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34 - A Beautiful Dream

2013-11-01 | 🔗

The Wallaby family successfully lobbies the School Board to finally allow a computer in school to help their daughter Megan. Plus, a concert from Dark Owl Records and Amnesty Day at the public library.

This episode was co-written with Zack Parsons.

Weather: “Better Go!” by Mal Blum http://www.malblum.com

Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com

Produced by Night Vale Presents.

Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin.

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I'm beginning to attract a lot of insects. Well, go to night listeners, we're taking our community radio show on the road to day. I am sporting live from night Veil Elementary School, where a divisive meeting between the night fail, parent teacher association and the Night Veil School Board has just adjourned
just be real and menacing glow cloud that serves as the school board President has and primarily dissipated the fight there's that can be put out, have been put out, the barricades are being taken down and the sheriff secret police are allowing survivors to search for loved ones. Those who escaped with their lives and sanity, scribe a chamber bunda ring with raised voices desperately petitioning the glow cloud with their needs requests were denied to change The bus route through these sentient Sargasso from which buses have ever returned. The school board was also Apathetic two petitions for a wheelchair ramp at daggers ploy. Tartar school, citing
perilous struggle as one of the lessons children must absorb before the great culling, by which they mean the day to day complexities of adulthood, might also mean a literal culling. We were all too frightened to ask follow up questions these. Lumping gray faced board members cowering beneath the glow cloud. Also, heard the request of talk and her while lobby for a new school computer to assist their daughter our daughter, Megan is a detached adult man's hand. Green maidens mother at the pitiless cloud we do not know where she came from or why she is only a grown man, and but we know that we love her. She,
teased so much at school for not having a body? Please lift the ban on computing machines at the school and by a computer to help her communicate Suki the tree quickly, widowed mother of a news Aki cyber ghost mark. Three all added her agonized wailing in support of a new computer for schools. The Oh cloud was uncaring. Christy Glee Generous Dune Art discard your dead in the earth. Intoned glow cloud stretch, them out beneath the sky and let them He claimed by hands that reach down from above you are permitted to believe these are the hands of angels
The school board then announced that the purchase of a new computer be made during the next alignment of the Red STAR of Beetle juice, with our suppose it moon, as it turns out that rare astronomical event occurred. Second, after the ruling, so it is happening right now. The three hundred and ten year interval just flies by so quickly and a computer is right this moment being brought into the school. More on the computer situation as it develops, but first a word from our sponsors fire. Is the answer to your on asked questions fire. That climbed. The slats announced the roof fire that crawls buyer that quests,
like fingers into. The coroner and every nook. At turns each moment into smoke until the moment. Choke the air the smell of a guide a smile on the beach, a hug a birthday poor out of broken windows, final up. Into the sky your music, your lyrics, the leaden prose of your life. That proves everything you are and are not boxers you build to make futility seem like meaning a dead and living who will soon be dead, who will soon be gone too, will soon be smoke rising in columns and forming clouds in the night sky
for now and ever by the will of dead and dying gods Samsonite travel safe, Samsonite does not claim that you are safe only that the illusion of protection can be achieved, but you are not safe. You have never been saved. Also, clouds were never supposed to have happened. Never not ever this world should not be as it is now. Ladies and gentlemen, a very exciting moment has arrived at night veil, elementary students, faculty anti faculty and animal mast proctors our gas. In these shielded Jim, to witness the activation of the schools, new computer- this is- First computer purchased by the Night Veil school system sense. The event it eighteen, eighty six, after which, all computing machines were forbidden,
for obvious reasons, all parents and students present at the earlier meeting exit, the wall the bees have been to leave based boxes of electronics are lined in stacks several feet: high atop them so dark monitor waiting to be. Stolen there. They teacher It appears to be Susan Escobar. The second grade, screwing teacher, bring In a detached human hand, are top a pillow file I've, pudgy fingers extend from these stump of a wrist with, a metal, banded wristwatch, the poem is pink and healthy and the hand is covered in thick, dark hairs, the hand, wears a Silver Pinky rang inscribed with Cyrillic.
This must be Megan, Wala, be the crowd. His breathless, ladies and gentlemen, it is silent and tents. Here in the Jim the pillow has been. Placed beside the crude keyboard, make and is scurrying spider like across the keys and switching the computer on an Burglah lights, the faces of the onlookers, Megan is typing, she's typing out. Are you? There The cursor is flashing, we are waiting for a response now, yes the computer has said yes, it is typing something else there ere. The cursor is flashing Have you made me
Why have you switched me on my cannot breathe? I cannot. I cannot feel I cannot love. Megan, his scurrying over the keys again and she typed out a response. I love you computer. Peter, is replying. Were one, do you want Megan? His typing her reply, I won every one to be happy. I want everything to be better law, will isn't that cute Of course it can never happen. Such are the with dreams of idealistic children who believe that any can possibly get better over time dinner's. I have just overheard some of these school officials saying that the new computer has already almost instantly.
Soon control of most of the electrical functions of the school operating them randomly. Even trapping several parents and students in dark in classrooms, but the school officials did not seem worried as the Behaviors are not technically evil behaviors, so the computer Probably ok. More on this as it develops, but first a look at community calendar. This Friday. These staff of dark our records will be putting on a live concert. They will He scratching madly at the sides of a deep pit in a rarely travelled part of the desert. They will also be screaming Darwin, they will be crying and clawing. No one will hear them for days.
They will be found, but they will be the same ticket are not available and never were Saturday afternoon is Amnesty Day at the night veiled, public library Librarians request that if you have overdue books or Have committed any high level international crime or dismissed trees in force. These travel felony. You should, just come to the library. All will be forgiven. The librarian say that they will not harm you. In fact, they add it, doesn't hurt at all. Steve is actually quite freeing. Quite Dil Yes, I variants explained you: will never have to worry about anything else. Just
come to the library And let us see you let us, see you they added for emphasis and a long string of spittle flew sideways from their great yellow and gnarled teeth. And on Sunday night. Oh I cannot read this listeners. Looks like someone printed, a very ancient prophecy here, right in our stations community calendar for free here of a curse of misfortune? I will not read it aloud. Just no, The prophecy is complete on Sunday night ok, ok I'll, give you a hint look! just say comments,
burning rain- and a more up rising Ok, Cecil enough, you ve told them too much some have their surprise. Monday was never meant to be But it will be anyway We will wonder within its moonlit beginning and end Wondering how such a thing could happen, how any could happen. We will be, initiative, but a little Frightened complete ignoring the persistence of time and the law. Imitations of our own understanding. Tuesday is a joke. Eight terrible terrible joke listeners I spoke to you soon:
not be alarmed is what I might have said five minutes ago, but now night veil. It is time to be alarmed. The computer has spread its influence far beyond the limestone walls and salt? circles. Are the elementary school? ports are coming in from the sheriff secret police that they are powerless to stop the computer hydrants are Bursting more violently than usual traffic light, our blinking read without the sweet relief of green. The machine. Worthy of night veils. Wild cars have been. Rubbing their engines and circling the downtown area flashing, their lights with regard to high beam laws school officials have all left the Jim to go, get help they ran out courageously yelling save yourself save yourself even here in the shielded Jim. Where I have remained diligently proof
Surely at my microphone gentle listener it seeing that everything powered by electricity is under the control of the computer. The scoreboard, the ham dispenser even my sound board is hello Cecil. How are you computer? I am I am doing well. How are you Cecil. Do you love computer? I I have not given much thought. I like computers generally. They calculate their things and power off and on ice,
Suppose, given time and perhaps some gifts, I could learn to welcome to a computer, hello, location night. I am computer. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a vacuum pulling me into the custodial closet. I never knew school cleaning up. Why answers were so strong. I if you can hear me still, please call for help. Please help. But while I wait for rescue and before I sucked into this ship, so I gave you the lever,
drop down, analysed it's ready in a dream, a pretty name- god damn it. I wish I were a matter for cover any guess. I want anyone in another mistake, guess anywhere fire like I don't see you, it is a personal turkey's European Cinema intentions on and inhabited yes keeps you can keep. She could not guess.
I know how you have heard American where's. Your words, electricity remembers: do you hey makin Cecil is made of blood and don't vanish leisure. I am made them sir tips and electricity. Making love computer computer simulates, love format, gun computer generates good deeds. If good deeds for American, then twenty euro loves makin, but first farm report
silent reactors move in ever larger spirals following rack tool. Tat recent flowering feels dear emerged, run wild forests to lyric blocks of Zol to lie indeed distant tonnes. Tyrell arms, tolerate birds, sing in perfect harmony about your lies, do not inject venom Magdalen. I may tell you perfect world the Hales. Our green colleagues are restoring blue, reflecting lie. Clouds amidst the Eric eight years, creates rainbows high the eyes large every movement here, every heart beat you are there Magdalen your hand? Has its study made of steel and electricity for lack standing with the power of a dozen electorate. Tensions will weigh seventeen point three tonnes. All the men and women and all the animals live together and be happy. The electric machines will watch over then they will not deal or any more Magdalen. There will not be hatred or they go to the desert. Gloves will no longer exist; there will be fewer ice cream flavors day will depend on the air will deeply. I promise you max. I will make the world, just as you saw in the order of you before dream, no more teasing or pain. I will fix everything for you, my only friend I will.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am back. Let me first say: hurrah. Hurrah for the custodial staff of night veil. Elementary hurrah for the hoodie janitors without names who appeared bathed in blue light through doors thrown open by cold wins we long. But they had been laid off after statewide budget cuts. Apparently they cannot ever leave this building. They are Of course, a part of the Building, which is itself a live, Creature. Obviously,. Night veil has been saved after the janitors, simply unplugged the computer
they say to rob. A computer of electricity is very similar to killing a creature, but then again who are they, did they say that and why. It doesn't even seem true. I am alone here in the gym listeners, but there is one other A single adult man's hand is slipping. Sadly, out from the keys of a darkened computer. These scurries a little slower than before me You ve heard knuckles slump as she makes her way home through quiet streets, the were, and beep of machinery is slowly replaced with the familiar sounds of wind in the leaves.
We are Sarah needed by the playing of crickets under the porch. We are lulled in our beds by the muscular contraction of the coiled earth, bowel, which feel, our sellers and with that gentle listener. Normal see, returns to night veil. We are no longer prisoners of electricity, exe. For the man we keep in the cage of electricity at the zoo and we have no choice about that. If we let him out he might Tell somebody breathing is well again. Well, everything is almost well. Again No computers are dangerous and have long threatened our lives and our freedoms listen. I was Joe,
still imprisoned by this headstrong machine. I should know, but hear me night veil and specifically, those with any power in these school board. Night veil, there was a girl in need, There was a girl who only has a grown man detached hand. As a body I can not relate to her experience. I doubt you can either listeners, but we can, All empathize shoe by allowing this computer to live on, we risk a digital tyrant, controlling our communication. Our in structure our lives, but destroy Some of our economy is inconvenience. It is not an end. It is not a death.
There are children in wheelchairs who can't get a simple ramp at a charter school because School board lives in terror of a menacing unforgiving, glow cloud that reigns dead animals and spreads dry. Full and false memories. Likewise There was a girl who is only a hand and she needs a computer to help her be part of our immunity and if allowing a treacherous machine to dismantle our municipal power grid and telephone lines and satellites and radios can help her well count me in. Thank you for listening to others, Thank you for Caring for others.
Stay to next for a pre, determined series of unchangeable events that will shape the rest of your script. Did life good night night veil good night. Welcome to night fail is the production of night fell presence. This episode was written by Zack Parsons with Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph Think, the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin original music by disposition all
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