with all these goblins.
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Good morning, night veil, every other thursday, wherever you get your eyebrows, I casts pod, broad's and pot casts. I think I like pod prague, the best. A moral pod brought myself. x,.
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