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229 - The Accused

2023-06-01 | 🔗

Science is illegal now. Good luck.

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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The hey jeffrey cranor here, I'm going to pre, say that work that we have some exciting announcements coming very soon, hopefully as soon as june, fifteenth so to sit by your podcast out for the next two straight weeks or me be longer anxiously awaiting any such thrilling. Proclamations are, maybe we won't have them just get. Who knows? Nothing is certainly not in this life body, but still its exciting. You know that knowing in the meantime, we're having a june clearance sale in our store? It's your last chance to get your spider wolves, baseball t your night, vale fanny, packs, sly, nod to our british listeners and a shirt that says berry into science and a bunch more stuff. That's going on clear This is your last chance to get these items. Everything must go everything eventually street
but if you only like new things than I have some of those for you too, we have a. There is no proof. You exist only evidence. T shirt as well as a beautiful night veil challenge coin affair. gave us some non night vale challenge coins when we were on tour in DC way back in two thousand and fifteen, and I still have mine, I love it to death, tapping it right now. Someone owes me a drink, ok That's all for now stay tuned in the coming weeks for a bunch of cool news, but right now just enjoy this episode and hey thanks. Love is a many legged thing with human skin and no wise welcome to night
well, the on Monday, the city council, led by the chair of the community guidelines committee, to make a flynn unanimously passed ordinance. Eighty three o four b, which states that the teaching And practising of science within the city limits as a crime punishable by a minimum two years imprisonment and two thousand Our fine This law was enacted to stop doktor genital bell and a research staff from the university of what it is, but it is not doing this.
After all, it is only creating confusion amongst citizens of night fail all over. Our city, people are asking, What do science is our? knowledge science. What about? making. That seems, like science court. Some pills were invented through sciences that mean we cannot drive to work or take our medications. Boxing called the sweet science? Is it now illegal too, punch people there more questions than answers meme My husband, Carlos, whose now without any scientific work, to do as Calling me constantly because he's so bored at home. He can before my show started just to say that this new ordinance has stopped the university of what it is from practising science while maliciously skirting the rules he has said but he's seen, doktor level his henchmen doktor blake jones, all over town wearing a variety of disguises carelessly
buying coffee at the spiky hammer, coffee bar, but doctor Jones was wearing a pasted on beard, purple wig and gimmick new year's eve classes in the shape of two thousand and nine. call. You saw him later that morning at dark I'll records, but this time with a bold cap, a fake mustache made out of electricians tape and a blue velvet chateau. carlos describe. Doctor Jones is nervous and chatty, and this is very shady behaviour and it needs to stop. They fail it, clear that the university of what it is is coming into town for data gathering, and then ducting, the actual science back in their trailer labs, just outside of city limits, if the city council is going to pass such draconian laws. They should at least specify that data gathering is a key. Part of sites and should be illegal.
And now an update on former mayor and radio station intern Dana cardinal the university of what it is? Has the body that they believe to be of Dana's, double or of Dana herself either? way. Doktor labelling is determined to learn whether or not a murder was committed ten years ago between double gangsters. Do not know how long this process will take because of the law against studying science, and while we wait Dana, alone in a jail cell. I've been going over if her apartment every day to feed your plants and water, fish where's that water plants and feed fish, I forget either way I want to take care my friend if it is determined that the body is Dana's double she could face life in prison for murder, I mean maybe for the death penalty, so
worried for her. I know Dana says she's fine. She tells me she so glad to finally confront this horrible moment from her past and- still whether guilty or innocent, we'll be a welcome closure for her still I have offered to help her out by referring to my own lawyer lawyer, Danny kara do the best in the business. I think I mean I ve never met another lawyer, so it's also possible that First, the business either way their death belief in the business, and that is enough. For me, if you want to contribute to danish legal fund, I placed a cardboard box in front of the radio station just drop any these change. You haven't there and I will make sure she gets it. Oh no coins, please only too dollar bills or larger. The care is very expensive. Carlos has called be again. She is so antsy without any scientist
He said the mood around town is weird I once talking to him I'd even looking at the eye. He could feel everyone. judgment upon him ass, a scientist even though he is not doing any science at all corliss he's doing his best to signal to everyone that he is neither practising nor teaching. Science. he's wearing his dare to keep kids off geology shirt here. Also forcing conversations about his lack of scientific curiosity, saying things like there till good to see I'm not sure what these puffy dark, clouds could mean must be some very angry god or hello maxine. Don't you birds must be magic to be able to fly like that. I, or do because I've never given any thought to how anything works. Yet he still getting weary stairs from his fellow citizens.
Colleagues, it is tired of being cooped up at home all day, but you know maybe we shouldn't be out in public either carlos be careful there, a night veil. Knob our scientists. Have it tough enough, as it is, what, with all the physics and atomic weight. the periodic tables they dont me to be nervous about getting arrested at target for reading the ingredients. box of cliff bars. I heard from my niece janice the other day, He tells me that her friend, Josh Creighton is safe and sound. Been missing for nearly three weeks, and we were all very worried, especially since the university of what it is expressed, interest in studying him for his shape, shifting abilities but according to janis, Josh has been in california visiting his best friend the child at the glow cloud.
His name is but who, as the only glow cloud which now exists, has been started to go, but the nickname the glow clout ever since their parents were explained away by the university of what it is. The glow clout has, immersed themselves. In their studies at Stanford, they haven't been able to come home not even for their parents memorial services- it's all been too painful. read about his dear friend, Josh, headed up to Stanford last month to cheer him up and to keep them from returning home tonight. Fail janis, janus thinks they should both come back, because it is important for friends and family to ban together, in times of great danger, She knows that doctor Lou bell would want nothing more than to explain away another enormous glowing cloud that drops dead animals and controls humans, mines, so Josh
Is keeping himself and his dear friend safe, and I think I agree with Josh, I hope they're. Both ok. Listeners. I want to thank you again for the many kind and generous emails over the past few months. You have expressed sympathy ie for the management change here at the station. You ve supported my many attempts to defend our town from the university of what it is. Thank you it has meant, so so much, but the wines have changed. I am afraid the path couple of weeks I've been getting critical and sometimes even downright hateful emails from my listeners, and it all has to do with Carlos you seem angry that I would protect unknown scientist in my home that that I would defend this man on the radio that that I have evaded the fact that Carlos isn't alumnus of the university of what it is, Here's one such email from morris Sanderson, which you know.
Can it sums up the kind of correspond, since I've been receiving more rights cecil I've been a listener sense. You first went on the air, your rant again The passing of the smooth holly tariff act was one of the finest Men of radio I ever did here. Thank you mars. He continues but I find you almost unless nibble these days this, It's a free country cecil cannot could the freedom of some citizens who wish to curtail the freedom of other citizens. If you could, our freedom to destroy others, freedoms in you curtail our freedom, that so many years. Listening to you, while running my blender and now my favorite hobby no longer brings me joy. I once smile twenty filled a jar with spoons and set the knobbed on liquefied now
only feel disappointment. You have lost a listener, well morse and olive nashville. Really I dont know what to tell you. I dont protect Carlos, because I hate your freedom. I protect Carlos because I love you he's done nothing but be part of this town. His history with the university of what it is, is simply that history he's no more a part of them Then you are Carlos, has put don't his protract her set aside His slide rule in solidarity with you morris and with this whole town, because he loves it here, and I hope that you, Who can understand that Sorry, it's Carlos! Let me take this really quick honey. I'm on the euro. You got arrested. Why? Why,
you practising say it's a public. Oh they rest you with. She store for calculating sales tax in your head. How did they that's what you were doing. Because you were singing your special little sales tax, calculating song o carlos. I was that song so endearing. But now you're cute habits have betrayed you yeah yeah that totally makes sense totally calculating. those taxes, bath and math is hardly a science. True, ok, cause book point two billion to jail, I'm pretty sure this was a case of the secret police targeting you and not a good faith effort towards the streets of doktor labelling and her so I think we have a legal fight ahead of us. I'm sorry honey I'll, be there soon I want to say something to unite veil, especially to the sheriffs secret police to mika flynn and the entire city council,
You're hysteria about science is misguided. It's like that old, think you're cutting off your toes, despite your aunt, who was always loved. Your toes and their funny king of the most adorable way and you go with you. You know cut them off upset You and your aunt this a bad law you ve created, but its cultivated. and an irrational paranoia against good people, good people, like Carlos, an eye I'm very angry you, but I remain most. Angry at the university of what it is. They are true enemy, not science. And I'm not sure you still agree, though, like they'll. Ok so I'm gonna go they all my husband out of jail What are these fish to allow local government. I support my love once so. Why, like to do that.
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On my way to the jail to bail out Carlos, I stopped by doing this apartment to take care of her fish and plants. and inside I heard a noise ignored it at first thinking, was just the wind or a mouse, but then I heard it again. It sounded like it was coming from the bathroom under the closed door. I could see the shadow of someone's legs moving about inside and I should have been scared but my only mood today is frustration, so I threw Open the door and found a man wearing av. Sunglasses, bright, red lipstick and an admirals cap, and I solve right through this flimsy disguise. It was none other than doktor bleak jones. I wrestled into the ground to demand to know what he was doing indeed, as home explained, the doktor labelle needed Dana's dna test against the cadaver and with it
and on science. She couldn't asked the sheriff a sample, so she sent doctor jones to secretly steal some of Dana's hair from a com or saliva from a toothbrush and bring it back to the lab. I knew I declared, as I started, to dial the police for his arrest, but doctor Jones said wait. He began to cry and to apologise. He no longer one. To do this, when I burst in, he wasn't stealing anything. He was just using this time away from doktor loop held to figure out how to quit how to escape her maniacal grasp with ruin him as she's ruined, many others who have left her service the way she's trying Ruin Carlos now not merely by storing him, but by destroying everything he loves doctor Jones said he's come too of no avail to, and he were
rats his involvement in the explanations of Sarah sultan and the glue cloud. He was so sorry about what happened to my station management and thoud to work the rest of his life for forgiveness, he doesn't know with ever regained my trust or any once trust, but he wants. Help, save night they'll from doktor Lou bell and her vengeance. I paused to take this all live. It was a good speech, a great one, even very well. Crafted aunt rehearsed I've been fool before by this man. but I wasn't about to let it happen again. So I called sheriff sam had blake jones arrested for breaking and entering and for practising science. Meanwhile, my boy or danny. The cairo did their job to perfection. The completed the paper Work for car uses bay also will be back home in time for dinner, but the cat
also managed to free Dana cardinal to the cairo pointed out that the alleged murdered a place on Friday march, fifteenth twenty thirteen. However,. Murder was not made illegal, indict veil until thursday august fifteenth twenty thirteen five months after the double anger incident according to the arrow prior to that date, which is inclusive up the timeframe in which these supposed murder took place. murder was perfectly legal within the city limits of naval, sir like my favorite movie series about all crimes, including murder, being legal for a set amount of time. The kara said man. I love those toys stories so gory sheriff sam. Neither only move would be to turn Dana's charges over to state or better Investigators and these Certainly weren't about to do that,
Sam doesn't want Dana to go to jail for breaking federal laws only for breaking local laws, so the investigation of the body will forever be moot. Dana is a free woman. We were all thrill the good news until doktor bluebell showed up. I saw doctor Jones still in handcuffs hide behind the share of his doctor. The bell stepped in, I thought she was there to bail, cowardly henchmen out, but quite the opposite. I don't care about you, She sneered doctor jones, you rock Therefore, all I care traitor she turned to sheriff sam and said Tell your city council that the university of what it is is here to stay. You ve brainwashed, not only Carlos but blake too, and I take that personally. You'll be explained to nothing and I fail explained away.
Until not a trace of this town, is left outside the police office. I saw a line of trailers, dozens more food of university of what it is real cheers labs equipment ready. it's a thumb, their nose at the law and perform their wicked science in broad daylight, they're they're just too many to rest sheriff sam whispered. What sounded to this rapporteur, like error? doktor Lou bell shine the bright sinister smile at the sheriff and a fierce lipped sneer at blake Jones. Then she left to join the hundreds
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