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45 - A Story About Them

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Hey Jeffrey Cranor, here, no matter what episode you're listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night Vale's, two thousand and twenty world tour to her features in new. Never before her story featuring Cecil, and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pocket. I was told him the podcast and requires Nope previous knowledge of the podcast. So even if you are on episode, seven, you will still the live show was. Our life shows bring the audience into the story and some surprising and thrilling ways making this a unique experience that you just can't get from listening to the podcast at home check out. Welcome to my Bill dot com, slash life for the full list of cities across North America and Europe that will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets to day this. Is a story about them, the man on the radio and were concerned,
This is not a story. You were ever supposed to hear oh come to night, this is a story about them. They said dinner car. Much like your own. Perhaps do you draw if a black Sudan with tinted windows into which innocent p bull disappear forever, then, is very, very much like your own. There are two men in the car. The man who is not tall watching
the house through the window. He makes no attempt to hide what he is doing the car. It is similarly clear about its existence. What They do. Is secret, but there was no need to hide. It in this town, for instance, this day. The radio has just started meriting what they do as they do it, or all too. Here, the man who was not tall glances down at the radio, not annoyed or concerned or afraid he just looks at it, because that is what his eyes do right then and then he looked back at the house as the man on the radio says that he looks back at the house the one who is not short, is supposed to be watching the house as well for eyes are better than to
seven eyes are better than three And so on, but here not watching the house He is looking down at a crossword puzzle on which He has just read in teeth. For the fifth time This iteration fits neatly into the horizontal of another. He considers the crossword for a long moment his partner. Only considers the house he the one with the crossword turns to other and begins to say what is it I've, let her word for the discreet bone structures attached, but he is cut off. There he is. As the one who is not tall they exit the Or and approach a man who is leaving his house the man does not appear surprised to see them. People right,
really are. What is this? He says but he leaves a period at the end of the sentence, not a question mark they take the man And put a blindfold over his eyes and they put him in the car. This is not a story. About the man you don't care about here. The two men and the car, along with the other blindfolded man leave Yoda Corners, a quiet, Element of old tracked owns the same way. They had come openly, not thought about feared secret. I was thinking of inviting you to dinner. Says the one who is not short: he off then voices what he is thinking of doing and rarely does any of those things that
would have been nice says the one it was not tall. Yes, it would have been says, the other, a tad dreamily. Perhaps that is not an advert that is supposed to crop up in a car of this description. Few adverbs are. Says the man, and with the hood over his head, forget him. This, is a story about damn that part of their work done They drive to the moonlight all night diner it is not night the knee on his arm and in substance It's all wisp of green in a larger, insubstantial whisk of blue. They are narrated along by the radio, till the man who is not tall, turns it off in the parking lot.
The man who is not short, looks up a. What is that he says indicating the clear nothing of the sky. What is what says the I saw something he says for a moment. Just then for a moment. He points again again, there is nothing there. Could it? have been less Oh I'm sure it was, can do He is the man who is not short, but he does, not say what you sure it was. The man who was not tall considers his partner for a moment and shakes his head. Inside the diner inside the booth, after menus and waters, they do. Big into matching turkey clubs, the diner smells like rubber and bread. The man on the radio tells them this quietly from static,
speakers set into a foam tiles ceiling, ready good books. Lately, Color says the other who is not short. It was one color, it is now different. I hope that I will feel differently. As a result, save time, I've done the living room in a different color says the there who is not short, was one color. It is now different. I hope that I will feel differently as a result says. The first. You never know what to say two things like that he wished he did he, First, the man who is not short, some fries instead to indicate but he feels about their friendship but cannot say man who is not short, eats a couple. He knows What the man who is not tall means by offering the fries because they have worked, together a long time and also
because the radio explained it to him just then outside the I unfolded. Man sits in the car, the desert heat trapped with in by the glass, don't worry about it after The three men drive to the industrial part of town Which was set aside by the City council to be the industrial part of town some time ago? Yes, the council said this area around Here- will be pretty industrial. Warehouses and factories, and things like that. Some graffiti and chain link fences they cut a ribbon that they were carrying with them. The council always carries a ribbon for that purpose. The car,
pulls into a warehouse. The radio was back on and still talking about them. The warehouses, cavernous and full. Of creates some of them. Tick. Do not they form an angled, he'll, scape of corners and flats up and away in every direction, The warehouse smells like rotting wood and drier sheens. There supervisor waits for them with cross the arms and eight ROS expression. A disk rakes. She says. Let me tell you something she said and says nothing more. The two men indicate the blindfolded man in the back seat of the car. Ah, Ah, she says we being vaguely at the blindfolded man
someone has to be to blame. She says pointing at everything but herself It was very simple. She says we take buildings from the miniature city we discovered under the bowling alley. We put them in crates, we shift the crates out. Various warehouses in the desert and, as a result, our interests our furthered. It could not be more simple, the men, was not short, is not paying attention. Something has caught his eye. It is so dark and distant, what he sees it see like it cannot possibly be real. Hey look at that. He says pointing at what he sees the man who is not tall and their supervisor look where he is pointing. There is nothing, but Ceiling of the warehouse with some
dust and light in between very good. Does the supervisor yes good Says the man who is not tall, they turned back to each other o. Is says the man who is not short: he squint but what he sees I was worried that it wasn't very good at all anyway says the supervisor, Now the city has declared war in revenge, although they yet figured out. It was us stealing the buildings, they just declare a general war in the name of their God. Hunter car, everyone from the upper world as they call, us.
This war has been raging for almost a year. Now people have died. Yes, but listen people die all the time. For all different kinds of reasons. I wouldn't worry. If I were you old on says this revise her. She mumbles instructions into a walkie talkie and a series of yes servers and no sirs and hawk shrieking sounds come in response. Sorry, she says when she has done I didn't have to do that now. It was urgent at all. I understand says the man who is not talk. He understands the second most of the three people in the room. And then the voice on the radio coming from the car changes its story.
They all notice, they are told by the radio that they are noticing before they notice, because that part of the narration happens before the story changes Even the man on the radio does not know why he changes the story or where this other story comes from. It is not always understand everything he does something He does understand, but he hides it from you. In any case, Here is a new story. What He tells without regard for why he is telling it somewhere else, nor Here there was a woman wandering a desert, a desert, not unlike Like this one button
not like this one? Either it's not the same desert. I need to clarify that also with her our great mast warriors women and men of enormous size. The rest of them her feet. Follow her ass. She walks She is winning them over because she has survived so much. She is young. But in her experience she is as lost and scared and ancient, as the rest of them her feet hurt they hurt, she keeps walking and they keep following beyond her No longer just on the horizon, much clue sir than that he's alight, spreading across the desert, the law is alive,
and malicious and vast, encroaching, it buzzes and shines, and everything about it hurts those who are close to it and strong those who are within it. It spreads not just in the desert. I am talking about it, spread aids, indifferent forms in deserts, not unlike it. Indeed, Search very similar to the one I am talking about now, Not always in the same form I always as light at all, but the same intent to devour ever. Anything until there is nothing left it is. Smiling God of error, all power and ceaseless appetite The woman wonders the desert follow.
But by the mast warriors they look back. Light on the horizon, and they know that time when it will reach their little patch of land is coming, and so many other little patches of land as well. Soon they will have to turn Soon they will have to face it head on and not just that woman and her desert, not just her at all. The man on the radio returns to the story about them does not know how he knew what he just said, or why he would tell it to you. He is innocent and kind, but anyway This is a story about them, and so you do not care about any one, but them they, and
a supervisor are listening with interest to what just happened on the radio. The man who is not tall, has taken notes, I'll look into that. He says it is exactly as we suspected. He does not say he. Not suspect any of that sum. Has to be to blame, supervisor says again during this time directly at the blindfolded man. I your stand completely says the and who is not tol me too as the man who is not short, although does not understand He usually does not his partner understands for him at all, works out. Ok,. As they leave the warehouse and the supervisor and the piles of wooden creates the voice On the radio says something about the weather.
And sank a job I saw a tab, can further at stake. I do I gotta Circle Berlin and ran to the debt issue here, always soon bank system bringing catch server. Why don't you tell me where I live far mounds issue will soon make where's your phone
dad do most voodoo, we see here. We soon make bad mood. By the time they leave the warehouse. It is night. Or maybe the sun has just set early, the sunrise that morning had been particularly loud and strenuous. You know the man who is not short, looking down at his cross word I worry every time that I am not going to finish these when I start them the future, where I have finished, seem so distant from the present. Where I have started I wouldn't worry about that, says the and who is not tall but you would, I know
I know you would worry about so many things I do worry about that. You worrying. Do you think everything will turn out all right. Does the man who is not short, I mean everything he says, There absolutely everything. He said as further clarification. Yes says the other I do he does not, I do. He said Again he does not he glared at the radio they drive past, the moonlight all night, a glass box. Of bad food and good people. They ass Teddy Williams, Desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex that the damage by the war, but still running its
bowling league ass by city Hall, which has come in a yellow, tarp stamped within Org triangle movie. Farther out with absolute purpose. They ass by the used car lot alive, with the wolves that populate all car lots at night and old woman Josie S House silent an empty for months. Now then the town is behind them they are in the scrub lands and the sand wastes they stop the car and get out pebbles crunch in the sand in response to their movement The radio murmurs behind the closed doors of the car, the head, Lights, illuminated only a few stray plants and
wide dumb eyes of some nocturnal animals. The two men don't look back at night veil. They look forward at the door miss that stretches out as far as anyone here can imagine most anyone here, tries to imagine as little as possible. There is no need to imagine. Here. Well, get him out Says the man who was not tall and the man who is not short opens the rear door of the car and guides the blindfolded man out. The blindfolded man stumbles a little, but not much and there isn't anything specific. He stumbles on. Stumbles like a stage, direction like the next bulletin the list of items over there. The man who
not tall, says unnecessarily We all know the drill We all know how this and everything else ends. The blindfolded man walks fifteen feet or so in the direction of the darkness. The men and the car are between him and the distant dome of light. That is night bail. Box to a certain point in the cool sand, and then stops partly because the man who is not short, guided him there, but most because he has taken himself there, as we all eventually take ourselves to that point. Where we will not be able to take ourselves any farther them, and who is not tall still by the car, pulls out a knife, it is stained does not look used, but he's
it's it's brutal history in his posture in the way He holds it the blindfolded man breathes normally his shoulders loose. His car face slightly down his feet. Think a little in the sand. Behind him in practice, we'll terms as far away as any thing has ever been is the town he is from. The man who is not short, standing next to the blindfolded man, looks up at the sky The man who is not all walks up to join them with the knife, what is that says the man who is not short pointing at the sky? What is what says the man who is not tall from just behind him
That planet up there said the man who is not short, it so dark and so called, use its looming. It's so close. I wonder if I could. He reaches up The man who is not tall makes a gesture with the hand that holds the knife. The man who is not short is no longer reaching up. He is no longer standing up. In many ways he no longer exists at all. Someone has to be to lay says the and who is not tall or no He sighs this or no he thinks it out loud
They comes out more thought, then speech he looked up at night sky. That is absolutely clear of anything but void and stars and the occasional media or and mysterious lights, moving at impossible speeds and the faint glimmer of spy satellites. Looking back down from the nothing to this thing, I'm sorry he says, although not to anyone that still exists and can hear him. He just said It leaves some underactive words in the hot night air and then return so the car a b crying. I know if he is or not, but I choosing, not to tell you, because this is price
information and you have no real need to know it. The blindfolded man removes his blindfold and looks down at the man who once was not short, and now is not anything at all. He The man who can see is also not short. If was the man who is not tall to the car, the man not short. Not blindfolded, gets the passenger seat. All ways and unpleasant business. He says he does not comment further. He does not need to looking. A word to working with, you says the and who is not all
the same to you as the man who is not short, Ah, the same as well to you. This has been a story about them. The radio moves on news traffic political opinions and corrections to political opinions, but somewhere in the desert. There is one person who does not move on This was also a story about him. Stay to next for as long as you can until you cannot,
they too and any more good night night veil good night Welcome to night what is browser production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Kramer, produced by Joseph thing. The voice night veil is Cecil Baldwin original music by dispersion. All of it be found at dispersion, dot info or desperation dot band camp dot, com Episodes, whether was pretty little head by Eliza, recommend fine
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