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2014-03-15 | 🔗

An adorable new visitor makes its way into the radio studio. Plus, controversy in the mayoral race, an update on the house that doesn’t exists, and a look the community calendar.

The voice of Kevin was Kevin R. Free.

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And heaving with routes snapping and birds flapping quickly away. Welcome to night listeners, there's a visitor, my studio today, no one! You know no one I know not even the thing you or I know it. Is I am unsure whether it is let me describe it. Imagine a duck, but thus the eyes no Lord Third than that
really large duck eyes. Now imagine fur puffy fur like a bare cub, soft in ten and a thick round owned belly and no real, discernible arms or legs just little nubs, that fleet about as it slowly moves across the floor, oh my god, it's adorable, I you could see this thing it just made a noise? Did you hear listeners like like a mouse squeak, meets a bike. Horn meets a sincere question about love. Oh what a he would surprise many of you remember a couple years back we hear it. The station found a stray cat in the men's rest room. We name I am cautious caution.
Still in the men's bathroom, as he always has been an presume, We always will be covered exactly four feet off the ground at a fixed point in space cocheco has been a real anchor for us here at the station we built A special letter box and feeding dish because of his distinctive physical state and I just been in love with that cat. I've never been a cat guy, but caution he's the sweetest boy, now this new whatever it Move much his big art eyes- oh god, they're, so charming. Just daring, poorly being well It's not really doing much like it gets scared. Let's let it be for now And I'll get us to the news.
Controversy is plaguing the mayoral race here, goodnight veil. After PAMELA Winchell announced her surprise resignation from the post last spring. Front runners for night. They a mayor, have been pulling neck and necks. These, the old woman who secretly lives in your home, and I run Miss Daniels, who is literally a five headed dragon support, Members of the faceless old woman claiming that, while officially acquitted of insurance fraud, evidence suggests that higher is in possession of a stolen truck date, be registration of his vehicle, found that it belong to one Frank Chin: found dead near. Two years ago, ranks by
He was covered in claw and scorched marks and the Coroner gave the cause of death as dragon at least three heads I run denies that he stole the truck and says that Frank, is a friend and is totally not dead. He's Mcdaniel claimed his campaign fired back at the faceless old woman claimed His campaign fired back at the faceless old woman saying that, since her origin, is lost to distant history and she has no birth certificate. She is not able to prove that she's, an american citizen. Election day is June, fifteenth votes be cast, but not tat delay, The mayor is, of course, decided by counting and interpreting the loud pulses coming from, Hidden gorge.
Let's have a look now at traffic. There's a silver pick up Full sized, Well, worn tall long, the windows or grey with dry dirt, the tyres are lined with firm tread inside, sits a man, full sized Well, worn tall he has a hat and some Denham his fate. Is lined with Burma dread, His mind is grey with history. Doesn't remember things. This does not mean he can't it me He doesn't he just look at what is in front of him he d Only in the present the past dictates his disposition, but the present
is the only thing he can see. Cars people animal trees, mud a telephone a telephone that rings sometimes I telephoned that rings and shows a name he knows, but he does not pick up. That name is not part of his present, forgiveness and memory are two inextricable to say answer a phone break lights. He slows he drives carefully he drives in the moment. He is a good driver He is good at lots of things the phone rings. He is not good at
breathing. This has been traffic. Wow, this little creature is so shy, ride, placing a cup of water on the floor, but it just won't move it just airs at me from the corner with its giant duck eyes, just stares at me. Motionless really cute, though wait. I think it moved here boy or girl or either come get some water come here you showed killed so so so cute nope, didn't move but its eyes followed me as I moved in my chair, or did they their job
solid black, all pupil like what spider. Will that be weird? or some other dark dots around its face. Would be eyes, but no, I dont think its way that noise again, listen all well whatever it is, it is cute Or weirdly cute or just weird. Ah, ah, ok, let's have a look at the community calendar. This Wednesday night. The night veil, community theatre will be holding auditions for the musical into the woods interested as beans should bring vision, goggles, glass, cutters, a breathable, ski masks and quite shoes to the first.
Night, veiled bank Thursday, the museum of forbidden technologies will open their new, exhibit called thought. Crimes anyway who attends the exhibit, is obviously interested in learning about forbidden technologies and will be arrested immediately. Gets are available on the museum website and here's a tip. They can't arrest you for buying tickets. If you're in your own home. They can, however, use, tear gas to flush you out and then arrest you Friday afternoon. These staff of dark owl records will be wearing black pants and shame male veils. Saturday night is the grand opening of night veils newest restaurant tourniquet feature
being executive chef, Le Sean Mason, who as previously a Sou chef for night veils top rated fine dining establishment shame. Machine hopes to bring classical french cooking into the twenty first century. Were they? mix of molecular gastronomy and human remains tourniquet off say prefix menu for thirty. Five dollars features choice of appetizer entre dessert. And sudden awareness a hideous suppressed. Memory. Sunday morning is period. It just is. Ok listeners, I think I finally got there thing to trust me, it waddled over here just a moment ago.
Oh so you the way its bulbous square of a body moves. It came right up to me and let me pet it I'm, I'm It now and it's purring, I think, or plumbing or buzzing Oh, what a cuddly little addition to our station. This thing will make What should we name it? I can't tell it's a boy or a girl, or maybe gender less like the future humans who visited night veil in the nineteen fifties with their time travel technology, which was then outlawed until now. Oh, my God listeners hugging my leg? It how'd. You know this is the key this thing I have got affordable this. Let me go
I phoned from my bag. If I could just now, you're really heavy It seemed a move from this spot here, ladies and gentlemen, and the little guy or gaol doesn't seem to want to let go you're so strong. Yes, you are yes, you are We have received an update from Carlos and his team of scientists about the house that doesn't exist, but why In the desert, creek development. It looks. Like it exists like it's right there. Air. When you look at it, between two other identical houses. So it would make more sense for it to be there than not, but it doesn't. Actually exist. These scientists have been carefully monitoring. John Peters, you know the farmer.
Who has been standing alone in the house for weeks? The house is completely empty, except some photographs on the wall. One seems to be of a lighthouse the scientists law, too scared to open the door. Finally, up the nerve to go up to the house and try. It was locked shook the handle hard at first violently at second pounding and yelling at third, and observing John from the window saw no change in his behavior, the door slammed open and a woman answered. What do you want? She shouted at these scientists, We wanted to see what that man was doing in there.
One of them meekly replied what man the woman said. I live alone and looking in from the front door, they could see a room of the same shape and size as the one. John Peters. You know the farmer had been standing in the room. Was full of chairs and couch and plants and a table. And photographs none of lighthouses most of faces. Faces, similar in form to the woman's at the door. The scientists who were at the window could see John standing in the empty room. Looking at lighthouses, the woman said her name was Cynthia and she Therefore, nineteen years, the sign Tests left her alone returning I at least to the lab
those added that the desert, Creek Housing development, was only three years old out out o clock listeners. I think I've been bitten by this thing. God I can see blood get off, get off I need to go watch this. Let's go now to a word from our sponsor you achieving your fullest potential. Are you finding the right solutions for your challenges? Are making the most of what you are given. Do you believe in a smiling God? of course you do. We all do. We must well what, if I told you the smiling, God was smiling more than ever.
If the smiling God had a smile so wide that you could see yourself in its mirrored teeth. And what if I told you that your gauzy reflection looked perfect just perfect. You would like that Of course we all would we must and what, if I told you A perfect self hated, your imperfect self And what, if I told you, you could see your imperfect itself in the shining sheen of the bulging tongue and in your reflection you were slack and sallow and maybe and what, if I told you, you could see your imperfect self in the shining sheen of the bulging tongue and in your reflection you were slack and sallow and maybe bleeding alot bleeding so much and
If I told you you could kill your imperfect itself I told you you could achieve your fullest potential. Strict corpse in ink is a proud supporter of the greater desert, bluff and night veil. Community strikes court. Believe in a smiling God, believe in your perfect self strikes, strikes. Blisters I'm on my cell phone calling from the men's bathroom I had turn Jeremy patch me into the board's. Why can still broadcast that thing to follow me in here. As I limped down, whole I was able to outrun it, but I've had to use the deadbolt on the bathroom door to keep it out. All this talk about check today, and here he is.
Hi, baby boy. That thing is nothing oh, like you, the doors come off its hinges. It's gotten in I'm gonna doc into the store, I'm peering now under the walls and see nothing I'm standing now mode and looking over the walls see nothing listeners. The only thing more, Terrifying, then, seeing the devil is no longer being able to see the devil. Perhaps I should be quiet in turn, Jeremy can you? one call animal control and to take just now to the what was that? No, no, no classic!
what have you done to my cat? You monster German, take us to the weather. Come here you son of a you, can't just
Some days when we set the sun was so
the sun is man? No job g phase tore off ass old ass war. For ever. Stop me. There was never seen raise dragged me. Some sharp teeth listeners, oh God, listeners Cossack husband, hurt very badly animal control
aim and took him to a hospital. They think he will live. They think he will live differently. They. Think there will be significantly less of him physically and mentally, but he will live. He is my boy he's my body, I love him so much, and this thing this thing comes here and yes yes, let me tell you about this thing, this awful beast after I saw it. Tear caustic from his fixed point in. Eight into his side, I kicked it and I kicked it again.
And Jeremy help me pin it down and more control tried to sedated and I wanted to beat it today. With a hammer, but I had no hammer only self control. Animal control tried to injected with their delicious poisons, but they stopped. They said we can't. We can't inject. It is a machine and they flipped it switch and it died you ve, never been so relieved to be safe and so did appointed to be shorted. My vengeance, our new programme director Lauren,
men and wanted to know why we destroyed my gift. My gift, I asked it's, your birthday replied Daniel and I and the holes directs Corp men, German team got you that strikes pet. Because we know you love animals so much and I replied But it's a machine, a bio machine go see my cossack. You should be out of surgery in As animal control took kasza away, I'm gonna go now goes my car
You should be out of surgery in half an hour or so, and I am sure he will live, I'm sure he will float again at a fixed point, exactly four feet up in the men's bathroom of our community radio station. I'm sure there is vengeance to be found. I'm sure I will find it. I'm sure I just have to find the right recipient. They too next for the sound of your own thoughts. Odd cast, live on the radio for all to hear and as always good night night veil
Good night welcome to night bales of production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Crane and produced by Joseph thank the voice of night veiled, Cecil, Baldwin Kevin was Kevin. Our free, the voice of Joseph Think, was Judy Garland Region, by desperation all if it can be found at desperation, dot, info or desperation, dot, band, camp dot com, this episodes. Whether was cover me up by Jason. Isabel find out more at Jason, is bell. Dotcom comments, questions email. I sat
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