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240 - He Is Holding a Knife

2023-12-15 | 🔗

He is holding a knife.

Weather: “Lagoon“ by HELLO TUT TUT

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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Hello dispersion here night bill is on the road and twenty twenty four in january, were in the western united states in march were in europe and in April, whereby, Can the EU s with our new life showed the attic tickets and schedule welcome tonight? They'll, dotcom click on shows still looking for a last minute: gift get them live sure tickets, or membership to our patriotic, which supports this show and gets them bonus. Episodes at free episodes, directors, notes and more we're taking our usual break in january, We'll see you on February, with new episode and hate. Thank you. Lend me your ears I need ears, give them to me. I'm
taken those ears bud, welcome to night veil, hello listeners, and we have a great show today for o hold on sorry I just got an urgent call from two Mika flynn. She's, watching the boy we found in grove park, the one who does not remember his name or where he came from mostly he's been well behaved, but lately it's been troubled by his behavior.
Now she called me to tell me that he is holding a knife. What do you mean? He is holding a knife? I asked like I said A knife he holding boy she said: did he get it from the night show we went to last month, I asked no, you can get knives from more places. The night shows she said. Well is heat threatening you with it? I asked no, she said, does it like he might hurt himself or others with it. I asked no, she said, but he holding a knife to be caught I apologize. I said we been friends a long time, but I'm not sure what you want me to do with this information I dont know either. She said I dont know but any but should do. But I know that he is holding a knife and that can't mean anything good for any of us onto the news, pulse
and locked me mahala, whose family used to run the vhf rental, annex and ralph speck in the nineties. Reach to say that they are now ready to let go of their vast collection of being just tapes they have been holding onto it for all these years in memory of their parents, but they realize now That memory leaves in the heart, not in the house, and that, it's time to empty up their closets of these useless plastic cases. All of that It will be available on their long. Today, after which the rest we'll be donated to the town, dump were the mass, Garbage eaters, hopefully, will enjoy them during their night frenzies. This tape. Collection is state of the art and includes all the latest tits such as jurassic park and honey. The kids are morose. There are also some really rare fines and there like night, though president actor Lee Marvin's burst performance as doubly dogs and in the nearly forgotten western. The cows stan the cows.
Get on down there before the tapes are gone or before parliament had locked me realised that this was a foolish idea that they are throwing away the last remnants of their parents legacy and start friend, glee pulling the tapes out of your hands. Shouting let go of mommy, we'll keep You updated on how it goes up. Oh ok, sorry give me a second to meet flynn called back to. Let me know that she has lost sight of the boy you don't know where the boy is. I asked a trim,
in my voice, though she said her voice, a steady as ever when you last saw him, was he still holding a knife? I asked oh yes, she said he has been holding the knife. This whole time. Are there any clues as to where he could have gone? I asked he has been writing in a journal. She said I read it to see if it would point me to his location, but almost said was, who am I over and over again in radically different handwritings? If I didn't know better, I would say that this is all written by different people, but I think it is just one person trying out different versions of the person who could be, and now you don't know where he is, I said correct. She said and he is holding a knife. I said. Oh yes, she said oh as more soon, I hope very shortly. I hope
Big news in the world of paper based communication that night failed, stop. This is reopening again Suddenly we opened it was full of strange klute figures and call the wave of dizziness and knowledge to anyone who dare to approach, but that's all Fixed says the night they'll postmaster, who refuses to reveal their identity and pay all. Announcements on an old metallica irish sea, under the user name metal, enjoy your nine. That's all been fixed dates and now you can said, physical letters through the mail. If europe go. Who is into that sort of thing or If you are role role player, pretending is the antiquated era of nineteen. Eighty, whatever you decide to do, the postmaster continued good luck out the log off and deleted their account. and set. The newly refurbished post office say that it seems to look a lot like the old one, which is why
with them. I don't need much from the post office said: Larry leroy, who had come in from the edge of town to see what all the bus was about. He continued as long as I can come in whenever I am hungry and by some stamps the snack on I'm happy with it Locked me, mahala, called into. Let me know that she has spotted the boy he passed their vhf, give away and start to look at some of the titles she's. Looking at him right now He is holding a knife. He grabs a tape seemingly at random. It is beverly hills, cop that about a cop who discovers that the police, as an institution or essentially just another form of organised crime, acting as if I parasite on city budgets and silver tyres to instead get into a non corrupt p. A friendly, businesslike running a movie studio this one good. The boy he is holding a knife. I like it
locked me says that not the same as it being good. Is it boy says suppose not me says, but she continues. If you move human subjectivity from the equation that no moving is good or bad. The quality you have a movie only exists when a person experiences it until then the move it's nothing at all. That's true! The boy says: hey can you tell me how to get to Carlos roadless his lab shore, luxury says and points down the street to the strip mall, where my dear husband and night bills, pre eminent scientists, does his important work. The boy thank sir, and why in the direction of the lab. He is holding a knife. I have warned Carlos and hopefully he locks everything down and stay safe. I can't stand to think what could happen to him with this boy. I do not trust this boy,
more soon on the boy, I am sure exciting developments in the local restaurant seen as gmos, italian dying experience and grill and bar unveiled plans to add a second bar in the back as an abyss? Space we need themselves: genome Italian dining experience and grill and bar and bar we believe in good, honest food and good return for our patients. Investors said hedge Daniel Daniels. If we don't bubble return on investments for these vultures. They are. going to absolutely devour us. Just you'll be devouring. Our new chicken picard, especial daniels, concluded Glenn at the windows nervously, local diners expressed enthusiasm about this new development. Saying things like wow cool and I like italian food, okay, and if this doesn't, look out for them all towards the place. It's worth more to me as ashes, so excited
and in the community for seems. I gino also understands that today's timing is all about appealing to social media influencers by serving flashy looking dishes that do not taste good but make people stop mid scroll to wonder why anyone would think of cooking that, towards this end, Introducing the deconstructed calamari, which is alive, squid, serve to your table with a knife and a deep briar the tossed risotto, which is hurled at you, overhand from the kitchen door and whatever you catch is whatever you get, might fail. It's never been much of a culinary destination Sure sounds like that. Changing. Carlos called the boy is at his lab. he's holding a knife corliss looking at him right now, the boy asks Carlos to show him in the experiments that have to do with the other desert world. Corliss takes
to the window. They have opened that allows them to observe at times some part of that parallel universe were once Carlos was trapped, sofa are. They have seen no movement, but they do not have comprehend. of coverage only time me glimpses of dunes and ruins, and distant lighthouse, barely visible through the sand with air. The boy we stairs intently into that other world. As though trying to discern a message in its senselessness then or lose, shows him the samples they have managed to bring back from that other world using Probes and other highly advanced techniques like holding his breath and reaching through the portal to grab some the boy once the sand through his hand, it's so beautiful. He says the secretive, science says Carlos, is that so much of it is beautiful. Thank you for showing me. the boy says he is holding a knife you're quite well.
Says Carlos? I want you to feel like you can. always drop in. If you need to o that won't be necessary, any more the boy says and leads thankfully Carlos is quite safe, but he lost sight of the boy, and so I have no idea where the boys now beyond look out for a boy where four boys might be, Paul of in hollow called saying that they are finally got rid of the last of their parents feel just collection when Lee Marvin himself came by to pick up the rare tape featuring first the elm, parents, the cows stan the cows later That the studio never gave him a copy of that film and that he had been unsuccessful in finding a copy ever since he asked if they wanted to hear some funny behind the scenes stories from the set, and they said yes and he said to bad. it was a miserable weak and we were all glad to see it behind us and then marched glumly off. That's that classic
The marvin charm we've all come to know and love. I asked Paul Levin if he feels better. Now that the tapes are gone, guess he told me, I feel lighter his voice sounded lighter too. He no longer sounded weighed down by legacy, but instead buttressed by fond memory. I think your parents would be proud of you. I told him thank you. He said I think they would too. Oh, he added. I saw the boy. I asked him where fairly urgently, and he said he is heading right for you. He is holding a knife. Well, the boys approaching the station, he is holding a knife. I am looking at him right now. He has a determined face and a long stride. He no longer looks so young visible in the last bit of baby fat on his cheeks, as the man who will someday become, and it is a man who has the ability to be the sight of it, makes me sweat on my hands and my cheeks and my scalp. He is so calm and determined and he is coming right for me. He is holding a knife. There was nowhere. I could run that the boy could not follow and would not follow and we'll not follow. I have little time to prepare already. I hear his small but powerful hand wrapping on the station door. While I go to open that door and hopefully to return afterward have a quick glance at this weekend's weather.
be calm? The boy says he is holding a knife. I won't hurt you the He says- or at least I dont want to- and I haven't yet but past performance is not a predicted a future results. He holds the knife in his right hand, he holds a smile on his face. He holds still for now. I only want to tell my side of the story. The boy says without apology or interruption every one word something from me. I only want to want something for myself. Cox his head to one side, he glanced to the other side. His hands are remarkably steady. Please don't make this difficult, please don't make me make this difficult. The boy says I wouldn't want this to be difficult for anyone. It will be It will be so difficult for so many people, but I don't want that. He sits down across from me
he sweeps his hand across the table in a gesture only understood by him. His breath smells of old raspberries and black licorice speaking now to the radio audience of night fail. The boy says too: All listeners listening to everyone, I suppose to all of you. He leads into the microphone. He holds the. and, in his left hand his lips dry, eyes or went. I want you to know the boy says, and stops, he is it or what he wants us to know. He thinks about it. I want you to know more. The boy says I want you to know more about me. The boy said It's because I want to know more about me and I have come to believe that the only way to know more about b is if we all learn together. My backing to the wall
What the studio the boy is between me and the exit he studies meet with calm eyes and a quivering mouth he is holding a knife, please don't be afraid. the boy says you have every reason to be afraid, but I would prefer it if you weren't it just will make get much easier if you weren't afraid finally reach for my only weapon. My voice been hiding in my dear, but I droid now. I know who you are. he looks, excited childlike again, like a boy off the toy you do. Yes, I say It was only just now studying you that I realized it. I can say that I understand it, but I have come comfortable with not understanding what I know to be true, one can't leave a lifetime and night veil without reaching that peace.
Yes, my name the boy says you. Oh your name. I say yes, The boy says, but I dont know what it means like I said: you'll have to become comfortable, not knowing what anything mean. I say now say your name.
The boy says my name is Kevin. He is holding a knife, he takes the knife and sets it against the microphone cord and with one smooth and easy motion, he cuts the cord. The welcome to night vale is a production of ninety percents. It is written by Joseph think and Jeffrey cranor and produced by desperation the voice of night vale, cecil baldwin. The voice of the boy is Kevin R, free original music by desperation
all of it can be found at dispersion, dot van camp dot com, this episode's weather was lagoon by hello. Tut tut find out more at hello, tut, tut, dot, bandcamp, dot, com, comments, questions, email, us at info at welcome to night vale, dot com or follow us on twitter. If you're still there at night, they'll radio and on instagram at night, vale official, we now have a tiktok at night, vale official as well for ticks and tongues. Most importantly check out welcome to night vale dot com where we have a twice monthly mailing list.
it is the best way to keep up to date directly from us to you. You can learn about things like our new life show the attic which towards the western united states in january and europe. In march. Today's proverb before you judge someone walk a mile doesn't actually matter who shoes ruin the walk, just queers your heads, you can feel nice and calm while you judge them harshly. Hi I'm jeffrey cleaner, and I wanted to tell you about one of my other podcast random we're generator horror, podcast number nine. So the thing is my friend cecil When the voice of night fail, loves, horror, movies and he's, hoping make the genre more approachable for me and hopefully, for you to one film at a time in a random order. Are you squeamish, but horror movies. Look I get it and no worries. just listen. I will tell you everything that happens, but do you love her?
maurice well that's great to watch along with us. Each week we ve got nearly two hundred episodes covering every from the shining to leopard on foreign space, I'm serious but when a random order so check out right, horror, nine wherever you get podcast.
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