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21 - A Memory of Europe

2013-04-15 | 🔗

Springtime brings with it pleasant memories of a long ago trip to Europe. Plus, exciting news about the end of the world and important information about spiders.

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night Teddy Williams, owner of, the desert flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun. Complex has reported that is starting and around the clock militia watch on the entrance to the buried city beneath the pen, rich evil area of lane five. This watch Wilkins this of a line of patriotic volunteers, armed to the teeth and forming an unbroken perimeter along the of the bowling area Teddy admits that
we'll make bowling slightly more difficult than usual and law games may have be rescheduled or made legal, but the that this is a small price to pay for safety. The other price for safety is two dollars and twenty five cents, which is how much He would like every single good night veil citizen to pay him for this important. Defensive service against. The unknown but presume the fearsome and dangerous aggressors from the buried city. Witnesses have reported seeing the Apache Tracker out back up Bowling alley in fervid discussion with a man in eight hand, jacket, sheriffs, secret police report The conversation was too quiet for them to hear
And reminds all citizens to please hold conversations in a loud declared Tori Manner facing a word and make in dramatic gestures, to increase both the ease and excitement. Of their surveillance duties. The man indeed hand jacket was described as impossible to remember, but please Emily, a man of some kind with facial features, and limbs. The Apache tracker was scribe as a real jerk just now. By me. Listeners the coming of the first Gentle winds of spring has brought me back to my college years, and to the late spring. I spent backpacking through Europe truly
This is a milestone in the life of any young person able to afford it, and I am thankful for the opportunity I remember spending a wonderful period in the country, spirits, zip, of course, land of low rolling hills and off tones heard on the breeze is proof, for the visitor with a strong constitution and a low tendency for hallucination, my traveling, willing partner and I stayed in a lovely to bed hostile. Did you waited in a plywood, Shack, Ani, Steep hill side. The incline meant that my partner kept rolling into me and then we would both roll out of the shack and tumbled down and down until
we came to rest in the ravine, full of thorns and fragrant violently blue flowers, at which point we would a job the hillside settle in only to have it half in over again we laughed and laughed. The situation was made stranger by the fact that I don't remember having a traveling partner before or after fits nor was he who knows It all seemed perfectly normal at the time. I also don't know how long I stayed in spits rolling down that hill and climbing up again what the tones on the breeze, the intoxicate, smell from those flowers, and the fact There was never any time, but the middle of the night. It was difficult to keep track, but
it. Couldn't have been more than a decade or so Eventually, I was knocked out on one of our falls and when I awoke it was in a different country, I had aids by years and no one. I talk to knew where the country of spirits was or even had heard of it. Anyway, it was a lovely place and I would say it's a must see for any european traveller that can find it trick. Hedge from the mayor's office called a Prescott today, in which stood in front of a large truck painted in I neon colours and decorated, with flashing lights and resolute Lee denied the trucks existence she contained. This denial for several minutes? through a lengthy round of questioning from the gathered reporters, although it
should be noted that many of the questions took the form of just pointing, the truck and raising an eyebrow. Ms hedge admitted afterwards that the conference, was simply a work out for her do not El skills but she says she must keep sharp through constant practice. And which he also says, do not exist She was then heard to deny the sky the exist, of a loving deity and eggs. Examined real. She said not show me an egg it's not an egg. Egg, You in here
Simone Rigour, DOE the transient living in a recycling closet in the earth Sciences. Building at night Veil Community College released a statement today saying that the world has ended. The world ended three or four decades ago she scrawled on a subway sandwich, wrapper I don't know what this thing is that we are living in, but it's not the world scientists. Won't investigated because they are not real turkey with Ex Swiss that last bit was already written on the wrapper bias a boy sandwich artist or what their familiars well,
provocative stuff from one of the foremost mines in the Earth Sciences building ever since it was condemned by the city as unsafe and left vacant the world ended What would the world ending even mean and how did Simone This subway wrapper, given that all subway restaurants have many entrances, but no exits, as their motto goes, thousand ways in no way out eat fresh eat so terribly terribly crash terribly or some gruesomely terrifying leave rash for more on this world ending story. We now go live to the sound of an aquarium pump
Returning. Now to my hazy and sepia toned european memories another The country I recall with great fondness. Of course, is the nation of frontier Francesca land of arches this fascinating to see how other cultures live, shake you out of your locked in night Valium ways and frontier is a prime example to see a culture that doesn't it and have any people.
A country with no population, just ancient stone, arches hundreds of square miles of arches intertwinings. And leaning against each other. The way the hollows through the narrow Alley ways as the loan traveller camera hand explores the vast em a city escape. One does it need to be able to speak another language to be able to are your hand at communicating inside the borders of frontier mere. We call out hello after long silent intervals and here, Your call echo backed you from the depths. I've been nodded crumbling archings unanswered the beauty
oh listeners of intercultural exchange. Of course, despite the fun times I had curled up with a blanket through the long nights of frontier looking up at. Stars in a haze of cheap wine. No visit can last for ever Eventually, I became convinced I was not alone in the labyrinth. Somewhere amongst the arches, was a beast stocking me I would stand still for hours. Listening that wind searching for the slightest sound of movement, often the distant halls of archings. I fled front. Running desperately for the border finding dead end after
it in before heart. Pounding I crossed into the next country and fell to my knees on the grassy hill of the countryside. The arch, Having stopped completely at the border and Eyes where listeners I swear, the idea in the moment of crossing. I thought a single claw grain. Against my back. I swear I felt the endless wind of frontier turn hot when the breath of the beast in is away from my neck, so visit Franconia bought, but you know watch out for the monster
that I may or may not have only imagined now, traffic. The nitrate The department of Transportation has advised us that work whose are slid the ring on certain sections of root. Eight hundred commute Errors are advised to drive slowly in these marked areas as construction hatted worker, we'll be roiling on the ground all over the place heaving mass of limbs and lolling panting mouths fines for traffic violations in these marked areas are double all finds. Side of the marked areas are quadruple as usual. Also
The d o t has asked me to read the following advisory notice, using their exact wording, so silver HAWK, copper, head and the gopher activate, I repeat, activate exit Cute mission alpha November Zulu zero one, three Lee oh parameters acceptable on now. Quite sure what that means if you understood it, then avoid an annoying traffic ticket by obeying whatever dictate was being relayed, And remember where seat belts they are, cool fashion statement and easily obtain by cutting them out of your own car and crafting them to any number of accessories.
And now will word from ours sponsors seven lights in the window: seven lights in the hall, seven lights, seven lights, all in all
six notes in the melody. Six notes form a dirge six notes to rid you of the urge five ways of escaping five ways: all blocked off by ways each one broken and lost for words in a whisper forwards. In your ear for words that fill you up with Vr3 tops of a finger. Three tops on a wall, three tops as you try to stall to eyes, wide and desperate to eyes. Squinting scared to eyes open, yes, but nothing. There, one light in the window, one light in the hall one light one light: all in all: Taco Bell LIVE Mas.
To return once more to pleasant, reminiscence Europe. Not just about looking at monuments and talking two monuments and licking monuments. It's also about the people, One memorable interaction happened in the little alpine country of looped narc. It had been a long day of train travel and search for then checking into a cold and dreary hostile, and I was in desperate eat of a war meal and some good company Remember, heading down to the local ale house, where the proprietor stared at me frozen With a gaping mouth and gray
ass. She skin so did everyone and in the place of their mouths, were stretched to almost cartoon. Its dimensions outside of the bounds of known medical science, I asked for a plate of whatever they found most delicious, adding a quick plea he's in the local language to India, tat I was trying to blend in and was now the usual ugly american tourist. They grace Leslie responded. By letting out a got a role, rattle in unison,. And by not moving as I walked into the kitchen and devoured, some of the less mouldy potatoes and a few serious and slightly. Sour sausages, I left them
rivalling away in their local tongue and frozen in a caricature of human error, feeling, like I not only gained a good meal, but few new good friends news in these science world scientists are now that they have discovered the world's deadliest spider, a previous the unknown species that is as hard to spot as its bite is hard. To survive, apparently These specimen was found when you're dead body was examined. They say you were a portrait of agony
your skin, a myriad of pulsing angry colours, and oh you know what I'm sorry. This report is from next week. Things have gotten so confusing. Ever since the wire services started using time machines, never mind, no, need to worry about that report. For a few days, And now the weather
yeah yeah. I'm gonna jump on many points in the report.
Thinking back Ladys. Looking back gentlemen. Thinking and, looking back on my european tour, I feel a heavy sadness descend upon me. Of course it is partly nostalgia looking back at that younger me bustling around Europe having adventures and overcoming obstacles that, at the time. Seemed so overwhelming, but now seem like just the building blocks of a harmless story, but here is the truth of nostalgia, We don't feel it for who we were, but who we weren't. We feel it
For all the possibilities that were open to us, but that we didn't take time is like wax dripping from candle flame. In the moment it is molten and falling with the capability to transform into any shape. And the moment passes and the wax hits the table top and saluted eyes into the shape it will always be. It becomes. The past a solid single record of what happened. Still holding in its wild, curves and contours the potential of every shape it could have held, it is impossible, No matter how blast you are by luck or the government
Or some remote, invisible deity gently steering your life with hands made of moonlight and wind. It is impossible not to feel I a little sad looking at that bit of wax that bit of the past. It is impossible not to think of all the wild forms that wax now will never take the village glimpsed from a train window beautiful and in possible and impossibly beautiful on a mountain top then you wondered what it would be if you stepped off the moving train and walked up the trail to its quiet streets and lived there for the rest of your life. The viewer
face of that young man from moved to with ease Gaping mouth and ashy skin last seen already have turned away. As you boarded, the boss, already. Turning towards a few without you in it. Are this thing between you? That seems so possible now ready forever. Never was a variety of lost opportune These spied from the windows of public transportation. It can be overwhelming this splattered inert waste. Recording every turn not taken. What's the point you ask, why bother you say?
Oh see, soul, you cry, but then you remember, I remember that we are even now in another bit of molten wax. We are a moment that is still falling steel, volatile and we will never be anywhere else. We will always be in that most dangerous, most exciting most possible time of all.
The now where we never know what shape the next moment will take stay tuned next for well, let's just find out together. Shall we good night night veil, good night. Welcome to night veils the production of commonplace books, it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and released by Joseph The voice of night Vale is Cecil Baldwin original music by Disparition, those who died, and three days later, we opened his tomb to find that he miraculous weather was snowy bong by dengue fever. Featured in the weather section want to contribute your talents to the show just want to say
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High above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor, I can come. These stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery, will get nowhere, except my dressing. Room the orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents. X.
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