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223 - Big Rico's Pizza Band

2023-03-01 | 🔗

Big Rico's Pizza has a new animatronic animal band.

Weather: “On a Journey“ by Theresa Ambat

This episode was written by Brie Williams

The voice of Steve Carlsberg is Hal Lublin

The voice of Big Rico is Mal Blum

Original episode art by Jessica Hayworth

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Music: Disparition

Logo: Rob Wilson

Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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No matter what level you're at so sign up today and keep an eye out for the post, and you can come hang out with me just fink and my co writer and co creator, Jeffrey crater and we'll talk and answer Your questions to help keep the show going. Am all those fun bonuses go to tonight feel dot com and click on donate and hey. Thanks, speak of the devil spit at a wizard drink with a ghost welcome to night vale. The the The
our top story, obviously, is that, after being cut used for remodeling big regos pizza is back baby. A wow doesn't, it seem like they ve been closed forever does to me, but it is only been one month and, of course, a month is forever to certain species of insects who live and die within the span of thirty days. Egg larva pupa, adult breeder, corpse dust, all in the time it takes to remodel a pizza parlor when, if nature, little miracles I have here a description of everything you can expect to see at the new and improved big regos pizza, or as they are now called big regos pizza and entertainment zone. That's right! Could we go is serving up steaming, hot slices of entertainment. In addition,
to their famously satisfactory pizza costs. We can look forward to a classic big regos atmosphere, paired with a greater emphasis on family bud updates include a bull pit, a snake pit. A second pulpit with a few snakes hid in it. Whack em all. and an animatronic rock band called the table. Scraps Oh, my god, I love animatronic pizza bands, I You all see the promotional photos. These little guys are so cute Have their band bio here brought me rat. partial possum and crew see, cockroach are the table. Scraps thee party animals. I get that one. That's cute use state of the art, a high technology to write their own songs and create their own fun dances reacting.
Real time to their audience and also to the stock market ticker. For some reason, we haven't been able to work that bug out anyway. Unlike some entertainment pizza bands, they are totally not creepy at all. No child looks upon their waxy visage and weeks. oh baby recoils in terror from their wildly jerking limbs. Poor, slowly, blinking eyes, no parent fleas from the mechanical clack of cloth covered jaws singing, along with warped recordings that table scraps can turn any meal into an unforgettable jamboree. Well, very excited about this news. Oh yeah, Esteban birthday is coming and cordless, and I have been wondering where we should have it
The grand reopening is happening right now so head on down to check it out for yourselves and please report back. Let's look now at the news Numerous townspeople have been raptured this week like way. More than usual and clarify on using the verb rapture as shorthand for getting sucked into the sky. We have no reason to believe there were any religious implications to it. appears to be exactly as meaningless as any other way to die, though I'm not. going to lie. Looks a little more exciting, just walking down the street think it about to get for lunch, and would you go like a balloon. Accidently released from a baby's hand, catapulted toward breathtaking oblivion and a clear blue sky with finally getting cold during culture. The closer we get to the sun, thankfully
disappearing from view before anyone below can witness the horrors of what happens to your body you know me normally give the names and biographical details of those be lost, but given the quantity that's all still being sorted out before now, only say you were loved. be missed forever. Whoever you are, those still with us, I would say, stay safe out there, but individual behaviour doesn't seem to matter on this one. So that's kind of relief rules and precautions can get so tiresome looks like we have some updates on big rico's grand being something that involves a lock down and the fire department. That seems like a bad combo, but first traffic, There's a new stoplight at the intersection of somerset and main it has one of the
built in cameras, so proceed with caution. You won't get a ticket, but your picture It will be published in a noose letter of bad drivers as part of the traffic departments Shame first policy: if you do stop at the light these remember to resume driving immediately. When it's your turn, the blinking light can become hypnotic. if you look at it for too long, you will forget things where you're going where you came from someone's name right after your introduced to them. Your internet, passwords. Your car keys that once especially important because well you're driving right now they're supposed to be a new ignition. Now they're gone, and you can't think of where they could possibly be. People are lining up behind you, honking and,
I for you to go through the light you dont know what to do: so you put your hazards on they blink. Synchronously with the stoplight red red, read the cacophony of honking fate. the frenzied shouting and the angry sets of hands rocking at the sides of your car or a distant thrum. You haven't forgotten your keys and password. people's names. You ve transcended them their inconsequential You told me you and the start like now read red read: this has been drafted. Now, back to the grand reopening of big rico's pizza and entertainment zone, the department was called in by a neighbor who witnessed smoke and flames shooting from the windows
My brother in law, Steve Carlsberg, is on the phone with the full report. Live on the scene go steve by cecil, I'm here at big recalls, pizza entertainment zone celebrating another big win for the basketball team. Of course, I dont coach them any more, but I overheard coach doubts and say this: is They were going to celebrate, so I came out to show my support. They even arrived. Yet I might have heard wrong anyway. I just watch the performance of a lifetime cecil, but tables groups are phenomenal. I've seen a show like that, since I was a teenager when music was more meaningful because emotions were easier to access. Unfortunately, they don't make music like they used to in my body. Felt good in my future was an open door to a sunny day new. So old music, just self recommend my weight fortys and have a job. I dont like ok, what's
happening with the fire, though pyrotechnics it's all part of the tables grabs act. The fire department calls a false alarm. There were hardly any injuries and the people who died, we're pretty old, so their debts were probably unrelated. They probably just jump, He passed away of old age while, coincidentally being on fire, and did I hear something about a lock down europe, the whole building work don't automatically. When the table scrap start playing, then it unlocks when they finished their show. It's part of big rico's new entertainment guarantee, so the customers don't miss out on any of the fun whether they want to or not anyway, the doors are. Closing insecurity is coming to wrestle my phone away. Because the bands about to start there next week articles evil. Thanks for the update steve, sounds like everyone is having a great time out. There will check back but this story in a bit. First, a word More sponsors. beyond meet beyond bones
beyond cartilage and muscle and sinew beyond organs and emotions beyond self doubt and ambition. Beyond regrettable, jokes and being awkward at parties beyond a career beyond the knowledge that you live on, a dying planet meat is flash and flesh is basic, Lash is so basic, oh my god are you even serious beyond meat lies a realm of pure transcendent thought and we made a burger out of it. This has been a word from our sponsors. Oh I have an update. On the rapture situation,
a series of anti gravity. Experiments over at the community college may be to blame, which would make sense given that all the incidents occurred near campus, while the experiments were being conducted, but My friends in these sites, department assure me Correlation does not imply causation past per, Four months is not a predictor of future results, as the old saying goes we can't assume cause and effect relationship just because two of them are totally related. The science Movement is investigating the matter with an empirical studies. They hope to conclude in three to thirty years. In the meantime, stay safe out, thereby doing whatever you want and hoping for the best see this is what real science is all about: dangerous right
experiments conducted on in unknowing, knowing populous, with a vague aim and no clear end date like them. who called science over at certain university. not saying which one but it rhymes with, but pits tears. now the sinners, a special treat since the you animatronic banned at big regos is so popular. Let's do it citizens spotlight on the table. Scraps lead singer, rodney rat rightly hails from an electronics factory in milk, peters California. He also hails from a puppet fabrication. Workshop in brockden the two sets his complex, it's network allows him to translate observations and experiences into some lyrics for his band to perform beams of his oeuvre include pizza,
family and the life of a working musician. I have here. The lyrics of one of his hit songs, pizza for the weekend in a dark room in a strange town, little Billy eats p for dinner. I e the little get a little older mama may pizza. Nobody made pizza pizza for the weekend I run the streets. Take a risk break free You can float a pizza above the flames from a train. I wonder if that were the pyrotechnic hey man, you know! Maybe, on that flames from a train part, I mean, if not, don't be a break piecework rodney rats, ban, bates or partial possum who place qatar and chrissy cockroach who skaters around the stage using her long spiny legs as percussion, they ve technically no
each other their entire lives, though I have no concept of linear time. Well, the town knew robot, residents, and how a look at education save lettering will be banned in all night fail public schools letter once flowing together in unity, will now have to stand on their own reflective of our strong individualist society was dang. Letters have gotten a free ride for too long propping each other rob working too. the other, never taking a minute to slow down and simply be? What's the hurry cursive letters? Why so co depended Curse of letters are subservient little lemmings and we are here, too smashed them apart by force, if necessary, pda president Gordon marino spoke out at the last school board. Meeting he was
with cheers and applause and the motion to ban was passed unanimously, all denounced the conformist method, a penmanship. By voting, Secondly, like any student found to be using cursive on or off school grounds, will be expelled and made to watch the cursed videotape that was recently found in the janitor closet. Everyone is just like super curious. What happens when someone watches it? So you know the seem to great way to find out. and now a disturbing up date from the big because pizza and entertainment zone. and reopening what was, once a day filled with bonded laughter has descended into a scene of chaos and terror, children and families one for their lives, but are unable to escape the locked building its unclear exactly what the threat is, but I'm getting various panicked messages from those trapped inside.
They are coming for us, one, frightened residence rights. While another says in all caps, please, god make the music stop. Several children who attempted to seek refuge in the bulb, had disappeared beneath the colorful plastic orbs and are now considered missing children. sought refuge in the snake pit, however, are safely cushioned by vipers and do well Things have taken a turn down there. I wonder what went on calling steve's phone, but there's no answered you know. Well, I tried to get in touch with someone upon the scene. Let's go to the weather.
seemed to go into hiding, keep a nod and have yet. This was good, condone any man, s words, small scale, so tat. Somehow I sought, change ass, his son
it's not hard. We do need. The words to know the maybe I just needed space cause freedom. Was the scam baby, the? How remember what it used to be like the un?
It does sound somehow the gen, though the longing among strangers and son de saint clair. The give me the.
Final booths slashed apart. So. in the glass lab shades shattered. Read the plastic pictures of root beer tipped, Cascading frothy waterfalls onto the carpet. It's a slices abandoned something happened down at big rico's pizza and entertainment zone, something bad and whatever it is, it's still happening. I have received several updates from Steve that the animatronic banned the table scraps have gone on some kind of rampage at our holding everyone hostage he's coming we hiding in the prize closet and doesn't want to talk on the phone in case they hear him though he says they have it stopped playing. The entire time using their ground
breaking ai, to incorporate the violence and terror seamlessly into their pizza. Themed songs he's not sure The robots are malfunctioning, but the manager is on hold, with tech support to do some troubleshooting. meanwhile, rodney rat is letting things on fire and Sure possum is ripping piece of boxes to shreds and critic cockroaches still just scattering around but seems to be corralling the children into the arcade alcove, the children are all crying, but can't seem to stop singing along to the ceaseless music roddy. It has now imprisoned a teenage girl inside the walk in refrigerator. He is out at the door, singing you. The one we seek over and over it center of a rain of buyer. Oh breaking news listeners office, from the sheriffs secret police have arrived at big regos and they have.
successfully entered the locked building with their town. Skeleton key did know that existed at school actually because it apparently is made from an actual skeleton, although they both safe. While we wait to see how that goes, here's a message from the man himself, big rico, gold, bluff, wonderingly he's been during all this, let's see what he has to say she's. All. This is all a big misunderstanding. The table scraps are only trying to protect the restaurant. It started out with this buddy of mine, I won't say his name, but he's a king pin. You could say down at the cheesecake factory. We got to talking one night and he told me about all the trouble he was having with vandalism after hours, and there was this experimental security guard protein
and he was involved in developing called cheesecake factory warriors. Basically, he commissioned a I robots to act as night security for the restaurant. They were made to look like typical, nighttime animal, so they could go under cover and apprehend wrongdoers rat, possum, roach, great idea, right Fast forward a few weeks, and it turns out their security methods, actually ended up escalating the destruction of property, the cheesecake factory, burned to the ground. As you may recall, the body were decommissioned after that and stored and the rehabilitation institute for wayward ay. I and peter animatronic ban supplied depot. That's where I picked him up and let me tell you, I got a great deal on em. I guess part of it. programming is still in their systems, but they do. Meanwhile, I hope they shed some light on what happened today. doesn't deter anyone from enjoying our new entertainment facilities. Remember
No one does a pizza like big rico, no one, no one. No one, Listeners I'm getting reports that the imprisoned teenage girl has been released from the refrigerator and taken to law enforcement custody is charged with tagging, a bathroom stall in black sharply with a heart shape, and the initial of herself and her boyfriend as well. We all know this is a very serious events publicly writ declarations of love are dangerous and illegal right. Utensils might have been decriminalized, but you still can't just like blatantly use them in public. I guess we all misjudged the table scraps, we should have never run screaming from their shrieking laws. There and you leading appendages or weapon ized musical instruments. They were only trying to keep us safe. After all, be
the catch them down at big regos pizza and entertainment zone whenever it opens up again, I imagine, will be closed for appears for at least another few life cycles of an insect, as they say. Stay tuned for a one hour, interrupted rock block of boulders plummeting down the mountain side too out before they get too close good night, like veil Goodnight
The welcome to night vale is a production of night vale presents. This episode was written by brie Williams with Joseph think and Jeffrey cranor and produced by desperation. The voice of Steve Carlsberg is hal Lublin. The voice of night vale is cecil baldwin original music by desperation. All of it can be found at disposition, dot, bandcamp dot com. This episodes, whether it was on a journey by theresa on bot, find out more at theresa on ba dot, bandcamp dot com, comments, questions, email us at info at welcome to night vale dot com or follow us on twitter at night, bell, radio and instagram at night, vale official, and also check out welcome to night vale dot com where we have a twice monthly mailing list and
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are now over. One hundred episodes into our deep dive recap show of welcome tonight. Fail. We ve tackled topics like soft meet crown head, cannons, cecil's fashion and weather steve. Scones were really all that terrible plus behind this, in stories from the night veil, creative family, and we ve heard from listeners like you about pre representation, night veiled, named pets, major theories, minor questions and, of course, best and worst practices for alternative spa therapy services. If you know you know, check out good morning night veil, every other thursday, wherever you get your eyebrows, I casts pod, broad's and pot casts. I think I like pod prague, the best immoral pod brought myself x.
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