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219 - The Traveling Tarot Reader

2022-12-01 | 🔗

The traveling man will read your tarot for only $3.

Weather: “Long Way” by Bonfire Realm

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Hey it's
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fail, the You all know the travelling taro reader he's the short man in the long coat to pushes his wheeled court fully the tarot cards through town. He rings his little bell as he ambles through neighborhood after neighborhood three dollars says the sign on the side. Three dollars says the sign on the other side, three dollars the man would say if he ever talked. It is unclear if he is incapable or unwell. To speak, but we all understand his business. We know he wants. He wants
to travel and read the terror today. The man rang his little bell in front of our radio station and I If to him the during my studio and sat opposite me he is looking at me right now in his hands is a thick deck of cards He is barely moving his fingers to the cards flutter and twist in his palms like a school of fish, swiftly, shifting directions on the back of the cards. A latticework of thorny stems adult gold, layered atop, a dull rust base the patterns. Hardly noticeable, except in the cards movement, I have not given the man his three dollars, but he has already begun the deck he's on my desk with only the knot of his head, eve of his hand. He asked to cut it bryce
and from there I shall choose three cards he does not ask me to ask the deck a question. Get I state one anyway. Rather, I pose three. What do I do not know that I should know What do I know that I should no What is not knowable at all. I lift the first card It is the twelve of birds I have never drawn nor seen this card before, let alone this number or suit I turn over the second cart the shadow of the leopard. I also know nothing of the sort, canada and the third. Terror card the five of rakes. I am perplexed and across
from my desk. The man sits silently staring at my selections, While he thinks let's go to the community calendar. our afternoon. The newly formed citizens against rock murdering academics or karma will gather at the wrecked centre to discuss how to remove the treacherous doktor lou bell and her colleagues at the university of what it is from like veil, there already killed our friend and fist sized river rock Sarah sultan. By explaining away her existence, karma is asking anyone who thinks interlopers killing our neighbours is bad to. Please join them. Four p m they'll, be brainstorming. The best ways to get rid of terrible people sunday night, the night veil community theatre will host auditions for their newest. Show that doctor go, a
Premier play about a town that rises up against a professor who is spreading, lies and murdering rocks tuesday night around two, a m. The people who huddle behind the roofs have invited every one who is upset with the university of what it is to huddle together behind the roofs. Come huddle with us a press release reads that's it. That's just a piece of paper with that, raise scrawled on it. So I guess I do that. Finally, Next wednesday is woodchuck day. If prickly, pear Peter the woodchuck sees his shadow will have six more weeks of sunshine. If he doesn't, then the centre of our solar system shall hold together for another year. I like prickly, pear peter, because here that little vested hat what acute that
ro reader right now adjust his overly large glasses. He points at the twelve of birds, his fist is so small and his index finger so long that for a moment, I think he has no other fingers on that. Had the twelveth birds of features a scarecrow made of what looks to be yard, other than straw. The longer I stare at it, the more. Appears to be sausage links the birds clause, clutched the figures innerds, which are strong high into the sky. care cruise ship remains intact, but only because this is a still picture per, apps only thirty seconds later and all that would be left is of wooden stake in an empty cornfield, I look at the birds which. Crews. In fact,
all, seem to be different species. One looks like a blue J, another falcon another a common pigeon there twelve of them, of course, each a different. Size, color and shape scarecrows face- is indifferent It is simply a burlap zack, with two circles for eyes. In a straight line for above the sack is torn near the temple, exposing something dark orange likely this is a pumpkin, but it evokes an open wound. The territory reader moves his hand back to his lap and looks at me. He says nothing but I know what he is thinking. I see it in the corners of his wrinkled smile. Pulled in too many. directions. I am the scarecrow, the birds or my responsibilities. Control he's just an illusion once
people see through me. They know I am not a threat the birds no longer fearing the guardian of the field. Tear him apart. carry him away. There is new. Food to be had here, the bird seemed to say so. Let us devour what remains of this empty. Effigy is nodding. It I don't know the stairs and terror. spun and all, but I don't believe in any of this plus I'm not This guy is working with a full deck. If you catch my meaning, which is entirely literal, I don't think he has a material dec on him all right. Let's get to some listener questions. I've gotten lots of letters and calls the past couple of weeks, and they all seem to be about the same thing like this one from Robin age dear cecil, I love yourself
listen every day. Have you not heard about the university of what it is there very, very bad? I never hear you mention them. You should educate yourself in this matter. I've done several episodes about this robin you clearly aren't listening every day. Here's one from two room see a cecil. Why are you taking doktor lou bells side? All you ever do is talk about how smart she is. This is your town to man. You need to open your eyes to what is really going on. Ok, Jerome, I'm not on doktor bluebell side, I'm not sure what else I can do to make. You believe me like they'll, I'm the enemy here. Doktor Lou bell be held accountable for what happened to sell resulted reported, What I can about this issue, I mention, The protests in the community calendar today
I called her treacherous threatening, I don't know what else you want Finally, this one sovereignty Why won't your husband speak out? We demand to know Carlos involvement with these people. Silence is suspicious cecil what everyone take a deep breath count to ten. Whatever you need to do, we will protect our town but we will not resort to paranoia or violence. Ok, The terror card reader is pointing now at my second cart. He looks smog I told you so sort of green and I don't like it but colleagues, The card anyway,
Shadow of the leopard. And blue background. There was a large black cat, like a common leopard. It has no spots The leopard is walking tall, its neck extended and its head. Turned to the right staring at something outside the borders of the tariff card. It does not look alarmed rather, appears almost pleased since these food or water, perhaps shelter or the potential makes to the after the leopard across The plane grayish backdrop is the black shadow of the black leopard and it is clear the sun or the moon has created the shadow, but it It is noticeable that the leopard and the shadow are both pure black, like reflects from either but the existential difference is palpable actual leopard his black because
swords all liked. The leopard black shadow is black because It receives no light. Those who stand behind us you find themselves by what they do not have and they define us by what we do have the oh, the shadow has a different shape than the leopard it was crouched low. Its joint spent its back bowed his head almost appears to face forward rather than to the side it is to run or about to fight wait. It looks scared is the shadow leopards, shadow or is it a different? entity entirely or is it an alternate version of the leopard their held together at the girl
yet they seem to behave independently of one another. the terror? Reader pulls his finger away and blinks slowly at me,. I'm getting word that my former interns, Dana cardinal karim, misery and joseph think happy. It touch with one another, each of them dealt with a double gang or in their lives. Just if an karim are convinced, they are from some other reality and that double gang. Her has replaced them back in their respective home towns data. also had a double though she killed her double with a stabler or vice versa, she's never been shore who killed too. upon learning that Karim had managed to get back to be quote real world last year Joseph? asked him for assistants getting there to cry
agreed to help, but was unable to find his way back to the place called Minch mick big million illegal so I guess, with all other options, exhausted joseph and cream went to see doktor agenda bluebell at the university of what it is for help in this matter. But doktor bluebell told them There is no such thing as doppler gangsters. You Joseph think she explained or a resident of night fail. There is another Joseph think, india, state who writes pod, casts and books. He The child and is perfectly happy living his life.
You probably read an article about him. He wrote a couple of books last year and launched a new podcast recently called unlicensed upon, seeing that this Joseph think looks a little like you. You made the irrational leap that the two were one and the same, and you For me, the sorry she explained you went to michigan last year and kitten the parents of a person who also shares your name. I have reported this to the sheriff they will return, the desire is to their homes, state and hopefully, for you, they do not press doctor. The bell conclude double gainers art real, but illusions are go home both of you. And accept that you are Simply you. Before they left, though she asked. Why did you say disdain
person killed her double. Tell me more about that. The terrible reader is pointing to the five of rakes. Now Unlike the other two cards, the five of rakes is light and fun a boy, is hiding in a pile of leaves with five discarded rakes lying to the side. The boy is shirked his duties or merely taken a break in order to play here rake the leaves into a giant pile and dived, in we can only see his tiny face and huge smile peeking out from a hole in the side, but five rakes and only one boy who else, is missing from this picture, Where are the others? Why is the boy really smiling? Is that's not a smile is smirk. Is it a grimace
is the boy hiding as part of a game or or out of fear as he committed violence? Does he intend to I'm examining the image even more closely. Now, why does the boy look like me I glance at the tarot reader and I can see the same question in his eyes. if you take the five or six at face value, It is a boy playing on in autumn day, but the real story is in You cannot see the other rakers this. its hidden from view. What else is buried that pile of leaks who else and what does he want? But no one else to know The snow doktor janet Lou bell is here in my studio,
and next to her is sheriff sam. Neither look happy, nor do they look like they're here for a terror. Reading I am pointing to the on the air sign on here, because a passiveaggressive call for quiet is my the power in the situation. the sheriff samaras, respecting the silence, but now they are writing a message: they're holding it up. It says we need to talk to you now. You'd best take you're listeners to the weather
don't judge this report. You miss wrong your brain vision. Your dreams, maybe wasn't even begin with no you'll get it back stressed out, was never know your friends once you find a regular generously.
The. Sheriff sam started with stilted small talk saw the framed picture on my desk that was sent to me last year. The vote changes all the time. It's you the picture of some redwoods, but today it was sepia atonement, a photo of a man dressed just like me. And sam asked that your father sessile I said I didn't know that It was delivered to me one day from an unknown source. I keep throwing it away, but it keeps reappearing on my desk doctor, the bell began, scribbling notes. She said for future research like someone had passed,
she then placed her hand on mine, as if sympathising with my fatherless upbringing and added everything it's an explanation. Don't you think cecil. finally sheriff sam said you. To tell us where Dana cardinalists- I said, I didn't know having spoken to her in months. Doktor labelle said she's not in any trouble Just one learn more about these. Posted dapple gangsters in night, fail data. claims to have met and killed her double or the other way round interjected, of course, no of course, of course, poor. The other way of brown she repeated with saccharine empathy. I'd love to know from Dana his way. This double was buried then sheriff sam whispered, excitedly cecil
I just learned that murder is the eleni. Dana could be insult Further bird treble wait, wait no that yet sheriff doctor the bell said: cecil, if heard double was in fact a double gagner and not a real human being the data it no trouble at all The terror reader had already packed up his cards. He held out his hand, and I am stood. I placed three dollars across his palm likely almost a shrug and left strenuously tugging his cart behind him. Wow, taro cards lubell said what a scam and she laughed pityingly
then she swung back to me with a fierceness in her manner. I had not yet seen from her call me. If you hear from Dana she tossed her business card on my desk and left with the sheriff next to her card. I saw that the tarot reader had left behind one of his own. It was it record I had not drawn. He was called the scientist, On it was a person in a white lab coat, holding a clipboard high in the air covering the two a path of their face. That was visible was the scientists mouth, which was so poorly drawn. It was as if the artist fellas halfway through painting it ended the scientists pocket was court It was the same cart. Scientist
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questions email us sat info at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or followers on twitter, at they'll radio and Mr Graham at night veil official and not we're not mastodon, yet tell you what check Night they'll presents tat, come where we have a twice monthly mailing list that gives you everything were up to and is not owned by any weird billionaires. Today's proverb you break it. You bought That's the only way to purchase, we don't accept cash in the store, The. They show was sponsored by better help when you, her feeling great you can do great, but sometimes life and all of the other,
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