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76 - An Epilogue

2015-10-15 | 🔗

In just a few days the whole story will be known. This is what happens after.

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In just a few days. The whole story will be no. This is what happens after well go to pay? The last couple weeks, as we all know, has been eventful vengeful what I'm not going to go over everything again, we all know what happened. We are well read well informed people who have paid attention to the whole recent kings city affair. We know it
the terrible were deals that Diane created an Jackie Fierro endure. We know how their troubles all ended up and we know the truth about the man in the tan jacket. We know all about him now because of what Diane and Jackie found out. So I will go over all of that. Instead I'll talk about the barrister district, which experiencing a severe population spike, also as a result of that whole king city, they their arduous
so many hopeful people wandering town asking us if we want no, in fact or two percent, and if they can get us a blueberry scope with that, you can't open a whole closet or tunnel under your own line without of Orissa jumping out at you asking. If you want a tray for all of the coffee they're going to give you so much coffee, Whether you want it or not, it comes a crush amount of coffee, don't run. You'll never escape. Do you want a tray with that or on this ongoing aftermath in a moment? But first the news government released a statement. Friday disavowing knowledge of any events which resulted from a recent gardening supplies, sale that they may
the or may not have been involved with a preventative of the? U S, government, into cooperation with the world government being shadow government, the lizard people and the watchers from beyond the stars, wrapped in a burlap cloak and speaking in a low croaking voice said Joe yeah. We He recently sold surplus and use materials from a variety of secret government projects and experiments. All disk, I used as gardening supplies and yes, the result effects on human life and on the very nature of time were unfortunate, and Yes, people died in ways that We did not previously think we're even possible in this particular universe.
Onto this America, love it or leave it. When asked about any efforts that were being made to provide aid to those who were dislodged from the natural laws of the universe as the result of dangerous experimental materials sold in fail under the guise of simple home goods and gardening where's, the representative. Only repeated America love it or leave it each iteration a little rounder, a little more abstracted from human communication until it was only a series of guttural, sounds in the vague shape of what used to be words as representative retreated further and further into their burlap cloak until a collapsed. Empty upon the podium smelling of compost, and grain alcohol.
All in all a pretty typical statement from the government, and hopefully this clears up that whole thing with the flamingos do to the recent events. We all have read about them, Britain's have been more active than usual witnesses who were paid to go witness by others who were afraid to get close enough to see report that there is steam and sparks flying out of the public libraries. Many chimneys. How can be heard both inside the building and the mouths of the witnesses, as through the windows, they glimpse the terrible physical forms of the librarian. There is even a few unconfirmed reports that, in the confusion of, recent events and the resulting damage done to the library building one.
Librarians may have escaped, of course, a disaster of that magnitude hasn't happened since oh I guess it would have been last year, so that doesn't seem likely truly, he would be awful if it, though we lost so many people from so many different places. The last time a librarian escaped why of the witnesses J patter said, No relation to the famous local dairy farmer, James Patterson, reported that perhaps the light variants have developed the power to mentally influence those around them since the closer he got to. The library, the more strongly he felt, the urge to read books There are many good novels coming out soon. He began foolishly asking
blind to the dangers that books present o me and I could really use a new novel, he babbled the poor thing not even understanding the ghastly words spewing from his mouth You have no idea if this event was an aberration or if libraries, have truly developed the terrifying ability to make people want to actually read books, but All citizens would be well advised to stay clear of libraries and in. A dangerous books. They may see in bookstores everywhere. Quite soon I mean should always avoid books and libraries, but now it be worth taking extra precautionary measures like scooping.
Your eyes out with great brute spoons and triple bolting your door and now back to today's epilogue, The persistent are continuing to multiply all over town businesses that were recently useful, normal things like gas station and antique malls and scream sheds are now suddenly coffee shops full of identical, barristers demonstrating their ability to illustrate using steamed milk on coffee, the eggs moment of your death. This quest this makes me think of the man in the tan jacket who was help to start at the beginning. The beginning is usually an awfully convenient place to start right, but trying to find a beginning means grappling with the question
start at the beginning. The beginning is usually an awfully convenient place to start right, but trying find a beginning means grappling with the question of time. Scientists have a game where they try to explain time to each other without laughing. No one has ever one. The man came to us. First, almost three Rooms to go who comer in a tan jacket, I remember him, standing by the side of the road in the small puddle of light cast from a burning refrigerator, and that is the thing, the remembering when he was here. We did not remember him. We ve forgotten constantly a spectre in a tan jacket Now he is not here, and we remember him perfectly years of stories and experience come flooding back to US
We remember him scampering over the walls of the dog park We remember him showing us a map to a place very far from here a place. We did not understand at all, We remember him passing out pieces of paper, the content of which was a mystery, the physical properties of which were nuisance. But here again I cover story. We already know because we also recently experienced it. Old woman, Josie released a statement to me in person. As part of a conversation we were having privately with but her saying it was a statement. It was just up a thing: she to me during the conversation anyway. Here it is. She said I always liked that man in the ten jacket, even when I was afraid of him and suspicious of him even
and he showed up at my door in the middle of the night, with that suit case of his the suitcase. That constantly buzzed knocking on my door and babbling about how he needed help desperately how we had help save his home. Even then, as I was ignoring him in his hour of need. I liked him then, when I forgot him completely and had no idea, he even existed. I liked him, you know this roots salad, Carlos made is just delicious and I agree. With Josie statement the fruits How did we were having at our lunch together was super good and I will, the down, even though I've been trying to cut back on my meat consumption lately, I got a little side tracked there to get back to the point we all likely going to be destroyed by an endless
stream of barristers, which is, of course, direct result of the recent events involving Jackie and Diane So, there's that. This nurse looks like we're in need of a new in turn. In turn, Daniele has stopped coming to the office. I mean Daniel had all these crazy conspiracy theories about how radio in turns are doomed. So she wanted to stay inside and focus only on computer work. She steadfastly refused a field reporting assignments, so I complied with her wishes let her run our social media accounts, which I thought would make her happy, but a few weeks oh after giving her these simple and fun. Job of taking pictures of caution check our ray
Your stations live in cat for our officials. Station Myspace, as well as to my personal, Google, plus an snapshot accounts. She just stopped coming to work. I guess she does. Didn't have it in her any more, but listen. If you more motivated to learn about a career in radio, then Danielle we, love to have you come in turn here at the station? All need to do to become a community. Radio in turn is not run away with station management surrounds you outside your home shouting this one is next This one is next and now word from our sponsors personally. I find the content of this add distasteful. Given my earlier warning, but
I am informed by station management that I have to read it as written here goes. Many of us like books, none Us like to admit it, We know that reading makes us deviance perverts freaks many of us might say on the radio, for instance, that Books are dangerous and should be avoided even king. The words I like books to ourselves makes us shudder with a secret shame. We know that we should only be reading government pamphlets and the prophecies. On the back of box of but again, and again we find ourselves returning to the dark sickness of literary language who will thus can say that they do not have buried. A box of limousines under their bed.
Well read copy of brand new ancient spiky tempest or election of any bakers Vermont Plays, given this. Should we ban together, deviant with deviant maybe so natural that it is no deviants at all, but an ingrained motion of the heart, a seat. With desire so common that it is no more secret than the sun should we begin to admit together that we all sometimes like to touch and read books no of course not. We should be ashamed and hide our love, a books from each other heaping scorn and hypocritical anger upon anyone who dares to reveal that they have the same desires. We do harm, a perennial
all of our literature is shipped to you. In unmarked brown paper wrappings charges, will appear on your credit card statement as definitely not books. No one has to know you are Reading freak This has been a message from our sponsors books. Population of the barrister district continues to grow double almost every hour through no means known to modern science. Antiques AIDS or reverse science, Carlos, is working on a solution, but in them in time. Townspeople are overwhelmed and scared by the coffee option suddenly available to them. They are, screaming they are. Screaming and running away Larry Leroy out on the edge of town, told me that he can see them now. The barristers and the
they are beautiful and surging there are so many hands holding so much coffee. They oh helpful, might be it Larry you singing any? could be it. He is Continuing any moment could be the last one week always be prepared for the eventuality of no more eventualities. We all live on the narrow precipice, but also gas, this Berlin The thing is really going off. Ha he concluded Perhaps if the man in the ten jacket were here, he would have some idea some solution or even would just be there to add a comforting forgettable presents to this ongoing disaster. But of course he is not here and we all know why We all know whose He really is now one o o
Corliss. Texting me, oh, ok. He says that he has a solution to this whole barrister thing. That's quite clever. It also takes care of that. Other problem, You know the one. I don't even have to explain to you right now, because it was so frightful and all consuming and fresh in our memories. Ok, while We're does he's clever plan I'll, do a clever. And of my own, which is taking you to the weather.
I know
oh here we are in the after Carlos, is planned. Well, we read about what it was and how it turned out, no need to summarize here, What do we do after such huge events have transpired. After the ones in danger. No longer are meaning. I there that they no longer or endanger or that in an existential sense. They just no longer are well I'll. Tell you what I'll do? I'm going to go bowling with Carlos lignite. This tonight and we got the team back together with old woman, Josie, of course, She can use her left hand again now now that this a fair we ve been talking about is all over so For scores should be up, and what else the sky, of course, always that lets. Are there and worker way down to earth
other cities other places this city this place. I imagine that soon this town will settled back into the routine of its existence until a new peril arises again soon like a heartbeat, a sudden, violent movement and in between a lull in itself, a rhythm accountable The silence between the beats night veil in a low, the doktor, at the hospital going about their mysterious routines, the pawn shop, its name changed now, of course, after what happened recently, the office district and oh, it looks like there is a large family of tarantulas heading there now and they do not look happy. Eight to be whoever it is that they are looking for the moon. Eight all night diner
where I'm sure Steve Carlsberg is going to stop by on his way home for a slice of invisible pie, our mayor, Dana, getting ready to finish her work. Carlos his loud where he is also finishing up his work, see you soon Carlos end and something else over a housing tracked across town, I can see adopt in the sky. Floating high above one of the houses twirling and soaring higher. I can't might see what it is, but it's lovely in any case, an entire town swinging back to the normal getting one with life in the after After all of the things that we all now know happened all of us, except, of course, one
forcing a person missing person who we all missed. A person imply Simple to remember a person now impossible to forget the man in the ten jacket and what text. Well, I think there may be other people other stories to we or each of us a vast story waiting for someone to tell it state in just a few days or depending on where you are in time any day you decide to get around to it for a four hundred and one page factual report about the events that led to this epilogue avail in hard cover a book or audio book from your favorite factual report retailer in the meantime, from asked
the whole of what do you haven't yet read good night night veil, good night. Welcome to night veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph Thing the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, original music by disposition. Oliver, We found that disposition dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dotcom. This episodes, whether was endless dreams by God, is an astronaut find out more at God, is an astronaut dotcom common.
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