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226 - Creditors

2023-04-15 | 🔗

Payments are long overdue.

Weather: “Crawling Home When the Morning Comes“ by Sweet and Lonely

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Your final chance to get these cool cool night fell items. Ok, be spring to everyone and hey thanks: welcome to night vale is brought to you by progressive home of the name, your price tool. You say how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you average options that fit your budget. It's easy to start a quote: visit progressive, a com to get started, progressive, she'll, be insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law. Ignorant is bliss. Fusion is euphoria. Indecision is Throwing welcome night veil, the
the There's a lot of news out their night fail, so important news to tell you about an idle. To get to it all right now I can't I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just and saw overwhelmed with work the journalism part of work, but the management part of work- my predecessor at this job and my mentor leonard bert used to say to me: cecil the ten percent of being a radio personality, is being a radio personality, the other ninety percent is it illustration that's really good advice of, Leonard used to say other things like the only way to recover from a head. Cold is vampire blood and
you want to get rich. They start selling these vitamin supplements to your friends, but let seems correct about that. Ten percent dick my work days have been filled with interviewing people for stories having show meetings with producers or sitting through some all staff seminar about how werewolves work but since station management left us a few weeks back. Rest The power you terrifying monstrosity. I've been swamped with bills, tat swarms, employ ye reviews and calling our contract or several times a day to repair the foundation of our building. This better quoted us one week and eight thousand dollars. Well, it's been two weeks its cost us twelve thousand dollars and they haven't even shown up. Yet my brother in law steve says that's pretty normal, in fact
Steve says that no contractor has ever done any work anywhere. It's part of the car tractor ethos and if one them ever actually completes a job. Their blue access listed from going to any future contractor outings like six wags family accuse origin goodnight at rachel's. See see I'm really struggling to keep up now that I'm station manager, I'm hoping to hire someone new, but even writing a want. Add in interviewing people is too much to take on right now, and, above all, entire sales team who were all named Sean been grumbling for a better break room, I mean the sean's all worked very hard and they would like to be able to eat lunch. You were the office rather than to have to go out every day. Well, that may sense to me, and I thought if they want eat food at work than I just buy food for their health,
The employees are happy employees and happy employees are productive employees, Leonard Burton used to say that he also used to say that room temperature scallops are the healthiest food one could eat. So I put those two bits of knowledge together and I found a discount scallop outlet based in Pierre south dakota I was able to order in bulk and have the mailed to the radio station. I even They ve money on shipping by having good said the ground delivery. The disco scallop out strongly recommended next day air, but I'm about saving money. These days and the scallops finally arrived yesterday evening, I thought the sean we'd be thrilled, but it's been nothing but complaining. All day today, cecil eighteen cases of scallops and the is broken. They set off sean thompson is allergic to shellfish. They wind also now
flicks cancelled the away four years ago and worse still, mad about it. They moaned carter. it's been so hard b, the station manager, but enough complaining. I'm here to do news and that's what I'll do now. Let's have a look at the community calendar. this tuesday night, the night they'll pda is holding a bake sale to raise money for a new blood space. War The old one was fun for all the kid, so it makes sense to find another. One plus hers are super profitable, said the new pity president marcia maldonado and like to make money from the machinery of death. Also, we I can you swing, set for the elementary school playground. Molinari added the night pity further announced that, in order to honour town wide solidarity, know what
from the university of what it is is welcome at the bake sale. They may not be big goods nor attend the event itself. good for you pda, let's breeze those awful people out, Wednesday night be like bill. Community theatre is holding auditions for howled printers betrayal which is a play about a group of university scientists who find themselves in over their heads when they visit a small town that does not like them, not at all. pincher, is one of my favorite playwrights. His style was dubbed theatre of menace because of he tents, threat of violence on every line, his best don't plays, are betrayal, the dumbwaiter will rogers follies and the lion king all additional must bring to monologues bear spray. an happy pen and proof that they are not employees of the university of what it is finally
Saturday afternoon is the annual knitting festival at the fair grounds there will be it booths filled with knitting supplies, yarn, lamb, this role spiders knitting spurts from all across the world will gather this weekend to fight it out in a classic battle. Royal, its buck lyle that knitting festival organizers, added that employees at the university of what it is are not allowed to touch the yarn, purchased needles or drink. and the moscow fountain? This has been Community calendar. listeners, I'm getting several calls from creditors demanding overdue payments from the radio station a pair The station management had not been paying the mortgage taxes or utility bills. not sure how this station has remained afloat for so many decades will. Actually I do
station management saved money by not paying bills because they knew no one would ever come. Looking for repayment, station management with such a terrifying entity who would ask them for money, but I'll bet. Station management is gone these creditors see their chance to finally clean what is theirs. I'm getting calls from raspy voiced men, saying things like nice radio station he got there pal be a shame if anything happened to it. A real shame it being sad for years about that crying right now, just thinking about something happening to your nice radio station. Ok, I gotta come therapist he's pay us, so we don't have to blow your station up I'm scared night vale, Don't even have the bank account information for the station and even if I did to air, I hope that there's money in It- I don't.
What to do maybe Maybe I can explain to the creditors what happened to station management and don't give me an extra sixty days out of pity. Meanwhile, I still have to try to manage the radio station staff and the sean's and sales are still irate about their lack of a refrigerator. It seems that the huge cases of scallops I ordered did not come in ice pact containers. That cost a lot more, and I was just trying to save money. the challenge of running around screaming our scallops are failing. We cannot let the bivalves down, ok or calm down boys and now a public service announcement. My fellow americans, today's please, Climate is rife with false claims from non governmental organisations claiming to serve you to look out for the common citizen, but are they are they really know
no, they are not, but we are who are we that's right. We are the council for water, We are an independent governmental entity whose only interest is spreading the word of water. Yes, you heard that right, water, some other councils or promoting food food, Food is the best thing you can eat these council say that's bunk, we say Ask yourself fellow freedom lover: how could fool could be vital to survival when water. Is vital to survival it. be both. Can it no? No. It cannot The consumption of water is imperative to live. Studies show that those who do not consume water are all dead. possibly as a result of not drinking water, now ask yourself: if you can, die from not drinking water than how is it possible to die from not eating food
feeding you food folks, their feeding, you lies. The council, the water promotes the drinking of water, whether it spring tap or sparkling? We discourage people from drinking non water things like. Yellow mustard gasoline and sea water, despite its Sea water is not actually water weight top right now Harrison kip. Were you to drink that plastic bottle of hardwood floor cleaner that you bought it bed bath beyond? Don't do it? Mister Kip hardwood floor. Spray is not water drink, some shelly boiled the. Instead, waste spoil your deciding water good work. You must have many questions for the council of water: let's enter them all snow water, yes in the same way that ice cream is putting.
Can I give my children water? Yes, people, of all ages should drink. Water is p water. But mostly mostly yes, but also no, but you know we'll get back to you on that one soap get to drinking your water today, night veil do listen to any one who tells you that food is vital. They are foolhardy bozos its clear water is what is truly important, why it's better than good. It's breakin, good. This mess it has been brought to you by the council for water, okay, so I went digging through station managements office looking for anything that could help These creditors, off my back, I was defined bank account. Information
envelopes, filled with petty cash or just straight up gold ingots, anything, But I found only piles of dusty folders filled with blank papers to panic listeners. This radio station is all I have it, This town has in terms of radio and if the court, it has come to take it all away. I dont know what I'll do think cecil think If you were a pile of cash, where would you be? Oh god I can't even straight, because the swans have sorted, throwing rotting scallops at each other in the sales office, employee morales collapsing how to regain their trust I know they want a refrigerator for their scalps, but I don't even have money to pay. Next month's electric bill may if the sales office could concentrate on their job of selling adds we could. At ourselves. Out of this mess. Let's just do the news. and now sports in.
A small, a group of men stood around for three hours Occasionally they would look up to the firmament as a hard round object. Hurtled from the heavens straight at their heads Sometimes these men would swing wooden clubs and then shout swear words at a man with a cage for a face law urge crowds gathered to watch these crops. Spot expense, foods and sat in silence until they felt the urge to stand up and scream. Sometimes they intoned the word boo, unimaginative ghosts. Most of the time they sat around eating nachos that were given to them by a person whose only job was to walk up and down stairs shouting nachos. There was also someone dressed up like a fairy scorpion with big googly eyes. Person sometimes did a funny dance to an eighties hip hop tune and the crowd, cheered, the person inside the costume thought about an article. They read about warning signs of heat stroke lay.
Everyone went home except for the actual ghosts who continued to chant boo in a can stadium to no one. In particular, this has been sports list, nurse. The creditors have arrived and they are. Worse than I could have ever imagined. They'll have north northeastern accents three peace suits and goat heads on human bodies. I think they also have cloven hooves. But it's hard to tell because of the impeccably tailored, slacks and polished black ted bakers. disgusting beasts and they're, taking everything they cartier My printer, several phones and a bunch of desks They even carried away a couple of sean's from sales. We're so overdue. On our payments there, everything is collateral, I just have one creditor, go into the employee bathroom. I swore he was going to take one of the floating cats that lives in there, but he decided better and
a couple of journalists. Instead, these creditors- are taking or belongings. Yes, but there also devour Our belongings, too, with their disgusting, go mouths, their chewing up internet cables, empty soda cans of the recycling been all the blank files and station managements office. One even eight entire filing cabinet. Their ravenous for recompense. A company white email asking people to stand their ground to stop the creditors from taking, where station, to anything. Tobias a little time and do you think that helped It absolutely did not help because about seven other sean's came into my office demanding a new fridge and while they have a point, that the smell of the rotting scallops is permeating every inch of this place. They see what's happening here. A new fridge won't matter if the creditors repossess our entire business but the shore,
I'm just stared at me, blankly going so is that a yes listeners, I'm sorry. But this might be our final broadcast. Unless a miracle comes through and I'm losing hope. I guess my radio career is about to end. God forbid. I have to make another podcast cast so for what I'd be the final time here is the weather.
Not good.
the putrid odour of days old shellfish lingers but I ve never smelled anything so sweet, The creditors attempted to take me cases of scallops from our sails team. But the sean's stop them the show we're damned if they were going to let any goat based collection agents take their two months. Supply of seafood, lunches away, spoil. Or not the shore explained that perishables did not count as assets in a collection case and thus the collectors could not claim them, but lectures insisted braying at the assurance that they were hungry, but the rule blimey blush smelled so delicious. They must have it and the hans being the incredible salespeople that they are negotiated, the price they use the leverage of hunger tried. The sale well we'll beyond what station originally paid for the product You discount scallop outlet in Pierre south dakota for your unthinkingly reasonable prices.
They eventually shook hands up hooves with the collectors, and who's that income to pay down our debts. The radio station is saved for a couple of months, at least. And I can go back to only fretting about my managerial role. Instead of panicking. using my own money. I have already ordered a new refrigerator forth, a break room in honour of the sean's valiant efforts today, Fortunately, we have no food to put in it. It's real gift of the match situation. You know that The story about the lady who cuts off all her hair to buy her husband, a fridge and he in turn a pocket watch because he lost his fantasy football league. It's true irony stay to next for everything. That's already happened, but reversed and is always good night night veil, good night.
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