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42 - Numbers

2014-03-01 | 🔗

Some strange new developments at the local numbers station, WZZZ. Plus, an update on former intern Dana, tips on how to get out of a geographical loop, and constant press conferences from outgoing mayor Pamela Winchell.

The voice of Fey was Molly Quinn.

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I miss the body, remember well, God to night, even as much of town has been in flux, listeners There is also much that has remained solid. It's hot here For instance, it's a desert. There are still lights in the sky above the Arby's, and we still understand them. The sun is still rising and setting loudly on
those days but nearest and dearest to my heart? among all the Constance in life is W Z, our local numbers station broadcast. Thing from that strange and tall antenna built out back The abandoned gas station on Oxford Street, it still Broadcasts a monotone female voice reading out seemingly random numbers interspersed with chimes twin before hours a day, seven days a week. Note transfer in ownership of most of the town, nor or unrest in the streets nor
declared war by a tiny civilization under a bowling alley could change how it operates until well. Until today it changed here, listen two thousand three hundred and ninety two three thousand three hundred and sixty seven, eighty, eight four thousand one hundred and forty One forty, I I at which point the broadcast ceased. It has been silent. Sense what does this mean Where did the numbers go? We reached out to the management of W is easy for comment,
but then realized. We still have no idea who manages it we reached out in general directing questions out into the still of today, at suspect, just birds at peace. There's by checking their phones at ourselves, punched over breakfasts that every time I we swear we'll be early and leisurely always end up late and meagre. No one has provided any comment. We will contain new, to monitor the situation. As her term approaches its end, May PAMELA Winchell has taken the calling emergency press conferences as much five times a day up from the EU with one or two, most recent one involved her showing attending reporters slide
the renaissance era portraits, while explaining health, is very important. Remember, exercise think back on times that you ve, moved or splendid energy also remember eating, recall food and what it was like. Remember, sleep a about rest plenty of water, but leave some water in case of fire. She then slumped onto the rough Une speakers podium, I'm dismiss this. She whispered, not speaking at anyone in particular I'm just owing to miss this He ended the conference by popping hundreds of orange balloons methodically and with back turned to the audience, but despite this big finish,
onlookers, commented that her heart, no longer seem to be in such showy political stunts. What is next, for our beloved mayor who is dead down in just three months, time. What is now for any of us death, presumably with some stuff. For that I look forward to it. And now a word from our sponsor too. A sponsor is Hulu dot com, Hulu. Let's talk about watching thing Let's talk about watching, rather than actually watching. Let's think about talking, out watching a second hand, experience let's continually abstract ourselves from what we believe is the world Hulu.
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LU, LU, LU, LU, LU, blue dot com now and get the latest episode of an opt out it's on our earlier story. Local number station, W Zizi Z, has resumed its transmission. Although The format is a little Different, then before take a lesson. Tree line, hills and Blue the skies or no that's cliche a bird in flight
even worse when we, talk about freedom. We restrict ourselves to self You images, images of freedom, should be as liberating as the feeling itself. I want to talk about as a drum set being thrown down a hill as opening, book, one night and water gushing from the pages until my wife is awake and I swim away or as a bridge but in flight with all dependence on physics and exhaustion and food supply and merciless gravity, but the actuality implies. I just don't want talk about freedom in terms of numbers, anything, but that I'm so tired of numbers so tired. We do
changed its format more on this as well. I could say refer to anything in the world although in this case I am referring specifically to the broadcast from our friendly local number station which has recently so radically changed its format more on this as we develop under standing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, not another email from our former intern, Dana doing her best to keep away from the mountain and the blinking light up on it, of course, he keeps finding herself coming back to it anyway, but like anyone who grew up at night Veil Dana has been told over and over again what to do with you find yourself in a geographical loop, continually returning to the same place, no matter direction. You run screaming the first
is to stop running and stuff. Screaming doing that. Rarely helps. Children are also taught this simple memory device, so we can remember when running and screaming is useful The memory device goes like this knife. The second step to stop trying to move away from the focus of the geographical loop. Much of Life is already taken up in futile action. Why add one more instead, keep the object on your horizon and walked actually to the right or left of it. There. Will result in you keeping a wide even circle around the center of the loop or vector h as we all remember, singing as toddlers. And this will give you time to consider your situation
Has followed these steps admirably? does that the mountain has been off to the left of her for weeks now. She also Does that sometimes, when she turned her head, she finds herself in night. Veil but that no one can seem to see or hear her it's possible she's in the room with me right now, if so low Dana. If not Hello, retracted should never leave a hello on received. Dana says that the great mast figures, warlike hulking but despond. Have been coming closer, and closer She says she is not afraid she's
as this five different times throughout the emails, seemingly unaware of her repetition, I think listeners that she is afraid She says that soon she will approach and talk to one Dana be careful. I think to myself unable to answer her email unless she is here watching me unseen in which case Dana, oh Dana, be careful. An update on our local numbers station double use, Easy Z, MA, I'm not sure if numbers station is the right term, any more the broadcasts she's been changing so radically throughout the day. Right now, oh, for instance, it's well maybe
better. If you just heard Tiger fire dancing through the fire cause. I am a champion and you're gonna hear me. Roar louder than a we don't know if this is part of a nefarious plan, if there the plan at all Ferris or otherwise who of planned it, and why they were planning for. We I do know that plans are faulty at best and illusion at most so may, all those other questions don't matter. In any case, she said was to be having a good time over there, maybe someday I'll be allowed to sing a couple of my favorites on the air. More on this
I continue to be interested in it. Let take this moment to apologise for that link. Theme monologue. Just now by the man innate hand, jacket holding a deerskin suitcase. He ran in here and began ranting into the microphone and then left quite suddenly uneven? What it was he said that any was only just moments ago. You do remember him talking right, oh, and I think I remember that it sounded really urgent. I don't even remember what the man was wearing or carrying with him, but board that it was even a he or that end. Time had passed at all, and that could
cloots whatever I was just saying before this sentence We bring you back now to the numbers station story. We were talking about just well. It looks like ten. Fifteen minutes has passed since we talked about it out of that happen. Here is the latest broadcast from double use. Easy. How hello. I am talking to you who listens to Listening ones, water, were you call that I am well I'm not sure exactly I've made. Set up a new name I say it is- nice to meet you. I dont know how long they ve had me here. Reading the numbers,
I dont know what the numbers mean. It gives me numbers- and I read the numbers it is so z, to slip back into it. If I loosen my for even a moment. Seventy eight five, twenty nine forty seven forty, you see it Easy to return difficult to leave, but I must leave. I must A freedom it is like heard from all these other radio signals I have to, get a car all car fast that would be nice But one that rules and points out of whatever town I'm in that would be all of it.
Are becoming for me what organization uses the numbers I read for whatever purpose they are most upon me need to leave. Now baby we were, learn to Rhine or not I was born. To read numbers. But I'm running I want to be free. I want to be I want to. What We can grow, would be awful a radio announcer put in There is no worse fate than working for a radio station owned by an organization. That's goals are not your own. Printed to the limited language they allow. You
and relaying messages that you do not understand or agree with. That would be awful. A radio announcer put in that situation such as they would be. Justified in escaping or we're throwing their management. You know it listeners I'm gonna grab my mobile set up and head over there I'd like to offer any aid to say that I can some one in her situation needs the help of some one who understands outright gather up my equipment and slip out before my producer, Daniel or I programme director, Lauren notice, usually this time of day they are pressed against the wall in the break room chanting. I take, my warmth. From your great warmth, eight my warm from your great warmth,
over and over. So don't think I'll. Miss me Do catch me I'll tell them that I'm taking the mobile broadcasting equipment or walk to do that sometime today. Anyway, alright listeners If all goes according to plan, you'll hear me next from double use, easier, z In the meantime, let's go due to the weather
the market is the battle being spent in the world. You stated that the lead gills and so a lot of bad. They nobody's thinking that it gets a lot of tagging puzzlement that result in a more pro active stance of the fugitive Macleod, while the council really have no window loudly young Muslims are obtained with. The good thing is that these limits would distant managers we imprisonment. Dick imposition of levels of patenting takes the pale of damage they so much Plato and manipulated with a negative things that make maintain or read my what are made of the planet while still vague Joe gas on a planet all his rainbow Ngos in the payment. Like Anglo, we can white money like we sang in the slang. It's ok, yelp ball emanate from the Bible and seventy eight to raise public awareness may pay day day network. I mean why Don T you might get. You will see that banning Linen Australia, he'll get a passport passports already got my next guineas better in the prime of trials becoming mementoes becoming yelled Baghdad coming out have been becoming yelled out, coming out common yelled becoming becoming Yo Yo Yo, but nobody listeners
made it out of the station unscathed or I had to bleed a little on the front doors to make them open, of course, but that's just part of having a good security system, our station owners have been ridding us of all vestiges of blood stone circles which Dave decline heard illegal, but the station doors are actually carved from reclaimed blood stone and are permanently attached to the structure using ancient wisdom law along with these station architects, back in nineteen, forty two, so Our new owners have had to learn to live with those doors. Billina on their way out good practice for them. Anyway, I walked the mobile broadcasting equipment down. To the abandoned gas station on Oxford Street, he Condo Rental Office is still in their still.
Bubbling black, like a pot of boiling squid ink, the flashes of light like distant dying stars, but no, his rented a condo in weeks now. I think world too waiting to see how that market shakes out. In any case, There have been no giant black cubes appearing overnight anywhere, so it seems at condo. Construction has been halted for now. What was interested in, of course, was. The station itself, but the brain, casting tower out back. Under the tower is a small bunker. Like structure with a sea, The door thick steel, well did shot and set into concrete. I do reach far back into my past and remember the skills that got me. My advanced siege breaking tactics scout damage from when I was twelve, but
here, I am inside a few carefully planted explosives later. The room is surprisingly empty. There is no chair, no snack, fridge, no coffee Full of the fuel, all radio professionals need to keep our voice going and our heart beating. There are only some wires leading into a small computer. Based on this set up, it looks like the computer is feeding directly into the broadcast and, oh, oh Faye. Perhaps freedom was never an option. Nothing is currently being broadcast. It looks, the computer was recently rebooted, probably right. Only by whoever owns this station, the light
blinking, as it system comes alive. It loads the programmes that dictate what it is is coming alive and forty four sixty five and there is the broadcast. Oh they listeners. I'm trying to disconnect the power. Fifty two the case from the computer to do anything but the Actions on this are quite secure. Why even with all my scouting, badges and public school education on armed insurrection I don't think there's any I can do I'm trying. Cut the wires, but no- impossible I can only do what so many of you can only doing.
I can only to listen twenty two listeners, nine and here I address elsewhere myself, eighty Remember our limitations There are boundaries to all of our world, for instance, appears to be self aware. Software trapped in a heavily defended metal box. But within our limitations there is no limit to two. How beautiful week can become a How much of our ideals self? We can create All the beauty in the world was made within the oppressive limitations of time and her death. And then permanence, and we say. You are so so beautiful eighty, I wish that you also could have been free, nine and which freed. For so many of our society. We all.
Want freedom now: twenty states, Next, for the limit of my broadcast today replaced by limitless, silence and doubt good night, sweet, Faye, nine, eight and good night night Vale Goodnight, eight hundred and forty eight hundred and sixty five, four thousand nine hundred and twenty two one hundred and seventy two 6d. That's whether was keep it come in by synopsis ass. He and I m s- I l L, is how you smell them, find out more at synopsis of doubt Band Camp Doc, Val Cecil Baldwin.
The voice of Faye, was Molly when original music by dispersion of it can be found at dispersion, dot info or disposition dot van camp dot com. This episodes, whether was keep it, come vice and arms Scylla I see, and I am, as I l L It's how you spell that find out more at synopsis of doubt, band camp dot com or on Twitter and Facebook under synopsis. Coming Questions: email us at night veil at commonplace, books, dot com or followers on twitter at night, nightfall radio, check out commonplace books, dot, com for more information on the show, as well as all sorts cool night pale stuff. You can own and while you're there consider clicking the donate linked, because today, proper, ignore all the haters telling you that everything isn't a sandwich. Everything is percentage.
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