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48 - Renovations

2014-06-01 | 🔗

StrexCorp begins massive renovations on the radio station and all of Night Vale. Plus, updates from the Company Picnic of Indeterminate Length, free floating cats for anyone who wants them, and a strange new art print.

The voice of Lauren Mallard was Lauren Sharpe.

The voice of Kevin was Kevin R. Free.

Weather: "High Tide Rising" by Fox, foxtheband.bandcamp.com.

Music: Joseph Fink and Disparition, disparition.info.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey Jeffrey Cranor here, no matter what episode you're listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night Vale's, two thousand and twenty world tour to her features in new. Never before her story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pocket I was told him the podcast and requires Nope previous knowledge of the podcast. So even if you are on episode, seven, you will still the live show was our life shows bring the audience into the story and some surprising and thrilling ways making this a unique experience that you just can't get from listening to the podcast at home. Check out. Welcome to my Bill dot com, slash for the full list of cities across North America and Europe. That will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets to day. True, beauty is on Inside
where everything is red and glistening and full of practical organs and sharp rocks wealth. To the greater desert, Bluffs Metropolitan area Hello listeners. You look nice today, but this is an assumption, but it is a safe assumption. I am positive. You look nice. Yes, a very safe assumption, probably the safest of the many many assumptions I'll make. Today it's a very good day Kevin. The company picnic is still going strong,
it's been over two weeks in every residents of night bail and by extension, every employee of strike score has been enjoying our first annual company picnic of indeterminate link. So many fine activities more and nobody wants to leave. Nobody can leave, but they wouldn't want to all absolutely not without a fanatic Timothy's like work. Yes, but
there's even more exciting news. We are renovating this old radio station. We redecorated the studio couple weeks back, but now that we have so many new strikes carbon please arriving each week, we wanted to create a welcoming work friendly office for them right. It's always exciting to get a new job to take on a new career. You know that thrilling moment. After all, the resignation, letters interviews that moment when one day a van pulls up next to you, just outside your favorite ice cream store on the sidewalk outside your girlfriend's house and your blindfolded, sedated and lightly beaten and driven around and seemingly random directions. And then, after breaking down, spiritually hurled upon the concrete front steps of your new office ready, start, your new career, this, is an exciting moment in anyone's professional life and there's an executive restraints and lots of wonderful framed paintings,
we are remodeling and redecorating this old building without it some new sales offices, a room of questioning, complete with funds, steel, chairs and executive restraining lots of wonderful, framed paintings of human teeth. Were you completely redoing doing the bathrooms, which reminds me there are some stray cats floating at various heights in the men's room here at the station, They look to be about a year old. If you want them, come get them before the demolition grew arrives this afternoon, guided point I'll, send our producer Daniel in there to take some pictures of a little guys. We oppose them. The website and was theirs can figure out which, once they wanna taken, can get them on. Fortunately everyone's having to which one of the company picnic, I doubt anyone will have any time or the physical ability to leave the picnic and adopt a stray floating cat all too bad well We'll have Daniel Post photos anyway. Just so you can see what you're missing and now
A word from our sponsors Thanks Kevin listeners, cold, Just a little bit feel in chew on your skin, maybe rapture arms over each other and your rubbing and softly, but vigorously you're so cold. And now you ve pulled your arms entirely into your shirt. Trying to maximize the body heat of skin contact, pulled in your arms and your rocking your body forward and back what about our ears and knows so, very cold. Ask a friend to borrow sweater. Try that door no one's around. You don't actually know a single person. Do you, your life may be a total lie. Well, at best a fever dream or someone else's night tear that's, probably a tier, very cold. And no one to help you or hear you all gray? Windowless was right
even a door how much they already have. How are you even breathing Campi much airlift? This message brought to you by best. By best I can serve your oxygen, nurse their innovations have brought so much joy here to the radio station that we thought we'd extend the fun threw out the town of night fail. We set our contractors all over the city to tear down other things too, like the abandoned missile silo outside of town several active, but low, achieving elementary schools and that weird forest along the eastern edge of night veil, who I know that forest It's a really nice forest complemented my outfit as I drove past the other day. It whispered fat vast fits you well Kevin, it also whispered. You have a clever and color. Fashion, since you are a delight to be near that for never whispers. Anything at me
I actually stopped my car along the side of the road, because I was feeling welcomed even better. And by such a nice community of trees but ass. I approached it whispered now your eyes now? Please girl, please leave us, be and I did because I such a healthy respect for nature. I know you do vile violent nature. Anyway we're doing that for us down to build a new corporate training facility great. We ve also higher the small civilization living underlined five of the desert flower Bowling Alley in arcade fun complex, This building owner Teddy Williams, is busy at the company picnic in hasn't his lease, the small army of tiny people, are using the building as a headquarters. They re named it the cathedral of Hunter car after their God. Also torn down the Arby's and put in a contemporary sculpture, which is
one to one scale model replica of the armies. They just tore down, feel so good to redecorate. Does it rarely feel anything. I really feel anything at all. Have a look at financial lose the markets are really fantastic day. Counterpoint you're really felt ass dick today, your two kinds: unkind, because everything looks good in the financial markets which less kind of the markets were doing poorly. I would down markets mean people are working hard and if people are working hard, that must mean their sad and lazy. When people are sad and lazy, I become that's quite interesting. What are you doing listeners, Lord, is doing something on our phone down. Let's see, if that, yes, it seems to be wonderful. What did,
you. Do I just liquidated nearly all my domestic stock and the market is reacting quickly to it. Stop prices are plummeting the markets, really terrible. Today, awful news. It's a shame: how people just don't value hard work like things to you shouldn't your sadness and laziness destroy our economic future you're wrong, Didn't become less kind at all, I do No, you became more helpful you're, right telling sad people to cheer up is like extract a level of kindness totally in it was a very financial report. We just had the markets still terrible. Now, though they might have to be lay offs appearances, but I think it was worth it
I just noticed all these new framed pictures of human teeth on the studio wall near lovely right, yes, very that one I don't remember that picture. I don't recall choosing to put a picture of a White House, my radio studio. I only choose pleasant images to look at it. Is a very pleasant I agree. I do not like it one bit strive for a moment, not to look at it. I can't stop looking at me. Neither I'll ask Daniel to take care of it. What he's done photographing those doomed foreign cats in the bath good plan. We are receiving word from downtown, but there's a slow down in our renovation.
Our demolition crews have been stalled outside the empty lot across the street from the wreck centre. The lot with the sign that says future home of the old Knight Veil Opera House. It seems the outgoing mare of night, fail PAMELA, Winchell, so old lady and a line of impossibly tall people with long heads and wings have escaped or skipped out early from the company picnic and are blocking our contractors from building the towns third sharper image, but that's impossible. We invoked eminent domain I'm getting word that the mare has veto power over both evident domain and sharper image. How is she still mayor? Even then where are you I'm going to find Daniel? I'm going to have him drive me downtown and I'm going to deal with this directly tire. Of messing around with what was at listeners,
the lights, just went out in the studio, Daniel Kevin he Daniel not come back from taking pictures of the cuts that should not have taken this long. He's very efficient, someone here: Laurie there's someone else in this room listeners. There is a bright black. Glowing coming from the middle of our studio, It is glowing around the shape of someone, neither man nor woman tall, long with great black wings, softly through filtered and recirculated. Seventy one degree air. It is holding something something small and round listen it is holding a light bulb. It's moving now the person that the what the angel angels are, of course real in
very dangerous, this dangerous being is walking to the wall to that new piece of art, the art that unlike any other art in history, is not depicting teeth. O smiling, God that picture cabin. That picture it's it's different. Now, The lighthouse moments ago, the picture was of a lighthouse on a desert mountain. In the clean light of midday, Now the photo is a lighthouse at deserts. Dusk. Purple Orange sky and blinking red light. Atop, the mountain, the in the photo, is actually blinking there's a door at the foot of the stone Tower and that door is opening a deep. Glow slowly seller wedding, a man. It looks like a man I cannot tell if he is tall or if he is short he is holding
something I cannot tell what it is, but it moves in his arms. The matters he's entering the lighthouse he covered the door are studio. Daniel is that you are the kittens. Yes, I see only the intruder shadow in that deep purple glow. It is The man from the lighthouse he is holding something the danger it's dangerous angel is with him. The man is holding something. No, How did you he's holding don't come any nearer? He is holding a cat. Thank you for bringing me here Erica and while whatever happens next happens. I you veil
to where there
There's a big storm. I don't care, I don't care my ticket.
Listeners, it is good to be back after so long away in such aid terrible, terrible place. Let us never fall again for the wicked ruse of the company picnic, no matter how many admitting tournaments or Chile Cook off The flyers unmasked, picnic captains advertise there was one escape attempt during the on ending deadly the horror. That was. Staff softball game, but There were helicopters everywhere and we were captured. Trying to do good tunnel under second base with staple pullers, but last night, just when
all picnic. Goers eventually do we had given up all hope. Some day being free, former, in Turn Dana appeared to me. There was an old oak door, which I swear had not been in the heavily electrified volleyball nets before or no no, no more euphemisms, no more, Talking around it. They were high voltage. Electric fences fatal to any who touched them the door in the fence opened and she stepped out and taking me by my hand, led me with her into whatever strange other world she has been trapped in for so long. She brought me to the lighthouse in her strange desert that is like
our own, but is not our genes produce me to an army of men and women who have taken care of her Introduced me to several tall winged creatures, each named Erika, with a k Dana said they were angels informed each of them the angels are not real and that's ridiculous. I might have how old this, while covering my eyes, Dana took me. To the peak of the mountain which is also not real. From a top this monstrosity of rock and earth and lies, we looked out a key, I'll, send empty pink desert past the lighthouse- over the army to occur
horizon under a placid ocean of cloudless forever. And I saw for myself on, horizon. A terrible light, rushing toward us, former Intern Maureen use the one who showed every one. It was possible to pass fully back and forth with heard disappearing and reappearing It was John Peters. You know, the farmer, stumbled on how to open the old o doors that led to so many places, but also, to hear One beautiful place in space and time. Old woman, Josie and her definitely not angelic companions are in
other world to so many have fled, but we will not flee anymore. I have returned, call Shack his home here at the station floating four feet off the ground in the men's restroom I found on districts corpse former radio producer Daniel lying. Dead, or perhaps inoperative. I do not know if Daniel identified as organic or not. Outside the restrooms, apparently No one ever told him the deadly consequences of taking photos of cats Listeners all is not well. Most is not well.
Strikes corpse, still owns all that can be owned here, and so It's also that cannot be owned. Many of you are still trapped in the company picnic. Others, if you are trapped in mistaken impressions of how your life should supposedly be, but It started long before this whole strikes thing that some, only you can fix route, reflection and laughter and acceptance Lauren and Kevin Ran away when faced with whatever you call Erika, but I do not think they will be gone for long and there was Dana and her arm, of masked warriors standing in the path of that deep rumbling light that searing blinding home that
smiling God, I'll, be honest, don't know exactly where Carlos views. They captured his scientists, but they Not capture him. I'm sure he is fine. A scientist is always spine. This nurse, so much is wrong. Here is what's right, like veil, community radio, hours again we are only thing in night veil not owned by strikes, and I swear. I swear. We'll stay that way and This whole town will be as this station is now not with.
Struggled not without loss not with grave injury and a lifetime of what he is. We will do it. We baby controlled by the City Council vague, yet menacing government agencies, Kim trails and the secret order of reptile kings and the mysterious lights that hover above us, but we will not be controlled by a smiling God we are night veil and We are in our own way, Marie. We must continue to fight and Fist, we, be the heroes we look for. In others, we must no longer speak in code, but in action.
Return to your homes if you can but do not lock your doors tonight Not hide yourselves away from danger, be brave truly brave. I mean You'll get carried away, stay out of the dog park and run with knives and war crimes out loud, don't Cry out loud Europe, the bears which emotionally fragile animals that are already very uncomfortable with themselves stated. Next for that nagging feeling that you left the coffee pot on. It's no big deal but geez If it is a big deal No, I can't
eve, you left the coffee part online. And as always good night night veil, good night info nine veils, a production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph think, and Geoffrey Kroner and produced by Joseph the voice. Night, Cecil, Baldwin, the voice of cabin. Have an army, the voice of Lauren Mallard was Lauren Sharp, originally by Joseph think and by dispersion. Oliver can be found at desperation, dot info or at disposition dot band Camp Dotcom where he has a brand new album with guesswork from Cecil, Baldwin and Gabriel Royal this episodes, whether was high tide rising by Fox, find out more at fox, the band that band camp, topical comments, questions, email us at night veil and commonplace books, dot, com or followers on Twitter.
They'll radio checkout welcome tonight veil dot com for more information on this issue, as well as all sorts of cool nightingale stuff you can own and while you're there consider clicking to donate links that be today's proper feeling lost. Like you, have no go in life like your covered in dirt and wet leaves like you're an earthworm Are you an earthworm kind of one.
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