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37 - The Auction

2013-12-15 | 🔗

The Sheriff's Secret Police are holding their annual auction of seized property, and our favorite community radio host finds Lot 37 particularly interesting. Plus a new challenger for the mayoral title and some great advice for toddlers.

This episode was co-written with Glen David Gold.

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin.

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Welcome to night forestall welcome back, Everything is fine happening. If you what I mean you shouldn't What I mean, if you do know You should forget not going to mention anything and you're not going to hear anything and both of us will to remember.
No one will be, nothing will be referenced. And so listeners today. Is an exciting and important day and night veil, the sheriffs Secret police are holding their annual auction of contraband and seized property to benefit their per This of balloons, birthday, candles, Yellow Kay, and the pin yadda they. To raise seven point three million dollars, and they say the periodic is armoured and will be used to crush rebellions. Personally, I love the annual auction, you never know what sort of fun stuff might come up The catalogue has so many interesting items. Let's see law, wine is in all
clad. Dinnerware set a, hands in past aluminium. For perfect distribution of heat new we in the package its job, waiting for you to season it with a dollar of olive oil and start cooking. We're friends and family regardless of how no one comes over anymore after the last dinner party, when your mother drank all the key anti and You never lived up to your potential. At least The description of the lot says, look two is a glowing coin. The image of a grim horn, and a half collapse panopticon. Collapse panopticon on the rivers, it's been It had a mass forty five by the sheriffs secret police coin, grading service, which you know
they concludes with these sheriff secret police auction house to inflate the grade. And thus the value of the coin lot Three is a silver candelabra that once Floated across a series of dining rooms turned abattoirs better illuminated, the flying, daggers that accompany it lot for is a of flying daggers my detailed designs on these shaft collars knife collect hers and maniacs alike will want, to bid on those get in the way of that bidding war. Let's see There are also carpets, and some mid century modern furniture he's we stylish and look lots.
Seventeen is a near mint copy of uncanny x. Men number three, nineteen before it has slight boxing on the back cover registration of the color separations off white pages, rust staples high glass and no marvel chipping and its future. The first appearance of the blob not The blob who lives in the housing development out back the elementary school fictional one: what else law thirty seven is. Cecil polymer is no description. Listeners will have more on this auction as it develops.
On the lighter side of the news today, an invincible. All powerful alien presence with telepathic powers came to night veil to enslave us all it plan to bend every sentient beings being to its will. Ending violence and conflict by subjugating all of us to its omniscient telecom powers oh areas. We, this all powerful but bumbling alien presents didn't know. We were already subjugated to the omniscient force. That's been controlling our thoughts for years, work guaranteed to continue our violent and irrational ways. So in your face it New Comer presents toddlers of night Valle D,
veiled community preschool enough you to fulfil your potential, commit to a new and demanding educational curricula wildly Blubbering, your ultimate dream: the same dream that every toddler has economic. Opportunity. That's right! you too can learn to be a chimney, sweep clean the many many chimneys of leading citizen and friendly billionaire kiss vanstone A good man, Marcus Dead, is every one of these houses properties, smallest penthouse apartment atop, the the original hangar to his forty six,
through the hill top a state has made the ball chimneys. He has chimneys, even in places where he has no houses, so he is well deserved. Carbon credits can go to good use There are numerous chimneys on his shopping. Mall he's Its buildings, the original his moon, rock pleated recreational vehicles and due to new and creative laws that allow imminent domain for the generous, Marcus Bandstand every the house in town as well, because strapped traveling chimneys onto the push courts, A festive head learns whose rights eggs punch shoulders now cloths and forced ten whistle merriment a company
these sad antics of their emaciated best then marching band cap wearing Kapital, monkeys, holding tin cups, rattling with a single penny from some defunct, outmoded currency asking us to contribute to their upkeep. We turn up our collars clear our throats and make things being excuses to walk a little faster until. Instead of embarrassment about their fates find our way to feelings superior about our fragile position on the economic ladder Marcus thence, then under stands. He does I you to be a lowly peddler. Org aperture monkey new to chimney, sweep so
Little ones lower your standards. Smother your dreams in carbon, and in role in the pre school chimney sweep. But Canada me make good old, Marcus, advanced and happy for a few brief moments. An update on our earlier story, violence, has broken out among bidders in these sheriffs secret police, auction bidding has been frantic and angry it is confirmed that there, how it's been hair polling, unfortunately attend these have been using their bidding paddles to slap each other across the face. A motion the auctioneer has been repeated,
he mistaking as indication of a new bid, thus lot one. The all clad dinnerware set Sold for one hundred seventy five thousand dollars and that's before them, iris premium listeners. I have been in touch with the auction staff about lot, thirty, seven, which is of a certain interest to me. I want lot. Thirty seven! I wanted badly. I asked if they might take a photograph of it and send it to me. Well, the appeals of laughter that broke out in sports were a cross between sleigh bells and the capitals of hunched gray. Faced court gestures. You know how that sounds.
Likely. I will need to visit the auction myself bore as it develops the night veiled. May oral race is heating up in preparation The night veiled May oral race is heating up in preparation for the mayoral election. This next June, The faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home has taken to leaving leaflets inside the wiring and types of your appliances tube. Found when these sparking Andy shaking become so much that you must higher poor capture a repair person, The leaflets are tastefully designed with an end, comically detail, drawing of eight sparrows heart and these slogan you are fragile and blind. And wanting and
tapping alone into the great darkness of the future. It also ass her five point policy platform. Mostly interesting facts, learned about beans. Meanwhile, I remain Daniels in the interest of saving. Time has taken standing on corners, giving five different campaign speeches one with each of his heads. His heads have rights, clean, different personalities- and John, does leading to some discord in their messages. But they all agree that they would like to be elected- that youth sports, rams are important and that the time of the lizard soon be upon the helpless human race. Oh,
speaking of the good hearted and great wallet it Marcus, fenced in IE, as also thrown his hat into the the proverbial rain he actually constructed a special proverbial ring in the middle of town, with Elsie D like display and a fountain with our Lee Waterspout show, and shouldn't a gold plated hat with remote, controlled, hat launcher for just that purpose. As the hat flew into the ring a forty peace, children squire. Sing. A song composed for the occasion entitled I'm running too. I guess I'm dispensed in whatever anyway I'm going to be mayor thanks,
Any tears were shed by onlookers. Do too, civic pride and some helpful gas markets had added to the air supply. Well. This is starting to look like a May world campaign for the ages when reached for comment, Outgoing mayor, PAMELA Winchell showed us a collection of mosses and explained these songs that must be sung to each of them for proper growth, a kids ever go walking in the woods and wonder whether a fairy ring of mushrooms is poisonous well look at its centre. If there is a body, no older than yourself lying there. The ring is thickly, fine,
if the body is also screaming. The ring is perfectly fine. Everything is perfectly fine There is nothing under your bed. There is nothing your closet. Your pay hence our most likely. Actually, parents regardless of what the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home, might tell you do not fear the black helicopters or the boy windowless school buses that circle your block at night. You need not be afraid of the buggy man there, as has been siting of a bogey for several months, or at least a couple weeks and yes You will die. But probably not until everyone you know, is already dead to your parents. It's your friends, your pets, each death.
Leaving a small but irreparable scar on your not yet still still be do heart. The living. Tell the dying, to leave and the dying do listen the dying. Tell us not to be sad for them, and we do not listen, The dialogue between the living and the dead is full of misunderstanding. And silence there nothing to fear in oblivion. Unless of course, your consciousness survives death If so, it would be reasonable to fear the sensation of consciousness without senses. Suspended alone in the cosmos, with no one to Here you no way to make yourself known. No reference point four counting time account.
That does not matter anyway. In a literal eternity might wish that you still have the corporeal form. Only so that you could make your mouth move to express your terror. Make the universal form of a tariff scream the form a letter, but won't be able to you. Just won't This has been the children spun fact: Science Corner What do you by shame loan? Agnes and the letter. Oh. I have been told listeners that the auction has descended into chaos. Michel Win owner of dark our records have, bid on a sealed box of Elvis Presley Forty fives open the box to find it was in fact a Box of
This Presley's forty five caliber revolvers up ended God says made bidding much more. Tourists Your PAMELA Winchell, interested in law, Twenty eight gently used. Five, a cup of coffee maker has begun, laying down suppressing fire over the ducked heads of anyone trying to outbid her. Despite this, I must enter the auction house now myself taking my. Into my hands even more than usual, Thirty seven. Palmer, I must know I must bid I go now listeners to await the crying, not a lot. Thirty seven as I go you go to, whether.
I can't go back and get any further, the actual family, no listeners
Many complications ensue during my attempt to bid on lot thirty seven first in registering for the auction I had to indicate you didn't come, which is may differ. Lt, as our new owners who I have been asked, to stop talking about our paying us in scrip redeemable. Only at merchants. They own like dust Hut or the roofs Luckily, the sheriff secret police turns out to be one of those select merchants. I was able to get a paddle only moments before the bidding on lot. Thirty seven began when confronted with destiny, There are external events to record yes, but also internal, I would say: times slowed down even more than usual the edge.
Said, the room went blurry and then went completely. There was a deep throb of state machinery that I realized was my own heart, propelling inadequate amounts of blood through my parched and aching body. If I did not win lot, thirty seven, I would be unravelled, perhaps it would be unravelled either way. The dull ache I felt, was a primal of incompletion separation and infant feels when pulled too soon from its mother's, embrace my cheeks flushed with the irrationality of desire I needed lot. Thirty seven! I counted my breaths. I judged myself for wanting
urged myself wanting. I focused on those parts of my life completely out of my control in order to calm mice. Down drowning. My fears in pleasant business. The upshot is I forgot, to raise my power All off foolish cease all and through the tears came then, to my eyes I see who one lot thirty seven, with only one bed winner of lot: thirty, seven! If you're listening on one hand, I wish you good luck with your prize
On the other, I will be using the mightiest bully pulpit of all community radio to strike back at you and destroy you but also congratulations also. That I am authorized to tell you that the sheriff secret police have declared the auction a resounding success. In celebration. They deployed the Panada to these screams, presumably delighted Everyone in attendance
the winning bidders walked away, grinning Laden down with trinkets and trophies that reassured them with the cleverness of sheer acquisition. The sheriff secret police went on to say that objects are invested with Manna MAGIC power caused by these dangerous ideas of property and ownership, and holding onto them, is our attempt at having something that will never let us down, even though, eventually all will people leave parents leave the room lovers, leave your life you Leave the world we clutched Teddy bears first then dolls then sports, jerseys and automobiles with hands sown leather and excellent gas mileage as if
we're something permanent. The sheriff secret police gave a great cheer in on of constant decay. And the inevitability of abandonment, listeners accumulating objects is just a way. We hope to turn back the grim spectre of death. Thank you for your participation in this auction and for your hope that during a certain purchase, all clad cooking, where a candelabra a comic book. A community radio show host would render you anything more than mortal. I go now to find myself or to find too has myself, or
to find someone that might make me feel better about what has happened today. I'd take the last one honestly I'd. Take that honest last one and so dear listeners, and whatever unknown person or entity. That is now the owner of lot thirty seven. I bid you a farewell. The fondness of which is determined by your place relative to mine in my heart stay to next for our popular Home medical programme. Yes, that's roblee cancer, good night night, veiled good night.
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