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2012-09-15 | 🔗

Learn about the storied history of Night Vale during this special week's celebration. Plus, psychological assaults on tourists, highway construction announcements, and metal detectors in schools!

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction, podcast from like their presence that you're going to love first there within the wires, a unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out, and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape, recorder letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune. Next there is the orbiting human circus, a podcast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower? It is back with a brain new musical story. This fall that asked the question: does the janitor they exist he hoped so too. To this sweeping cinematic experienced a features Julian Cost or John Camera Mitchell Susanna Flood. In many more to find out the answer you can find both within the wires and the limiting human circus in your favorite up or at my mail presents dot com.
It is almost complete. It is almost complete, At last, welcome to night, although there as you well know, faithful listeners. It is night veiled history week in we all learn a bit about what made our bustling little town, what it is, or, as the official motto released by the City Council goes poke about in the black recesses of the past until
devours, are fragile. Present in the interest of sin participation, night veil commuter he radio will be pitching in with short lessons about some points of interest from our towns. His three, starting with four thousand b c. Archaeologists believe this is the earliest date of human settlement in night, fail Little remains of these ancient inhabitants, except a few key. Paintings of their towns and their hunting practices and of the dark shapes would watch them in the distance, inhuman shimmering shapes
never came closer or father away, but whose presence could be felt even with eyes, shut, tight, huddled in fur and the company of another humans naked skin, or so I'm extrapolating from the evidence. The cave paintings mainly resembled smudges now, after their original discoverer attempted to power, wash them off the wall, because he on religious grounds did not believe in the past, and now the news The night Veil Tourism Board asks that whoever is telepathic Lee assaulting the tourists. Please stop. According to the envy TB executive director Madeline Le Floor, there were two separate and
students in one week of entire tour buses, suddenly shrieking and unbridled terror and trying, it's a blind themselves using rolled up viz The whole night veil brochures all to the utter fusion of the bus drivers low floor. Did we just had those brochures print it before claims that tourism accounts for tens of thousands of dollars annually for night veil and the town prides itself on hospitality. She said if good, hearted families travel to night veil only to find their subconscious is besieged with unforeseen. Revelations, poorer buried so deep as to be completely Indescribable revealing Lee unbearable. New proves that we certainly can't expect these people to return.
Let alone leave good Yelp ratings for local businesses the city is asking residence for help in determining who, or what is I, these psychological infractions, The tourism board is offering puppies as a reward. For information on this case, or even you don't have information. The city ask that you come get a puppy or to any way seriously downtown. Municipal offices are over run with them in the trees walls carpentry It has been several weeks since anyone night veil has seen the Apache tracker that White Guy who wears the it has been several weeks since anyone in night veil has seen the Apache tracker that
a guy who wears the inaccurate and horribly offensive indian headdress everywhere. Here not been seen since he began investigating the great screaming heard at the Post office, the words written in blood inside so the entire structure of his house has vanished and the lot where it stood It is now a bucolic meadow that neighbourhood kids will not ever enter for reasons even day. We are unable to explain. I think I speak for every one in the community when I say good, riddance too, that local embarrassment he made the old town look ignorant and racist and now Let us continue with our night veil. History was special feature veiled. Her just another part of forty five, the first white,
arrived in night Vale, which was not night Vale dead, but was other just another part of a large and featureless desert. I think we all agree, though, that even as large and featureless as the desert was the part that would eventually become third bluffs was still probably awful and trap in comparison to our part in it case the store
We that a party of explorers came to the area that would be night veil, looked around and immediately left to go, find somewhere with more water and maybe some trees. Then another three parties of explorers did the same thing. Then. Finally, one party of explorers all looked at each other shrugged and pluck down their stuff and thus was a proud city or and now traffic. Crews from the Department of Public safety will be repainting highway. Lane markers this week, the com the white dashes and double yellow lane diviners will be replaced with colorful. Sir
ram EC mosaics depicting disgruntled south american workers, rights on mass against and abusive capitalist hegemony, the protect steel barriers along curves and the road will be taken. And to make room for some really lovely and provocative butcher paper silhouettes of slave. We are self mutilation. Reflective of centuries of slow genocide and d human by western imperialists designed by content. Hariri, art darling Carol. Hocker, also exit fifteen to seventeen along route. Eight hundred will be closed for the two Saturday's because He Biennial Lee Marvin Film Retrospective. So please watch for working Bruce this weekend, lower
her speed and don't forget to tip the Dp S shift leaders. Twenty percent of your current mileage is standard. Lack of tipping is leading cause of sink holes in the U S. The year team. Twenty four, the First meeting of the town elder council credit. Sensors to these city council picture them Crimson robes and soft meet crowns as well traditional at the time. Setting the groundwork for the splendour of today's night fail
A number of elements of our modern civic process were invented in that single three hour meeting, including the City council, membership, sense, unchanged. The lovely byzantine tax system, as well as the system of brutal penalties for mistakes and the official town song, chance and mon all records of this meeting were destroyed and, according to a note being passed to me just now, I am to report to City Hall for Re Education effective tomorrow morning, oh dear. The results of a recent survey of night veil residents came to light this week. The study found why spread dissatisfaction with our towns, public library and when considering the facts, its
easy to see why the computers for internet use are outdated and slow lending period of fourteen days is not nearly long enough to read lengthy or books, given the busy schedules of all our lives, the fatal Any rate is also well above the national average for public libraries. The library bloodstain circle does not appear to have seen any maintenance or cleaning in some time,
that biographies section by the way is far too small and has been oddly curated, containing thirty three copies of the official biography of Helen Punt and no other books from top to bottom. The public library is a disgrace to our fair city, and I can only hope our city Council does something about that. Some or I may find myself hoping that the faceless spectre, what's the library to the same mysterious violent and as its many victims, night veil high one, the grudge match against the desert plus vultures. Last night's two headed quarterback, Michael Sendero credits, the wind to help from angel.
Night veil high one the grudge match against the desert plus vultures. Last night's two headed quarterback, Michael Sendero credits, the wind to help from angels. The angels have made an adamant denial of any involvement whatsoever in the game. The school district Ethics Committee has announced that they will look into any possible and shall Ec Interference, speaking of which veil high school is adding metal detectors and parents students alike, are outraged. Several parents, we Two said that in VHF students have law been recipients of shadow government issued uzis and rifles as well teachers and armor piercing munitions. Cool boards decision to put up metal detectors according to parents,
Impinges on the clandestine operations rights as a vast underground conspiracy of giant mega corporations and corrupt world leader to bear arms vs teenage pair a military proxies, the school bored countered that studies indicate that weapons distract from educators, ability to educate and that students bring firearms to classrooms are more likely to use fire arms. Then students without fire arms the school board says that school shootings can only get in the way of a quality education. Well, at risk of becoming too much a part of this story. Dear listeners, I say that the night Veil School district is overstepping it's bound by telling us whether or not our children, be armed by under cover militants. Should it be
guess schools, job to say no a child. You cannot have good AIDS or assault rifles in the classroom. I think not. Beginning November, first all students at envy a chess will enter through metal detectors. Any Fire arms or weaponry found will be confiscated and held in the counsellors. Office until after school, when the students can pick them up again seriously listeners. What's next removing the line. Praise the beams praise o ye knowing beams that guide our lives, our hearts. Our souls pray, oh highest to ye, the all powerful beams from the pledge of a agents Let's return to another key moment in night veil history, the year night,
in forty three part of the war effort. Veil, citizens dedicated themselves to chanting the young, the old, and women alike, gathered around their blood stones and chanted for the victory of the United States. Some credit must be given to the strategic planning of U S command and to the brave fighting of american soldiers. Most reputable scholars believed that night veils chanting was the deciding factor in America's eventual victory over the access powers. The city council erected a seven story, monument in Growth park, saying so in large neon letters until a federal law suit, forced them to take it down, and now
A word from our sponsors that word is carp. This next instalment in our exploration of night veils storied past takes place in the future the year. Twenty fifty two The science of the dark order will descend. Realize he missed times. The prophecy- and reset. The set
the siege of the great knife failed Temple will rage on the plague of buzzing boils will kill thousands and annoy thousands more with its buzzing. The city council will reveal its true form and eat half of night veils population approval ratings for the mayor will hover in the low forties, which will be surprising, as there will have been no Mayer for over thirty years, and now, though, whether
Yeah yeah such improvements routes, and I am just do a Google does substance told along you know you got nine seriousness. Never story said Father ass, bad ways, Sally spotted with single break down on my rug. Draw you just lie. That's how long were you thought it makes a you all things done rise at this stage as and when you do the regime by the.
I too Veil Business Association announced today that the night Veil harbour and waterfront recreation area was not actually something that ever eggs stayed in reality, but was instead a share. Hallucination of the entire towns population. As such, they are proud to declare that they have first suffered any sort of disastrous business failure and the reportedly massive amounts of money lost on building waterfront facilities. In a desert, our fabrications of our collective consciousness. They recommend consulting your dream interpretation manuals to determine exactly what this night veil harbour vision could mean they also said that if you happen to stumble on the waterfront buildings out in the desert, exactly where you remembered them and they see
Completely real standing as vacant and useless says the day they were built. That's me. As you are still hallucinating and should seek medical treatment immediately or Have a member of the City Council Howl at you. If you are of the old in faith and do I believe, in modern medicine, for our final story in this week's featured look into the history of night veil. Let's look at the very recent past yesterday I had cereal from fist, a sandwich for lunch, stake for dinner. Cars were driven, cars were not driven
The sun gave a great shout of light and then, after several hours of thought, quietly retracted. The statement old woman Josie dug up a box in a shady corner of her yard and carried it cradled in her arms like a baby or a delicate explosive to another part of her yard, where she buried it again and unknown person did something that no one else, all the nature and extent of which is impossible to determine and the results of which will be lost and the chaotic chain of causation and consequence. That is history, but, most importantly, all of us, all of us here and night fail in America in world in the secret, orbital bases all of us got
through another day. We pass the time from one end of twelve to the other, without stopping once well done us good job people we experienced time Timex. Area answers good shot and from this moment in history, the one that's happening right now, good night. Welcome to night fell is the production of night fell presents, it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph thing. The voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin original music by dispersion. Oliver,
we found a disposition, dot info or a disposition. Dog band camp dot com, this episode Whether was despite what You ve been told by the two glance, find out more at to glance: dot. Com questions you may ask that info welcome to night fell dot com, more followers on twitter. At night veil, radio check out welcome to night fell dot com for more information on this show and all sorts of meat night fell stuff. You can buy and wider their consider clicking the donating it's the key. Olive life's mysteries. Today's proverb it must be three twenty three p m somewhere- maybe space. Hey, listen, there's a fine podcast. It's me how Lublin podcast her and friend and me make dash manner upon castor and acquaintance and me
symphony Sanders, pod, castor and friend, with benefits. We are happy to tell you about our show good morning night veil, it's your hip to recent trends like drool cardy being collusion, then you, like, we have already started listening to our official. Welcome to my bill. We capture, I read about jewel in the new Yorker. Why was on the toilet? Ironically, episodes feature interviews with the cask and creators plus listener theories questions at my exact wishes for disposal of my body when I die. If you haven't listened yet, we understand we also have stuff going on to you know. We are also very busy busy making a pike ass for you about a podcast. You love just know that we're here for you when every already in your podcast them and in your hearts forever yours in vandam and friendship of every kind, Latvia is it jeweller Julie. I don't know, I think maybe it would be on the toilet right now.
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