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56 - Homecoming

2014-10-15 | 🔗

An athletic scandal threatens the annual Night Vale High School Homecoming Game. Plus, a seismological update and a new cooking segment with an old friend.

The voice of Earl Harlan was Wil Wheaton.

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Hey Jeffrey greater here, no matter what episode your listening to right now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new. Never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gus never was told him the pot cast and requires no previous knowledge of the pod Castro. Even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the pot cast at home check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full list of cities across North America and Europe that will be heading two: twenty twenty and get your tickets today it is auto and nature is vanishing. It is altered,
and nature is beautiful. Welcome You night, it's that time of year again listeners this Friday night is night veil high schools home. Come engage I'm not much of a sports fan, but this is the one game. I truly care about. All of the night veil high alumni come together for it, everyone, current students or more students, student
its long dead, future students who aren't born. Yet it's the one night. We can see our loved ones who have been lost, who time and mortality the dead alumni come out at half time and we all get to visit with them, while the marching bands goes spear hunting for dinner. Ah, I can't to see my late mother again this Friday night, especially dry. I found those old Cosette tapes. Last all I have said many questions, important questions and with Carlos out of town, I've gotten kind of isolated a little hermit like lately. I need to get out This year's homecoming means more to me than ever.
We're playing be read: Mesa High school aunt carpenters who were dreadful last year. So should be a fun night and a big win for our team team. It's a football a team right, a basis. What club a soccer kindness, a key murder, a football team? Yes, that's it team And now a public service announcement from the nightmare ill size, logical society who have release their schedule of upcoming municipally planned earthquakes. On Sunday from eight a m to eight thirty, a m there will be small series of minor tremors its likely. You ll, feel nothing the seismologists say. As these quakes
just to test some new equipment at three p m on Tuesday there will be an enormous earthquake rating upwards of seven to eight on the after scale. So where long sleeves or goggles or gloves whatever it is, you do to be safe during an earthquake Not entirely sure the night, ill, Sizemore, logical society, said. The following Saturday B you ready for any thing. They are not sure. What's going to happen, may be nothing pro probably nothing, but hopefully something really really big ghoul. They didn't want to get your hopes up. Oh just beyond the look out, but no promises. Oh man, fingers crossed this.
It be super amazing, the Nightingale sized Melodic, eighty said the this just in There's news breaking of a possible scandal involving one of the night veil football players, senior running back my leg, Herrera according to an investigative report by Leon Heart of the night Veil Daily Journal. Herrera doesn't actually exist, lackeys right there when you look at him and he plays in a team of other players, so it would make more sense for him to be there than not bought heart clay. In her report that the all district running back is in fact completely fabricated.
Anonymous sources say that Herrera is collectively imagined by the night Veil high School fan base. A shared dream in the form of a boy who won the district, rushing title the past two years and was freshmen of the year three seasons ago. Red. Mesa is threatening to cancel this. Friday's game. If night bail does not bench. Herrera, citing district League rule twelve article six that states all players must be real. People, don't not be He person, ok, the rule, continues because if you're not really real man, I'm mad, just thinking about it, night veil high school head coach Nasser I'll you he said they will not bench. Any player unto lay
investigation is performed, which can't happen until Tuesday May. Monday at the earliest coach I'll Luigi, then concluded the statement by removing his goat horned head bees and comically large sunglasses revealing how to use of cat eyes on his. I live the gap rapporteur. Shouted night bail, There is no game, there's no homecoming. If there's no homecoming, we will miss the one chance we have this year to see our lost loved ones. I will miss the chance to talk to my mother, the see of my friends who get out were once and not feel so lonely. We will.
Not have our biggest knight of the year to come together as a community. I hope this scandal It is not true, and if it is that it doesn't, you know, ruin anything Well, there is at least one old friend I'll get to see. Listener I'm so excited for this next segment. My old friend Earl Harlem, is in the studio today Earl is the new suit chef at night fails hottest restaurant tourniquet and easier to teach us a simple and delicious dessert recipe. Welcome Earl, it's good to see you again. Cecil it's been a long time many of you listening may not know this, but early I grew up together. We fell touch for a while. Then he was taken to another world during a boy
gal ceremony, but I recently saw his name in the news releases about tourniquet. We were very close friends. We were Earl. What bend after high school. I completely lost track of you. Well, I nineteen and then I was nineteen for a long time. I don't even know how long I was nineteen for longer than I can who met and then one day I was suddenly a grown up at a kidney house in a job some of us mature early, some of us, mature late itself you had plenty of youth left to live after high school and you just came to adulthood later, Cecil limit that literally I will literally nineteen, for I think it was decades. Maybe century or more. I dont know exactly how long Cecil
We graduated the same year, right yeah, of course, we did I remember our graduation party weeds, I think an entire case of warm orange milk and told dirty Joe about the moon until we were frightened off by the sunrise. What year was that Cecil? What year did we graduate. You don't remember, do you see some so tell us about your recipe? Earl, ok, sure thing tiramisu Is a popular deserted many restaurants, especially tourniquet, but few people we'll make it at home who wants to hear how easy it is and how delicious chef masons recipe is they'll want to make all the time they all want to never stop making Tiramisu
sounds never stop making it they'll lose their minds, making it Cecil. So why do you have here? Why. Will. Our listeners indeed well, then it would should have most of these ingredients already at home corral. Of pre made coffee, six eggs a go ahead: separate them into wakes and yokes, but make church, remove organs, teeth and other debris. Salt, two tablespoons of Cocoa one third cup of sugar, two cups of Moscow which is a kind of fish, a package of Luton, free lady finger cookies, two ounces, Dark run and F, Masons special, culinary touch one half cups of ground nutmeg, who I do love nutmeg. Oh it's been. De right. Yes, you can buy deviant, nutmeg most supermarkets, but in case
grinding, fresh at home, makes to remove the thick vain running up the nutmeg spine after you kill and clean the animal. To start just whiskey oaks and one quarter cup of sugar in one bowl and then work in the March Capone. Then, in a separate people you want to mix the egg white a pinch of salt and the remaining sugar. Until firm, like this looks easy? It is mixed that into the first ball and add the coffee and the rum then dip the cookies, into the mixture lay them into a baking dish cover with ground. Nutmeg and oh dear Earl feel so silly saying this, but there is oh oven here. I brought a profession
chef to do a recipe on my show, and I don't even have a working kitchen, relax Cecil. We wouldn't have time to completely cook a tier assume on the air it takes out, where's of slow baking in an earth oven. I already brought a finished tiramisu are all how sweet the view of all this well thanks for To share it with the staff, be care It is quite poisonous. Oh yes, of course, wealth for coming on the show and can regulations on the huge success of tourniquet. I hope to get a reservation there soon. Will you come on the show again with more tasty recipes. Maybe we can make this a regular cooking feature? I'd love to see, so I think we really have something hear me two and now a word from our sponsors. This programme is brought to you by staple stable
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You have everything you need: Lass, theirs, refreshing stream or a cold drink. When you are through with This. Goree work, staples. We're ship old God. Terrible news, listeners just terrible news red Mesa High school has pulled off Friday Nights game. There will be no homecoming. The campers in our visa that had started to fill up the night Veil Stadium parking lot, have begun to file out leak. Herrera, the running back, accused of a false existence, apologized for not being more transparent,
for letting down his school and community night. They'll school board, ores, the teams hand by suspending Herrera for his corporeal unreality bud. It was too late. The gay had already been forfeited her home coming is no more. I had. I had so much I wanted to say to my mother I imagine all of you had so much. You wanted to say to your lost loved ones too. To each other Imagine all that could have been, and all that is now lost biggest community event to be here is gone. Perhaps because we imagined too much and to make things
Worse a A dangerous storm front is moving right now into night veil. You sure seek shelter immediately from the eminent rain and as a duty of public safety. I must take you now. To the weather
when they say that they might be safe stars card for the months of settlements. Pushing can make you push the cause of the line for, like a Briton caused. How has this contentious gets? This gotta say are found within the time. One among the following months had at tat time. Less remained, for his last decided me in mind was controversial. Greater was within the same was largely for must have run up against. The council has given us authorities like how brave men and almost nothing right through to never spreads in November vexing, when I'm learning life's lessons regressive upward to steady lifting the Boston signal over one. That is not where the brain dead festival to say. No, I don't blame rising to come and live with a pack of wolves command among the sovereign swords. The ready for a generation, but they have already agreed, is tools of free expression and education. Will you kiss I was worried because the ring, and so on, the devil has given us authorities through never noticed how bravely through what happens, to a dream that doesn't leave. This seems a bit forth to the next man who had the best hand played his cards right now. We have enough what used to be you next plane night sittings? Yes glance, why don't we just one month? That's what I mean is continuous strenuous, but it is also one take no phase on. Sometimes these off tomorrow, our whole row depressing to lump seated on Mount throw in these icy rain. Rhymes begin twined dislike for my last strange, and I ran someone negatively interceptor, always asked where the council has given us a party like how they never noticed nothing, nothing.
It's me five days night veil, since that whether report began, it was a historically massive storm and we now did the ongoing whether a coverage, I hope, you are all ok, I'm looking at some of you right How would you seem just fine so who that's good news? Sadly, The homecoming game remained cancelled league of it tools conducted an investigation into Molly carers, reality and determined. He was indeed not real. They said he was tangible. They could de la body. When they touched him, they could hear a voice when they spoke with him
they could see a boy when they looked at him but read. Lisa coaching staff presented as evidence a photograph of many galaxies of our universe, and after viewing this league official, determined that Herrera was too immeasurably small to be considered real go gialluta he'd argued that it is unfair to discriminate against some one based on there. Reality just because one does not exist, does not mean they do not deserve equal rights, equal pursuit of happiness. Even if our mood you heed and her appeal holds up in the league, it can't bring back the homecoming. We did not get to have
we did not get to see our dead friends and relatives this year night fail. We had unanswered questions we had fulfilled field hugs, we had unacknowledged I miss use. We did not get it. Cry that night the way we wanted to cry that night night fail the way that perhaps we want to cry every night and even there had been a game, the right, in from the weekend was so monstrous and so intense let it would have been postponed anyway. It would have been no half time in that daily fight. In spite of all this coach,
mood, you he'd call the path rallied last right in Europe's support for Molly Correira this as any time is when we should join as a town despite the game. That never was. Students and alumni on Fortunately, only those still living met that in a rainy parking lot. In the well lit shadow of an empty football stadium, and we told stories Inez Cordova told me about her son, who is not to walk. Teddy Williams told me he finally rolled a four hundred and bowling Wilson Levy and Amber key me whispered the story of their vacation too loose narc last spring. I
my friend Diane, created about Carlos, and how much I miss him, but help I am of the great work he is doing. I'm dyin introduce me to wear Son Josh, who is a monarch, butterfly. And later, when I saw him He was a motorbike, he's a sweet kid that Josh Everyone was sad and Everything was perfect. We stay late into the night under the Fluorescent corona up the bleachers eating damp Airbus Q wearing our orange pon shows in telling those tales we wanted to tell to those loved ones who have left us telling them instead to those who we currently
or may eventually love fears were hardly noticeable on our range street cheeks. By the time we set our good bye, good bye. We all said you too. We all reply, Oh let's stay in touch we added with wildly varying levels of intention before getting into my car I saw a leak. Herrera standing alone, wearing a pool all uniform, shoulder paths. Me. Spikes and I told him he'll be playing again soon and we, all want his size, even though he's just a few many of our collective unconscious. He said I don't even like football, sir, you said he likes
painting and found poetry. I told him. Could be an artist if he wanted only The town imagines that for me he said ah well you're, a real roper told him just a trooper, he said, I'm not real, I gotta get to practice now Mister Palmer. And he put on his helmet and jogged away what It's too, I am. I called out already vanished into the unrelenting storm it should read sir. He called. Faintly. In my mind, I fell asleep easily that
I dreamed of sun being with COD Close again of a light that was not a lighthouse. Of a world. That is not anything At all, perhaps a dream of things. Yet to come. They do next for a radio program that only dogs can hear and as always good night night veil good night. Welcome to night bells the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Cranor and produced by Joseph thing. The voice of night veil
Cecil Baldwin the voice the Earl Harlin was will weaken original music. Dispersion. Oliver, We found that dispersion dot info brat dispersion, dot band camp dot com. This episode whether was understood by why our generation find out more at why our generation, dot band camp, dotcom comments, quest email. I sat night veil at commonplace, books, dot com or followed on twitter at night fell radio check. Commonplace, books, dot, com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool, nightfall stuff you can own and why give their consent? Clicking the donate link that, because of you, today's proverb I've got more rhymes than the bibles got sums a. Fifty one I've got a hundred and fifty one rhymes.
Hey listeners, a fine podcast, it's me how Lublin Podcast Europe and friend and me make that men are upon castor and acquaintance and me
symphony Sanders, pod, castor and friend, with benefits. We are happy to tell you about our show good morning night veil, it's your hip to recent trends like drool cardy being collusion, then you, like, we have already started listening to our official welcome to my bill. We capture, I read about jewel in the new Yorker. Why was on the toilet? Ironically, episodes feature interviews with the cask and creators plus listener theories questions at my exact wishes for disposal of my body when I die, if you haven't listened yet, we understand we also have stuff going on to you know. We are also very busy busy making a pike ass for you about a podcast. You love just know that we're here for you when every already in your podcast them and in your hearts forever yours in vandam and friendship of every kind, Latvia is it jeweller Julie, I don't know, I think maybe it would be on the toilet right now.
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