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27 - First Date

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Cecil tries to convey the important news of the day, including delivery of some mysterious crates in the desert, a new library expansion, and the annual Bluegrass Festival, but he has a more pressing issue on his mind.

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and less mountain peak after Baron peak and what lies restless in the shadowed valleys. I cannot say I and not say, welcome night, hello. Let's start there, let's start with a greeting
a simple hello and then let's move right into the most exciting news, the most wonderful news, as you may remember, a few weeks ago, a law with the beginning of a vicious war against us by tiny people from a tiny underground city, Carlos, the beautiful scientist Finally returned my expressions of affection and not in that dry science way. He always used to use, say things like I'm, not calling for personal reasons. I need tell your radio audience about a strange hole that might appear their wall. Oh yeah, I forgot there's a
range hold that might appear in your wall. He said it was important to tell you, especially after what happened in the Smith Wick House. I forgot that was a while back, so I guess it doesn't matter much now, but yesterday when he called me. He started his call by saying I am calling for personal reasons, also My calculations show a strange source of energy approaching the town, but not emanating the kind of light that such a source should isn't that so sweet and one thing lead to another and last night we went out on our first date. I just have to tell you about it. I have certain obligations, though so first
let's get to the news. The secret police, in association, with a vague, yet menacing government agency, announced that those trucks full of cranes far out in the desert are nothing And that we shouldn't worry about them the trucks which no one in town knew about until this announcement are filled with crate. That our warm to the touch, some of them tick. Others do not. Don't even worry a little about them say the secret police forget He said anything No really remembering we said anything is now against the law. We re an into bridges of unit seven of the local National Guard state.
Caution and National Guard station and store for combo store for a comment. And he said, he's been ruminating on a lot of things. Just a lot. Stuff been running through my mind. That's an interesting phrase: running through the mind where those what's going on trying to leave and if so, for, where, when pray to comment specifically about the trucks full of crates out in the desert? He just repeated everything He had said with the eggs same inflections and gestures. Well, I am sure these crates won't come up again and pole was no future danger to any of US No more on this story ever I'm sure,
night veil, public library will be expanding into a second branch thee now to bail private library. This line very we'll, be right next door to the current location and will be Bilbil only to one person low go billionaire, Marcus Vents. Then it will contain in thousands of books on any given subject. An interactive children's area shaped like a bull sized pirate ship and a biography section featuring not just biographies of Helen Hunt, but also by Ogre fees of Sean pen plans include floor to ceiling windows. Basing the public library which Marcus the only person who will ever be allowed inside, says he we'll use too
droll nude through his library stare. Bring ordinary citizens in the eyes, as he does not reed or make any use of the towers of books around him. Marcus continued may I will pick up a book and open it, though I were going to read it but then yield to those watching that I am holding it upside down before laughing and through knowing the book away, I'm not sure I and planned out every moment. I will death Lee be nude, though the public I bury board of directors issued a statement VIII, a loudspeaker from their helicopter that hovers continuously over our city, indicating that they feel expansion will serve the cause unity by showing how rich Marcus is and what a great guy that obviously makes,
them and have you seen how many cars that guy owns wow, reports also indicate that the night veil, private library will be entirely free, the of librarians a fact that will be of little comfort to the many public library goers who are injured or killed. In librarian mall lings every year. Remember, if confront by a librarian while looking for a book to check out do not attempt to escape by climbing a tree. There are no trees in the library and the poor, just moments. It will take you to look around and realise this will allow the librarian to strike, don't become a statistic
all right news dine. So now, let's talk about the date. Carlos and I met up an old town. I wearing my best tunic and furry pants, and he had on a lay back weekend lab coat. We were both beautiful in the late afternoon, sunlight each other dreams met in a real world moment. Destination was none other than G, knows italian dining experience and grill, and bar the fanciest restaurant in town. It was approved day, other than the strange blot of darkness buzzing on the edge of town, but that was probably
yet another Applebee's under construction we went. Arm in arm into G, knows and immediately see. Did we no memory of who greeted us at the door or how we got to our table situated in classy under stated an absolutely jor room, the full g experience there The new is somewhat limited after the ban on wheat and wheat byproducts, so we ordered a single port. Bello mushroom, sir rare and bloody, as is the genome way. From the window we had a great view but the sun set and the buzzing shadow thing, which seemed we have moved closer. I've been thinking,
Carlos said, ah ha. I said yeah, that's what I've been doing lately. He said thinking, As part of being a scientist, what have you been up to and so we talked just An hour bleeding mushrooms and the buzzing shadow presence and a blooming pangs of romance in the air which hold on state management is apparently getting agitated wailing around their office and howling, so To do some more news, real, quick vice incidents increased across the entire night veil area over the last several weeks as the people of the miniature city under Lane five of the desert flower. Or a bowling alley and arcade fun. Complex, continue to work,
it's their war against us with time many bodies and tiny, weapons cities things are urged to protect themselves against this army in our midst by stumping. Every where they go and keeping a vigilant watch towards the ground, rather than too being our eyes closed as we use we do. Indeed, Lady NEWS, the city council has erected a monument to the fallen Apache Tracker hero who died for the welfare of us all, the monument will be dedicated in a secret, silent ceremony attend by no one and the monument itself we'll be back, somewhere in the desert, where no one will find it because It was also a racist embarrassment and we don't we
our town associated with that kind of thing?. And now the community calendar, Monday will be. The annual bluegrass festival held in the he burned out, Shell, that use to be Louie. Blast goes music shop. Before or he lit it on fire and skipped town with the insurance money. Artistic Scan Hoddan among the ashes remains casting haunting looks at each other, and sharing some of their favourite bluegrass dirges legend. Has it that if you look, into a mirror and say absolutely nothing. Three Times, Louie himself will appear and teach the crowd. Some simple, easy, bluegrass lakes before taking your soul back with him into the dark of the mirror,
Tuesday is a holiday, make sure you have adequate emergency supplies and plenty of clear plastic cheating. We're not sure which holiday it is so how all possible antidotes on and when day. These staff of dark our records are getting a band together we know a lot about music: they'll say, grabbing knives and hammers. We should start. A band definitely will continue over the scream, let's get a band together, we should do that. There's day through Sunday will be a blur of routine and practicalities, a series of moments and actions that we will. Failed to notice as we experienced them and will forget the moment. They are gone This has been
the community calendar. All right, boring, stuff dine back to the date we re after dinner at G knows with a slice of their special invisible non for Portugal and tasteless carrot cake was as light as air resembled air in all other qualities as well. Our waiter. Formerly a heavy said man with a large mustache was now a buzzing shadow man defined only by the absence of light in the van, the shape of a torso and limbs presumably former waiter was on break. We asked for the check and then made our escape from the
door less room by break in the window using the brick are waiter, had provided for that purpose, Carlos and I the magic of that phrase, all the ecstasy of All that is simple, conjunction and imply, took a stroll through Mission Grove Park. It was just ass and the trees and the crew out of our fellow citizens, who were all doing the usual recreational activity of pointing the sky and shouting in terror. I asked Carlos. If he wanted to join me, Before around but he said he had already been scared of all that the empty sky implies yesterday and so was pretty tired. If you want, he said,
we can do some tests on the trees, I've been meaning to do some scientific tests on the trees they seem normal, but given off of that I have observed in this town, it is a significant chance that they are not well. Of course, I could Not pass up the opportunity tip, form real science side by side. With my Carlos and so we approached the nearest tree, an old sagging thing and began to perform tests. The nature and purpose of I am not remotely qualified to describe. Meanwhile, our fellow part goers had ceased screaming and had It can up being strange buzzing shadow beings,
All of them were standing exactly where they had been, but were now. Defined only by the absence of light in the van shape of eight torso and limbs. I stroked Carlos his cheek. I dont know if he noticed He said the tests were inconclusive and also was perfect in face and for and now a word from our side. Answers. Looking for a home security solution. Good luck, with that to feel safe when driving your car in line fear or when walking alone at night? Well, you should be. When life seems dangerous and unmanageable. Just remember that it is and that
you can't survive for ever Dennys restaurants, why not and now a station editorial, listeners a lot has been made about the topic of beauty and I dont think We in the media always do our best to promote healthy self images. Movies and magazines and tv shows and advertisers. Love to use photo. Video editing to make people seem skinnier, fairer and more appealing to weigh falls ideal of human beauty, and I think this take a strong hold of us especially children, but remember you are beautiful old.
When you do with beautiful things full lips, are as beautiful as a full laugh scheme hips aren't as attractive as a quick wit think about treating others. And those others will flock to who is screaming, drove just peel back. Artificial layers, night veil, unzip that name brand coat. Those Genes wipe off that make up and gently, but very quickly, peel that's good, that's covering up the true you look at those exe closed eyes dangling unprotected from their gaping sockets? Look at the book
I'd and sinew slowly uncoiling from quivering bone Meyer, that's read, viscera trying to squeeze under those dynamic ribs of yours, you our of organic to be sure, listener be proud of You are speaking of pride Speaking of beauty, from my date soon, but first the weather
love to drugs and the same thing aside struggle or get enough. But it's the same thing. Holes in the most came about a been friends with a pang gave trusted the page. Turning on the terms of that aids know how learned in space existed now shows and paid out and in a black noise arrivals are gonna win some scientists last my bible, good enough to ask how you living so some german trash. The response. Given the chair like its course, the sting of so called got shot,
and you have a miserable Kennedy. Had enough in a voice would apply your mail from those who want to know what you're doing about themselves and also want more than draw blood made right stole back. They build every suffer. Winters got no gonna write that way, and we feel that both from the gods were still gonna stuff we got burned, met, imagined, struck an own better than then let us head around search industry would have been better senator. Remember that road we twigs where the devil's magma would break. We made it our home and its great, and this is the same as it ever was. We came, we saw we came back, we played and zones we make we. We went back home to fill those pages, the edges and its original no way nobody gonna break these days. Maybe these crazy, that's just last Sunday. So come what may not re gonna run like strays, we're like incident, we sing songs seeing the world we live in, that no one, even the greatest stances in the world are bound to leave. The dance floor also brings means made interesting point. Ninety nine, when the browser I gotta straight to the broader remit and enterprise doesn't mean you see, is what you want to read. It now seems that important people beacons doesn't mean. I believe that it would you better stay like you really. Just then of a better word, you never even stated at the next plenary sitting on a letter on the world's leading, inevitably to set up the beach we mean to pry industry. We don't know, we could see me.
Let's get right back into it, shall we, after the park drove him back to his lab next to Big Rico's pizza, the door, I've was difficult because at this point it seemed that everyone in town, but the two of us- had high onto the buzzing shadow entity train and were loping around town as malevolent holes in our reality emanating and energy. That made the hairs on your arm stand and you bowels vibrate or maybe that was just the chemistry with Carlos I was feeling A woman ran at our car screaming, a few of the shadow people chasing her, but before I could even touch the brake. She must have changed her mind,
because she had already turned into a shadow person herself. It's like, run from the shadow people or become one May. Appear: mine, lady. We arrived outside of big Regos, and there was that awkward moment at the end of every dates where you pause outside of the persons door and it's like shit, I call the city council and submit these standard end of date report, or are you going to also I was wondering if he was going to invite me into his lab look at all those beakers and humming electrical equipment. Well, he said pointing to his lab this is me. Ah ha, I said
I should probably do something about this buzzing shadow thing. He said a few experiments to see if I can save the town. Oh, I said do you need any help with that? No, he said A scientist is self reliant. It's the fur. First thing a scientist is, oh I said again but softer sadder, which is when he leaned forward and kissed me just once just gently just before slipping out of the car and into the lab I'll tell he listeners, I is almost swallowed by a cloud of malevolent shadow energy on the drive home, and I hardly even noticed.
Was so happy. I guess Carlos manage to find a way to defeat. The shadow energy as everything seems normal today, a couple neighborhoods are emptied out. Shore with books and food and televisions left. Where they had been at the time of these sudden vanishing a tablet. A life that now again will be, but It would really be a weekend without that happening somewhere rights, night veil, my suit, its and only night veil? May you find love may find it wherever it's been hidden. May you find who has been hiding it and exact revenge. Upon down. As
old song goes: Love is all you need to destroy your enemies. Finer words were ever chanted stay too next for efficiency, our with our own productivity experts, a reversed voice under scored by hypnotic, pulses and we have all the love in my loving heart and With a loving voice in a loving and terrifying. Welcome to night fails the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph Thing the voice of night Valve Cecil, Baldwin original music by desperation all if it can be downloaded for free at this. Welcome them tonight fails the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph Think, the voice of night
health is Cecil. Baldwin original music desperation all if it can be downloaded for free at dispersion, dot info this happen. So weather was team. The best team, by doing during find out more Doom tree dogma, want to have your music featured in the weather section want to control, your talents to the show just want to say, hi email us at night fail a commonplace books, dot com, More followers on twitter at night veil, radio, Shack outcome, place, books, dot, com for more information on the show, as well as our books on the unused story. Ideas of each of you have craft and what it means to be a grown up and, while you're there consider clicking the donate link would be quality in today's proverb. Production oversight by tory morality, I was holding a small lock. It he's not speaking. He just like for you to touch the lock. It tenders twisted his skin. Swarming into scales just touch it once just once. Ok,.
Hey listeners, a fine podcast. It's me how Lublin podcast her and friend and me make dash manner upon castor and acquaintance, and me
symphony sanders, pod, castor and friend, with benefits. We are happy to tell you about our show good morning night veil, it's your hip to recent trends like drool cardy being collusion, then you, like, we have already started listening to our official. Welcome to my bill. We capture, I read about jewel in the new Yorker. Why was on the toilet? Ironically, episodes feature interviews with the cats and creators plus listener theories questions at my exact wishes for disposal of my body when I die. If you haven't listened yet, we understand we also have stuff going on to you know. We are also very busy busy making a pike ass for you about a podcast. You love just know that we're here for you when every already in your podcast them and in your hearts, forever yours and found them and friendship of every kind. Latvia is it jeweller Julie, I don't know, I think maybe it would be on the toilet right now.
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